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  1. Salutations, I appear to share at leastpart of the view as pictured in LabRat's previous post and i'll add Justin was assisted by conteplative (if not partisan/fanatic)press gone berzerk because of someco-called "Trudeau-mania" which i still got to wonder if that really existed... As i recall something like about 1 week before elections day we yet had doubts if it would be a minority or a majority government; personally, i even felt some hope that both the Liberals and Conservatives altogether would stand together on the opposition side. Instead we got a majority vote from not even half of Canadians, in favour of the very same party which initiated this whole nightmare in 1923, through a doctor turned politician, to add sugary topping to that cake! A century later the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists are like a Borg hive: it's working like a religion that survives passing generation, despite being a known/proven socio-toxic desease. But as individual we're isolated and now this fake "legaleezation" is ready to intensify, or we'd have heard about the last 6 CDSA modifications while instead his father's son keeps repeating we must wait for the law to be changed, as if it didn't occur multiple times already. So, in brief conclusion i'll comment this is a liar indeed and worse: a calculating manipulator who's been using the language barrier to fracture an already disparate "community". The goal is NOT to "please" us he said, in Toronto on December 2: Notice the akward body language while he pronounces "recreational users"?? ... I'd be quite curious to ask this guy if he's not actually blaming "mari-caca" for the related trouble caused within his father's family because of the mother's drugabuse, not to mention i got to wonder if somehow cannabis doesn't take more blame again when it comes to his deceased brother Michel who happened to be scheduled to apear in court for possession charges... Oh, by the way... The "incidental" part that was missing from the Liberal's French electoral page has resurfaced as "simple possession" it seems, so that probably means one can't expect to be allowed keeping a jar in curing status with the ready batch nearby. Or are Canadians now supposed to vaporize damp (pesticide-laced...) weed that bends instead of break (e.g. still moist vs dry!)?... Etc., etc. In any case there were signs accumulated even the year before elections day. How could this high-visibility politician depart from Liberal tradition?! That would have been anadmissionthat those Liberals were dead wrong for too long, so in the end they couldn't let him destroy that legacy on the public place and hence we now haveyet another prohibition fix in preparation, since $elf-$erving Liberals just can't appologize for their own "harm" inducing - even less repair near century-old wrong-doingi'm afraid. Good day, have fun!!
  2. Salutations, Voici un brève mise-à-jour en photos... Bonne journée, au plaisir!!
  3. Salutations everyone, Now ain't that just a blatant lie considering it's almost too easy to debunk - m'well, unless one is a CBC/SRC "information" worker that is (...): [ ] Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (S.C. 1996, c. 19) Full Documents available for previous versions 2016 From 2016-11-30 to 2016-12-08 From 2016-11-28 to 2016-11-29 From 2016-10-31 to 2016-11-27 From 2016-02-09 to 2016-10-30 From 2016-02-05 to 2016-02-08 From 2016-01-13 to 2016-02-04 Please take note that year alone the CDSA got modified 6 times in absence of any relevant mediatic coverage. How convenient for the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist Liberals and their ghosts (Henri-Sévérin Béland, William Lyon Mackenzie King), etc... The thing is, should it have been truly in order to "save" the children then my bet is we'd have heard of it right from the begining, when Bill G20 Blair received his (profe$$ional bully) mandate, euh... Worse, our pro-cannabic "community" appears to be so fragmented even such most elementary context failed to show on the radar and hence no this couldn't be expected to fuel further related healthy discussions... Good day, have fun!!
  4. Salutations MidnightMix, Is it not strictly restricted to the "MEDICAL" patients right now, more specifically only for those who managed finding a cooperative doctor while their client actually needs to "qualify" in accordance to the new anal-retention ACMPR selection criterias?... Additionally i'd like to mention a simple Liberal contradiction: it's NOT "incidental" anymore when a person cultivates, even less for recreative purposes (...), but yet nobody at CBC/SRC dared expressing a most basic sample of criticism during the electoral campaign. Go figure. Good day, have fun!!
  5. Salutations MidnightMix, Or maybe it will be "legaleezed" indeed but on such restrictive basis it mayonly serve in semantics debate... Very recently i happened to notice that the expression"incidental possession" of Trudeau's 2015 electoral platform has finally changed from just "possession" to "possession simple" in the French version of his "Task Force" December 12 report, which would be coherent with restrictedaccess, though still a screen-of-smoke meant to deceive propaganda-blind masses IMHO. Actually Hilary Geller already announced those Liberal's plan in mid-March last year: e.g. they want to stick with the UN's failed policies until these are revised - which is an event due to take place in 2019 - but that's only supposed to be a coïncidence somehow... Just like the appearance of Marc Emery is scheduled to occur on Valentine day and i'll bet more"legaleezation" developments will be released on 4-20, etc. ... Meanwhileit appears real criminal minds no longer need to hide thanks to Trudeau's "scientifically" driven reform (...): Welcome to the land of MiniHarper/SuperPéteux, on planet Itnoc (In The Name Of Children!)... Good day, have fun!!
  6. Mise-à-Jour: Ouais, bin c'est toute une portée de petits qui sortent par les bords pendant qu'on est occupés à regarder ailleurs, en fait... Globe & Mail: Canadians not told about banned pesticide found in medical pot supply (2016-Dec-29) « Myclobutanil... ...found in product recently recalled by Mettrum Ltd... » « ...known to emit hydrogen cyanide when heated. » « ...pyrethrin was used by mistake... » « ...neither Health Canada nor Mettrum announced the findings to the public. » « ...dispensaries in Vancouver had sold products containing dodemorp... » Etc... CBC News: Veterans who use medical marijuana outed by envelope (2017-Jan-1) Toujours et encore le même acharnement qu'au temps de Harper. Bonne journée, au plaisir!!
