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  1. I just found a better source for the whole hemp seeds. They are out of the UK at http://biona.co.uk/. Here is a retailer that mail orders http://www.realfoods.co.uk/. Right when I cracked them open in my coffee mill I could see the hemp nuts inside, the inner nut was much bigger than nuts.com's and I think they were fresher.
  2. Hey grow_wizzard, did the raw cannabis give you nausea or anything? I heard that you had to heat it to activate it. How do you take the raw buds? Which brings me to my next question, when you steep the bud in veg. oil do you have to heat that up then to activate it?
  3. Noting how marvelous cannabis can often smell, I wondered if I could use my stash to make my own incense. I began looking at how incense is made. Most incense recipes out these that I saw required one of 3 special ingredients: gum tragacanth- the dried sap of a Middle Eastern legume, makko powder- the bark of an Asian tree or gum arabic, these help bind the incense together and keep it burning. Other than that, the rest seemed pretty simple. Adding water to the sandalwood and cassisa powder and making a dough similar in texture to play dough, forming it into a cone or coil, and letting it dry. Making stick incense involved dipping thin bamboo strips into the same batter with more water added to it, letting it dry and dipping it in again repeatedly. ehow has several free articles about this: http://www.ehow.com/how_6216028_make-incense-coil-cone.html http://www.ehow.com/how_8127844_can-make-incense.html Also this book was good: making your own incense by tina sama and maryanne schwartz This site carries some of the special ingredients: http://www.incensewarehouse.com/Makko-Powder_p_2102.html
  4. After reading further into it I realized you either had to make canna-butter or saute it (brown it or prepare it) over low heat for 5 minutes. I wasn't interested in the flat-bread recipe anymore. I became interested in the method of soaking it in vegetable oil for like 3 days, sometimes thinking i would mix it with juice and drink it. I then thought of a third method, if someone would like to comment on or try this; it requires whole hemp seed, a coffee grinder and a french press coffee maker. Grind whole hemp seeds in a coffee grinder for about 7 tbsp. Heat up 1 medium size pot full of water to boiling. Fill the bottom of the coffee press with the ground hemp seed pour over the boiling water, replace the lid and simmer for 10 minutes. This created an oily emulsion more akin to tea than milk. I wondered what adding a gram or so of pot would do.
  5. Can anyone review the doses of eating pot for me and what effects I should expect. Like how much do people usually eat and what to expect at certain doses. Also, I was thinking of mixing whole ground cannabis into flat-bread. I think that a small amount of oil is called for that gets brushed over the flat-bread before it cooks. Are there any precautions against doing that? Perhaps the amount I would use wouldn't even be very potent?

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