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    Jeff Sessions is the reason.The little pip squeak of a racist represents the NeoCon Deep State. The for-profit Private Prison System is a listed Stock in New York and Prison Guards, ICE, street cops, Justice Department and Judges all have it in their pension plans. It pays a good dividend.
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    Where about on the plant? new growth, old growth, high up, all over the plant, confined to near the soil, etc... Kinda looks like it was splashed with a fairly strong fertilizer solution which wasn't rinsed off; that'll be my guess if it is near the soil and appears in splotches rather than all around the plant or on all of them.
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    Follow the money. All the big players are trying to monopolize their corner of the green market. So many lobbied hard to get personal growing off the table but that was at least one thing that Justin got right IF it gets through the senate and the final vote for re-legalization isn't until sometime in April I believe. Harper set up all his cronies to run most of the Legal Producers so the Conservative faction of the senate may hold out on passing the bill unless personal grows are taken off the table. A lot more lobbied to prevent re-legalization as they were afraid of their perceived losses. Cops losing jobs and money for new toys. Has gone totally the other way now with lots of extra cops getting hired on and trained up to enforce the new, repressive laws that will go on the books the minute the bill passes. Even the black market growers tried to prevent it as they stand to lose a lot of money. Seed merchants have got so greedy these days too. Seeing F1 seeds going for up to $30 each is nuts. They just cross a couple of famous strains, slap a new name on the cross and sell the unstable mess to suckers for stable strain prices. Thinking of starting my own seed business doing that but only charge a couple bucks a seed. Could make a lot more money per plant doing that than selling the pot you'd get. With any luck the price of pot will be forced down to rock-bottom prices and the greedy LPs will fold up and disappear.
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    It will only affect your plants if one or more transgender to produce male flowers and pollinate themselves or the other females. So when you put the plants into 12/12 keep a regular check on them to make sure non are producing male as well as female flowers. You should do this regardless anyway when you are flowering just to make sure, never assume everything is OK, because thats when problems happen.
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    I appreciate all your responses fellows, thanks so much. I Googled “Licensed Cannabis Growers, Seed Production” and found reams of information. I have found very little scientific cannabis research available because of legality, but that is changing as we speak. The laws are changing and large pharmaceutical companies are interested now and investing in the future. Canada pharma is clearly at the tip of the spear, leading the pack today. It is shocking when you look and see the cutting edge of the world canna-industry in Canada. The Canucks do not dally when opportunity presents! Bravo eh!
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    im going to set up in my basement its cool down there even in the summer so im not sure if ill have to air condition it but i will definitely need to heat it in the winter. yea if you dont mind taking a look to see what ph pen you have that would be awesome that way if i run into problems maybe i can bother you for advice haha do you use soil with the fabric pots if so maybe ill order them now to prevent a lengthy wait when i am ready to get started
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    thanks for your reply. always good to hear positive thoughts. its good to know that i dont have to worry about not being legal as long as my doc has signed off on it. im hoping this new oncologist will write me one as my gp wont. i had to buy a prescription through a shop to see a doctor who filled it out for me. seems wrong to have to go through that crap when you have a legitimate cause. anyway thats how it is . so im growing an indica dominant high cbd strain that i got fom a local grower called painkiller its around 10%cbd and 6%thc. i use it to make capsules with 3to1 ratio of coconut oil to weed oil. the weed oil is made from the high cbd oil.i also have blueberry cough which has a real indica look and taste . it grows well outside -not really big usually around 100 gr per plant. but is quite mold resistant. the other strain that i grow outside is texada timewarp.its more more of a sativa does well outdoor here but will tend to mold a little if too wet .never had big problems but had to remove a few buds every once in a while. i make oil pills out of this as well. i usually take the sativa ones daytime and the painkiller ones at night as they make me drowsy.also i make rosin out of the painkiller.if youre really hurting a quick blast or 2 of that will sit you back in the chair pretty quick.to be truthful with you . i find the high cbd weed the best for my condition as far as pain relief and sleeping but the timing taking them makes a big difference as to whether you get to sleep right away or toss and turn for an hour.i try to take mine about 2 hours before bed and seems to work perfectly.
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    A friend informed me about this particular strain, though I have not tried it out, but I think I should share this here to get more info from esteemed folks.
