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    Damn, What a CROCK O' SHIT to go thru... FUCK the city permit,and grow anyway !
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    Picture of my HOG 1- 2 weeks left to go. Look at the sugar frosting, mmmmm cant wait.
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    I will have to get some of my new breeding up in here soon. Got a few Grand Alderaan's ( GDP x Liea og ) going right now and a Cookie Stomper (Forum Cookie x Grape Stomper og). Got one Grand Alderaan that I call Re Re that is putting out top buds the size of half gal milk jug. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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    Finally got around to buying a USB scope to get a better look at things and take pictures. I got this one, Link to Amazon listing. Jiusion Wireless Wifi Box Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Phone Tablet, Micro USB/USB to WiFi Converter for USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Borescope Mini Magnification Camera The scope can be plugged into my desktop or by using the Wifi box you plug it into the box then turn that on and change your phone's wifi to it and it sends the pics to your phone. You need the software from them to get that to work. Without the wifi box the scope can plug into an Android phone and any scope software can be used. At higher magnification or even it's lowest it's damn hard to hold it steady enough to get good focus and the included stand has no fine vertical adjustment so it was getting frustrating as hell. This one goes from 40X - 1000X but there's no indication in the software as to what actual magnification you are at. Another annoying lack but I don't know if more expensive ones do that either tho something for labs surely would. I have a calibration sheet but haven't got around to trying that out to see how it works. After mulling the situation over for a few days I came up with this idea. The base is not much larger than the insert at the top of my tripod where the camera attachment snaps in after you screw it to the bottom of your camera. 5 minutes with the bench grinder to trim a bit off here and there and it fits in nice and now I can use the lift on the tripod to raise or lower the scope to get it in focus easily. The camera mounting base that snaps onto the top of the tripod. The included scope base after alteration. Just one big grind on the one side and 3 tiny grinds at each 90 degree point from that to get it to fit. The thread at the top of the scope base is the exact same size as the threads that screw into the bottom of the camera so if it had a solid base they could have made the same hole in the bottom and it could just screw right on. Or I could have drilled and tapped it to fit with tools I have on hand but it's hollow inside like most cheap Chinese stuff. Sitting on the tripod. All mounted up. The nasty mites that have infested my garden. The mite egg on the right shows the reflection of the 8 LED lights around the scope lens. F'ers are all over the place now. Looks like I'm going to be harvesting early and making a lot of honey oil. Day 51 of 12/12 now. Trichs from some 2 year old Northern Mist. See how amber they are now and I cropped when there was no amber just mostly cloudy trichs. Proof they go amber after the harvest too so no need to wait weeks extra in the grow room for amber trichs. Some current OG#18 trichs at 4 weeks flowering. A fun toy at $50 from Amazon.ca. The scope without the wifi box was only $30 but had to be $35 for free shipping and would have cost $54 if I paid for shipping so I got the wifi one for $4 cheaper and it came to our local post office on the day they said it would about 4 days after ordering. Good enough!
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    A San Bernardino County Superior Court judge has eviscerated an ordinance enacted by the city of Fontana that was so onerous and restrictive that it was effectively a defacto ban. In the two years it was in force, not one single resident applied for a permit to cultivate six plants indoors as permitted under Prop. 64. A lawsuit filed on behalf of Fontana resident Michael Harris by the Drug Policy Alliance and the ACLU contended that the ordinance contradicts state law, sets unreasonable personal conduct and growing space restrictions and charges an arbitrarily high fee to obtain and renew a permit. With the ACLU and a team of lawyers from O’Melveny and Meyers, one of the largest and most respected law firms in California, representing Harris, the suit is the first legal test of how far a California city or county can go in restricting a residents’ right to grow six plants as permitted by Prop. 64. That the intent of the Fontana ordinance was to restrict rather than regulate was made clear in January when Fontana City Manager Ken Hunt told council members “It is our intent behind this that this ordinance is not a permissive regulation, it is a restrictive regulation, By adopting this, you are placing more restrictions on the personal growth of marijuana.” Prop. 64 does give cities and counties authority to ban all marijuana