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    Loving how this garden is developing, and tomorrow, I'm getting a water pump to pull water from a nearby river so will be helping set that up, plus a 1000 litre reservoir to hold said water for watering needs. Another thing I'm getting tomorrow is a tiller, to help get rid of unwanted weeds between rows of plants and then all that will need be done, is maybe to cover with straw.
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    Way to set yourself up for success! I personally think the RO water should be reserved for your consumption. I use a zerowater filter. It's gravity fed, and takes 400 ppm water to 000 ppm. Filters are about $15 each In my opinion, water quality is far less important in an organic grow. This is based on a lot of years experience using my tap water which runs 205 - 230 ppm. I haven't experienced any issues. I think this is why: I consciously monitor the amount of Ca and Mg in nutritional supplements and aim to keep it low, the CEC of the grow medium is working well, and I follow a "less is more" nutritional philosophy using low NPK products. While the plant uses differing amounts of N, P, & K based on its point in the life cycle, I have found that ensuring all nutrients are readily available in small amounts at all times eliminates the need to have different products for veg and bloom stages. I've used "bloom" ferts from start to finish for years. I also suggest using the Jobe's as well as earth worm castings in the grow medium from start to finish because they contain a bunch of microbial life as well as nutrition. They make a little bit of nutrition go a very long way. Making worm tea will be great for a quickly available N meal. The tea doesn't have to be aerated either, fermented teas are SO easy and effective. I use a Jobe's Organic 2-5-3 formula in the grow medium, feed with a low NPK (3-3-3 or lower) tea once to twice a week, and apply a micro nutrient/trace mineral supplement at half strength every 2-3 weeks. It'll probably cost a bit more, but grocery stores usually have organic blackstrap.
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    Everything is coming up rosy, and I will post images soon, just happen to be in the middle of a kitchen reno, lol. Just curious, who's on Facebook, and can we connect?
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    I looked into Mars Hydro lights when I started shopping. I went to the local hydro store here that sells them. He informed me that he had stopped carrying Mars as he was an official warranty provider for Mars. He said he had to spent many hours a month just doing warranty repairs for free. It took all his time away from his actual business. He cited times when he had to spend half a day to repair a $99 light under warranty and Mars only reimbursed him pennies for repairs. That steered me away from the cheap light. . I ended up with Advanced Platinum P450 for $539 from Amazon. I later ordered a second P450 and got it for $499. The 5 year warranty and 100,000 hour life was a big selling point to me. YMMV
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    Where has everyone gone? I move to Vegas, and this site has died since I have been on break. We got trouble in Washington. Are they gonna march west with the military to stop our new found freedom? Is the War over? Keep this site alive. Come back Tim. We need to keep Legalization alive. Fuck the Man Sharki
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    Flowers should be mostly dry before going into the jars. If there is too much moisture in the flowers you can easily get mold. Should be a couple times a day until you are sure there is little moisture in the flowers. Then you can go to once a day then once every couple days then once a week then they should be cured...
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    Over 4,000 now able to grow medical cannabis As of May 1 there were 4,480 Canadians with active registrations for personal or designated cannabis cultivation. 17 new employees hired to help process. By David Brown May 8, 2017 Enrolment in Health Canada’s personal cultivation program has nearly doubled in less than three months, according to new figures from the agency. To handle this, Health Canada’s Office of Medical cannabis recently hired 17 new employees to help with processing and responding to questions. As of May 1, there are now 4,480 Canadians with active registrations for personal or designated cultivation under the agency’s medical cannabis access program. The regulator says the average wait time is now ten weeks, although many patients still report waiting four months or more in some cases. Under the program, Health Canada authorizes registered patients to grow their own cannabis or choose a designated grower. Enrolment is up significantly from figures Health Canada provided to Lift earlier this year, showing 2,554 individuals allowed to grow their own cannabis or designate someone to do so, with average processing time being about seven weeks. In response to a request from Lift, Health Canada has provided an update on their personal and designated cultivation licensing program. Lift has been covering this issue since February, looking at wait times that have, according to several patients and physicians, been several months. Gary Scott Holub, Media Relations Officer for the Government of Canada, says the wait times are dependent on the amount of applications received, as well as if the applications are processed properly by the patient and physician. The agency says they have provided expanded instructions for patients on filling out the associated forms. Examples of commonly encountered issues include: medical documents that do not appear to be original; discrepancies between information in the medical document and the application form; documents that are not signed by the applicant, or are signed incorrectly; or the incorrect person is identified as the designated producer. Holub says Health Canada began accepting applications for personal or designated cultivation in August 2016 and had 15 full time employees working on processing applications for home growing and designated growers during the 2016-2017 fiscal year (ending March 31), out of 74 employees at the Office of Medical Cannabis. They have recently hired 11 new client service representatives to help process applications, and six new client service representatives to respond to questions from Canadians about how to apply, or the status of their application. Health Canada’s 2017–18 Departmental Plan says they intend to address gaps in regulatory programs like the medical cannabis program and “restore legislative and policy capacity.” Spending for Health Canada has been increasing. You can read