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  1. Doob's Outdoor Grow

    After much delay I humbly present a few shots of my garden. This is my second attempt at growing outdoors, and I must say I am a convert! Not to poop on anyone's indoor attempts (as I grew under CFLs for years....), there is nothing close to natural sunlight, unlimited room for root development, and quality organic media. Ok, enough preaching, let's see if I can upload these.
  2. Catching the morning sun...

    Just curious .... what is the Kelvin temp of those bulbs ?
  3. Kali Spice x C99

    Wow. those are gorgeous Frmgrl!!!! Oh, nitril gloves should not dissolve in alcohol, afaik. (having worked in labs for 30yrs). It's funny . I love harvest day as it's the culmination of months of work and worry. Of course, first smoke day is even better.
  4. White Widow Almost Finished

    Mouth-watering Can't tell from the pics: what colour are most of the trichs ?
  5. TesT 2 Holy Grail Kush

    Nice and frosty! More pics please.
  6. Cheese autoflower c/w sap

    Sap eh...... interesting. Never seen that in my gardens, but that doesn't mean much. I assume it's from the leaves and is not sticky ?
  7. Crowded and too tall

    Great thread! My only comment would be to tear down that foil and paint the walls a flat white - much more efficient use of every photon and you will avoid possible hot spots. Nice pics
  8. Sacred Tokin Stone in action

    I remember saving my roaches as well, in a jar. Boy, did that stuff reek, and taste like :shit:, but it did the job when I was desperately low on decent bud. Since I switched to pipes and bongs, no more waste and no more roach handing. Just my 5cents worth (as we don't have cents here anymore).
  9. My Girls :)

    Nice pics, thanks for posting. That first pic is clearly a pure indica - can you tell me which variety it is ? As for sexing, it's tohao early. Let them grow till you have 3-4 pairs of branches, then you can use one to figure out the sex. Let me know if you are unclear on how to do this. Keep those pics coming, and welcome to the forums
  10. Cannabis Culture Members' Strain Library

    Really ? Come on guys, post something!!
  11. Hot Hot Hot.

    Agree with Labby when he mentioned it's more genetics than anything else. Some strains never hermie, others don't need a reason, they just start putting out the odd pollen sac anytime during flowering. Keep your eyes peeled, and pull any you see before they contaminate the rest.
  12. Best way to keep track of a grow?

    Buy yourself a decent note book. Take notes of everything as this information can be used later to see what went wrong, or better yet, right. I filled a few notebooks during my first few grows, but must admit it's not something I do now.
  13. Which is best bloom booster for roses??

    Well, this is Cannabis, not Rose Culture, but what the hell... You want plant food that contains Phosphorus, the P in the NPK triad. Bone meal and bat guano are both good sources.
  14. MH and its Imact on Trich Development

    Hey Innercity. Times certainly have changed! I never quite understood why one would use MH during flowering, when trich development clearly favours a redder spectrum... seems to be a waste of electricitty, as why not simply add an extra HPS ?
  15. LED lighting on trial

    I'm not an expert on LEDs, but I'd be suprised if a phone's sensor would be of any use, it's just not sensitive enough (as Unregistered mentioned above). Do you think that much of an investment in one light is worth the cost ?