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  1. Egzoset

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Salutations, In an alternate dimension, away from planet Itnoc perhaps... Good day, have fun!! ☮️
  2. Egzoset

    Light help

    Salutations, Just in case this ain't old news: [ http:// www.littelfuse.com/products/led-protectors/led-protector/pledxux.aspx ] PLEDxUx Series - Unidirectional PLED « If one LED fails as an open circuit, the PLED connected to it turns on and carries the current that would have gone through the failed LED, so the remainder of the string continues to function. » Good day, have fun!! ☮️
  3. Salutations Shadey, About: Too bad "medical" cannabis has no DIN number and the Canadian Medical Association wants the whole program terminated, no matter what's the outcome: It's about time to accept a simple fact: suffering medical patients have been instrumentalized to justify some twisted bipolar system opposing the worthy to the sinful, essentially. Decent people have been forced to defend their constitutional rights in court and it seems quite clear to me today this was a political trap meant to allow the evacuation of the whole idea that maybe cannabis shouldn't remain on any "schedule" in the 1st place (considering ritalin is level 3, for example), while the actual prohibitionist origins go back to Québec's 1890 Pharmacy Act classifying "Indian Hemp"/"Cannabis sativa L." as a "Poison" besides arsenic and cyanure... Which wasn't corrected when Liberal doctor-senator Henri-Sévérin Béland banned cannabis nationally, then internationally thanks to another Liberal Raoul Dandurand rewarded with a president seat at the League of Nations (UN). In other words vulnerable Canuck voters are being taken hostage in order to obtain their legal signature in support of an obscene artificial contraption, by serving persons in pain an ultimatum requiring them to choose between "medical marijuana" and "criminal pot"... So, many individuals picked the "legal" option, naturally. The effect of this can be explained in these few words: Divide to Conquer. Of course it was tempting for the masses to provide their personal information with a signature since there was no love for "organized crime" anyway, a notion which expanded considerably with the Cannabis Act, preceeded by 15 changes to the CDSA under Justin Trudeau alone: http:// laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-38.8/PITIndex.html As regrettable as it may be it turns out the medical users made a huge mistake by failing to undermine the roots of their misery at the expense of other decent citizens now about to get criminalized, providing a legal signature in support of a socio-toxic self-serving good/evil discriminatory system. Most of those men and women who were given the "freedom" to decide happened to be responsible adults capable of assuming their choices and now is the time to pay for such gross error of strategy. It was too easy/tempting/convenient to reason "them" instead of "us"; but this is a weakness which proved eaven easier to exploit politically, hence now face the consequences as i'm not too confident moral support will come from those same guys who pay the real price for an historical shortcut, soon going to turn trivial once the medical programs are dead. Chances are the "medical" users who are now even more isolated will need insurance plans indeed, when instead i would have hoped our constitutional rights (as defined in the 1867 confederation treaty) to prevail without a need to go through "legaleezation" stuff until there's no tomorrow. Although i'm all for people's rights i believe the fundamental questions must be addressed sooner or later. Medical programs were a decoy buying time until the 62nd sessions of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs scheduled to occur next year, with a smokeless world agenda in the background... In conclusion i'd wish the "medical" cannabis users never get instrumentalized politically again and hence i'm opposed to such legaleeze patchwork. Sorry if that hurts, i'm assuming consequences for my actions and so should everyone else. In any case further criminalization of others simply to safeguard privileges which in fact are rights sounds like some indecent option when i look at the big picture. Do not count even on my on-line legal signature anyway. Good day, have fun!! 🖖
  4. Egzoset

    Light help

    Salutations ROT, If you're located in a canna-hostile province like Québec then be warned that police agents have IR cameras available to them (i witnessed one in action myself), hence your grow space will glow like a lightbulb right after sunset... Which IMO implies serious cat-and-mouse countermeasure brainstorming for those who might decide to persist in this direction. By chance there are many provinces left in Canada where this would be no concern. YMMV! 😑 Good day, have fun!! ☮️
  5. Egzoset

