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  1. Salutations, Après les pesticides de Noël on a fini par apprendre des mois plus tard que Santé Canada savait et réfléchissait encore (...) à la question! Puis le seul producteur agréé Québécois HydroPothicary (*1* sur maintenant plus d'une quarantaine au Canada!) a fait la manchette à son tour mais lorsqu'on cherche sur internet ça ne sort pratiquement qu'en anglais: Et quand enfin on a l'impression que la grande noirceur va se dissiper dans les médias traditionnels voici ce qui nous retombe dessus, dérisoire comme du café plusieures fois réchauffé: SRC: Comment le cannabis est-il devenu illégal au Canada? (2017-May-26) Pas un mot sur la "Loi de Pharmacie" du Québec de 1885, tandis que cette partie de notre histoire collective prouve sans contestation possible que la loi du pays (un dominion Britanique à l'époque) concédait de facto la compétence sur le "Chanvre Indien" à la province (les pharmaciens de Montréal) et que c'est sans doute un peu beaucoup pour ça aussi que le transfert de compétence de 1923 à Ottawa fut si discret. D'autre part ça démolit l'idée que nous étions à la remorque de la parade prohibitionniste alors que nos livres de loi démontrent au contraire que le Québec lui a servi de prototype. Il y a un certain effort à dépeindre le climat de l'époque mais il reste d'immenses vides, surtout considérant que ça vient d'un journaliste féminin... Je songe en particulier à Émilie F. Murphy qui était fort probablement connue d'une autre activiste tout comme elle: Joséphine Marchand, fille de Premier ministre Québécois qui opéra un magasine mensuel appelé "Le coin du feu" et dont le mari n'était nul autre que Raoul Dandurand qui présida la Ligue des Nation (Nations Unies) en 1925, c'est-à-dire la même année où le chanvre indien fut une fois encore mystérieusement ciblé sans avoir bien cherché à expliquer publiquement pourquoi, i.e. sans l'appui de la science hormis celle du docteur John Warnock dans son asile de fous au Caire, en Égypte (une autre histoire tordue)... Etc., etc. Bref plus ça change plus c'est pareil des générations plus tard. À ce compte-là autant se tenir très loin des médias soit-disant d'information avec un nom de domaine terminant en ".Ca"! Sur ce bye et a.l.p.!
  2. Hi again Shadey, One of my worse fears follows: Some sort of instant designer-formulations implemented by spraying Bio-Tracking THC, CBD, CBN and a dozen other "standardized" Cap'tain Itnoc compounds on some food-safe high-temp substrate specified for a custom-made metered consumption tool sending your session in real-time to Ottawa's H.-C. servers, etc., and what not... Good day, have fun!!
  3. ... Now it's OKay to close that old thread and declare it: Fully SOLVED! as far as i'm concerned... M'well, at least i can rest at peace, so to speak, contemplating another renewed/refreshing perspective: Day-dreaming again!!
  4. Thank you MardKush, P. S. There's been a new kid in town: DynaVap (George R. Breiwa), patent WO 2017011698 A1 (Exothermal vaporizer, publ. 2017-Jan-19) « ...a fluid inlet port in communication with a reservoir, an air inlet, and a wicking material... » « ...a wicking material or evaporation matrix... » « ...designed to function reliably when heated with almost any heat source of sufficient thermal intensity... » IMO it won't be many more years before "sensitive" consumers get offered a friendly VapCap with integrated inlet (water) conditioning... Meanwhile contemplate the future at hand: YouTube: OmniVap with Pipes' Induction Heater & Bubbler (2017-Mar-24)
  5. Salutations Shadey, Imagine the company patented 2 Bio-Tracking markers, one called "evil" and the other "Cap'tain Itnoc", as in lets "save" the lost children of planet Itnoc (In The Name Of Children)... Then Evil GMO pollen is sprayed all over the place for decades... Meanwhile, no "Mari-Caca" is "legal" if it's not been breeded with Mosanto's "Cap'tain Itnoc" marker, euh... Consequently, whatever has none of these 2 Bio-Tracking markers shall fall into the category of "organized crime", m'well... Yano. I mean this is planet Itnoc in a nightmerish future, where "stoner"/"droÿés" detectors will be used to deny access to public resources, etc., etc. Nasty crap indeed, not to mention it would be a cultural genocide to destroy most of the genetic selection work performed by determined cultivators, etc. Leaving no memory of better times to the future lost children of planet Itnoc!! ... Good day, have fun!! ... While we still can...
