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  1. all the more reason to grow your own
  2. Kratky grow

    using this sort of setup as in the following video which works great for most plants (lettuce, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, etc)
  3. if you collect enough fresh leaves, you could juice them - this apparently works great. This guy on youtube claims he was high as a kite for over 8 hours after juicing fresh leaves. The second video is where he talks about the benefits of juicing marijuana.
  4. Kratky grow

    Well things are growing so to speak - the biggest issue I've had so far is that I miscalculated the fertilizer quantities and the plants are stunted and some burnt leaves. I emptied the reservoirs and redid the fertilizers, this time using much less and they are starting to improve and flower now. Will post pictures if they survive to end of flower and detail the equipment and process.
  5. I doubt it will be legal even by the next election. Heck I'll bet $5 Trudeau uses the closeness of legalization as a way to ensure his victory in the next election even.
  6. perfect thanks for the link
  7. initial fee was $350 the first year, then $50 for membership yearly after that and $150 for the doc to prescribe. The fees may have gone down for new members as I joined when they first opened a location in Ontario. I just do it to stay above board and not get any legal hassles. Yeah if you can find a doc on your own and figure out the paperwork, more power to ya.
  8. Medical Cannabis Nightmare

    with only a 3g/day prescription and a HC home grow license, I can have up to 15 plants and store 675g of medicine (1.4 pounds) it's all for personal use so I am quite happy with this
  9. good stuff. I use NAC as well because they have a doctor and it saves me having to find one
  10. OK so according to the formulas here http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-2016-230/page-25.html?txthl=191#s-191 Assuming you are growing indoors and have a 3g/day prescription and a home grow certificate from HealthCanada: Maximum plants at any one time: 15 Maximum storage of dried marijuana: 675g Are these numbers right?
  11. Kratky grow

    Just put some sprouts in the kratky setup. It's like DWC but minus the air pump I'll post photos if they survive the next few weeks fingers crossed and yes, this is a medical grow registered with HC
  12. Mongy / ABC seeds

    well would anyone happen to know a source for the Australian Bastard genetics?
  13. Mongy / ABC seeds

    curious if Marc Emery still has some of the Mongy/ABC seeds he was giving out in 1999/2000 The Australian breeder stopped selling them and we are unable to find sources Any help would be great
  14. when will Canada get with the times? full article here http://www.hightimes.com/read/federal-bill-could-end-prohibition-across-united-states-2015
  15. Anyone know an angel investor seeking to invest in a licensed producer in Ontario? Drop me a line