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  1. GBuds

    Seeds will not germinate! Tried everything

    My feeling in beans like this is that they just don't have any gas left in the tank.
  2. GBuds

    seed questions / advice needed

    "Not I." said the fish. I don't know about Dark Horse but Subcool has been around a minute.
  3. GBuds

    Aeroponic - Aquaponic grow room

    I know what's going on here....
  4. GBuds

    Aeroponic - Aquaponic grow room

    It is preferred to be active in the forums as a contributing member in all ways. You seem rather excited to share your light. Perhaps your own thread about your grow would be good. Also, joining in on other discussions about other topics than your light would be great too. Are you active on the other forums you mentioned?
  5. Does anyone have info about flowering with full spectrum LEDs? Especially the difference between flowering with them vs flowering with traditional red/blue LEDs?
  6. GBuds

    Tell me about probiotics

    You may delete the link if you like, Shadey. I'm gonna leave it. I believe in interaction between forums. If we're in some kind of "us vs them" battle with other forums, we are clearly losing. Also, aren't we all on the same page? Don't we have the same goals when it comes to this special plant? I say share the knowledge. I've been accused of siphoning information from one forum to another before. Sad part was I wrote the damn articles I was accused of siphoning. I say share away! Let the movement grow!
  7. GBuds

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hand down, without doubt, hypoaspis miles are the best defense for fungus gnats. Nobody wants to purchase them for some reason, but if you have healthy soil you will also likely have them. They naturally ramp up and also die off with the up and down of fungus gnats. The best thing that you can do, aside from getting those little beneficial bugs, is to be sure your plants are drying properly between watering. Fungus gnat larvae live in the top inch or two of the soil. Let that part dry between watering and you take away the living space needed for them. You can also let your next soil on hand dry out, which, unfortunately, kills other things in the soil but assures that there are no larvae or eggs in it when you need it for use.
  8. GBuds

    Tell me about probiotics

    This is why I've stayed away from bokashi and anaerobic decomposition in the past.
  9. GBuds

    Tell me about probiotics

    Has anyone here made their own EM1 innoculent? I guessing I'm gonna pass on that one unless someone tells me it doesn't smell like rotting milk.
  10. GBuds

    A disinfection solution- Hydrogen Peroxide

    I've never heard of this before. Never really had much of a gnat problem to need to look it up though either. Wouldn't this wipe out a lot of the microbes too?
  11. GBuds


  12. GBuds

    Tell me about probiotics

    I need to do some studying. Shadey have you been making that stuff or is this also a new topic for you? Seems like maybe I'm already probiotic? Organic soil can literally see the mycorrhizae growing on it when I stir the stuff every few days. I need to know more about EM1.
  13. GBuds

    8wks on

    What is your grow media? That is a monster plant. Looks like it's been topped a few times. Super bushy. Might I ask you which strain?

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