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  1. WOw....that looks ...scart Hopefully will be treatable, and quickly. Goodluck,
  2. As Lab said, optimal harvest time is determined by scoping the trichs. It's just sad when peeps loose patience and chop too early; they are robbing themselves of a full experience. 50-50 is not set in stone, it's just the popular choice because you get a balanced product. Some prefer less amber, and a few weirdos (like me) will go longer for more CBN production - it's analgesic. Using a calendar for harvesting is like shooting darts blindfolded. Just my opinion. DB
  3. Cutting the 12/12 by an hour has absolutely no effect on growth rate, sorry.
  4. Um...aren't you jumping the gun just a bit Juggernaut ? Until it's legal, I don't see any provinces doing that. Just me spouting.....
  5. Close to 15 cents here, plus the usual crap charges.
  6. WOW TG, those are gorgeous!! I've grown many purps, but nothing as vibrant as yours. Did you have to drop the temp on those ? Very very nice, thanks for posting this
  7. Very strange! First thing that crossed my mind is that maybe they are males! Keep us updated please, this is interesting. DB
  8. Hmmm.....can anyone think of another 'drug' that makes people do stoopid tthings ? Hint:: it is addictive, it's responsible for thousands of dealths every year, and costs billions in health related problems, yet totally legal ? We live in a crazy world.....
  9. High Rocha, welcome to the CC f\orums. The best way to become part of the family here is to post, post and post some more Have fun.
  10. Nice work Mark! Looks like a sativa dom to me - let us know how the buzz works out.
  11. It's a tough job 6k, you are a brave man to try Not a single DOA, yet in the States it's lumped in with Heroine, Cocaine etc. makes you wanna shake your head...
  12. "But we must let the science, and not anecdotal success stories and high media interest, lead this national discussion. Taking CBD in a controlled medical setting is vastly different from going to a state where medical marijuana is legal and experimenting with dosing and CBD strains." Sadly, this is exactly the problem -> They say we need more science, then prohibit scientists from working on cannabis! It's a viscous (sic) circle!
  13. notsofasteddie, on 31 Dec 2015 - 10:43 AM, said: Could not agree more This sort of insanity is the product of ignorant minds and the spineless-in-charge: Although the world is finally opening its eyes to the miracle that is marijuana, the vast majority of leaders do not have the marbles to take a stand for what it right. Makes me sick.
  14. Happy B'day to your son SB My granddaughter turned two a few days ago...time flies. Happy New Year to all, and to all a good-night.
  15. High Relieved, welcome to the CC Community. I am not clear as to why you want so-called 'rare' genetics, unless you plan to breed and are looking for a specific, rare trait. Otherwise, why spend time and much money on something will produce relatively the same results as well known straiins ? Note that I am not critisizing your choice, just wondering about its purpose.