  7. Salutations, Pff! Only 6 times... MouHa! Ha! Ha! ... In the English version i presume!... Now watch out for the serious stuff: Tou.TV:Marina Orsini- Saison 02 Épisode 26 «...faut savoir que par rapport à'72t'avais en général1 %d'THC. Maintenant t'as toujours plus que8et y'a eu dessaisiesà36 %d'THC. ...On va parler de l'autre effet qui est l'effetplacébo... ...J'chus g'lé pis j'm'en sac'e... ... ...c'est moinsaddictifque l'alcool mais par contre y'a plus de goudron...» It's not just simple "confusion", instead i'd call it "designer-confusion" which exploits any tricks including the lantuage barrier, for example. Etc, etc... Good day, have fun!!
  8. Salutations, I'm now convinced it's not just a matter of substance: the consumption method matters quite significantly too, perhaps as much if not more. Good day, have fun!!
  9. Salutations, Finalement le chat est sorti du sac, ou le lapin de son chapeau... Si vous étiez de ses supporteurs alors demandez-vous s'il n'aurait pas été judicieux de disposer de ce genre d'éclairage AVANT la journée des éléctions... Bonne journée, au plaisir!!
  10. Salutations, I feel pretty much as described above, not to mention that Mulcair actually proved he could make the right choices and take a clear stand for the people's side despite strong adversity, e.g. with some heavy political cost to himself. Yet he was rejected as PM, possibly as a result of misconceptions, go figure! M'well, i just hated this guy's previous political environment but i can recognize one who can tell the difference between good and evil, so i believe he shown his sense of fairplay at least 4 times in my book... As a title i find « Pot smokers feel 'cheated' by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau » is quite some understatement as i'd see this better suited instead: Pro-cannabis voters used & disposed of just like an old preservative... Good day, have fun!!
  11. Salutations, First of all i notice the report comes sooner than December 21st (...), in time to fuel debates though there won't be any serious/objective critics for a long while, most especially if coming from Canadian media! At least the word "cannabis" gains some acceptance but this is what retained my attention the most, so far: This so-called "consultation" boils down to a participation ratio which reverses radically when it comes to Québec - and French most particularily; so i searched both documents for the word "racist" and that was nowhere to be found, naturally... The rest is business as usual, Gatineau is too far away from Montréal our only metropole anyway, while there still are plenty of ignored/rejected consumers who prefer to touch before they buy. In other words MiniHarper revealed himself in plain daylight after this last display of self-sufficient/egocentric power-trip: « ...the current prohibition stands. ... ...we're not legalizing to please recreational users...» Oh. Steady as she goes! You don't say!... Good day, have fun!!
  12. Salutations, M'well, lets not stop at half-truths as there's a truly crunchy part besides the obvious deception: Actually i think of the not so obvious, CBD for real addicts, for example: Then the grotesque and beyond: Not to mention those with voices didn't care that Sabet was actually promoting his book to the "scientific" gathering which also covered other "critical" priority matters, euh... Such as this: So that's how Canuck resources are "well spent" on planet Itnoc i'm afraid. Even the old ghosts from the remote past of western Canada would have been invited, if at least that had been possible i guess!... Good day, have fun!!
  13. Salutations, Hummm... M'well, does it all actually matter anymore?... YouTube: Money - Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version) The train has left long ago... I'm sorry to observe Homicide over Cannabis won't even slow it down while we were'nt exactly welcome to attend such elite MiniPET trip (...) anyway. Good day, have fun!!
  14. Time machine

    Quick update, Notice cannabic path similarities/differences. The Bronze Sherlock setup has stacked MouthPieces, its top DuckLips unit is typically removed after 3 ~ 4 tokes instead of switching Speres as in my previous experiments. The alternative scenario has been made as basic/simple to implement as i could imagine, but this requires some more wood-crafting work - which is still less of a challenge than having to give PVC plastic large some permanent adapted forms using micro-waved hot boiling/steaming water followed by sudden cooling, etc. Good day, have fun!!
  15. Legalize Weed So We Can Stop Talking About It

    Salutations MrFluffyKins, M'yeap, those are bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists who's "science" is an echo to that of Dr. John Warnock and his hashich assylum in Cairo/Egypt, some looooong time ago!... Here's one local bully who was heard perpetuating such outdated progaganda in Québec's own parliament, she's our provincial health minister madame Lucie Charlebois: ...while in Canada there's Justin's ambivalent mother, running the show hidden in the background i guess! CBC -Margaret Trudeau back in headlines(2015-Oct-30) «I... We know from science that just smoke pot before 18 it's very dangerous to your brain.»​ Imagine having her around, waiting for an opportunity to target a poor vulnerable and defenseless teenager with his brain still developping. That must be like being eaten alive by a swarm of moskitoes: before you realize it the threat is no longer being "stone", no... Actually the real "harm" is to be submitted to psychological abuse WHILE under the "influence" of cannabic intoxication!! Which is 1 level next to the military "doctors" experimenting on hallucinogens IMO. So i'll point out the true assasins of youth are those determined to push a minor on the edge of suicide if they think the cause is just enough. The real danger i believe is when a socio-toxic parent in panic starts to persecute a teenager by destroying self-esteem to impose bogus values inherited from days when eugenism was popular among our political elite, years before Hitler perfected the concept. On planet Itnoc, In The Name Of Children... Good day, have fun!!