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  1. what is your favorite comedy movie

    The main three movies that come to mind for me. I canwatch each of these over and over and never stop laughing. It's a Mad Mad Mad World (1960) Raising Arizona This is Spinal Tap
  2. Old school roll call

  3. All of mine are regular seed made from plants from the original purchased beans. F2's I think it's called. 12 out of 12 were up on day four after putting the beans in dirt. I only have a 4x8' indoor tent to fill up and one side is flowering my 5th round of AK47 that I started last year and have been running the clones. The THC Bomb is a little sativa dom for my liking. I seem to have a hard time growing sativas so I also popped a few Afghani beans which is mostly indica. I hope for at least 6 girls which should be easy to get with 12 seeds. I sure wish I could grow outdoors. I have to stay hidden in the crawlspace of my house. I will have to live an outdoor grow vicariously through your journal here...
  4. I love baby pics! I got 12 new babies myself today that just popped up this weekend. Nice variety!
  5. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    HI DTMG. Yeah it sounds like your light is bad. You should have some colas frosting up by now. But seriously, nice setup. Your in good hands with the LabRat watching on. I would consider a CFL bulb or two for starting small seedlings. You can keep them close enough to prevent stretching. Then put them under the big light after a week or so. They may be stretchy but they look healthy. You got this!
  6. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    Them babies color don't look good at all. What kind of dirt are you using? Does it have any nutrients in it?
  7. "We are going to build a blunt! A big beautiful blunt. it's gonna be huuuuge, so huge. And we're gonna have the dispensaries pay for it" I'm In!
  8. Crackin some old crosses.....?????

    Hi GW. I've never heard of the honey and vitamin trick. I had to shut my grow down for about 5 years a while back. When I started back up my seeds that had been stored in an air-tight jar in my grow space (not refrigerated) would not sprout. They were about 6 or 7 years old. I did get 5 of them to sprout out of about 100 seeds that I soaked. I tried the sand paper trick and soaking. It was very frustrating. Then dammit, I ended up with all 5 girls. Just my luck... Had to purchase a new pack of AK47 at $115US for 11 beans. Ouch! A few months back I did a successful pollination of 2 plants from the original pack of AK47 seeds. I used a small clone sent to flower in an 8" pot just for breeding. It was pollinated andappeared to have many seeds when I harvested and jarred it up. After about a week of seeing the specially marked jar every day when burping the jars from that harvest, the seeded weed jar disappeared. MY wife's grandson has been living with us and I have to lock up everything now. Pissed me off big time. Just not having good luck with my seeds All I have now is some Afghani regular seed made from some freebie seeds and some THC Bomb which the strain turned out to be too sativa dom for my liking. Maybe I can cross the two and see what happens.
  9. CC Forums Monthly picture contest

    Hi JO! Looks like you have the winning picture so far this month You have some nice colors going on that plant.
  10. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    Thanks Lab, Shaughnny and Aqualungs! She is starting to get her personality after a couple days in the jar. I just did about 3 big bong rips and my ears are ringing. It is a full-body high. I'm liking it better the more I hit it. Can't wait until it has enough cure to attempt a joint. Still pretty green now.
  11. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    Thanks guys! I weighed in and jarred the dry bud yesterday. I ran out of mason jars since most are still full of AK47 and stole some of the wife's tupperware for curing. She made over 3/4lb so I got a large winter stash of this stuff. It is a full body high but very head scrambling. Makes me brain fart. I sucked at band practice last night. Bass player loved it. Still has a very green taste but I can tell it is gonna be a smooth floral tasting smoke. The scissor hash tastse kind like Play-Doh smells on exhale. Weird but potent. I'm happy I pulled it off. The seed was put in the ground on March 28 (the Monday after Easter) and it was chopped on November 16. We have freeze warnings this week. She was right on time. Happy toking!
  12. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMBERRRRRR! She is down. I made the trip yesterday morning. No problem getting her back home. It was a beautiful day for a drive and a hike. I started trimming about 3pm and didn't finish until midnight. I drop a couple small scruffy buds on the cable box last night and did my wake-n-bake with it this morning. It works well. Will know more when she gets some cure on. She has the house smelling like potpourri in my house it has such a floral smell. Today was our 60th days in a row with no measurable rain. We are under water usage restriction and no-burn order. I was surprised this plant grew like it did. You might say this stuff grows like a weed
  13. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    Hi Lab. You caught me in the middle of typing my last post She is in a very secluded area and only my brother who lives nearby knows of it. I'm sure he wouldn't tell anyone. I don't have any 12' poles to stake her up with :P My biggest fear is getting her home after the chop. I will put the branches in a trashbag and seal it in a large plastic bin sealed with shipping tape and hold my breath and driving the speed limit for the 40 mile road home
  14. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    Thanks Charas and GW. I hope to go up there tomorrow or Friday and hit her with all the water I can tote. I will take my micro-viewer and check her trichs. She was still putting on a lot of new growth to the flowers last week. I prefer a nice couch lock Indica and this plant is definitely a sativa dom. The test buds was a very busy, heady buzz that made me anxious. My wife likes "busy weed" and she calls it. I'm gonna give her as long as I can before the frost hits.
  15. One Seed outdoor - THC Bomb

    Drop by and watered my Wild Child again yesterday. Gave her another heavy dose of flower nutes in about 5 gals. She is a thirsty critter. Still no rain here for about 4 or 5 weeks now. I figure one more watering (straight water) next week with all the H2O I can tote and then wait about a week to chop. Nov 4, 2016 Have a great weekend!