  6. Salutations MidnightMix, Am i the only person to have felt it was most particular to define the limit as a function of a person's place, e.g. the consumer's civic address... more specifically, the power electric "intelligent" meter?... And of course our failed law shall remain assymetrical when it comes to having alcohol and/or tobacco indoors - now imagine with a kid around! Good day, have fun!!
  7. Salutations, Shouldn't the bully rejection of Joy Davies (shortly before elections day...) serve as a reminder to us all that there has been scientifically-driven evidence of the exact contrary (?): Nature: Prenatal exposure to recreational drugs affects global motion perception in preschool children Which only confirms the validity of USA's most particular patent, over neuro-protectants... So it's certainly not the same indeed, and yet this { fill gap here! } controversy never stopped - thanks to relentless warriors just like her, i shall have to conclude: Anyone notice who the "boss" really was all along?? This was the emissary chosen by MiniHarper to organize UNGASS 2016, by the way. Now imagine the next 2019 UN event on the "drug problem", with her still around!... M'yeap, many more decades to wait after "legaleezation"! And for no good motives that anyone will remember about when it finally appears to happen... Good day, have fun!!
  8. Hi again @Tangelon, What's being "pushed" by the present "leaders" ain't necessarily paving the way to what's still awaiting ahead. Actually Induction Heat conveniently combined to Curie alloys have been with us for quite a long while already, mainly in the soldering iron industry, since you seem interested about hints of a truly mature/potent technology... Not to mention it's also put to good use in pyrolysis gas chromatographs, dentistry wax tools, even fancy hot rollers for hairstylists, etc... M'well, if a guy like me were to engage into another 5 yr-long venture working on my IH-compatible adaptation of VaporGenie's patent at Fig. 11/12 (US 7434584 B2) then you can bet with some fair level of confidence that this would come to work fine, eventually. The fact of having nobody around capable of doing it with a tiny "pen" format the same as with table units just ain't any valid proof to me that this can't be achieved at all, only it strongly suggests that most of the previous "attempts" at implementing precision temperature control typically leads to unsatisfying results: tiny ain't easier, on the contrary. Honestly i kind of wonder what's holding development of more realistic/practical objectives + adapted ritual(s)/method(s)... Here's all the basics one needs if you ask me (half a "LavaCapsule", in a glass tube i guess): Essentially speaking this is based on the transitional behaviour of a sandwich structure where juxtaposed materials have contrasting properties even in ordinary vape designs. The difference here is that it behaves like a short-term (temporary) thermal bottle instead, while the amount of energy available to spontaneously vaporize a dry 'n sticky surface on contact depends on the core's metal mass and Curie point, essentially. Anyway a prototyping platform has been demonstrated extensively in the past, too bad it was ignored/rejected just because of remote "social" (noisy) considerations. Truth is that my only serious attempt at evaluating concentrates goes back to distant days when i could hardly begin to appreciate it fully. Nonetheless i consider that concentrates imply an additional transformation phase which ain't really necessary for moderate "medical"/medicinal/recreational applications. Instead it's meant for some lucky citizen$ living in selected parts of Norh America, the rest of us still having to rely on low-profile dry flowers (...) - oh, at least it's not only about smoking leaves anymore!... Alternately i'm also aware it's been reported that concentrates cause lesser airways irritation, yet i'd fear this comes at the expense of a lesser taste. One way or another i recall when i tried, more recently, that my moddified VG pipe got sufficiently energized to vape honey droplets too (despite being vaguely "packetized" and vastly "analog")... It's all a matter of how much heat is required to vaporize a sufficient amount of noble molecules on contact while leaving its vegetal substrate intact (heat must not have time to spread deep then cause damage). Hence i predict once converted to IH mode as shown above it would only require a different Curie temperature in the core (and an appropriate set of layout ratios affecting airflow, turbulence, etc.) in order to match a heat burst with its target load. Ideally for concentrates i'd want some 3-D printing technology applied in combination with polyamide substrates capable of offering perfect THC/CBD/CBN dosage, with emissions from any vegetal substrate completely eliminated: pulsed heat waves wouldn't even come close to the intensity it takes to melt quality synthetics while that should do fine dealing with down-sized tokes, say 20 ~ 50 mg worth of clouds each. Then the bowl cools down as fast as it was hit, promoting "conservation" besides the appreciation of aroma/taste, etc. M'well i've tried to share my views on similar subjects many times before and never managed to share the experience with sufficiently convincing words it seemed. It's got to be a personal experience and the prototyping platform wa meant to assist with this, ultimately. Think quick pulsed-mode toking (instead of relatively slow linear dry-baking temperature-controlled ovenizing/milking...) and then i predict some more progress shall become possible IMO. ... My appologies for the long delay, there was a time when i used to visit many pro-cannabic boards looking for stimulating dialogs. Obviously i must admit i've progressively abandoned most of my apprehensions, thank you for making me share part of the entertainment anyway! It's like a surprize to me these days. Good day, have fun!!
