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  1. vostok

    Sexing cannabis seeds - For real?

    Stumbling indeed ...stolen from ICMAG, a very popular post their ..once again skip will snicker up his sleeve
  2. vostok

    What's wrong with my ladies?

    The pic above is typical and a hurtful pic of Root Rot(pythium) beyond repair I should think, to the OP TheGiller, should I be wrong with my 40+ years of experience of growing then ...You have just killed your plant, should I be right then at worst you have delayed harvest by 2-3 weeks as you attempt to correct this with the above 'flush' note the ample perlite the OP has used, the color of the soil says much. the blue hue of the leaves, is more camera than plant see the 'red' in the cable says that.. To the post of Labrat, how exactly does one correctly read Ph in soil, even runoff is an approximation More blue- shorter with tight inter-nodes, More red- taller with longer inter-nodes is well known in many growing communities, and have done tests many times to prove its true, if this is the standard of knowledge on this site I'll be only too pleased to move on thanks "V"
  3. vostok

    LED or fluorescent for veg?

    I've been growing since the 1970's, back then indoor growers used T12's, 8 feet long and hung on chains, even back then the brightest part was the middle of the tube, (still is) with the new T8's and T5's lumen count is much higher, and ventilation is even more important, you gotta get the lights down to within 2-3 inches of the leaf tips and adjusted daily. True ..heat is a very small issue if at all, but heat is still emitted from the ballasts, for this reason many growers place ballasts for T5 or T8 on the outside of the grow room or grow box the average T8 4foot long has 3350 lu/ 33w T5 '' '' 4450lu/54w the 2 foot versions of the T5 just don't have the grunt required, but great for germing, many cfl's over 100w are fantastic, and with little heat too, but they do suffer like all lights of diminishing returns over distance ...even if that distance is in millimeters http://www.lampspecs.co.uk/Light-Bulbs-Tubes/840-Cool-White_16/T5-54-Watt-840-Philips%C2'>
  4. vostok

    Anyone playing with 3D software ?

    I have done very little with max since Skyrim came out, its on my "list' of things to do ....lol
  5. vostok

    Why Flat Paint?

    as a painter you do know of titanium oxide ...? I saying the more titanium oxide in the paint the higher the reflectivity(and cost) as a painter he would know that ..? versus Mylar
  6. vostok

    Anyone playing with 3D software ?

    3d max rules the day ...goddamn expensive as hell, but got a copy free with a used laptop ...lol now I just need the 5 years of training required ...lol late:
  7. vostok


    I've no problem with these handguns, but there's way too many granny's out there, with unsecured assault rifles ...WTF!!!!!
  8. vostok

    how to kill spider mites.

    Neem Oil does it for me, good against mold too, and its organic !
  9. vostok

    REQ: recommendations on Digital USB Microscopes

    late: Great Post, I hummed and hard about getting a usb scoope, but went for the cheapo handheld china thing! that pissed me off even more, and returned to my 1920's magnifying glass Same as you, I found focusing a real bitch, if you have issues with Google Earth, is nothing in comparison to using that focus wheel ...lol I avoided getting the usb scope, as even with a laptop fighting to photo a 8ft plant and its trics, I couldn't see how to avoid the suns glare, outside, now I got it, thanks to your post, just snip a bit of, take to scope in dark room and see image....many thanks "V"
  10. vostok

    Rooting Gel VS Rooting Powder: Which is Better?

    Powder or gel, very little difference, I have and prefer willow tea, or common honey ...but these hormones shits are not necessary
  11. vostok

    Ready? or NOT???

    another week or two, depends how you like those trics, white or amber, for 2 different type stones..?
  12. vostok

    LED or fluorescent for veg?

    see its the cost of the LED's that catches many out, it cost is your concern stick to Mh or even T'5's are great avoid the 2ft model
  13. vostok

    Light pollution in early flower?

    I'm with you ...get a fresh batch going, if I'm wrong and they are OK, you can always freeze the second batch, or sell it..?
  14. vostok

    Berkleys Dream specs?

    Wow ... almost looks like a bamboo plant ....lol
  15. vostok

    What's wrong with my ladies?

    Root rot ...comes at you as a really bad smell in the root area, IMHO you have common nute burn, a flush with air temperate ph neutral water 3 times the volume of the pot, and allow to sit in dim light for 1x day or overnight, no nutes until you see a positive improvement, in a 1-2 weeks. Off concern is the low squat shape of your plant, have you any 'red' 2700k light at all in their ..? if not try to balance your kelvin, a mix of 2700-6500k will grow a balanced plant!

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