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  1. Light advice

    Did you get any kind of warranty? Honestly, I'm not sure if Mars or Vipar have warranties.
  2. Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Has it come to the point that the only people interested in joining the forum and posting are those that have something for sale?
  3. Light advice

    Which light did you get Shadey? I know years ago we looked into the LED lights of that time and they were virtually no different than the knockoffs. They used the same exact LED and chipsets...just in a different body with a fancy name on em.
  4. LED lighting on trial

    This thread is 10 years old! The only thing happening in this thread seems a lot like advertising for this light...
  5. LED lighting on trial

    You guys all working together to sell this light or what?
  6. Light advice

    That is certainly not good to hear....however I the mars 300 goes for about $80. Almost expect it's not top of the line for that price. I'm curious as to yield difference per light. Is it like the difference between a generic hps bulb and an eye hortilux?
  7. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    I do believe you and I don't have that ability. The global mod or all mods have far less ability than I remember...
  8. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Idk hydrogrow710 but methinks you are advertising for mars hydro. I'm down to test one of these units for you tho...been wondering about the 300.
  9. Mr. Canucks Grow

    Those are looking nice! Which lights are those?
  10. Use Worms in gardening. Do it yourself.

    If you can get even a few dozen red wigglers, they will eventually multiply to the proper amount for your bin. At that point you can take some out for a new bin or leave them and they will basically self regulate to the amount of food available to them. Composting will be slow at first with smaller numbers of worms, but they are prolific breeders. Before long, if done properly, you will have more worms than you know what to do with.
  11. Mr. Canucks Grow

    Would you care to show some pics smokevera. Currently, I'm tempted to believe your reason for being here may be for sales.
  12. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    This thread is getting a little off topic but I suppose that's ok with such a small group of people.
  13. Mycorrhizae

    Are you cloning in soil? Personally, I'd mix it in the soil ahead of time to get it colonizing before the clones are even put into the media.
  14. Lab's latest efforts

    How are those ailing plants doing? I'm not a big fan of peat based soilless mixes myself. But then I'm terrible with hydro. Have you tested the runoff?
  15. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    It's been awhile but I've been gone for a spell. I'm curious if this experiment was ever completed. I have wondered about using some of these for a similar type space myself. I ended up taking a different route. Would love to compare trials, tribulations, and results.