  9. Salutations MardKush, Water accessories can effectively help to protect the lungs path from excess heat while offering the heaviest experience i got during this slow/long process, though filtration must be tamed down to a minimum or aroma/taste shall suffer. One way or another be extra-carefull as it's likely to nullify any dosage features (and may even require a seat, to play safe!)... When "Micro-Bursting" it's most desirable to have the option to depend on well-cured, resinous and finely grinded material. That's because of the pulsed nature of my setup, but i still got to wonder if another type of IH application wouldn't be significantly more forgiving relatively to load quality. I'm thinking of soft "street shit" and similar, etc... Also the Hybrid Core stored more power during my bong experiments compared to the final layout. I figure in "Plan-A" IH (or butane-less mode) the following Bi-Energy compatible Hybrid Core is all one needs to start having real genuine vaporist fun: Dimmensions would be tiny. Unfortunately i'm afraid the catch remains to find some suitable 3rd-party electro-magnetic power injector. Hummm... Bolt Buster, NoFlame Plus, Silver Bullet Super Pod Hot Roller Heater, Ego Boost Professional Set, etc.?? ... As for the metal alloy i guessed perhaps SS304 would be adaptable in absence of more appropriate alternatives. Good day, have fun!!
  10. Salutations NostalgicGirl, Me too, while i still remain confident that my "Lava" fantasy concept is worth a (real) life of its own! M'well, just in case you might need to stand corrected - because i'm not all too sure if your comment means what it appears to suggest... Are you saying that you appreciate what you already saw or is that about having an impression about this dedicated thread promissing more than mere thoughts + observations, that in fact i simply intended for the sharing with other "thinkers" and experimentors, to eventually fuel more exploration hopefully (?), etc... (My appologies for those multiple "you", "you", "you" of mine!...) In any case neither of us will ever see more of "that stuff" simply because it's "finalized" as it is, and i even announced it just above, previously. But thanks, it gave me hope that i'm not alone perceiving beauty in multi-function implemented in basic means, etc. Although there's plenty of real challenge left for the adventurous it doesn't imply i intend to continue, on the contrary: as far as i'm concerned the present project has reached it's conclusion - and quite frankly this is way beyond what was called for initially, when related controversy 1st emerged on FC that quickly resulted in some rotten ever-lasting forum conflict(s) appearing to share the Evoke time-frame (...), by some coïncidence i'm sorry to recall every once and then: ... A "courtesy" rememberance of Loto Labs, euh... So lets clear any residual confusion: that's NOT a same game! My findings got published the best i could, consistently trying to invite replication and then external evaluation, then more discussion(s), etc., etc... Too bad those efforts were met with faint echo if not pure indifference/rejection, etc. Lucky me, somehow the bright side is that i'm the only guy on earth having genuinely pleasant time with this customized/exclusive pipe/ritual, so far: uncontested master in a kingdom of 1!... A bit too lonesome for my personal taste i shall confess. It was fun and beneficial, now it's functional. I regret the manufacturer won't look at it if they can help it. Sorry, no ready-made mercantile product of any sort to rent nor sell ("Plan-B" would violate VG's patent), but i can provide the phone number (in private) of that local Montreal specialized commerce where i found my "UFO" items, if necessary (i think i must have a Prohibition business card carefully stored for that specific occasion, picking up dust)... But yes, i agree there's something obviously nice & clever when it comes to "Bi-Energy" concepts, evidently: this is a fresh-new "niche" still free for the taking and yet i openly published my very first Induction Heat comment(s) in 2010 (...), surrounded by angry gurus and whatnot (in retrospective). One of the most desirable aspects of IH mode is the possibility to take the power source away from a consumer's face/nose, to provide improved confidence over security, for example. Another is that Inlet Self-Moisturization (using distilled water) is no big deal (contrary to doing that in dry-baking ovenizers!) and it shall take care of purists by removing carbonic gas and "comet dust" from our cannabic path! Etc. ... Last but not least, using IH technology combined to the Curie effect there's just no need for complex/delayed control loops anymore, hence bringing down cost significantly while competing big players, not to mention that the Micro-Bursting consumption method combined to "Packetized" power injection (and associated ritual) turns their hardware solutions into excess weight scenarios (lots more trouble than what's really called for). Briefly put, yes there's some greatness in these multi-purpose juxtapositions indeed (e.g. "more with less" design), etc. Hence i'd be most pleased to be allowed to continue to think/hope we both saw a same beautiful thing. And thanks for passing by anyway! Good day, have fun!! Oups! Almost forgot, lets include the following image for additional clarity: This is simplified "Plan-B" (and/or half a "LavaCapsule" - using NO electric contacts, for starters!)...
