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  1. Light advice

    I have a 3x3x6' tent setup and I am finally set up and ready to buy a light. I'm wondering what you guys think would be best. I'm using DWC in storage bins that are about 15" tall. I was looking at this Spectrum king 400wat led but it says to keep 24" from plants so I'm worried I wouldn't have much grow space so I'm kind of leaning towards a 600wat HPS but I don't really have space for an air cooled vent so I'm worried about heat in the summer months. Any input on what lights you guys use would be great. Money is a factor but not a huge one. Thanks in advance
  2. Plant diagnosis help

    So one of my girls has been struggling from the start she had trouble shedding her shell so he has been behind all of the others . But now she is starting to discolor.
  3. Plant diagnosis help

    Ok sounds good. Notice how she only has 1 set of leaves at the top and 2 below? Every other nice that grows only has 1 set of leaves and the middle leaf on that set has been curled to the side. Kind of neat gives her a little personality
  4. Plant diagnosis help

  5. Plant diagnosis help

    Can you see the pics I posted? 2 if the leaves have brown spots and almost every other leaf is a darker green with patches of a more light/yellowish green
  6. A seedling in need

    What is the ph of the RO water? Also did you soak the starter cubes in oh balanced water beforehand? Those cubes retain a lot of water so once a day is too much IMO. I gave my girls 300 ppm after they were a week old and some said that was even too long to wait
  7. Quick update

    Yeah we are getting down to the 30's outside at night and almost 60° during the day here. The cookies kush seems to be thriving though I might have to stock up on more of these beans
  8. Quick update

    So I lost 2 of the 6 girls to damping off, but 2 others are thriving and the other 2 are coming along. I've got the temps steady around 75-77° with the light on, humidity has been really low at 30%, and my reservoir is steady around 73-74° (little on the high side) but I'm hoping with a new fan on the way it will cool it down further. PPM was a little higher than I hoped (400) but they seem to be doing fine. I've lowered the light to about 19 inches away from the tops.
  9. Quick update

    1 was one of the taller ones but the other was one that had the shell on for like 5 days and I had to do serious surgery on it so I wasn't too surprised I lost that one. The nutes PPM is definitely higher than I expected, I put 1.5ml/L. Humidity has been low even with lights off as I have the window in the adjacent room open so it's pulling in cold air and keeping the temps right around 74° with the lights on
  10. Seedling fell over

    I'm hoping it is top heavy I got excited seeing it stand up alone so i took the support away yesterday. So this morning I put it back and it seems to have become more stable already but the support is staying this time.
  11. Seedling fell over

    So I got home from work today and one of my seedlings was completely laying down. I just put it into the new DWC tub and the roots arent out of the starter plug yet and only that one had dried completely out. So I am hoping it fell over due to lack of water and not damping off. Stem looked healthy... So I guess I don't really have a question just waiting and praying this one bounces back. Right now I have it propped up with a stick and has only been 2 hours since I gave it water
  12. Seedling fell over

  13. Seedling fell over

    May be damping off. Unfortunately this morning she was back on her side but she was standing for hours alone last night
  14. Seedling fell over

    Brief panic but she is back standing up on her own. Whew
  15. DWC help

    So first time with hydro and I'm doing DWC I'm a 15 gal tub. I have a dual outlet pump with 2 6 inches air stones, one at each end so the bubbles are spread out. I'm using advance nutrients PH perfect 3 part and I also have calmag, rhino skin, and big bud. I am using all RO water testing at 0 PPM. So my question is for my week old seedlings I am ready to transfer into their final DWC home, what/how much should I start off giving them? For their first week I gave them 200ppm. Any other additives you all recommend I use along with the 3 part nutes?
  16. DWC help

    Yeah I just put them under the big light last night the stretch was from when they were under the CFL only about 3-4 inches away. Right now they are 24 inches away from the 400w MH
  17. DWC help

    Here they are so far, today is their first full day under the 400w 6500k MY. Temps have been steady at 79°f with RH at 49%
  18. Seedlings advice

    So I germinated 6 beans and put them in general hydroponics starter plugs under a CFL about 4 inches away. 3 of the seeds broke the shell and sprouted without issue. However 2 of them have sprouted but still have the shell on them (see pic below). It has only been about 3 days should I wait and see if the shell falls off or take tweezers and remove it? Also when should I start adding nutes? I have advanced nutrients ph perfect 3 part. First time at it for me so I'm learning in the fly
  19. Seedlings advice

    Yeah I wanted to try a few different strains to see which I like most. They are all either full indica or 70-80% indica dominant with very close flowering times. I'm going for more of a SOG but I learn best from trial and error so we will see what happens lol
  20. Seedlings advice

    Going to get the new and hopefully better carbon scrubber set up today along with my 400w MH and get them transferred into their final dwc setup so they can really start. I got some rhino skin, calmag, and big bud like labrat recommended. So far early on the Tangerine dream, cookies kush, and pineapple chunk seem to be very vigorous plants and are outperforming the others.
  21. Seedlings advice

    I misspoke, the 95 ppm was spring water. I got some purified distilled water at 0ppm and added 1ml/L of micro grow bloom. Tested at 200 ppm. One still has the shell on it and I tried everything to get it off but it is just barely cracked open. Time will tell I guess what happens with that. Temps are steady at 72° and rh at 45-50%
  22. Seedlings advice

    I only planned on using the flush for the final flush. I do have a ph pen and tds meter my tap water measured at 42 ppm and the distilled water I bought at 95 ppm,thinking it's going to be Not only cheaper but better to use my tap water. Rhino skin and bud candy seemed to be the main ones I've been hearing and thinking about purchasing
  23. Seedlings advice

    It's a 20wat or so t5 6400k. One of the small 2 foot tubular ones. I think when I get home today I'm going to give them a all dose of nutes and lower the light 2 inches because they seem to be stretching a little bit plus the plugs are pushed deeper in the tray and i measured to the top of the tray so the light is probably in actuality 5-6 inches away
  24. Seedlings advice

  25. Seedlings advice

    So I need to give them 1.5ml/L each of micro, grow, and bloom right away? I was wondering what other advances nutrients additives to use in addition to the GMB without buying them all. So far I just have the GMB and their final flush