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  1. Doob's Outdoor Grow

    Very nice Doob! I envy you guys that get to grow outdoors. Until the laws change I'll just stay hidden in my dungeon. Beautiful girls!
  2. seeds

    I haven't grown many feminized seeds. I think I had 6 freebies that came with an order. I don't recall any of them hermie. But fem seeds are created by forcing a female to hermie for pollen, right? I could see it happeneing if someone didn't get the genetics right. I did my first two grows ever with hermie seeds. I would find one or two seeds in each sack of some killer hydro I was getting over one summer. I grew some killer weed with them. I did have several hermies in there. My experience is hermie seeds tend yield about 90% female plants, but also have that high rate of hermie themselves. $0.02
  3. LED lighting on trial

    The RH was 70% in there this eve when the lights come on. It was 60% last night after about 4 hours of lights on. It stays high in summer here in the south.
  4. LED lighting on trial

    I couldn't help myself. Got a second LED and moved the 600w HPS to the center of the tent. I will probably only us the HPS in winter or when the tent is overgrown. Lights on temps here in late summer is 76-78F with HPS on. 72-74 with HPS off.
  5. Why a 1300 Watt Lamp is the Most Efficient Grow Light

    I didn't catch that the first time I read it. That sounds backwards. I replaced a 1000w HPS with a 450w LED a few months back and it dropped my lights-on temps from mid 90sF to low 80sF in the hot summer months. I have another LED to replace my 600w HPS on the other side of my 4'x8' tent. I will be putting it up tonight or tomorrow. The air blowing out of the fan on my LED feels like cool air.
  6. Why a 1300 Watt Lamp is the Most Efficient Grow Light

    Wrong! The most efficient grow light is the sun. Just sayin'.
  7. Grow_Wizzard's 2017 Outdoor

    Yep, the fun is beginning. You have done a good job of keeping them low and stealthy. I've never seen the aloe trick.
  8. Branded grinders?

    Here's what I have. Works great. I love it. Cheap metal grinder on eBay
  9. New Cloner

    Unless you just enjoy building your own stuff, it is hard to beat $50-80 for a complete plug-n-play setup with the pump, misting nozzles/piping, foam inserts, baskets etc... I lost 2 rounds of clones this summer before I moved mine from the grow room. My water got above 75F and I got "white mucous slime" on the stems and no roots. Water stays around 68-70F in my music room. Works perfect again. 100% last round of 8 cuttings.
  10. New Cloner

    It just has a pump, Shady. I have to keep mine in a room downstairs in the summer. If I keep it in the grow area the water gets too warm.
  11. New Cloner

    I got an aerocloner several months back. It is easy-peasy. Just keep water between 60-70F and 6.0-7.0pH. I have seen roots as early as 4 days. Usually 7 days and most are ready for potting in dirt. It is an option. My 24 holer was $50 on Amazon. Here's a cutting I left in for 9 days YMMV
  12. Catching the morning sun...

    They look good, Un. The one in front did get pretty hungry. Are those 2 gal pots? Do you have to water every day?
  13. Happy 710 day

  14. Very nice variety Sassyfemme. You must be OCD as I am. I felt very comfortable looking at all the strains in alphabetical order.
  15. She is just jelly because the Polish people never chant when she walks out. The Polish LOVE Trump.