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  1. Chris628

    What's wrong with my .......

    Your watering every 2 days? Do the pots feel that light where u have to water so often? If so its probably time to transplant to a larger one. Could be getting root bound. Looks like good size plant and smaller size pot.
  2. Chris628

    Garden Greenhouse Idea for Growing

    One of these 10x12 from Harbor Freight will set ya back $700.
  3. Chris628

    How To Get Bud In Las Vegas?

    Its still illegal there my friend...its a $600 fine for possession under a oz.
  4. Chris628

    First time grow. CFL/LED OG/PK

    I am running in small 3'x2'x6' tents so space is limited, barely can fit 2 plants with the bigger buckets. I vegg in a seperate area with a small 3 light cfl setup, then I transfer to tent 1 to start flower. After 2 weeks I germ new seeds and vegg them a few weeks. So when my first 2 from tent 1 hit 4 weeks of flower then they move to tent 2 to finish flower and the vegging plants start flower in tent 1.
  5. Chris628

    First time grow. CFL/LED OG/PK

    Ohh cool, thanks Lab. Was thinking opposite I guess. Figured they would make heavier buds if they used the more light during the last 4 weeks. I get decent size colas with cfl but they are always light.
  6. Chris628

    First time grow. CFL/LED OG/PK

    I never said I've stopped growing with CFL...I still run my same hood I made a while back that has 8 42w bulbs in it. Probably have 8 or so grows under my belt strictly Cfl. I was gifted a 600w HPS so I am actually in the middle of my first grow with this type of light. Ultimate plan is running my 2 flower tents and running 4 weeks cfl and then switch tents and finish with 4 weeks under HPS. Perpetual 2 plant harvest every month using 4 gal pots. I've never had more then 1oz off each plant so hoping to increase yields to at least 2oz per.
  7. Chris628

    First time grow. CFL/LED OG/PK

    Ahh..good ole cfl growing! Plenty of good growers start out with some simple bulbs. Just keep them close as possible 1" is pretty good. U can keep it as simple as 1 23w 5600K bulb per plant in vegg. The harder part is flowering cause the more u have on them the better your yield. My first grow I did 2 42w 2700K per plant in flower and ended up with about 1oz per plant or dried bud.
  8. Chris628

    is budder still a $64,000 question

    U can make canna-butter with trim and bud. I'm sure u could make it with hash or a tincture but why waste hash on butter when it can be made with trim.
  9. Look forward to watching this one!
  10. Chris628

    New Grower Need Some Advice

    I've used a FFOF and perlite mix for all my seedlings and haven't had any issues. You can use the Fox Farms Light Warrior and then go to Ocean Forest if its too hot for them. I don't start any nutrients for 3-4 weeks with it. As far as circulation I just meant that I wouldn't have a fan blowing your week old stems around until they are able to hold up on there own. I only have a few grows under my belt myself so I could be doing it wrong myself...hence the reason I don't try to to teach the newbies myself. Lol
  11. Chris628

    What part of Christmas do you dislike the most ?

    I'm pretty Scroogeish...most of the songs and old movies are boring to me. I hate the traffic this time of year anywhere near any mall or shopping center. Did ALL my shopping online this year!
  12. Chris628

    New Grower Need Some Advice

    I agree with the others. If go with 1 23w 6500 cfl per seedling and have the bulbs 1-2" from the top of the seedling. Water as they seem dry (probably 1-2 days). Wouldn't feed nutes till around week 4 from sprout since FFOF is loaded with nutes to last about a month. I'd trandplant to night pots in a few weeks. Shouldn't need any fan blowing on them till the stems get thicker and you get some leaves on there, probably a week or 2 as well. Good luck!
  13. Chris628

    Welcome to the New Forums"

    Looks slick and it has a mobile version too.
  14. Heard good things about these Canada based seed banks. BCBudDepot Hemp Depot Dr Greenthumb Guru seeds VISB
  15. Chris628

    My first grow, test run in bloom.

    I am a newb myself so just throwing ideas and how I run my setup. I have no experience with auto seeds or organic nutrients. Ive used Fox Farms Trio my last few grows and about to try Advanced Nutient line of Jungle Juice. As far as that window, you'll want complete darkness during the 12hours of darkness. If u can block It off without it being obvious then that's your best bet. Or maybe get some thick light canceling curtains so it blocks any light shining in. Guessing the stuff u saw at the grow shop was Mylar. U could make some easy grow areas with that stuff and either wood or even PVC frame. Do u have plans for good ventilation and odor control? PS..Pickup the grow bible (Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible). It's a good read and nice to reference it when u have questions along the way.

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