  11. Salutations, Finally there's a finalized solution: Please consider the present dedicated threads SOLVED! Have nice a 4-20 celebration! Good day, have fun!!
  12. Salutations, Voici encore une mise-à-jour, que je crois pouvoir déclarer finale celle-là, puisque je compte demander que cette enfilade dédiée soit enfin archivée en tant que: RÉSOLUE Ou "solved". ... Monobloc = 15.64 mm (haut) C'est nécessaire pour la conversion en flamme bleue. Configuration "Basique"/"Agile" définitive, prête pour inspirer un éventuel futur "Plan-A"!... Un tout-en-un finalement. Si j'avais su ça en 2012 alors j'aurais tout bonnement écrit que je venais de découvrir le St-Graäl! Des décénnies séparent le bidule socio-toxique (pour fumeurs invétérés) à gauche comparativement à ma solution-santé à droite: Et ça c'est pour montrer combien le rituel "Micro-Bursting" améliore l'extraction sans trop cuire pour autant, d'ailleurs ce cliché fut justement pris après une toke mémorable qui aurait pu forcer n'importe qui à s'assoir, si j'ai bonne mémoire!... Au-dela de ça il faudrait trouver un alliage métallique à effet Curie adéquat et sérieusement commencer à inclure le pré-chauffage "paquetisé" par Induction Magnétique, assorti d'Auto-Condionnement à la source idéalement (Inlet Self-Moisturizing), etc... Un bien long contrat se trouvant hors de ma portée mais qui pourrait en inspirer d'autres j'espère! Bon 4-20, au plaisir!!
  13. Salutations, Quite frankly i can't watch TV late news and resist the urge to zap the split-second they start brain-washing our average gullible populace... Like nobody can see strategic manipulations behind the selections of wording, etc. It's all a fake, no room for fair justice, official excuses nor any future compensation. Oh great, yeah in theory some lucky guys living in a Toronto or Vancouver tower will get all the options! M'yeah... Too bad we most certainly lost the sense of doing it for *ALL* cannabians at some point along the process as i'm still waiting for financial talk over the most basic matters, as on how much it has cost us in 2016 to continue "saving" the children of planet Itnoc the way Harper did before, etc. Or i'd at least appreciate Trudeau dealing with his own peculiar 1923 Liberal legacy, or his thoughs on what his deceased brother Michel would have to say of this whole bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist mamoth project sold as "legaleezation", with Québec/francophones practically excluded from all talks and decisions. Etc.. etc. Anyway i calculated the cost of prohibition for CBD oil alone gravitates high above the stratosphere at around 99900 % net, all expenses paid including taxes... How is that supposed to protect society?! Honestly i got to wonder, TV news are just silent on topics as that. Go figure, now we can't trust doctors who started it in the victorian age, the politicians who moved it from one government level to the next until the League of Nations declared war to "Indian Hemp" in 1925 - but nobody remembers... The police armed forces, pharmacists, even the therapists... With information holes that large i'm as good as any of their journali$ts selling yellow paper, it's all too clear What You See Is NOT What You'll Get, i believe. For example i noticed the ellusive "incidental" word started to translate as "possession simple" (in french) rencently. That's to be expected to imply that those of us who like their "mari-caca" cured will be criminals because a jar of non-consumable "shit" still counts as the real thing and a jar "rotation" happens to be required unless they want me to choke until i shall bleed internally (vilification is their prefered hobby). In addition one has to wonder why we still don't see CBD-based tobacco substitutes around, etc. Briefly put i never seen sufficient motives to trust Justin Trudeau has changed since he voted WITH Harper on mandatory prison sentences for growing a handful plants. Worse, the real control lies within our national institutions at the hand of non-elected "expert$" and it's all been "installed" extensively or we'd know by now what the 6 CDSA changes of 2016 were all about, for example, etc., etc. Unfortunately no good lawyer wants to work for free - ansi soit-il!! For all i can tell so far many generations to come will suffer the same type of intimidation, stigmatism and even predatory persecution that prevailed since the war on drugs was imported from down south. Children will be kidnapped without showing up in statistics i presume, money and goods will be stolen in same fasion i guess, etc., etc. Because so far we still haven't seen what's needed to be seen in Ottawa: natural respect for starters. TV serves to flood/immerse us with images of people consuming alcohol in fine glassware instead of drinking boose direct from the bottleneck, so why if it's about us then we always fall on a same tiresome brain-dead sample of Victorian-age propaganda, made of "stoners"/"droÿés" trying to "overdose" on the pyrolysis of vegetal tissue mixed with glue and a hint of cannabis - as if we didn't know pregnenolone makes the "overdose" term questionable, to say the least. Not to mention there's a major contradiction between a substance that "kills" youth brain cells and one which USA actually patented as neuro-protector!! So... M'well, maybe there's people feeling up to celebrate, i don't. Hearing our journalists blauntly/obviously boosting TrudeauMania felt anxiogenic at best (gave me the creeps), i suppose!... Good luck everyone. Good day, have fun!!