the Q and A below. It has been edited for clarity. Q1: What are the most current figures for Licenses issued for personal cultivation and for designated production under the ACMPR? A1: As of May 1, 2017, there were 4,480 individuals with active Health Canada registrations under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. This includes 4,148 individuals authorized to produce limited amounts of cannabis for their own medical purposes and 332 individuals who have designated someone to produce it for them. Q2: How many staff are involved in the personal cultivation approval process? A2: The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) in Health Canada is responsible for developing and implementing legislation, regulations, policies and operational programs that support access to cannabis for medical purposes. As part of these responsibilities, OMC issues registration certificates to Canadians who are authorized by their health care practitioner to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes or on behalf of another individual. During fiscal year 2016-17, OMC employed 74 individuals, 15 of whom worked full-time on the review of applications and issuance of registration certificates since the new program’s inception on August 24, 2017. Health Canada has recently added 11 new client service representatives to the registration team to increase the team’s capacity to process new and renewal applications from Canadians in a timely manner. Q3: Lift has been consistently hearing reports of patients waiting several months to get their paperwork approved by Health Canada. Are there specific reasons why such approvals could take several months? What does the approval process entail once a patient’s paperwork makes its way to Health Canada? A3: On average, the processing time is 10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the application. In some cases, the application is processed more quickly or, as you have noted, it can take longer. The time to review an application and issue a registration certificate is highly dependent upon the number of applications received, and the quality or the completeness of the applications. It also depends on the response time of applicants or health care practitioners, who may be contacted by our client service representatives to verify information or to request additional clarification. To ensure the requirements specified in the regulations are met, Health Canada must validate the information on the application and the medical document. For example, our client service representatives verify that an original medical document has been provided, that it has been signed by a healthcare practitioner who is authorized by, and in good standing with, a provincial regulatory authority, and that the medical document has not been altered or falsified in any way. For the benefit of your readers, who may also be applicants, examples of commonly encountered issues include: •medical documents that do not appear to be original; •discrepancies between information in the medical document and the application form; •documents that are not signed by the applicant, or are signed incorrectly; or •the incorrect person is identified as the designated producer. To assist patients, the Department has posted a guidance document that provides instructions on how to correctly complete the registration form. In response to patient feedback, Health Canada has also recently updated the sample medical document that individuals can take to their health care practitioner to be completed as an original medical document. Both documents can be found here: www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/topics/production-cannabis-for-your-own-medical-purposes. As indicated above, Health Canada has recently added 11 new client service representatives to the registration team. An additional 6 client service representatives have also joined the call centre to help respond to questions from Canadians about how to apply or the status of their application. Health Canada will continue to work with patients and patient advocates to identify and act on opportunities to improve the processing of applications from individuals authorized to produce cannabis for their own medical purposes. We are committed to taking additional measures as necessary to ensure all applications are processed as expeditiously as possible. Q4: Once a patient has authorization to purchase starting materials from a licensed producer, how often may they purchase their limit in clones or seeds based on their grams-per-day authorization from their doctor? (assuming crop failure, etc.). A4: Only those individuals who have registered with Health Canada to produce a limited quantity of cannabis for their own medical purposes or to designate someone to produce it for them are permitted to purchase starting materials (plants and seeds) from licensed producers. A designated person is not permitted to register with a licensed producer to purchase starting materials. The registration certificate provided by Health Canada will indicate the number of cannabis plants that an individual or their designated person, if any, can produce, and this number will determine how much starting materials the registered individuals can purchase. For example, the total number of plants you order from a licensed producer cannot be more than the number authorized on your registration certificate. If you want to order seeds, you may order 3 marijuana seeds for each authorized plant. For example, if you are authorized to produce 5 plants, you may purchase a maximum of 15 seeds. Also, you can order plants and seeds more than once. If your crop is not successful, you can place another order with the same licensed producer for more plants or seeds, but you cannot have more plants at your site than the number identified on your registration certificate. In addition, the regulations enable individuals, once registered, to obtain an interim supply from a licensed producer while they wait for their plants to produce harvestable product. Individuals registered with Health Canada can become clients of a licensed producer by using a copy of their Health Canada registration certificate to register. Individuals may also continue to access cannabis from a licensed producer while producing their own plants as long as the possession limit of the lesser of 150 grams or 30 times the daily quantity of dried marijuana (or the equivalent in products) is not exceeded. Individuals can only use a Health Canada registration certificate to register with one licensed producer to access interim supply. lift
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    Hi G_W, Everything is coming along, in both gardens. Here are some pics taken yesterday from the primary garden.
