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  1. I've been out of the loop and just wondering what dick head blair has done to make it more illegal or more ways you can get fined or more ways for wasted intervention. Im in bc most the time but i have family in ont so i like to spend as time there as well. Italians love there family. i need the advice. Prision is not where i want to go. Let me know what the laws are if u can please.
  2. I'm under the old mmar and i grow for someone. I'm moving so i'll reapply under new system. Am I able to keep growing for him as a designated grower or is that not allowed?
  3. Also a good real estate guy or i might just get an apt for a year and i'll look for a house over the year that I'm living in the apt. Also any good places to live in B.C or way west Alberta, banff.
  4. I'm moving out west and I want bring my med grow with me. I want to find out what I have to do with health Canada to make the change. My grow license is still the 2009 MMAR i'm pretty sure. Will I lose anything with my license by switching/moving? I'm moving out west and I would like to bring my strains with me if possible. is there any way to do this working with Canada or am I better off just bring them with me? With weed becoming legal will that effect medical growing? Also which prov will be the best for weed users? I'll need to find a good electrician/ Heating/cooling guy that won't come back and help themselves.
  5. Is Marc selling franchises or is he keeping ownership of them all?
  6. juggernaut

    Looking to hook up with local growers.

    Tyvm to everyone who has replied so far. Anyone else interested let me know.
  7. I plan on opening up a dispensary and I would like to hook up with the local growers to see there Strains that they keep as there best/favourites. I won't have any problem running my strains and just making my grow bigger to meet demand. First off there are a lot of growers in a City which means a lot of strains and seeds get put the quality loop. Theres magic out there, that a lot of people could benefit. I'm not sure on how to do this, but the first meeting is the hard part. Also prices are dedicated by potency,quality,med benefits etc. At this point I'm ready to go, just waiting to see how everything falls into place. Until then this is a good opportunity to test out potential Strains and growers. It will also allow me to test my strains that I plan to run against what the local area/growers have to offer. It's going to get really crazy at the start as people test the new laws. For me I've been growing for 28 years. I love the end product to much. Anything to offer lay it on me.
  8. I would appreciate a copy. Trying to rem some old strains and seed companies?
  9. With the task force completed we're getting close to legalization. It isn't everything we wanted. Still to much police presence still. With the weed god mr. emery dropping 10 dispensaries in every town its going to be tough competition. Fight the beast or sell to the best. I've been growing for 27 years. I have 7 strains i would love to have any of the cc dispensaries take a look. I was just going drop a jar off of my strains labeled with contact info in it on to mssg me on the forum. ty
  10. Sorry if I missed it but how many people can you grow for on top of yourself? Me patient A Patient B Or Just me and 1 other?
  11. I need to move asap. My wife has stole a huge chunk of our retirement. and I'm moving to B.C my dream asap. So divorce is first up. Then I need transportation, as new meds no driving. I have my mmar or what it is now. Over the past 20 years I have accumulated 9 moms that i want to take to B.C. with me. GSC CHEM -D X gsc wifi ammy haze-A Snowdawg Foo Dog-D monolog EM Dog ARC trying others So can't drive need a decent small house or a condo. Need my strains inbc and i would like to still grow in BC.Should i just dump my plants?hope not
  12. I've grown for over 35 years and during that time I have never once produced weed as bad as Tweed or the other licensed producers. Just sad. We also will give a minimum of 30% of all profits after employees and all bills are paid will be used for legal fees to continue to fight for patients rights and full legalization rights. The battle will never end with clowns and liars like Bill Blair and Justin(the biggest liar of them all). Our Goal is to put any corporation out there out of business. Anyone that former PM Harper has put into the LP position FOR PROFIT ONLY and then protected by Trudeau and the Police. Something clearly wrong. There plan is not legalization. VERY FAWKIN SAD. Our goal is to setup 10, 3000ft2 light dep greenhouses or more. The Growing aspect will be very easy. In my old age I have grown many greenhouses and warehouses. On the bad end I'm not very good with the legalities. So that is why I'm asking your help. We will also be looking for other strains that medical or personal have. Putting these clowns out of business by producing much better weed then they are producing, By putting our profits back into the community not some dick shareholder who doesn't care what is done to make him money. I promise never to strop fighting the corporate clowns that are willing to destroy our Country. Trudeau the liar. Puts the guy who couldn't even get elected in his riding in charge of legalization. As long as he's in that position Marijuana will never be legal. Our only hope lies with the courts and making sure every Cdn out there stops buying from the liar LP's. My only goal is a wkly pay check to survive, Recover setup my setup costs and pay my employees a decent wage and benefits so there families have a good life. I will need help from other CDN growers and there best strains so we can beat them in both quality and a lower price. Once we have achieved full legalization and CDN citizens can grow we, then we will either continue selling to patients or switch to a dispensary or coffee shop. Any thoughts?

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