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    Loving how this garden is developing, and tomorrow, I'm getting a water pump to pull water from a nearby river so will be helping set that up, plus a 1000 litre reservoir to hold said water for watering needs. Another thing I'm getting tomorrow is a tiller, to help get rid of unwanted weeds between rows of plants and then all that will need be done, is maybe to cover with straw.
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    After much delay I humbly present a few shots of my garden. This is my second attempt at growing outdoors, and I must say I am a convert! Not to poop on anyone's indoor attempts (as I grew under CFLs for years....), there is nothing close to natural sunlight, unlimited room for root development, and quality organic media. Ok, enough preaching, let's see if I can upload these.
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    Hi G_W, Everything is coming along, in both gardens. Here are some pics taken yesterday from the primary garden.
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    Here is why you really don't want to do a grow like this... ...it doesn't get much floppier than this. The African Buzz which was hit with mold is carrying on... ...the flat-top buds are those which had the purple growths in an earlier post. The tip has died and they've started branching... All but a few branches have done that, mostly those stuck in the corner, less direct light is the only difference between them and the rest... I'm having some trouble getting good shots of the buds because my hair starts sizzling if I get right into the tent at that height - another reason not to grow so close to the lights. I did manage to get a decent one of a mid level branch's growing tip on the Thai Lights which I'm assuming is showing more of the Northern Lights heritage...
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    couple of Strawberry Diesel plants I'm tending too. Not anything super, but always happy to have home made organics.
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    An unintended side effect of growing weed has been to learn how to do good electrical work. I should do it for a living.
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    Hi Guys, I recently finished my first grow (thanks in large part due to guidance provided by this community) and it went better than expected! Granted, I wasn't expecting much, but regardless One thing that helped me in the later stages of the grow was keeping track of various information (feeding schedule, days since light cycle change, etc) so that I could easily remember when I needed to get certain things done. I am thinking that for my next grow I'll keep closer track to see if I can see how differences in conditions impact the yield from each one of the plants. Does anyone else here keep track of their grows? If so, do you guys use a notebook or Excel or do you have a different method? I was using a notebook but I'm curious what others found works best for them. Alex
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    welcome to cc..i have a few sativas running now ..for some reason the last batch of beans i bought had some long winded thin leaf strains i wasnt exspecting ..lol..i do love the buzz from a good grown sativa ..nice heady high ..not my favorite to grow indoors . they tend to take a very long time to flower out .. and my outdoor season is to short to grow them ...i got some hash bombs and some lemon skunk that i just threw into flower today ..i already have a few in flowering of the lemon . which when i bought them i was told were like a 60 %indica and 40 % sativa..but they are mostly sative.. fast growing and very stretchy ..i think it was a weak cross or unstable strain ..anyhow i am forcing myself to finish them ..the buds are very stringy and thin ..next order may have to go for the heavy indicas .. but i do love a good grown sativa and the high is just better for a start to the day ..lol again , welcome to cc ..
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    A note for new growers, or anyone new to growing feminized seeds: All female Cannabis plants have the ability to produce male flowers. It's a survival mechanism built into the genome. The makers of feminized seeds treat a female plant with a chemical (typically a colloidal silver solution) that triggers the genetic change, and that female plant begins to produce male flowers. I've seen female plants stop producing buds altogether, and only produce hermie male flowers. The pollen from those hermie male flowers is then collected and used to pollinate another female plant. The pollen is not "female" as is often stated. It is hermaphroditic because it is produced by a hermaphroditic male flower. Genetically speaking, feminized seeds can only produce females and hermies; a true male cannot occur. When reputable breeders perform the feminization process, they use a female which has been stressed to the max, using numerous stressors, and has shown herself to be stable (i.e., not sprout hermie male flowers). When a process like this is used, better than 90% of the seeds produce female plants, and the ~ 10% that produce hermies, sprout hermie male flowers so late in the bud cycle that it's a nonissue. So if you plant 1 feminized seed and it goes hermie and produces seeds, it's within in the realm of expectation....and a feminized auto flowering Cannabis plant has a highly manipulated genome to begin with. Are the seeds any good to grow? Of course. Just know they will likely be hermaphroditic, so do not breed with them because you'll perpetuate the issue. Also, know that seeds born from self pollination can have a high rate of nonviability (in my experience). I'm not big on auto flowering pot or feminized seeds because I like things natural, but Dutch Master makes a product called Reverse that is a "male knockdown" agent. Sprayed on the plant when male flowers are noted, it will stop the production cold and preserve a *mostly* sinsemilla harvest.
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    Well this update is late, was out of town over the weekend and just got home today... Did a little trimmin on the ladies before I left... Our weather cooled down this week not even in the 90"s maybe fall has started.... The girls are flowering and starting to stack the flowers on....Let me know what you think..... T-Rex cross 4 T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 Blueberry Kush The Last Female Standing... Round 2..... Cuttings.... some will live, some won't... that's why you take more than you need.... Hope to over winter these for next year... Hope you enjoyed this weeks update even though it was late...