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    Here is why you really don't want to do a grow like this... ...it doesn't get much floppier than this. The African Buzz which was hit with mold is carrying on... ...the flat-top buds are those which had the purple growths in an earlier post. The tip has died and they've started branching... All but a few branches have done that, mostly those stuck in the corner, less direct light is the only difference between them and the rest... I'm having some trouble getting good shots of the buds because my hair starts sizzling if I get right into the tent at that height - another reason not to grow so close to the lights. I did manage to get a decent one of a mid level branch's growing tip on the Thai Lights which I'm assuming is showing more of the Northern Lights heritage...
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    Update.... T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 BB Kush These all just got watered before I took the pictures so if they look a little funny that is why. They all really liked being laid down, good growth and greening up nicely. I've had to pin the main stem and branches down quite a bit, they will root in soon and then they will start the stretch..... Stay tuned for more updates...
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    The best way to protect yourself against such risks is not to buy phony drugs from spamming assholes like @Harry221.
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    Hi G_W, Thank you, been real busy with life but have been working to keep plants healthy as I wait for the first week of June to get them outside. Took some pics the other day. The first four are of what's going on indoors, while the last two are of a new garden site close by that wee are getting ready by a hundred foot tall Fir tree ( holes are 4'x 4' x 3'deep ). New garden site being developed, 42 holes next to a hundred plus foot Fir tree. Clones and plants vegging. The variety is interesting. More young plants. The tallest of the plants in veg, all are doing well. Last of clones and seedlings coming along. Another look at the new garden site.
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    Hi weedmen, Yes, I will be super cropping them real soon in order to keep them short enough and yet filled with colas, this time, I aiming for keeping them below the six feet mark by end of outdoor growing cycle. As for the autos, I know and it's a gamble, but hoping all goes well. The landrace I received as a gift from a local breeder here, got them from a friend who was in the Kashmir region in Pakistan that's called Asad Jammu and also known as Asad Kashmir, it's an Hash plant and from what I hear, will make for great hash as well as oil. Apparently, those hash plants grow even on the sides of roads. Well, I'm outa here, got more transplanting to larger pots to do, and will also be getting a few clones of Royal Freezeland to complete my list of a dozen strains this year as I wanted to create more choice for patients, and myself.
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    wassup GW guess what indoor guy is going outdoor this year. gonna be playing in the dirt outside.
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    Update on progress of seedlings. G13 x Cheese, Afggoey, Deep Purple, AK47, UBC Chemo, Azad are all doing well and growing. I have other strains in the works and will post news of them when and if they pop.
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    good luck this yr sassy ..we are watching with very red eyes .....this yr make sure your scoping those girls out well..kill off all those dirty f---ing boys ..lol..they can be like setting the cookie monster loose in the girlscout cookie factory..
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    I think you need to give your plants more light for sure...for better growing:)) At all, good luck man in your farming)))
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    I really know very little to nothing on this new stuff. I started these autos 10 days ago. As soon as the tap was long enough to get to the solution, I started. I know I have some nute burn so I mixed a weaker solution and am watching. These girls look really healthy to me as I am 60 and have never done nothing but Gorilla farming. My question is, is this type of curling normal or do I need to cut back some more. They will be 2 weeks old in 3 days. I'm doing the Gen Hydro Flora Series by their chart.
