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  1. plant smell

    thx Shadey , I will remember the freezer, I wouldn't have thought that
  2. plant smell

    I have only grown out about 6 plants and always bag seeds , so dealing with 6 year old seeds they mostly didnt pop like I thought and wound up with 3 different strains , I am now growing 3 different bag seeds and one is smelling really really skunky so will that skunk smell take over the other plants buds scent if they don't smell like skunk ?
  3. seed questions / advice needed

    thanks CRex , after reading around subcool is not something I'm interested in , I went and checked out James bean but could not find motarabel seeds, now I am going to wait until March there is a trade show I'm going to there are seed vendors going so I'm going to choose from what they have and order over the summer most likely
  4. Seeds will not germinate! Tried everything

    Went thru the same things this time I scratched them hard with a knife on the side until I felt the knife grab the seed and it worked I have 6 year old seeds and they weren't cracking in paper towels so I put them in a glass of water for about 5 days and they opened a little and after putting in the dirt they came out about 6 days after , it took me 2 weeks to get six seeds out of around 25 to open , since you have so many if you didn't try soaking them try it and see if any open
  5. seed questions / advice needed

    okay urban thx , yes the east coast Ive been really lucky with bag seeds over the years but I want to get something tasty , any help is welcome
  6. Hello , I am going buy seeds soon and was wondering if anyone grew Qush from tga subcool or strawberry diesel from dark horse genetics to give me their thoughts , the reason I am asking is I have been burned before on seeds and I know nothing about either company but want to get something good this time, help would be great even if you point me somewhere else , I really want a tasty berry type strain
  7. fert life span

    I threw it out and bought new it was gel but it was so small I didnt trust it bought a new clonex bottle for $18 yesterday
  8. fert life span

    I bought a daisy cloner and have a clonex sample pack that came with my seeds starter but is about 5 years old never openedwould it still be good ? how long do ferts typically last last ?
  9. male plant

    Okay thanks people I am tossing the plant i have 4 q tips with pollen all over them to seed a branch on a plant and rest going to the trash
  10. dimmable ballast

    thanks stoner i knew I had seen them but didnt remember what they were called are phantom ballasts good to buy ? my last one was a lumatek and the guy at the store said they got rid of them because of radio interference problems
  11. male plant

    @ Ganja God the balls arent so tiny anymore especially up top , the male has at least 6 male flowers on every internode and the higher up the more are there , they are starting to open up into white flowers packed with pollen
  12. male plant

    I started growing 2 seeds on dec 6th one turned out male and now at 6 weeks into veg the flower pods are starting to pop is this normal ? I thought they would at least wait till the light switched ,I tried the search engine but I cant find answers I need
  13. Custom grow tent ?

    seems this is my only choice i dont see any tent companies that will make custom size tents
  14. dimmable ballast

    I am looking at the lumatek 600 watt dimmable ballast and it says it can switch between super lumens 600w 400w and 300w at the turn of a knob , What is the 300 w for ? can I use a 250w bulb in this ballast ? or do they dim a 600 w bulb ? I need a 250 soon and want a 600 by the summer so this would help
  15. bulbs…cheap versus not?

    What about Plant Max bulbs ? they are 35 for a 400 watt hps and It grew well for me and 35 compared to 90 or more you can replace way more often without stinging your pocket so much