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    Ok I thought I would take you through my process through the winter time and some of my preparation for next season's grow. The bigger the plant you start out with the bigger your overall plant and yield, at least that is my opinion..... In my 2010 grow you will notice I laid down some rather tall lanky plants. They had stretched a lot but were good size plants. These are the clones I took from last years grow. They are crosses of my T-Rex that I've been working with. TRC 1-4 and one of the last female standing.. Of these clones I had 3 that rooted and were re-potted. This is TRC 1 from the first cross I laid down last year. This is TRC 2 from the plants laid down last year. This is TRC 4 from the plants laid down last year. I've already taken a few clones off of each of these plants, I should have taken pictures before I took the clones. They were way bushier. These are the clones taken off of TRC 1 These are the clones taken off of TRC 2 These are the clones taken off of TRC 4 I will be taking more clones and most likely growing the original clones out this season. If you want to see what the plants look like in flower go to my 2017 grow and look at the plants there. I must put forward this disclaimer.... I'm an old skool grower, yes there are cloning machines that have 90% plus effective rate. I use my own methods.. No my percentages aren't near what those machines can do. But my plants live by the survival of the fittest principal. If it's strong enough to live and grow it will, if not it wasn't meant to be. No guarantee these cuttings will live. The ones that did are doing well for their conditions. Peace...
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    Hi Guys, just an update, thanx allot for the help with the sick little seedling, got past that now it's a large plant, and still growing, just over 8wks old, it's taken a gallon (uk) RO water everyday, placed it in flower on the 21st, I hope to thin the leaves a bit in the next couple of weeks, it amazes me how fast they grow. The extractor fan I am using has zero resistance, so I cannot add a carbon filter, and boy does this plant honk when it's a bit older, so I am thinking about buying a Gekko Fan it says (fingers crossed) it is ultra quiet, also I bought a carbon filter and a Phresh Silencer, silence is very important, so I hope it's what it says on the kan. Hi Shadey hope all is well........ Attached are some pic's
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    I miss this strain a lot, got some nice variations from it
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    Been a while but things are still going on. Got 5 Critical Mass cuttings from my buddy in the city and a 25 pack of neoprene inserts and built a DWC style cloner to root them in. Laid out all the inserts on the lid and used a 4" nail to poke down the centers to mark the spots to drill holes with a 5/8" wood drill. Then I used my alcohol lamp to slightly melt the edges of the holes so roots won't snag when pulling the clones out. Day 3 now and no roots yet but the cuttings still look fine. Temps got low because I forgot to close the window in the bedroom at light's out but I've rooted fine at 65F and it just takes longer. Water temp is 71F right now with the RH around 55. Only 5 cuts in there so I may have gone overboard with the 21 holes I put in the lid. Have a nice cover off a cake from the store that fits loosely on the little tub and makes a decent humidity dome. A thermometer down the center into the water lets me know it's temp. Got rid of the 30Something girl. Frigging mite magnet and just not worth the effort IMO. Being as how it's genetics are totally unknown I don't want to wast time or space with it. Now just have the OG#18 as a bigger plant and will take cuttings off it for DWC. The Blueberries are the fastest and strongest with both the AK and Original Skunk being slow. Most of my cuttings from the CBD girls are well rooted and waiting for a DWC tub. They're on the right and being fed lightly to keep them healthy until they get new homes. None of the OG or sativa cuts rooted. Still got some mites floating around so as soon as I can get some more bug spray I'll go hard on getting rid of them. No sign of thrips. The CBD GoldFish are looking almost done but the OttO#1 is still putting out lots of white hairs but very tiny buds compared to the GF. 40 days since the flip on DEC. 12. Just want them out of there so I can pup to 6 DWC tubs in there while I build the new room. Got rooted clones so can just do whatever I want once they're gone. Couple more weeks I guess. These are the Otto#1 budz. Just pathetic lol but didn't expect much in the way of yield. Good breeding stock to make my crosses with tho. Some of the GoldFish budz. Bigger but will be lucky to get an oz off each plant I figure. Rough ride for all of them and hope to get better results in DWC. We shall see.
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    Groovy! Did you say in earlier post the LED lights are 32 inches above the canopy? For initial growth, 32 inches is reasonable, but as the plants get established and start to put out more leaves, you may want to move the lights closer. I have had very high powered LED COBs putting out +1000 PPFD as close as 18 inches and no issues. Also have had lower power systems as close as 10 inches and no problems. Maybe try moving them a few inches, then leave them for a few days. Regardless, keep up the great work!
