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  1. They look good, Un. The one in front did get pretty hungry. Are those 2 gal pots? Do you have to water every day?
  2. Very nice variety Sassyfemme. You must be OCD as I am. I felt very comfortable looking at all the strains in alphabetical order.
  3. She is just jelly because the Polish people never chant when she walks out. The Polish LOVE Trump.
  4. Yeah, Fod, I have been skeptical of switching to LED, but I have been researching them online for a few years and watching peoples results and seeing the technology advance. It is like all other electronic technologies today. Once you buy the "latest greatest" the better one comes out next month. I went on and made the jump. Results still have yet to be seen. Only had it 2 weeks. Oh yeah, if you get an LED, get some glasses. This mofo is BRIGHT on the eyes!
  5. Hi Fod, I have dealt with high temps and humidity the past 2 months myself. It was getting up to 92F/33C in my flower tent as I tried to run 2 HPS lights in a 4x8' tent. I agree with LabRat that genetics plays a bigger factor in hermies than environment. I had 3 out of 4 of my Afghani girls hermie on me during the hot period while none of the 6 THC Bomb girls hermied. The THCB just stretched too much and made very fluffy buds killing my yield. Trichome production sucked of both strain but the THCB is still a very potent smoke. The Afghani sucks. Gets you high but not stoned. Just pisses me off and I start hitting the THCB or AK47. I have just replaced the 1000w HPS with a LED and now my high temps are 82F/28C. My whole grow room is more comfortable now. I don't burst into a dripping sweat when I go in there. Good luck with the grow and watch out for 'nanners.
  6. I have a perpetual grow thread at another forum. I have to refer to it often to remember when I transplanted, moved to flower etc... I can pretty much remember feedings from one to another and what they were fed. I don't keep any "hard copy" or 'puter files locally with grow info. The other forum is a very busy forum with hundreds of active members posting regularly. I feel safer in the background there than on a slow forum where I feel like I am sticking out like a sore thumb. I do live in the Bible-Belt so I have my paranoia.
  7. I will be getting an LED in a week or two. MY choice at this point is the Advanced Platinum Series P450 . I like the 5 year warranty and it claims to cover 4.5'x4'. Perfect for half of my tent.
  8. Hey frmrgrl, how much area does one P300 cover? I want to replace my old mag ballast 1000w to reduce power consumption and heat in my small tent. It is covering 4'x4' (half my tent). I am about to have some disposable income for upgrades. Good vendor for the P300?
  9. I have been considering replacing one of my HPS lights with LED. I would not buy a cheap LED as I've seen several people cheap out only to have a dead light within months. From the outside looking in, it seems that LED plants grown by experienced growers seem to put on lots more thrichs for very frosty buds, but less yield than from HID lighting. I am not making that "claim" but it seems to be something to it? I would love to hear from someone experienced with both type lighting.
  10. Good luck Wiz! I am so jelly of you guys that can grow out doors. Looks like the chicken wire works for both, training and keeping the vermin out?
  11. Aahhh do the humpty hump...
  12. The spots on those leaves looks like when I get drops of nute/water on them when feeding. No prob either way, the new growth looks great. They are looking good!
  13. High Dude! and welcome to CC Forums!
  14. Very nice setup to start out with. Good luck with your grow. You have lots of experience watching on already. Lab and frmrgrl won't steer you wrong.