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  1. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    It’s a 10 gallon Rubbermaid container so the container is about 12-15 inches tall. There’s a part of the roots where the roots are like brown and burnt up as you can see on the bottom right of this picture. I think with my next go I need a new reservoir, I think I need something that’s easier to drain so I can switch the reservoir more than once when I switch to flower
  2. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    I just checked my ph is at 5 so its a little low but I also haven’t used my ph meter in about a year so I’m not sure how accurate it still is. I think part of the issue may be I have some reflective adhesive in the lid of my reservoir and some water got on to it and the adhesive got wet and leaked into the reservoir. My roots don’t seem to be bad with root rot but there is some buildup of snot on my air stone so that’s possibly it. Of course I ran out of H2o2 and can’t get any until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. Here’s to hoping this one doesn’t die and I don’t have to scratch this go.
  3. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    Seems as if the leaves are getting worse. The temps with light off are around 65.
  4. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    I have my 400w HPS with a cool tube at 16 inches away right now, should I move it back some more? It used to be at 13 inches
  5. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    The strain is Blue Widow. I thought it’s also odd how the roots were growing like that one spot was getting burnt. It is the side where I add new nutrients and H2o2 to the reservoir.
  6. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    Also is heat stress from the light being too close? Since the temps don’t reach above 78
  7. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    I feel like its a combination of the two myself. I tried uploading pics but it won’t let me. They are drinkin a good bit but not a ton of water. So i should drain half of my reservoir and replace half with RO water effectively cutting my ppm in half? When should I raise the Ppm again? I’m in day 18 of flower just using AN ph perfect 3 part with rhino skin only.
  8. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    It’s mostly leaves at the top but leaves at all levels are a light palish green
  9. Lovevrythingreen

    Help diagnose problem

    My leaves are turning brown/yellow on the tips and curling up. Not sure what’s causing it I am doing DWC day 18 of flower and Ppm is around 800. Temps have been a high of 77 and humidity 55% and water temps high of 69. 400w HPS was 14 inches from the tops just moved it to 16-17 inches away
  10. Lovevrythingreen

    Plant diagnosis help

    Ok sounds good. Notice how she only has 1 set of leaves at the top and 2 below? Every other nice that grows only has 1 set of leaves and the middle leaf on that set has been curled to the side. Kind of neat gives her a little personality
  11. Lovevrythingreen

    Plant diagnosis help

  12. Lovevrythingreen

    Plant diagnosis help

    Can you see the pics I posted? 2 if the leaves have brown spots and almost every other leaf is a darker green with patches of a more light/yellowish green
  13. Lovevrythingreen

    Plant diagnosis help

    So one of my girls has been struggling from the start she had trouble shedding her shell so he has been behind all of the others . But now she is starting to discolor.
  14. Lovevrythingreen

    A seedling in need

    What is the ph of the RO water? Also did you soak the starter cubes in oh balanced water beforehand? Those cubes retain a lot of water so once a day is too much IMO. I gave my girls 300 ppm after they were a week old and some said that was even too long to wait
  15. Lovevrythingreen

    Quick update

    Yeah we are getting down to the 30's outside at night and almost 60° during the day here. The cookies kush seems to be thriving though I might have to stock up on more of these beans

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