  14. Salutations @Tangelon, If only it were that simple... Personally what's more complex is how to explain still having manufacturers around who are being allowed to continue their usual business as in the far west days. I mean, m'well, patience eventually provided me with enough perspective to understand water is a major missing variable in most of the ready-made commercially-available solutions and i find some rituals even are less appropriate. So it's like those things are builts for aliens or something; actually i suspect Justin Trudeau is a reptilian from outer space disguised as a politician, raising his boxer glove high above the populace, warning "organized crime" that Cap'tain Canuck intends to save our children from the dangers of hydrogen-cyanide laced "mari-caca", on planet Itnoc - a long juicy $tory!... Anyway i'm now ready to mock the automatic referals to both venerable Volcanos, analog or digital, because bags are just incompatible with water vapor, intrinsically - and i'm sorry but the human physiology prefers water to no water - while manufacturers would rather avoid combining water and electricity, etc, not to mention the "locomotive" effect of balloons which in my book involves an apprehensive build-up caused by much too slow/bulky dry-baking ovenizing processes, Volcano included, while there's an affordable/sturdy/reliable/inclusive Micro-Dosage + Bi-Energy ("Next Step" compatible) alternative still awaiting further investigation, if you ask me. Good luck though, perhaps it won't matter for your lungs, at first, for some while. In any case success has little to do with price tags and everything to do with addressing the needs of humans instead of companies chasing mercantile challenges. Good day, have fun!!
  15. Salutations, I appear to share at least part of the view as pictured in LabRat's previous post and i'll add Justin was assisted by conteplative (if not partisan/fanatic) press gone berzerk because of some co-called "Trudeau-mania" which i still got to wonder if that really existed... As i recall something like about 1 week before elections day we yet had doubts if it would be a minority or a majority government; personally, i even felt some hope that both the Liberals and Conservatives altogether would stand together on the opposition side. Instead we got a majority vote from not even half of Canadians, in favour of the very same party which initiated this whole nightmare in 1923, through a doctor turned politician, to add sugary topping to that cake! A century later the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists are like a Borg hive: it's working like a religion that survives passing generation, despite being a known/proven socio-toxic desease. But as individual we're isolated and now this fake "legaleezation" is ready to intensify, or we'd have heard about the last 6 CDSA modifications while instead his father's son keeps repeating we must wait for the law to be changed, as if it didn't occur multiple times already. So, in brief conclusion i'll comment this is a liar indeed and worse: a calculating manipulator who's been using the language barrier to fracture an already disparate "community". The goal is NOT to "please" us he said, in Toronto on December 2: Notice the akward body language while he pronounces "recreational users"?? ... I'd be quite curious to ask this guy if he's not actually blaming "mari-caca" for the related trouble caused within his father's family because of the mother's drug abuse, not to mention i got to wonder if somehow cannabis doesn't take more blame again when it comes to his deceased brother Michel who happened to be scheduled to apear in court for possession charges... Oh, by the way... The "incidental" part that was missing from the Liberal's French electoral page has resurfaced as "simple possession" it seems, so that probably means one can't expect to be allowed keeping a jar in curing status with the ready batch nearby. Or are Canadians now supposed to vaporize damp (pesticide-laced...) weed that bends instead of break (e.g. still moist vs dry!)?... Etc., etc. In any case there were signs accumulated even the year before elections day. How could this high-visibility politician depart from Liberal tradition?! That would have been an admission that those Liberals were dead wrong for too long, so in the end they couldn't let him destroy that legacy on the public place and hence we now have yet another prohibition fix in preparation, since $elf-$erving Liberals just can't appologize for their own "harm" inducing - even less repair near century-old wrong-doing i'm afraid. Good day, have fun!!