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  1. UK NL#5 outdoor photoperiod

    yea I hear the next 2 weeks are in the 20s so fingers crossed
  2. UK NL#5 outdoor photoperiod

    sorry for the confusion, these are seeds from him that are being grown here in Canada
  3. UK NL#5 outdoor photoperiod

    seeds are from a friend breeder in the UK &this is Northern Lights #5 I will not be doing photoperiods again in the future, take way too long compared to autos where you can harvest every 2 months. Hope weather holds out to harvest near end of October
  4. Fastbuds GG#4 Auto

    FastBuds Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, start of week 6 from seed. Running these under 300W LED in organic soil blend so damn frosty!
  5. Filled out as well I also follow each C-45 meeting and have written to Mr Davies to commend him on his attempts to remove criminal sanctions and his attempts enact sane legislation. The other committee members should all be strung up on principal alone. Wanting to send youths to jail for 14 years for sharing a joint is insane.
  6. This is simply another case of the alphabet soup agencies re-writing history. They work closely with Hollywood and use it to change public ideas and knowledge of how events transpired. This makes them or the principal role players, come out smelling not as bad. In this case, they try to downplay the role Barry played or their long working partnership with him. Barry was a personal friend of George Bush, go figure.
  7. this just really makes me so mad, we truly live in a overtaxed socialist dystopia
  8. Because screw entrepreneurship and innovation, the Canadian nanny state knows best! Your tax dollars at work. full story here http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/province-cannabis-plan-1.4280484 The black market will continue to thrive as long as the nanny state has it's head up its own ass. Anyone up for starting a petition and shutting down this ridiculous government plan? Just need 500 signatures to get the ball rolling... https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/
  9. finally got my certificate from Health Canada after 7 months waiting. Amusingly it came with a flier advising that renewals be sent in at least 6 weeks before your prescription ends. lol 15 plants here we come!
  10. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/health/cannabis-could-help-reverse-memory-13005800
  11. I sent mine in Feb 7 and nada so far, good luck!
  12. Wow this goes completely against what I was told when I registered
  13. Legalization - 4 plant per household

    right, with my 3g/day I can have 15 plants and 675g stored on site. This works for me.
  14. Legalization - 4 plant per household

    there's no limit on home growing with the 4 plants as far as I am aware or can find in the Liberal's bills that they put out. The only limit for non-medical consumption is that you cannot be in public with more than 30g. So technically you can have a ton of weed in your house and nobody would care except maybe people who want to smoke some.
  15. Legalization - 4 plant per household

    You are correct, they are limiting plant heights to 100cm Obviously with existing techniques like LST or SCROGs this limit is pointless. I assume it is meant to stop people from having 18ft weed trees in their backyards.