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  1. Some of the plants in the primary garden area.
  2. I want to say yes, but no, not OCD though I do like some order in some things, also, when placing images and giving them titles, they are automatically placed in order by the computer.
  3. Some pics of the second garden are taken yesterday, been so much rain and cooler temps, the plants need more sun and warmth. They are looking good though not as big as I would like to see them be at this point, hope that changes. I didn't tag each and every strain in that garden, but the list goes on from there with; G-13 x Cheese, God Candy x Bubba x Grape Kush, White Russian, Pineapple Chunk and Lemon Kush. Now pleeeease grow big, pretty please. 818 Headband Ace of Spades Afgooey AK 47 Asad ( landrace indica strain from the Kashmir region of Pakistan ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) x AK 47 Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Kosher Kush Kryptonite x Durban Poison Moby Dick x Grape Kush UBC Chemo
  4. Hi, Worst part of this working outdoors in a garden, are the bugs, notably the horseflies, my arms, neck and face served as perfect targets even though I had on a hat with a full face net, gloves and bug spray, lol. Am going to dry lots of it and have a 15' x 25' cold room connected to a garage, just need to set it up to be functional, thinking of having lines running along walls to hang branches from and then more lines going sideways across the room. Will be placing a couple of fans and a dehumidifier in there. Will keep the link you shared, thank you, I will check it out.
  5. Now that plants are in the ground, fencing is up, we have started placing rain water reservoirs, 4 of them will hopefully be sufficient. It's mostly for the month of July since most times, it rains at least once a week up this way.
  6. Hi weedmen, I did help dig the holes some, and certainly directed others to dig them, but at 61, I'm just not the physically strong woman I used to be and tend to get pooped out pretty fast. I'm ok as far as gardening goes and always learning more hopefully. As soon as plants start getting over any transplanting shock and grow some, I'll post pics.
  7. Update on the gardens. In our primary garden ( last two images ), we already had landscape fabric down and decided to simply cut open the holes we needed and planted some strains that finish early, while in the second garden, we had to get holes dug out with the aid of a tractor's shovel, then fill them back in with rich composted soil before putting up fencing and finally, yesterday, we got to plant more strains. Now to wait and see how this all goes.
  8. This is a plan for garden number one ( 70' x 25' ), just to give a general idea of what's going on. If we can get some nice weather, I've got holes to dig pronto and would love to put plants out in it by end of coming weekend.
  9. Glad you saved your plant from the chickens. I'm on a couple of forums, and Facebook, and as soon as I plant them outside, in about a week's time, I think I'm going to be quite the busy Gal as one garden measures 100' x 75' and the other, 70' x 25' ... and this is besides veggies,herbs and flowers, lol, I'm going off my rocker. Will go take a look on
  10. Hi weedmen, Yep, going to certainly be an interesting season, and I do hope the plants will get nice and big. Can only plant outdoors by first week of June t be completely safe in terms of danger from frost. Will keep everyone posted.
  11. Hi, Outdoor growing in Quebec should never be before first week of June, or after last risk of frost. Have fun.
  12. Hi G_W, Thank you, been real busy with life but have been working to keep plants healthy as I wait for the first week of June to get them outside. Took some pics the other day. The first four are of what's going on indoors, while the last two are of a new garden site close by that wee are getting ready by a hundred foot tall Fir tree ( holes are 4'x 4' x 3'deep ). New garden site being developed, 42 holes next to a hundred plus foot Fir tree. Clones and plants vegging. The variety is interesting. More young plants. The tallest of the plants in veg, all are doing well. Last of clones and seedlings coming along. Another look at the new garden site.
  13. Hi :), A few progress images, still have close to two more months before I can safely get them out in the garden, so I've started topping and also making clones, I've found a few males and got rid of them with an eye out for any more. 818 Headband Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Ace of Spades A few plants that had gotten too large for the table, had the 600w HPS too close for a bit and the result was terrible for the leaves and I have since remedied by placing the light further away, plants are bouncing back. Plants on table, under T5's and T8's Yesterday's clones
  14. Hi weedmen, Yes, I will be super cropping them real soon in order to keep them short enough and yet filled with colas, this time, I aiming for keeping them below the six feet mark by end of outdoor growing cycle. As for the autos, I know and it's a gamble, but hoping all goes well. The landrace I received as a gift from a local breeder here, got them from a friend who was in the Kashmir region in Pakistan that's called Asad Jammu and also known as Asad Kashmir, it's an Hash plant and from what I hear, will make for great hash as well as oil. Apparently, those hash plants grow even on the sides of roads. Well, I'm outa here, got more transplanting to larger pots to do, and will also be getting a few clones of Royal Freezeland to complete my list of a dozen strains this year as I wanted to create more choice for patients, and myself.
  15. A little update, some plants are more than a foot tall, with more than two more months before transplanting outdoors. Ace of Spades Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Azad ( landrace hash plant from the Kashmir region ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) AK 47 Kryptonite x Cheese UBC Chemo Afgooey AK 47, a different phenotype from the one 4 images above.