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  1. Hi weedmen :), agreed, time stands a little more still it would seem when waiting on plants to be ready to harvest. I may be able to do the weight report, strain by strain, but due to nasal polyps, I'm not too good at present time in terms of smells and aromas, actually little sense of smell ( they are going to be removed in November so that's good ). Now to keep our eyes and ears peeled for potential rippers.
  2. Hehhehe, desert plants, yes I see what you're saying :). They are getting closer to harvest and I'm really looking forward to it. Gotta say, I'm a pretty happy grower woman.
  3. We have a bunch of dependable friends who will come and help with trimming in exchange for some herb.
  4. Well, two seasons ago, we were ripped, so didn't get away with anything then, the rippers did. I guess it's simply because of where we are located, good neighbours and some luck. I'm on a high wire without a net below to catch me should I fall :). Outdoor plants are usually going to grow bigger than anything grown indoors, especially if in the ground. We have been getting wonderful summer weather up this way for the past week or more and no rain in sight until next Wednesday in the forecasts, this will definitely help the plant give that final boost of flowering and give them a better chance of finishing as they should. So far, I cropped on of the Lowryders as it had a little rot going on and I may do the same for the others though I don't usually, instead I wait till the end and take each of them down at one time.
  5. I knew about the peroxide to help prevent mold, usually before full on flowering though I didn't know it could be applied during flowering. Spent the last two afternoons defoliating and it's going to be a long week I think, so much fan leaves to be removed. Yes, beautiful aromas have invaded the garden area, and a little beyond haha. Don't have the hog wire but will start to place cord around them, just to prevent breakage of branches.
  6. HI G_W, You're totally correct and I started defoliating the plants yesterday, a little late in the game of course but wasn't quite sure if I should or not, until a dear breeder friend of mine said pretty much what you just mentioned. Here are a couple of images of a Lowryder I defoliated. Will see if I can do something about the wire idea. Thank you for your caring and excellent suggestions.
  7. Hi weedmen, A good portion is going to people I know who need oil or butter for a variety of ailments, though I will still have plenty for myself and my partner. Part of why I grow is the enjoyment of seeing plants go from seed to harvest in the most natural way possible. Always organic and natural, sun kissed herb!
  8. Hi Shadey, They are not as big as I would have liked, but then again, with two gardens to care for, I just didn't have the indoor space to get them larger before planting outdoors, so many of them, primarily the second garden site, are a little on the smaller side. I'm now prepping a new veg room that measures about 25' x 25' as an addition to the 10' x 15' one. Next season will be the season of the monsters.
  9. Images from garden site #2. I posted images of some of the plants accompanied by their close up's with the exception of three ( Kosher Kush, Moby Dick x Grape Kush, White Russian ). Images with their close ups are; 818 Headband, Ace of Spades, AK47, Asad, Bubba Kush x White Russian, Deep Purple x AK47, Kryptonite x Durban Poison.
  10. Latest update on garden #1. All plants seem healthy and well on their way, I posted images of each plant accompanied by a close up of bud sites. Got two Afgooeys, three Asad ) hash plants from Kashmir region ), three Deep Purples, two G-13 x Cheese, one Gods Blue Cheese, two Kryptonite x Durban Poison, two Lowryders, and one Pineapple Chunk. Lowryders should be ready to harvest real soon.
  11. Hi Shadey, Yes, certain strains will be finished before others, Bubba Kush x White Russian is nearly all done while the White Russian is just starting to flower. I'm also quite happy with how the 818 Headband is coming along. Only thing I just wasn't able to pull off this year, is growing them real big, I had too many to work on in veg and didn't have the indoor space for larger plants. Next season will be better in that regard.
  12. Update of garden #2, in image form. Afgooey Ace of Spades trichomes 818 Headband 818 Headband trichomes Ace of Spades Afgooey trichomes AK 47 AK 47 trichomes Asad ( hash plant ) Asad trichomes Bubba Kush x White Russian Bubba Kush x White Russian trichomes Deep Purple x AK 47 Deep Purple x AK 47 trichomes Kosher Kush Kryptonite x Durban Poison Kryptonite x Durban Poison trichomes Moby Dick x Grape Kush Moby Dick x Grape Kush trichomes White Russian Ladybug on White Russian plant
  13. Hi weedmen, Yes, they are finally getting much bigger and are in flower, some more so than others, depending on strain. I may go check out the second garden later today to do some plant maintenance and will take some pics. If all goes well, we will have our hands full in terms of drying and trimming.
  14. Hi G_W, Everything is coming along, in both gardens. Here are some pics taken yesterday from the primary garden.
  15. Hi DB, To be honest I haven't tried either one as of yet, last season, I tried growing some Deep Purple but one was a male that I just totally missed among the small " forest " of plants and it ended up pollinating all of the others, so never really got to taste it. To date, all my plants are 100% females and doing fine though I would say that there's about a 2-3 week's worth of tardiness in growth this season due to way too much rain and cooler temps. As things stand, I expect a good crop overall, but no monsters. I will certainly have plenty of medication and will be testing the Deep Purple, the Kryptonite x Cheese, and others that I've yet to experiment with. Good on you for the outdoor growing :). Here are a couple of images from a couple of days ago.