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  1. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Just performed a ceremony with the ToKin Stone to celebrate.. 4:20 and all... It's my Job.
  2. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    When growing Pot is Legal: I'll be able to show off and share the ToKin Stone without the fuzz trying to confiscate it as paraphernalia I should definitely be in the July first Canada Day Parade.. All the t-shirts all the replicas all the discussions now legal. Whoo Hoo..
  3. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    When growing pot is legal: Marijuana Candidates will get elected.
  4. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    https://drugs-forum.com/threads/i-hate-pot-am-i-alone.174959/page-5 That is the thread where I got banned the ladywolf2012 didn't like what I had to say. Maybe a Swampie can go there and get banned as well. A real badge of honor.. Go Swampies...
  5. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    I ran for Mayor last time... So that should get me a ride on some float this July first. Even with the cleanup at the end... would be OK With the TokinStone Blazing there will be a massive marijuana boarding display... Any volunteers... I'll let you know if Tim Hortons gets back to me
  6. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Anti-PotHeads all of them. PotHeads will be smoking a few joints outside their businesses on a regular basis... Because we can.. 01Jul2018 Whoo Hoo. When Growing pot is legal: PotHeads will be way way way happier. Anti-PotHeads notso...
  7. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    A name of a hotel or two might get that changing. Maybe the owners name... A video of their front entrance may get things happening ... 01 July it goes legal here.. Canada Day.. Maybe I can get a ride in the Parade and do some toking displays for the PotHeads and to celebrate.. They would take the Stone when Pot was illegal. Then I would have to.... But not no more.
  8. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    When growing Pot is legal: Maybe then Tim Hortons won't block Marijuana forums. Some jobs will require pot in your pee test.. Like dispensaries, sports teams and the arts... Yup
  9. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    When growing Pot is legal... Those marijuana forums that aren't ProPot will quickly disappear. Good riddance. I know a few... For them it is all about the registrations and not about keeping the Anti-PotHeads from polluting the posts. Just got banned by Drugs-forum.com for saying that we don't care for anti-potheads. even hate them... rollitup.org is infested with Anti-PotHeads and mods.. Any good topic just gets totally pathetic with their off topic babble. They won't last long once growing pot is legal
  10. PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TraTgV3gGn0 Meekwap lake is near Fox Creek.. Northern Alberta... Sounds like your Mom is a Super PotHead... When growing pot is legal: We'll have to find another form of resistance... Something criminal and not really bad.. Like Pot. Yup I'll miss not hating the Man anymore. July first we will be strutting our Bud... Yup.
  11. There are 2 types of people when it comes to Pot PotHeads and Anti-PotHeads. The PotHeads have won this war. No longer having to sit back and listening to the B.S. because someone will rat Them out to the police or the boss. Where do you stand... I'm 100% PotHead The Ant-PotHeads need to be sent to re-education camps and Marijuana Boarded..
  12. Sacred Tokin Stone in action

    Smoke from sacred herb used to bless the medicine stones for the upcoming rain dance
  13. Sacred Tokin Stone in action

    Here are some of my other favorite stones...
  14. Sacred Tokin Stone in action

    Roaches... it's really easy to snuff and restart roaches. Just hold your hand cupped over the end... No problem starting even the shortest of roaches.