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    Hi weedmen, Yes, they are finally getting much bigger and are in flower, some more so than others, depending on strain. I may go check out the second garden later today to do some plant maintenance and will take some pics. If all goes well, we will have our hands full in terms of drying and trimming.
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    they have really jumped up there sassy..any bud sites showing yet ..i forgot you had two spots running ..looking sweet ..you have done an awesome job on this yrs run ..looks real professionel...your harvest should be over whelming ...lol..but who would complain about that ..lol the finish lines approaching ..the golden rod here in ny is starting to get its yellow flowers .. a sure sign that it wont be long .. cant wait to see them in another month.. stay safe ...
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    Hey Sass, it's been a while (my fault, not yours). Love your grow, thanks for sharing with us. I'm doing a few outdoors for a change, will post some pics asap. Oh, I;ve tried DP but not Kryptonite, what's it like ? Hope your pain is under control, and looking forward to seeing how your garden turns out. Cheers DB
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    Well I tried to update my thread, but none of my pictures would upload to the upload site. I got a new phone I took the pics with I don't know if that is part of the issue or not. Update may have to wait until tomorrow... I may have to take the pics with my old camera... don't know what is up. I tried to upload one photo at a time to the site but it wouldn't even upload one pic.... strange happenings..... More than one way to skin a cat... hahaha.... Peace.. Stay tuned...
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    Lots of room... does it fill up? If I promise to help with the harvest would I be allowed to camp out there?
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    that is a beuatiful site ..i love you garden ..set up perfect.. plenty of space for everyone ..cant wait to see that landrace [asad] when shes finished..looks like you are having a great season ..good luck to you ..still alot of growing season to go ..we have had alot of rain here this yr ..you guys having a wet summer..i no you said you are setting up a water catch for them ..it takes alot of water to keep this many girls hydrated..lol;.. my favorite pics are the ones of the whole field ..really shows the work you have put into your garden ..blood sweat and tears..and a lot of sleepless nights as you near harvest time .. awesome job ...kick ass and take no prisoners ..
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    Before I share the other images I took yesterday at the second garden site, I wanted to show one of the Asad hash plants ( landrace from the Asad municipality in Kashmir on the Pakistani side ). These plants have very big leaves and from what I'm told, get extremely sticky going towards harvest, but what I was amazed to see, was that some of the leaves have up to 12 fingers. Now, I'm fairly certain this likely has a lot to do with the strain itself ( very vigorous ) but I was thinking that the soil in the garden was part of a sheep pasture and it must be enriched by all that sheep poop as well, not to mention the composted soil I added for each plant hole. Grass snakes and toads abound in the garden, so I'm thinking this is a good thing as well.
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    an inch shy of 6'... ... it has been neglected a little (dry and hungry too often), and the top doesn't catch any sun.
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    Gottcha... nice. I've been keeping an eye out for lurkers but that kind wasn't even close to being on my radar. haha Here is a shot of the shorter African Buzz pulled out of the tent... ...soil to tip is 51". With it out you can get a little better view of the others... A closeup of the branch bottom, center in the pic above... ...that's about a 10" length of stem; the tip is ~31" from the lamp and the lowest bud ~36" away. Here are a couple pics of getting too close to the sun. The first is a branch whose tip flopped into the kill-zone 3-4 hours before lights out and wasn't noticed for 3 hours after lights on, so, 6-7 hours of ~6" from the lamp... ...and this one has been growing right at the edge of the kill-zone... ...the tip fried and I shifted things a bit, but it is still on the edge and the branch (foxtail if you like) growing away from you is showing some signs of slow frying. I'm thinking of it as a kill-zone because it appears to be just too much radiant energy.
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    Well it's that time again, had to go out of town for a couple days, flooded the beds before I left. Had some chicken damage, they dug up some of the plant parts, so I had to do some chicken wire reinforcements. The plants are loving the 110 temps with enough water and feed. Won't be long now before they jump up with the stretch as the light fades off. Well enough BS.. on with the pics.... T-Rex Cross 4 found this growing by this plant.... T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross1 The last plant standing...hahahah at least the last female planted... The male and an unknown... That's all for now.. hope you enjoy....
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    Thats a big jungle you have their, all sorts of things could be lurking in it.
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    Very nice variety Sassyfemme. You must be OCD as I am. I felt very comfortable looking at all the strains in alphabetical order.
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    This is part of a 30" cola off a 34" plant, that + 2 small branches got me 67g.
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    This is one of those threads I wish was old, no waiting to see the results then. The white tubes are irrigation, and the stems just keep getting stuffed under the chicken wire until they start budding?

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