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  1. Conky_Jr

    More Tory Crimes!

    At Paturel (Lobster processing) on Deer Island, NB they have almost completely displaced the local and even the imported Newfie workers.
  2. Conky_Jr

    More Tory Crimes!

    Screw the plank. WATERBOARD!!!
  3. Conky_Jr


    Having problems with the camera just now (one of our rotties chewed it into oblivion) but I have Shiva Shanti, Early Girl, Mr. X and Super Silver Haze.
  4. No mind freeing plants allowed in the Fourth Reich.
  5. He's from Quebec and most history is in english. It takes him a while to translate. He'll catch up. Eventually...
  6. Does anyone find it odd that the only negativity here comes from a first time poster? Methinks it's probably the Halifax cops trying to pour salt in the wounds. I'm embarrassed to say I was born in Hell-ifax. Who the Halifax is FRR?
  7. Seems easier just to do hot-knife oil tokes.
  8. Conky_Jr


    I'm flowering under 6 100W pure daylight bulbs by Sylvania, in a square meter, and have good results. Smokin' Cougar mixes the soil for my mistresses and those girls give a smokin' good time...
  9. BS, you are nuttier than squirrel turd...
  10. Conky_Jr

    Cleaning hand pipes

    You live in New England? Tell me. Have you ever had water leak through the middle (not from the seals) of an unbroken piece of glass? Even in a hurricane? Glass is non-porous. It can leave a residue which comes off with a rinse.
  11. You know a towing company that gives out green cards?
  12. Conky_Jr

    Top Five TV Shows To Watch While Stoned.

    NCIS Hawaii 5-O Deadliest Catch Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour (Trailer Park Boys new show) Babylon 5 Got so fried at my buddy's place last night we watched 8 hours of Storage Wars...Barry Weiss RULES!!!
  13. Conky_Jr

    What kind of beer?

    I live outside Saint John, NB so I grew up on Alpine and Moosehead. When I lived in Calgary I drank Extra Old Stock...Man that Extra Rotten Crotch was rough...lol Had to chase it with Tequila to choke it down...
  14. Conky_Jr

    hp lovecraft film festival

    If Lovecraft saw the new Cthulhu movie he'd give up writing. Or switch to love sonnets...lol

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