    PotHead or Anti-PotHead what are you

    Salutations Geppetto, I suggest the addition of the word "vilification": it's much shorter - though not this much entertaining i must admit! Good day, have fun!! ☮️
  6. Mes salutations à tous, Ce soir la propagande s'avère léchée au point de ne plus en avoir l'air en apparence, car ce sont surtout les non-dits qui font tout le travail. Appréciez par vous-mêmes: YouTube: Jean-François Lisée, Manon Massé, François Legault et Philippe Couillard TLMEP Élections Québec 2018 (2018-Sep-23) YouTube: Paul Arcand prix Gémeaux pour ''Conversation secrète avec Guy Lafleur'' à TLMEP (2018-Sep-23) Moi j'appele ça de la "Juxtaposition propagandiste" et elle n'a rien de gratuit, quoiqu'il faille encore le prouver et c'est là que l'art des magiciens de l'information excelle, de toute évidence. Pourtant, alors qu'on ne remarque presque pas le lustré celui-ci finit par devenir criant à force de perfection... Car voyez-vous moi ça m'agresse genre "dans ta face", en tous les cas, de feindre la neutralité comme si rien n'avait d'abord été calculé - ça présente mal comme on dit, au risque de passer pour paranoïaque! Faut minimalement considérer, à une semaine des élections provinciales (...), que ce sont les province qui doivent assumer la plus lourde part de cette "Légaleezation" biaisée (Prohibition v2.0) à la Trudeau et dont on se serait au moins attendu qu'il en soit question, surtout en présence des 4 candidats sur les ondes le la télé nationale aux heures de grande écoute... Voilà pour moi un silence coupable, car on nous plonge dans un climat pré-électoral où le cannabis n'existe pas, comme si c'était une affaire réglée, puis pendant qu'on reste sur notre faim la transition nous transporte au monde des bigots prohibitionnistes anti-cannabiques, une fois de plus. Comme si ça allait de soi... Chose que j'ai bien du mal à qualifier en des termes civilisés. ... Sur ce bonne journée et au plaisir!! ☮️
  7. Salutations JetGardner04, There's a distinction to be made between "vaping" e-Liquids and "vaporizing" dry flowers. Most especially when it's done via "The Shortest Path of Least Transformation" instead of some popular "Hot Dry Air Ovenizer" à la Volcano/Arizer. Thanks for the linked resource anyway, it's just too bad that was stating "E-Cigarette liquid is not the problem" as truth while i can actually imagine a KISS "Bi-Energy" VAPORIZER concept that won't need such processing at all. Good day, have fun!! ☮️
  8. Egzoset

    Time machine

    UPDATE [ http:// oi68.tinypic.com/awrw2d.jpg ] Here's the plan. It was convenient/necessary to purchase 2 units (because of VG's minimal order requirement) so i got 1 spare handle which can be sacrificed to implement a Mating Junction on each/both sides of the PVC Tubing Extension, in order to obtain a pair of sensory sites potentially capable of measuring opacity, velocity and probably even pressure. A main unit will have its handle cut at 15 mm (shown in red), plus a 17 mm mark showing where to smooth the edges, it also has a dot mark where the main PinHole needs to be realized using a #55 drill bit. The spare unit (in front) can have its handle cut past its 1st tear-drop shape, to create a complement Mating Junction and MouthPiece Base.
  9. Egzoset

    Burning eyes and nose.