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    I looked into Mars Hydro lights when I started shopping. I went to the local hydro store here that sells them. He informed me that he had stopped carrying Mars as he was an official warranty provider for Mars. He said he had to spent many hours a month just doing warranty repairs for free. It took all his time away from his actual business. He cited times when he had to spend half a day to repair a $99 light under warranty and Mars only reimbursed him pennies for repairs. That steered me away from the cheap light. . I ended up with Advanced Platinum P450 for $539 from Amazon. I later ordered a second P450 and got it for $499. The 5 year warranty and 100,000 hour life was a big selling point to me. YMMV
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    Flowers should be mostly dry before going into the jars. If there is too much moisture in the flowers you can easily get mold. Should be a couple times a day until you are sure there is little moisture in the flowers. Then you can go to once a day then once every couple days then once a week then they should be cured...
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    The conservative party continue to toss around "facts" they seemingly pull out of thin air. Where do they get these so called "facts" ? Why do they refuse to name the sources? Just today, conservative MP "Rachel Harder" claimed her research pointed to facts such as even allowing Canandians to grow one plant would provide them with enough medicine for years to come because her "facts" say 1 plant can provide over 800 grams. Mrs Harder and Mrs Gladu are well known to claim their statements are "facts" but we know these "facts" are pure BS. As a medical patient and health canada approved home grower, my average plant provides 2-3 ounces which is well below the 28 ounces Harder claims we get per plant. Mrs Gladu repeatedly claims she's worried about fire hazards due to the powerful lighting she ignorantly claims is required. Perhaps someone should clue her into the fact you can use T5 bulbs which are barely warm to the touch and use less Watts, or even that LED lighting is a thing and that plants do quite well with it. Someone with lots of time ought to list all their dodgy facts and provide the truths to each.
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    Where about on the plant? new growth, old growth, high up, all over the plant, confined to near the soil, etc... Kinda looks like it was splashed with a fairly strong fertilizer solution which wasn't rinsed off; that'll be my guess if it is near the soil and appears in splotches rather than all around the plant or on all of them.
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    im going to set up in my basement its cool down there even in the summer so im not sure if ill have to air condition it but i will definitely need to heat it in the winter. yea if you dont mind taking a look to see what ph pen you have that would be awesome that way if i run into problems maybe i can bother you for advice haha do you use soil with the fabric pots if so maybe ill order them now to prevent a lengthy wait when i am ready to get started
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    I read an article recently actually it was a write up for the recommendations for changes to the acmpr. It recommended seeds be legal and sold at places like Richter's seeds. So I hope they change it so seed banks can be legit. They have so far changed it so that patients are allowed to use oil in a motor vehicle if they are a passenger and not driving. I thought big deal who isn't already a passenger high af touring around anyways. What was being asked of the govt was to change the upcoming roadside drug screening rules for medical patients. Because they would have high concentrations of thc in their systems weither they were high at the time or not. Current testing/screening devices have a hard time deciphering residual thc levels and present thc levels. Then again I have heard of some people being tongue swabbed after just smoking within hours and testing negative. So I think the whole thing is a croq of shit. Roadside testing is bull shit.
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    That is certainly not good to hear....however I the mars 300 goes for about $80. Almost expect it's not top of the line for that price. I'm curious as to yield difference per light. Is it like the difference between a generic hps bulb and an eye hortilux?
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    I find that full spectrum always outperforms limited spectrum.
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    I just bought Mars Hydro reflector 144, so far my plants are great, will see what the light can do
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    No idea what strain but I'm smoking on some nice purple bud to end the year. What is everyone else smoking today/tonight? Let's see some pics!
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    Got my Xmas present from mom last Wednesday. 1/2 oz of Critical Mass CBD sent in a vacuum sealed bag in 1/8ths. Some of that for sure but 10g is going to make cocobudder with. I'm sure I'll be toking some of this OG#18 as well as whatever else I have on hand like Blue Heaven, Northern Mist, Purple Kush etc etc. lol Pot rich, cash poor. Everybody have fun and stay safe tonight!
