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    boobies, plants, water sports, boobies, fishing, trippin' balls and more boobies,

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  1. Simo man


    Yeah i choose mac muffin too, that yellow belly needs some appreciation. He's also one of the only people here i know who can keep his cool in any situation.. Doobs, also i would have to say you. I can mod the stoner sexuality forum if you guys ever need a hand too, its about the only thing i guaranteed check daily.. hahahaha jokes, we all know id ban the first guy to post ugly boobs.
  2. Simo man

    For Simo

    Not as good? let me see, its got: boobs- check bounce- check I dunno, but where im from that's damn good enough for anyone! Kudos for expanding my boob eyeballage doobs!
  3. Simo man

    CC Christmas Beans Contest is back !

    awwww you know me too well! Congrats matey and all the best for you and the family, id still like to play but i wont be entering the contest for beans this time, just funsies. Is that cool? If so ill just post up my guess and come time to judge winners you can ignore mine so it doesn't affect the pool.
  4. Simo man


    Aozo, i heard he just got his degree from clown college. The more clowns the better the circus!
  5. Simo man

    Account name change?

    If i google simoman, i find a picture of me holding a sign saying 'show simo your tits' actually thats the pictuere there on my profile. I love boobs. Its free advertising for my passion. Sometimes you have to look at benefits like that, i.e. i could be walking down the street, some chick has seen on the net that simo requests her to show some skin, and will let the puppies out, i cant see much harm come out of it...
  6. Simo man

    Sparring Room

    Did someone summon the king?
  7. Simo man

    Annonymous thread..

    I wish this place had a thread like on shoomery 'shroomities annonymous' I enjoy posting fucked up shit, stories and getting some of the crap inside me out in an annonymous way.. 3/4 of all the stuff people post there is just made up for a laugh, but i like it, most of it is awesome! There is of course the one serious guy who posts asking if its wrong to fuck his sister, and how he should go about in getting the job done.. but he could be lying too
  8. Simo man

    Sparring Room

    We got a new player in the sparring room.. Welcome, hope your arsehole is not torn to shreds and if it is, hope its not the enjoyable experience you were planning on!
  9. Simo man

    Question if I may

    yeah, glass is not the material some people think.. glass is malleable, meaning it has the abililty to shift shape. In hundred or more year old cathedrals if you look at the stained glass windows, the glass at the top is thin and at the bottom of the frame has come to a widened blob eventually breaking in strong winds. After all glass is blown, shaped and moulded in heat, so excess heat has the ability to destroy your bulb..
  10. Simo man

    Can one use too much compost ?

    Yeah of course, you can still OD on the nutrients, but as you begin to add too much organic matter (as with everything) chances of running into any sort of problem becomes greater. I know you do the research tho, so i wouldnt be overly worried, but a good suggestion might be to mix up the organic matterials you use, i.e rotation of what goes into the pots, different products and so forth
  11. Simo man

    Can one use too much compost ?

    i just realised im a shit explainer, sorry doobs! but yeah what spectral said (i should have read that first)
  12. Simo man

    Can one use too much compost ?

    Organic is slow to break down, if its breaking down slower than your adding it, combined with water retention it can create a barrier level of sticky decomposing matter. Same thing with compost piles, you have to turn them or you see how the inside of the pile looks and its not really feasible to turn the soil in your pot with a plant growing in there.
  13. Simo man

    Question if I may

    yes- sure can. Why- what purpose would it serve? All your doing would be trapping heat inside the grow room, the heat inside the hood will build up critically, and being trapped inside a glass box it will not leave, not even if the rest of your tent or space is aircooled. This will bring humidity problems that when lights go out could see moisture build up around the bulb causing it to malfunction. It will bring heat stress to the plant and a ton of other complications. Short answer- use it as its supposed to be used. You can drive a car for a few mins with no radiatior or cooling system, but that wont last long, especially since nothing works well in heat. Best of luck.
  14. Simo man

    Can one use too much compost ?

    Yes you sure can doobs, like others say its rich in nutrients, but theres also the other factors. You caan create an anaerobic presence in the medium, encourage too much water retention and so forth. Its hard, but not as hard as you think to come across this situation. Generally as a rule, if your having troubles with a medium the answer is generally add compost, but like anything, too much of one thing can be a bad thing..

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