businesses but they cannot ban personal indoor cultivation of six plants. They cannot limit or undo by restrictive regulations the legal right of adults to cultivate marijuana in their homes for their own personal use. Of particular concern was that Fontana’s ordinance made it a misdemeanor to grow six plants at home without a permit., thereby criminalizing the very conduct that Prop. 64 had made legal. On Friday, October 26 Judge David Cohn released his ruling in which he agreed with the plaintiffs that the ordinance was too restrictive and was not "reasonable" as required by Prop. 64. Among the many provisions the judged tossed included the need to have a separate room for growing cannabis, paying for fingerprinting/background checks, having no felony convictions within the previous five years, having no outstanding payments due to the city, obtaining a landlord’s permission to grow as well as the permitting fee itself. Elucidating on the portion of the ordinance requiring a separate room for growing marijuana, Judge Cohn pointed out that the requirement would restrict cultivation only to people wealthy enough to have a room in their homes that can be set aside specifically for growing. Judge Cohen admonished Jeff Dunn, the attorney for BB&K representing Fontana (who was also the same attorney in the lawsuit filed by Riverside against the Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center which resulted in the disastrous California Supreme Court decision that cities could ban medical marijuana dispensaries under their zoning ordinances) that the only restriction Prop. 64 put in place for the personal cultivation of marijuana was that the person had to be at least 21 years of age. In his tentative ruling before the final ruling was released, Judge Cohn had stated that “What the city has done here with its ordinance is it has completely prohibited certain persons who are 21 years of age from possessing the six plants. The city has narrowed the population of who can do this.” For Fontana to put in place any further restrictions on who could and could not grow, such as not allowing anyone who owed any money to Fontana or didn’t have a spare room to cultivate marijuana in, is impermissible and violates the intent of the voters when they passed Prop. 64. Although Fontana could rewrite the ordinance in a way that it could be compliant with the Judge Cohn’s ruling, that is unlikely as that would require the city to write reasonable regulations that would allow Fontana residents to grow marijuana essentially free from any interference from the city. Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren acknowledged that the ordinance had been intentionally drawn up to make it as difficult as possible to grow marijuana as “This town has been a town of safety. And we’re trying with this initiative to make sure that we keep our residents safe — particularly our young people,” Fontana has ­­­­­60 days to file an appeal after the court enters its final judgement which should happen fairly soon. It is expected that Fontana will appeal all the way to the California Supreme Court. Although it is hoped that this case will eventually serve as an example of what cities can and cannot do in regulating personal cultivation, the answer is at least one year away and maybe longer.
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    Hi I'm back in black! Just dropped a peyote critical in a shot glass and wet a rockwool cube just minutes ago!
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    These smaller boards that I have run at fairly low temps that you can hold your hand on the surface of them all day,if you want to, lol... Switching from a 600 HPS to 480 watts of LEDs lowered the temp in my shed by about 5 degrees , using the same AC unit as before... It sounds like your higher number of lights required would be a significant energy reduction...Not only the lower heat generated, but lower energy to run the lights also...Because you can use around 30% LESS wattage with QBs than what you use in HIDs...
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    I'm going to have to take a look in to them for sure. Been switching to 315 and 630 CMH to save on power cost, but need more power savings if I can.
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    Dried stuff. Popcorn buds. Sugar trim. Mayybe a bit of moldy bud. I don’t waste anything or give the trim away. There’s a use for everything.
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    We need the major to keep us in line. Stiggy tried his damnedest by he tends to be as undisciplined as the rest of us misfits. 😜
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    Good News...The poison hotline vet calculated what a lethal dose of that stuff would be for a 25 lb dog,and She would have had to eat 3 rats to get a lethal dose, So, WHEEEEEEW !
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    Damn,this is a good day ! A neighbor down the street just brought me a package of mine that was dropped off at the wrong house, and he wants to buy this old POS boat in my driveway, that I was about to give to anyone that would take it ...WooHoo !