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    High Slimo and welcome to CC! Nice rig you have there. Those COB LEDs on some sort of light mover system? Your ppm seems a little on the high side but not by much as indicas are heavier feeders than the sativa dominants I usually grow. With DWC I'll start the clones around 300ppm and by the time they look like yours will be up around 500. I wouldn't go any higher than the 600 you are at now for a while and if you see the bit of burn getting worse would drain about 25% of your rez and replace with RO water if you use RO. I recommend RO and I use AN pH Perfect nutes so I only change my nutes once per grow right after the stretch. Never having to worry about pH is a big plus to me. It often takes a little while for the plants to get used to their new home but it's the new growth that tells you how well they are taking it and you should be seeing lots of that real quick.
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    From a recent trip to capture a harvest. Enjoy =D
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    @Bester, if its smelling too earthy yhen you might have mold, try burping it for longer maybe, sometimes one hour is not enough for buds with high moisture content. Hard to say exactly without being able to ser and smell it. Just going ofg what you describe.
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    Hi guys I appreciate all the comments I may be back next year as that plant was a bust but all a learning process glad I found this site.. still curing in a jar been about 2 weeks been opening jar for a hour or a two but not very nice and smells abit earthy but if I pick a bud out it smells okay lol I'm so bad at this but going to research for next year thank you guys x
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    I did not know that, I have a 4x4 tent and I have just ordered a 1000w dimable and was going to run it at 500 or 750 so thats a bit disappointing. not over kill but right on the limits. as lab said you could do it with 400, your heat will be higher with 600, I will be going into a bigger room for the summer which is why I ordered a 1000w. we were just discussing a vertical scrog grow set up in the short bus for my tent something for you to consider for maxing out grow surface area.
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    couple of Strawberry Diesel plants I'm tending too. Not anything super, but always happy to have home made organics.
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    An unintended side effect of growing weed has been to learn how to do good electrical work. I should do it for a living.
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    Hi EmilyTaylor . Only consider full spectrum arrays in your lineup, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That is, there is something to be said for well respected brands....which usually cost more. Many of the lower quality, and all of the higher quality LED grow arrays have "veg" and "bloom" switches on them. The "Veg" switch activates bluer light which corresponds to what is known as the action spectrum, and when both "Veg" and "Bloom" are on, the output corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum refers to the chlorophyll synthesis curve, with a major peak in the blue-violet region, and a minor peak in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the entire visible spectrum. Seedlings and rooted cuttings that are establishing themselves..."young" plants respond best to the action spectrum, and established plants..."adolescents" or "adults" respond best to the absorption spectrum. In this graph, the light green, green, and tan lines correspond to the action spectrum, and the bold line that changes color according to where it lies in the spectrum corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The McCree curve illustrates that the plant uses the entire visible spectrum, and is in a state of high energy (70-90%) throughout the green-yellow-orange-red spectrum. I personally run my LEDs in the "Veg" mode until seedlings have 5 - 6 developed nodes, then I add the "bloom" spectrum to the mix. They stay in that configuration til harvest. Two Platinum LED P300 arrays, ~ 3ft x 3ft space.
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    welcome to cc..i have a few sativas running now ..for some reason the last batch of beans i bought had some long winded thin leaf strains i wasnt exspecting ..lol..i do love the buzz from a good grown sativa ..nice heady high ..not my favorite to grow indoors . they tend to take a very long time to flower out .. and my outdoor season is to short to grow them ...i got some hash bombs and some lemon skunk that i just threw into flower today ..i already have a few in flowering of the lemon . which when i bought them i was told were like a 60 %indica and 40 % sativa..but they are mostly sative.. fast growing and very stretchy ..i think it was a weak cross or unstable strain ..anyhow i am forcing myself to finish them ..the buds are very stringy and thin ..next order may have to go for the heavy indicas .. but i do love a good grown sativa and the high is just better for a start to the day ..lol again , welcome to cc ..
