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  1. Does anyone use a hydro crunch grow tent ? Im looking at getting a new tent and came across the hydro crunch 4x4x6.5 for $102 at home depot website and others at hydro shops are going for 450, but im wondering why theyre so cheap compared to others sold at hydro shops and have me hesitant to buy one thinking I will regret being cheap
  2. tiggafur

    thermometer with humidity gauge

  3. I have gone thru 5 in about 6 weeks and tired of wasting money , what types do you guys use ?
  4. tiggafur

    ballast question

    my light is flickering a lot the ballast needs to be replaced , I have a lumatek 400 watt and it isn't made anymore is the xtrasun ballast a good replacement ?
  5. First thanks a lot for the help Labrat , checked them this morning and I was surprised the trichs are starting to turn I think its starting to finishing going to start checking everyday to be ready , I haven't grown it before its a blueberry bag seed so I am not sure about when it will finish I tried to train the plant for the 1st time and didn't let the plant grow big enough after tying it all around so now the buds are not as big as ive grown before so could that be a reason why it is finishing early ?
  6. yeah bottom is greener than the top but most of the fan leaves are yellow with green stripes still at the veins
  7. its actually a pretty plant but the pics come out very blurry as you can see that was the best one, the closer the blurrier they get , its a old tablet cam
  8. tablet Is giving me problems connecting will put up pics later after work
  9. sorry should have added these with my question growing in pro mix hp feeding pure blend pro bloom 20ml , LK 5ml, hydroplex3ml, calmag 5ml, , I ran out of cal mag for 11 days and am just adding that again
  10. I stopped feeding them nitrogen at 21 days and now this week the leaves really yellowed and I'm wondering if I should add 7milliliters grow to give nitrogen back or should I leave them ? theyre at 45 days flowering and I think it will go to 70
  11. tiggafur

    plant smell

    thx Shadey , I will remember the freezer, I wouldn't have thought that
  12. tiggafur

    plant smell

    I have only grown out about 6 plants and always bag seeds , so dealing with 6 year old seeds they mostly didnt pop like I thought and wound up with 3 different strains , I am now growing 3 different bag seeds and one is smelling really really skunky so will that skunk smell take over the other plants buds scent if they don't smell like skunk ?
  13. tiggafur

    seed questions / advice needed

    thanks CRex , after reading around subcool is not something I'm interested in , I went and checked out James bean but could not find motarabel seeds, now I am going to wait until March there is a trade show I'm going to there are seed vendors going so I'm going to choose from what they have and order over the summer most likely
  14. tiggafur

    Seeds will not germinate! Tried everything

    Went thru the same things this time I scratched them hard with a knife on the side until I felt the knife grab the seed and it worked I have 6 year old seeds and they weren't cracking in paper towels so I put them in a glass of water for about 5 days and they opened a little and after putting in the dirt they came out about 6 days after , it took me 2 weeks to get six seeds out of around 25 to open , since you have so many if you didn't try soaking them try it and see if any open

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