    Salutations, Years ago i started having allergy-like signs like rafale sneezing, sored eyes, a stuffy nose, rash skin... It took a while before i realized i happened to have mold in the attick after ice broke a drain's seal on the roof (...); anyway chances are this exacerbated a pre-existing issue i had come to develop from over-exposure using "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers" while i had my bed in the same room as my plants... Today it's all over for the most part, just a bad turn of history. Something i must have done right i guess. Do not despair just yet. Good day, have fun!! 🖖
  10. Il s'est passé plein d'événements que je n'ai pas relayé ici, alors ce n'est qu'un vide apparent. Aujourd'hui cependant ça me démangeait d'y revenir pour une fois: [ https:// www.straight.com/cannabis/1126956/trudeau-government-announces-new-cannabis-tracking-system-prevent-legal-weed ] [ http:// oi63.tinypic.com/34g0n6f.jpg ] Straight: Trudeau government announces new cannabis tracking system to prevent legal weed from reaching black market (2018-Aug-29) The news release stated that no personal information about individual consumers will be gathered through the new system. Rather, it will "only collect data that is necessary for Health Canada to track cannabis at a national level". M'ouains, rien qu'à le r'garder on devine que les beaux jours du G20 lui manquent singulièrement... Liar, liar. Your pants on fire!
  11. Euh... 1st of all it's most inappropriate to perform such juxtaposition with junkies, as from this film which was supposed to "inform", many decades ago: [ https:// s14.postimg.cc/cx3vo3s01/Christiane_F._-_Wir_Kinder_vom_Bahnhof_Zoo_1981_640x640.png ] [ http:// oi65.tinypic.com/fwnc42.jpg ] So little has changed. 💤 Anyway, should you "happen" to have followed Egzoset around forums recently it would be safe to assume my thoughts about economies based on "Fix-my-Kid" and "Kids-for-Cash" possibly à la Narconon Trois-Rivières (e.g. the one from 6 ~ 7 years ago in Québec) are no big secret, really: e.g. true "a$$asins of youth" today still find convenient to blame cannabis users for permanent prejudice resulting from severe trauma which can be induced by mis-guided 3rd-party (stranger) intervention($) early in life, all too often... At most, (self-)serving little other purposes than to impose/propagate a sickening socio-toxic ideology while making a dime on it. The fact is that it was a non-issue until politicians thought of instrumentalizing fear of the unknown between 2 wars (...), gradually taking over our public institutions in a sustained effort to VILIFY cannabis beyond belief, much as if it were a religion. As a matter of fact bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist propaganda distributed via mass media seems to be raging & strong right as we type, posing alcohol as a "legal" socially-acceptable lifestyle when compared to "dope"!... So, it appears to me this government came to contemplate terryfiying kids with the prospect of destroying their family, should their parent(s) get a 14-yr prison sentence over cannabis in the house, for example. Etc., etc... Which ain't about "healthy ways" at all judging from my own so-called "addict" perspective - if that's how you like to put it! We can talk again when Trudeau has released his grip on CBD, to allow fighting THC-centrism. Then there will be the matter of consumption tool + ritual... Just don't hold your breath! Good day, have fun!! 🍸🍷🍻
  12. Salutations PatchGrower, Guess what, in my province Bony Jean-Pierre got Fatally hit by SPVM-GTi POLICE agent Christian Gilbert just hours from April 1st, 2 years ago... There was a popular manifestation indeed but all that was relayed by mass media made it look like some marginal perturbators riot. So, abandon all hopes as VILIFICATION remained the main common denominator since Harper days, as you'll finally realize on April 1st 2019 i believe! Truth is we got NO significant representativity in Ottawa and neither Québec, at least as far as i'm concerned!... Otherwise tax exemptions wouldn't be the decoy topic they conveniently put on our menu, hoping to gain even more political momentum before it's too late to cry... [ http:// oi66.tinypic.com/16bwnkw.gif ] Good day, have fun!! 🖖
  13. Egzoset

    Time machine

    Salutations, Indeed, i do feel like the hard work is finally done and fine tweaked. Too bad the pictures host changed its .Org domain to .CC in the meantime, for example: But there's been a few more updates anyway: [ http:// oi68.tinypic.com/10zv3sw.jpg ] My LAVA "Plan-A" (IH-driven) twin-core scenarios would normally result in cannabic stream collecting via a center channel, this variation above shows yet another novel solution as it can also support post-heating, to make the stream particles even thinner, quite likely with self-cleaning as a bonus... Below that's an alternative mode where the capsule is reconfigured for "Plan-B", e.g. using only 1 blue flame torch: [ http:// oi66.tinypic.com/4jktwi.jpg ] In this mode the 2nd core is turned into a simple filter which i figure can be cleaned/reclaimed by manually reversing the capsule. How about versatility of a KISS "Bi-Energy" layout that's meant to be compatible with 3rd-party ready-made IH drivers as the NoFlame?! ... [ http:// oi64.tinypic.com/33yi71c.jpg ] Good day, have fun!!

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