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    A note for new growers, or anyone new to growing feminized seeds: All female Cannabis plants have the ability to produce male flowers. It's a survival mechanism built into the genome. The makers of feminized seeds treat a female plant with a chemical (typically a colloidal silver solution) that triggers the genetic change, and that female plant begins to produce male flowers. I've seen female plants stop producing buds altogether, and only produce hermie male flowers. The pollen from those hermie male flowers is then collected and used to pollinate another female plant. The pollen is not "female" as is often stated. It is hermaphroditic because it is produced by a hermaphroditic male flower. Genetically speaking, feminized seeds can only produce females and hermies; a true male cannot occur. When reputable breeders perform the feminization process, they use a female which has been stressed to the max, using numerous stressors, and has shown herself to be stable (i.e., not sprout hermie male flowers). When a process like this is used, better than 90% of the seeds produce female plants, and the ~ 10% that produce hermies, sprout hermie male flowers so late in the bud cycle that it's a nonissue. So if you plant 1 feminized seed and it goes hermie and produces seeds, it's within in the realm of expectation....and a feminized auto flowering Cannabis plant has a highly manipulated genome to begin with. Are the seeds any good to grow? Of course. Just know they will likely be hermaphroditic, so do not breed with them because you'll perpetuate the issue. Also, know that seeds born from self pollination can have a high rate of nonviability (in my experience). I'm not big on auto flowering pot or feminized seeds because I like things natural, but Dutch Master makes a product called Reverse that is a "male knockdown" agent. Sprayed on the plant when male flowers are noted, it will stop the production cold and preserve a *mostly* sinsemilla harvest.
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    Wow, they have really grown since your last post, looking amazing you should get a great harvest if the stay good to the end.
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    that is a beuatiful site ..i love you garden ..set up perfect.. plenty of space for everyone ..cant wait to see that landrace [asad] when shes finished..looks like you are having a great season ..good luck to you ..still alot of growing season to go ..we have had alot of rain here this yr ..you guys having a wet summer..i no you said you are setting up a water catch for them ..it takes alot of water to keep this many girls hydrated..lol;.. my favorite pics are the ones of the whole field ..really shows the work you have put into your garden ..blood sweat and tears..and a lot of sleepless nights as you near harvest time .. awesome job ...kick ass and take no prisoners ..
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    Buds are are starting swell a little bit yes I'm excited thank you all for the helpful tips .
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    Some pics of the second garden are taken yesterday, been so much rain and cooler temps, the plants need more sun and warmth. They are looking good though not as big as I would like to see them be at this point, hope that changes. I didn't tag each and every strain in that garden, but the list goes on from there with; G-13 x Cheese, God Candy x Bubba x Grape Kush, White Russian, Pineapple Chunk and Lemon Kush. Now pleeeease grow big, pretty please. 818 Headband Ace of Spades Afgooey AK 47 Asad ( landrace indica strain from the Kashmir region of Pakistan ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) x AK 47 Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Kosher Kush Kryptonite x Durban Poison Moby Dick x Grape Kush UBC Chemo
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    This is one of those threads I wish was old, no waiting to see the results then. The white tubes are irrigation, and the stems just keep getting stuffed under the chicken wire until they start budding?
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    Hi weedmen, I did help dig the holes some, and certainly directed others to dig them, but at 61, I'm just not the physically strong woman I used to be and tend to get pooped out pretty fast. I'm ok as far as gardening goes and always learning more hopefully. As soon as plants start getting over any transplanting shock and grow some, I'll post pics.
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    great job sassy ..looks like a pro came in and did it ..oh wait , you are a pro ..keep up the great work ..as always a pleasure to see your grows ..
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    pictures would help ..alot more info is needed..are they budding and the buds to heavy ..what type of grow is it ..hydro, soil /soilless...you could put stakes in and tye them to the stakes to hold them up ..
