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  1. Light advice

    I looked into Mars Hydro lights when I started shopping. I went to the local hydro store here that sells them. He informed me that he had stopped carrying Mars as he was an official warranty provider for Mars. He said he had to spent many hours a month just doing warranty repairs for free. It took all his time away from his actual business. He cited times when he had to spend half a day to repair a $99 light under warranty and Mars only reimbursed him pennies for repairs. That steered me away from the cheap light. . I ended up with Advanced Platinum P450 for $539 from Amazon. I later ordered a second P450 and got it for $499. The 5 year warranty and 100,000 hour life was a big selling point to me. YMMV
  2. Lab's latest efforts

    Have a Happy New Year, LabRat! Those are some very sativa looking leaves on them AK47s.
  3. I will be smoking some AK47 on breaks at the gig. My new band got booked into the largest, busiest club on my side of town. Gonna be massive! Bass man has about 30 biker friends coming on top of the usual crowd of the club. Have some party favors packaged for people at the gig also. Already have request for 3 but will prob take about 6 or 8. Turns a $200 gig into a $500+ gig.
  4. Lab's latest efforts

    I like the technique of sawing the long swirly roots off. I just let mine swirlies dangle down on the new dirt. I may try your method if I have lots of root swirls. I have some fiber pots to try out soon. I see more and more people using them.
  5. Lab's latest efforts

    Looking good, Lab. The CBD girl is going to be a screen full. Have you flipped 12/12 yet or still vegging? She is a tangled looking lanky girl.
  6. AK47 x THC Bomb F1

    I don't want to work, just want to bang on the drum all day.
  7. AK47 x THC Bomb F1

    I took my small scraggly AK47 (cherry pheno) girl out of the tent at 3 weeks 12/12 to a remote area and bagged her with a Walmart sack exposing a single branch for pollinating. Collected pollen straight from my THC Bomb male in a baggies, placed it over the branch and shook it a little and left it on for a few minutes. I then removed the baggie and misted the branch with water and let a fan blow on it until it dried. Then removed the Walmart sack and misted the whole plant real good. I let it dry by the fan for a couple of hours rotating it a little every so often. I moved her back into the tent with the rest and harvested her about 6 weeks later. I will be popping some of these after the first of the year to see what surprises could be in there. Peace, ~ganja
  8. A seedling in need

    Hi Magician. That baby does look sick. Is that compost in rock wool it is growing in? The leaf tips look to be burned by too much nutrients. Seedlings do not need any nutrients for the first 2-3- weeks.
  9. Picture I am about to start painting

    I love it, Shady! Awesome work. It would look great in my living room.
  10. Re-wired my room.

    I have a close and trusted electrician friend coming next week to consult on getting me two 110 circuits from the main box to the grow area with their own breakers. This incident scared me. It would sure suck to face felony manufacturing charges after the fire marshal found the grow area in the ashes of my burned down house.
  11. Re-wired my room.

    Best to do it right to stay safe, trichy. I checked my tent Monday night and the lights and fan were off. Uh-oh, so I went to check my power and found this. I need an electrician to do my stuff the right way. This outlet ran my 1000w magnetic HPS light for over 12 years with no issues. This happened about 2 months after switching to 2-450w LEDs. Go figure?
  12. Grow

    Another member here is/was growing the same three strains. Coincidence? Or is this Shaughnny messing with us? Welcome CC!
  13. Doob's Outdoor Grow

    Very nice Doob! I envy you guys that get to grow outdoors. Until the laws change I'll just stay hidden in my dungeon. Beautiful girls!
  14. seeds

    I haven't grown many feminized seeds. I think I had 6 freebies that came with an order. I don't recall any of them hermie. But fem seeds are created by forcing a female to hermie for pollen, right? I could see it happeneing if someone didn't get the genetics right. I did my first two grows ever with hermie seeds. I would find one or two seeds in each sack of some killer hydro I was getting over one summer. I grew some killer weed with them. I did have several hermies in there. My experience is hermie seeds tend yield about 90% female plants, but also have that high rate of hermie themselves. $0.02