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    Ok I thought I would take you through my process through the winter time and some of my preparation for next season's grow. The bigger the plant you start out with the bigger your overall plant and yield, at least that is my opinion..... In my 2010 grow you will notice I laid down some rather tall lanky plants. They had stretched a lot but were good size plants. These are the clones I took from last years grow. They are crosses of my T-Rex that I've been working with. TRC 1-4 and one of the last female standing.. Of these clones I had 3 that rooted and were re-potted. This is TRC 1 from the first cross I laid down last year. This is TRC 2 from the plants laid down last year. This is TRC 4 from the plants laid down last year. I've already taken a few clones off of each of these plants, I should have taken pictures before I took the clones. They were way bushier. These are the clones taken off of TRC 1 These are the clones taken off of TRC 2 These are the clones taken off of TRC 4 I will be taking more clones and most likely growing the original clones out this season. If you want to see what the plants look like in flower go to my 2017 grow and look at the plants there. I must put forward this disclaimer.... I'm an old skool grower, yes there are cloning machines that have 90% plus effective rate. I use my own methods.. No my percentages aren't near what those machines can do. But my plants live by the survival of the fittest principal. If it's strong enough to live and grow it will, if not it wasn't meant to be. No guarantee these cuttings will live. The ones that did are doing well for their conditions. Peace...
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    High Shadey, I managed to make a wrenching torque with a pencil and a string and little by little the light is now not so close to the plant. It is flowering faster than the one that is out but has now the problem of humidity. I have installed a thermometer-hygrometer transmitter that was before in the outside wall so now I can check that without having to go upstairs. As you can see (the upper figures correspond to the tent), even when the light is off the humidity and temperature rises, sometimes up to 74% I'm going to receive soon one dehumidifier I have bought Do you think it will be enough? Should I buy an intake air fan to put below? Would that help with my humidity and temperature problem? Thanks for your always useful help ... 😎
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    Leave it to politicians and the government to screw up a good thing. One of my concerns is that stipulations go into place that prohibit employers from discriminating against pot users. My bro in FL (which recently approved MMJ) said his employer immediately instituted random drug testing, and they've found a way to ID fake urine. Half a dozen people were fired in the first 3 months after MMJ became "legal". Here in the Yellow Rose, possession of less than a QP has been decriminalized, but they still F**k one's life up majorly with mandated community service and rehab which often results in loss of employment as well. Good news is I'm near retirement, bad news is I'm not already there.
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    I'm not even sure that rec growers will have to register their grows but there was something about that when re-legalization was first proposed. I sure as hell won't either. I have my medical for 8g/day but never registered to grow legally and 4 plants is not enough tho with the medical approval I could grow 39. Not enough either. lol I call it Prohibition 2.0 myself. They changed a lot of the laws about impaired driving to steal more of our civil liberties and make it easier to bust you and raised penalties for many other things. Like 14 years for making oils with organic solvents or giving pot to a minor. So if an 18 or 19 year old smokes pot with a 17 or 18 year old friend they can get jail time. Some provinces like here in Alberta set the legal age at 18 like for alcohol while many have 19 as a legal age. I'll just keep doing my thang and to hell with BS regulations. It's just for me anyhow.
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    Just finished this project on a Honda Shadow for a Canadian air force pilot, he fly's the C-31's part of his job is repatriating dead soldiers. Awkward customer, as he cant visualize anything or describe well what he wanted, which means a lot of sanding stuff off if he didn't like it. Very frustrating to say the least. Wanted it done in Digital Desert Camo. Front fender with skull in desert camo. Right Side C-31 dropping parachutists on tank. Left side. C-31 dropping Cargo. Rear View. Funeral scene on tank surrounded bye camo maple leaves and a banner at the top with Lest We Forget and his Master Loader flight badge middle bottom. Close ups. after Cut and Polish. Difficult for the camera to focus on very shiny clear coat they are all a little out of focus. Tank Top. A lot of detail went in that. Left Side Tank. Front Fender. Rear Fender.
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    I burned the leaves on a couple of my mother plants the other week, it looks similar to nute burn, but with mine the leaves curled and rolled up trying to get more distance from the light. They were also very dry and extra crispy lol. Nute burn doesn't tend to make things crispy like heat or light burn at first. I also have the same problem with a bit of nute burn on my plants, as I changed my soil and its a little warm for them, Promix HP is a good medium to add to a hot soil as its got nothing added except perlite and has better drainage. When I saw that middle plant in the bottom pic, I thought, WTF type of plant is that lol. Then I realized you had a tree branch stuck in front of it supporting the stem lol. Be careful you don't introduce pests into your grow room, with organic things from outside. Depending on how long you vege them will determine if you need to add anything else to the soil for food. It usually says on the bag or the web site how long you can go for in certain size pots. I have found I need to add extra P and K half way through flowering with the J A W soil I was using.