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    Hello all, I am a cannabis grower that specializes in organic living soil (OLS), permaculture, probiotic growing methods, and organic nutrient and pest/pathogen suppression techniques. I have 3 years of experience growing in different mediums, however as previous stated my specialty is in using natural methods to achieve optimal cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil and natural inputs to optimize the genetic expression of the plants, resulting in a higher THC/CBD and terpene percentages as well as larger yields. The majority of my work has been done outside of regulated oversight however I do have 1 year experience in the Washington State i-502 field as well and take a meticulous scientific approach to growing. In my research and experiments I've found that "organic" growing results in a better product that is hardier, more flavorful, and more potent than anything commercial nutrient cycling can provide. I look forward to learning from all of you and always welcome new information and techniques and hope that my postings will provide helpful information to those who want to grow the best cannabis possible for the least amount of money, maximizing profit margins and crop yield. Thanks, -ThatDudeDave
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    As an outsider looking on, I agree with LabRat. We don't have MMJ or recreational use laws in my home state, in fact we have pretty restrictive laws concerning cultivation. A single plant is a state felony with mandatory prison time. However, if I get caught downtown with a QP or less in my back pack, it's a ticket that carries a fine, rehab, and some community service....and loss of the QP, LOL. Given the risk assumed when I planted, I also dreamed of a day when I could be legal. Many years later, I'm fairly convinced that if it comes down to: file for a permit (and expose myself to gov't regulation and inspection), or continue what I've been doing, I'm thinkin why fix what ain't broke?
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    Accidently double posted a pic, here's the one
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    looking great sassy..with them growing fast and with so much time before you can put them outdoors. maybe a good time to top and start the cuttings ..also a bigger yeild at the harvest ..start super croping now and you should be able to have them huge by harvest ..by the time you get them outdoors they will be 5 ft tall at this rate ..lol keep your lights close to slow the stretching . but i would bet you'll still have alot of growing outdoors ..hope none of them start flowering on you before you get them outdoors ..some auto flowers may once they get so tall ..i've had seedlings grown indoors go straight to flowering that were auto's ..they can be touchy... i would be intrested in seeing how that landrace grows ..i was just looking up landrace vids that the cannabis king had on vice ..also known as the strainhunters..they show grows of landrace with 40 to 50 thousand plants in them ..really makes me wounder how many more strains of mj there are out there that folks like us have never heard of before .. i had been looking for some old strains we used to get back in the 70's .columbian gold, panama red ..seeds from those older strains are hard to find that can be sent to the usa..i did finds some outlets in ontario just over the boarder from me in niagra falls ..i may have to make a trip to cananda and mail some to my self .. this time of yr when everyones started their grows and waiting to get them outdoors , can be alot like the old ketchup commercial ..anticipation is keeping us waiting ..lol good luck ..stay safe .. weedmen
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    I've grown a lot of DWC and never flush. I just reduce the ppm to about 300 for the last week before starting to crop beginning with the large colas then letting the ones below that ripen up for 10 days or so before chopping the rest. Very slow dry of up to 5 weeks before putting in jars for burping another month. Burns clean, smokes smooth. Dry too fast and it tastes like crap and harshes your throat.
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    i was going threw some beans i had and found some juan xkush that sb gave me that went hermie . and those are the seeds i had left from that run ..i am not sure they would throw anything but more herms but hey ya never know ..i'll have to try a few outdoors and see ..if i get any that dont herm i'll let ya know ..atleast they would still have some juan in them and the kush cross was a good cross strain anyhow ..
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    good stuff Sass. I got some grape valley kush clones that I'm gonna do outti this year. bringing them in when they are out of direct sunlight and giving them some built up rain water. I'm gonna do a log with them soon.
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    All of mine are regular seed made from plants from the original purchased beans. F2's I think it's called. 12 out of 12 were up on day four after putting the beans in dirt. I only have a 4x8' indoor tent to fill up and one side is flowering my 5th round of AK47 that I started last year and have been running the clones. The THC Bomb is a little sativa dom for my liking. I seem to have a hard time growing sativas so I also popped a few Afghani beans which is mostly indica. I hope for at least 6 girls which should be easy to get with 12 seeds. I sure wish I could grow outdoors. I have to stay hidden in the crawlspace of my house. I will have to live an outdoor grow vicariously through your journal here...
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    I'm also going to have to look into the Wizard's tea. that sounds like a great idea for me.
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    as we were discussing in the other section, COPD keeps me from doing as much as I should or even could. great suggestions, but again, if I can't smoke it, then I'm going to lose interest in the hobby right quick. that will put more money back into the budget but I don't think it's going to make me happy, not being high. cute emoticon, Shaughnny.
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    Looks good Sassy, very nice to have you back doing your thing How did the beans pop? Thinking by now you must have them in starter cups.