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  1. Bah I just realized that our good friend Notsofasteddie beat me to it... Like usual. Please leave this one up though so the CMA can come and discuss why they keep openly committing crimes against humanity against us... Not all doctors agree with it so we will start the discussion here. Open invite... Or can the doctors only do it on the CBC?
  2. Read full Article Here. (CBC) I'll be posting after I calm down a bit... I don't want to hurt them too much... But I do like debating racist criminal organizations openly breaking the law to conspire in crimes against humanity against minorities. And as every Certified Canadian Doctor can openly see.
  3. If he don't want to do it the International Criminal Courts will gladly do it for us.
  4. You don't need a debate. Get the law ready and we will check and see if the reasons are legal under Canadian law. If they are illegal they go to jail if passed. Remember crimes against humanity laws prohibit any law based on illegal reasons leading to any crime against any segment of our civilian population. It ain't 1930 anymore and Canadian judges got caught passing illegal laws against minorities while our entire justice system stood around and watched... Hence why they now need to stand by them and go to jail when they are illegal. Otherwise the laws can be used for crimes. Ask any politician... Oh, ignore domestic crimes against humanity laws... They are illegal and considered crimes against humanity. Ask any politician...
  5. Bring on the edibles. Especially round hard candy. Cherry please.
  6. It would be illegal if they had crimes against humanity legislation but I don't believe the United States thinks it is a crime. Or at least not when their politicians do it...
  7. Join the club Caribbean Nations... Eventually the United Nations will call cannabis prohibition crimes against humanity anyway. So why not get in first...
  8. Yup because nobody smoked cannabis before Anslinger convinced everyone to participate in crimes against humanity against cannabis users don't ya know. I believe it was only satanic Jazz musicians, Mexican workers, and Negroes whom wanted to smoke it because it made them think they were as good as white men...
  9. I'm curious as to why they wouldn't include all past cannabis crimes from growing to mass selling. Remember that these people supplied medical users when the doctors were using ideology and not science to help the government commit crimes against cannabis users because they were threatening and intimidating them to do so. Or so they claimed. So I trust them more then doctors whom just do as they're told no matter how much harm they do. That's my opinion... And the hemp farming was interesting. I'm wondering if they made you cut them early just so it wouldn't work...? Doomed to fail type of thing...
  10. Thankfully the conservatives are more business friendly then the liberals. A couple more government run monopolies and we may as well call ourselves communists.
  11. Anything beats their old campaign of don't enable(help) drug users. That was fun times... And for the record that was heavy sarcasm...
  12. Actually while the crime is the exact same as with homosexuals at the time they did not have crimes against humanity laws to jail their abusers. Now we do. Since 2002 I believe... That makes it different because we now have to go through the International Criminal Courts since the Canadian government decided to continue to break the law. That is why I think we should just get it over with and see which groups were involved... Plus it's free... Hey Health Canada... You done attacking them yet? Because I just took out a lot of information they may want to know....
  13. Where do health Canada expect them to advertise? Or are we going to have a legal market and no way to advertise? That sounds dumb enough to be Canadian... The way the Canadian government hates business and competition I'm surprised our innovation level isn't 0%. They spend money telling kids what it is and how they lied to conspire in crimes against humanity against cannabis users for decades and are now stopping the crime like we did against women and other minorities but they are not going to know what cannabis is? Explain that to me please... Because kids know what it is, and cannot buy it legally, so what's the problem...?
  14. All kinds of lies being debunked here... And I'm really starting to think Harry J Anslinger was a racist liar whom just wanted to kill and jail innocent people... Anyone else getting that impression?
  15. 6k_

    Excited to find this board.

    Howdy.... And Welcome...

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