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    Hi Guys, just an update, thanx allot for the help with the sick little seedling, got past that now it's a large plant, and still growing, just over 8wks old, it's taken a gallon (uk) RO water everyday, placed it in flower on the 21st, I hope to thin the leaves a bit in the next couple of weeks, it amazes me how fast they grow. The extractor fan I am using has zero resistance, so I cannot add a carbon filter, and boy does this plant honk when it's a bit older, so I am thinking about buying a Gekko Fan it says (fingers crossed) it is ultra quiet, also I bought a carbon filter and a Phresh Silencer, silence is very important, so I hope it's what it says on the kan. Hi Shadey hope all is well........ Attached are some pic's
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    After much delay I humbly present a few shots of my garden. This is my second attempt at growing outdoors, and I must say I am a convert! Not to poop on anyone's indoor attempts (as I grew under CFLs for years....), there is nothing close to natural sunlight, unlimited room for root development, and quality organic media. Ok, enough preaching, let's see if I can upload these.
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    I miss this strain a lot, got some nice variations from it
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    Been a while but things are still going on. Got 5 Critical Mass cuttings from my buddy in the city and a 25 pack of neoprene inserts and built a DWC style cloner to root them in. Laid out all the inserts on the lid and used a 4" nail to poke down the centers to mark the spots to drill holes with a 5/8" wood drill. Then I used my alcohol lamp to slightly melt the edges of the holes so roots won't snag when pulling the clones out. Day 3 now and no roots yet but the cuttings still look fine. Temps got low because I forgot to close the window in the bedroom at light's out but I've rooted fine at 65F and it just takes longer. Water temp is 71F right now with the RH around 55. Only 5 cuts in there so I may have gone overboard with the 21 holes I put in the lid. Have a nice cover off a cake from the store that fits loosely on the little tub and makes a decent humidity dome. A thermometer down the center into the water lets me know it's temp. Got rid of the 30Something girl. Frigging mite magnet and just not worth the effort IMO. Being as how it's genetics are totally unknown I don't want to wast time or space with it. Now just have the OG#18 as a bigger plant and will take cuttings off it for DWC. The Blueberries are the fastest and strongest with both the AK and Original Skunk being slow. Most of my cuttings from the CBD girls are well rooted and waiting for a DWC tub. They're on the right and being fed lightly to keep them healthy until they get new homes. None of the OG or sativa cuts rooted. Still got some mites floating around so as soon as I can get some more bug spray I'll go hard on getting rid of them. No sign of thrips. The CBD GoldFish are looking almost done but the OttO#1 is still putting out lots of white hairs but very tiny buds compared to the GF. 40 days since the flip on DEC. 12. Just want them out of there so I can pup to 6 DWC tubs in there while I build the new room. Got rooted clones so can just do whatever I want once they're gone. Couple more weeks I guess. These are the Otto#1 budz. Just pathetic lol but didn't expect much in the way of yield. Good breeding stock to make my crosses with tho. Some of the GoldFish budz. Bigger but will be lucky to get an oz off each plant I figure. Rough ride for all of them and hope to get better results in DWC. We shall see.
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    Groovy! Did you say in earlier post the LED lights are 32 inches above the canopy? For initial growth, 32 inches is reasonable, but as the plants get established and start to put out more leaves, you may want to move the lights closer. I have had very high powered LED COBs putting out +1000 PPFD as close as 18 inches and no issues. Also have had lower power systems as close as 10 inches and no problems. Maybe try moving them a few inches, then leave them for a few days. Regardless, keep up the great work!
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    I looked into Mars Hydro lights when I started shopping. I went to the local hydro store here that sells them. He informed me that he had stopped carrying Mars as he was an official warranty provider for Mars. He said he had to spent many hours a month just doing warranty repairs for free. It took all his time away from his actual business. He cited times when he had to spend half a day to repair a $99 light under warranty and Mars only reimbursed him pennies for repairs. That steered me away from the cheap light. . I ended up with Advanced Platinum P450 for $539 from Amazon. I later ordered a second P450 and got it for $499. The 5 year warranty and 100,000 hour life was a big selling point to me. YMMV

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