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    A friend of ours shops a lot at Wish.com and used some of her bonus points to buy this "spice" grinder. Thought the wife could use it to shred the leaf tobacco we have. Saw the wife struggling away trying it out and took a look. Too flimsy to handle thin leaves much less bits of center stem. We use a pasta maker to shred it and that works great. Wife wants a motor on it and her grain grinder for the chicken feed too. Anyway, I took a look at it and busted a gut laughing. Ain't a spice grinder either it's a g'damned bud grinder and it works great! Has a two level drawer under the grinder wheels with the top one being deeper with a kief screen on the bottom. LOL They sell them for $14 at the site. Need to crumble bud up a bit to get it to work well but work well it does. I never roll joints but got out the RAW papers and twisted one up with a filter and all. Ground up some Blue Heaven and some CBD dried up little bud I got off the plants downstairs after they re-vegged. Lots more of the CBD duff than the BH. Four good hits and I'm nicely buzzed and feel really loose. Beans ontoast for my dinner tonight. It's mine now!
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    From a recent trip to capture a harvest. Enjoy =D
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    Busy day for this old boy. Was going to go with 2 - 400W HPS but don't have another hood other than the air cooled boxy one and it won't give me the coverage I need. I do have one of thos funky Gavita bulbs with the built-in reflector so could just hang that from a socket but hard to get it aimed just right. So WTF why not use the new/used 1000W MH/HPS and one of the brand new $40 bulbs. Mixed up a batch of nutes for them to start into 12/12. Don't know for sure what CBD girls like to eat but they all got a portion of a 9L batch I made. Weren't as dry as I thought as they all took a little under 2.5L when right dry they take 3 easy. In 9 L 5ml Rhino Skin 13.5ml Micro and Bloom, No Grow 5g Big Bud powder 9ml Bud Factor X 9ml Bud Ignitor 5ml CalMag Raised the screen for easy access. Set the timer to go off at 3am and come back on at 3pm. Said good night to the girls just before lights out and locked the door. And to all a good night.
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    Hi, I am using those root riot cubes, you place seed into cube, it meant to have all the nutes the young seed needs, as for the rock wool, I am growing one seed, and it sits better in the rockwool cube, I only feed RO water, I water once per day carefully,last grow, I damaged one of 2 plants, had to toss it out, this was due to drowning the poor thing. Shadey it's very good to know you have my back just loving this stuff.........
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    Any rules applied to growing pot indoors should also be applied to the thousands of people growing vegetables and herbs indoor as well. They use exactly the same equipment, nutrients and chemicals that are used to grow pot so why do they never mention that? What's good for the goose is good for the gander too. They invite input from those in the know but then disregard everything but what they want to hear and fits their anal-retentive views. Seems it's mainly Conservatives still fighting against common sense even tho a lot of their ex-members are the ones now running the larger LPs raking in tons of cash doing something they not so long ago fought against. Talk about hypocritical!
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    High resistance caused by a poor connection. Look for loose wires.
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    Holy crap Bester she is drowning literally, the plant needs to breath oxygen through her roots, so she is slowly suffocating. You need to drill holes all around that pot to get the water out fast. I would even say take it out of that sloppy mud and re pot in some dry stuff, and hope she lives. You obviously didnt cover her over like Lab suggested in your other post. With what time you have left before the buds are fully ready it may be better to just harvest her now and put her out of her misery lol. You cant add any thing else wet to it food wise, until it drys out fully m8 she doesnt need bud booster she needs flippers, mask and a snorkel. If you get her dried out and decide to try and keep her longer, wrap some plastic around the top of the pot to stop the rain filling it up again and control the amount of water that can go in it. I hope she lives CPR will probably be needed.
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    Hi EmilyTaylor . Only consider full spectrum arrays in your lineup, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That is, there is something to be said for well respected brands....which usually cost more. Many of the lower quality, and all of the higher quality LED grow arrays have "veg" and "bloom" switches on them. The "Veg" switch activates bluer light which corresponds to what is known as the action spectrum, and when both "Veg" and "Bloom" are on, the output corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum refers to the chlorophyll synthesis curve, with a major peak in the blue-violet region, and a minor peak in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the entire visible spectrum. Seedlings and rooted cuttings that are establishing themselves..."young" plants respond best to the action spectrum, and established plants..."adolescents" or "adults" respond best to the absorption spectrum. In this graph, the light green, green, and tan lines correspond to the action spectrum, and the bold line that changes color according to where it lies in the spectrum corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The McCree curve illustrates that the plant uses the entire visible spectrum, and is in a state of high energy (70-90%) throughout the green-yellow-orange-red spectrum. I personally run my LEDs in the "Veg" mode until seedlings have 5 - 6 developed nodes, then I add the "bloom" spectrum to the mix. They stay in that configuration til harvest. Two Platinum LED P300 arrays, ~ 3ft x 3ft space.
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    Here's the most recent way to fight this... https://interceptum.com/s/en/BCCannabisRegulation

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