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  1. Looks good. From the thickness of the leaves i'd guess it's at least half indica. Once it gets larger it'll be easier to tell.
  2. Had to look that up. Means cheers in scottish? If so, cheers to you... Just remember we gotta pee on the barley and save some for the pot when were done.
  3. An article i seen a couple weeks ago talks about a beer made with it. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/technology/danish-brewery-pisner-urine-beer-beercycling-1.4101819
  4. First need to know what you want to vape. Buds, concentrates, wax, or mix?
  5. Most plants do best with a ph between 5.5 - 6.5 from what i've read. Might try dropping the ph down to 6 (middle of the nums) to lower the overall ph. With 8.2 coming out i'd try 5.5 for a while. And i've noticed that my tap is 7.2 but if you let the water sit for a while in a container it slowly increases the ph. Not drastically but enough to notice. Might be happening in your pots...
  6. Hello and welcome to ccf...
  7. Not as old as the rest... But i'll say hi...
  8. I beleive they are going to recommend a 100cm limit on plants. Just over 3 feet... That means you're gonnna have to grow em on their side.
  9. Welcome to CC.