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  1. The following shows I love to watch when I am baked as a pop tart Man v. Food Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Diner's, Drive in's and Dives Weed Wars
  2. Joans

    Some of my other hobbies

    I drank that before I took the pictures, and it seems we are going to get a long quite well, my intro page is somewhere around here, must be hiding with the rest my brain
  3. This is what I like to listen to on the computer.
  4. Joans

    Some of my other hobbies

    Yeah I may move my jalapeno's this year, there is vine that almost killed it last year only got 5 fruit off it, compared to the several dozen off the others, still got em in my fridge got way to much salsa and hot sauce to make, I personally like to keep tomatoes in partial sun, and keep my peppers in direct sun, I grow cherry tomatoes cause they are nice and sweet and go good with salsa. I have several spots to catch carp like that as well, I live in a rural community so I can get cheap maize (field corn) I believe about 10 bucks for 90 lbs, and doughballs are always great, I don't drive so I ride my bike everywhere, blasting music in my ipod as well, that picture is about 16 km trip one way, did 50 kms one day this past summer was a blast, and the fishing was amazing.
  5. Joans

    Some of my other hobbies

    Here is a couple more. Don't ask how I fit the fish into my net it just happened I can't seem to find pictures of my garden, may check the camera later. Here is just how I travel its cheap, good for you, and great for enviroment
  6. Ok guys I have several other hobbies, biggest is fishing, I fish all year long including on the ice (which is a blast), during the warmer months I have a pepper garden, I have a thing for near lethal foods, I grow usually Habanero's. Jalapeno's, and Seranero's. Now differcult part is finding photos without my face in it.

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