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    Just starting out and will be using clay rock. I'm trying to stay from soil to start. Only growing 1 plant and don't want to buy large quantities. Does anybody have feedback on using batting material for germinating? Since its synthetic I don't think there will be a ph problem. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Siky
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    This makes no sense to go after Gypsy Nirvana seeds are legal in his country. The only way they can extradite him is the seeds must be illegal in both countries. At least that is what I gathered from the article Marc did on cannabisculture.com about the legality of seeds in Canada. Besides the USA has many seed companies so going after the foreign seed sellers really makes a lot of sense.It makes for bigger headlines to bring down an international seed seller rather then the seed companies in your own country operating right under your own nose. This only goes to show how hostile that USA govt is against cannabis and soon enough they will be targeting their own cannabis industry. I hope not I hope they just drop this tyrannical war on cannabis! Heres hoping that Gypsy Nirvana can beat these ludicrous charges.
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    Pressure mounts on Liberals to decriminalize drug use and simple possession What role could cannabis play to combat Canada’s opioid epidemic? By Kate Robertson March 5, 2018 At its policy convention last week, the NDP made a formal commitment to decriminalize possession of all drugs, not just cannabis, to combat the opioid epidemic at its policy convention in late February. Now, Liberal MPs are asking members of the party to communicate their support of the same initiative. Between now and March 18, registered Liberals can vote online to prioritize the Liberal caucus’s drug policy resolution. If the idea makes the top 30 of 39 resolutions, it will be included in debates at the party’s April convention in Halifax. “I believe that we should treat drug use and abuse as a health issue, and not as a crime. We know that prohibition policies – the so-called “war on drugs” – has been an abject failure,” wrote Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith in an email. “We need evidence-based solutions instead. To that end, other countries have had success with more progressive drug policies.” The Portuguese government decriminalized low-level possession of all drugs in 2001. Instead, medical experts, social workers and legal professionals work together to create treatment plans, issue fines or assign community service duties to those possessing drugs. Since that time, overdoses and drug-related deaths decreased from 131 in 2001 to 20 in 2008, and the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction has increased by 60 per cent. In Canada, 7000 opioid-related deaths have been reported in the last two years. “We have expanded safe injection sites, and are working to expand treatment options, but we need to continue to follow the evidence if we want to save lives,” Erskine-Smith says. Recreational cannabis legalization should be viewed as separate from the proposal to decriminalize all drugs, says Erskine-Smith. But many have wondered if more access to cannabis could help – or hinder – efforts to treat opioid addiction. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research approved approximately $100,000 in funding for McMaster University’s Dr. Zainab Samaan to research the impact of cannabis legalization on cannabis use and outcomes in patients with opioid use disorder. In a previous study, Samaan and colleague Laura Zielinski studied the impact of cannabis use on the outcome of methadone treatment, the most widely used treatment for opioid addiction. Samaan and Zielinski’s results showed that, for women in particular, cannabis use could hinder the efficacy of methadone treatment. “This is the largest study to date examining the association between cannabis use and illicit opioid use,” they write. “Cannabis use may be a sex-specific predictor of poor response to methadone treatment (MMT), such that women are more likely to use illicit opioids if they also use cannabis during treatment. Women may show improved treatment outcomes if cannabis use is addressed during MMT.” Another study, published in spring of 2017, found that 63 per cent of a sample of medical cannabis consumers registered with Tilray perceive cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs – “particularly opioids (30 per cent), benzodiazepines (16 per cent), and antidepressants (12 per cent). Patients also reported substituting cannabis for alcohol (25 per cent), cigarettes/tobacco (12 per cent) and illicit drugs (3 per cent).” When it comes to legalization and its general relationship to opioids, a 2014 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that there was a 25 per cent reduction in opioid-related deaths in American states where medical cannabis was legal. https://news.lift.co/pressure-mounts-liberals-decriminalize-drug-use-simple-possession
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    An Excellent point! For the hobby and recreational grower, the quality of cannabis is always relative and always subjective. It is difficult to produce THE healthiest plants and seeds possible, the Top Shelf dope. Those that can may certainly demand and get top dollar for their products. Most fall short because there are so many things that can happen during the growing season that compromise plant health. Cannabis, tomato, lettuce, apple and orange plant health that is compromised in any way during a growing season with less than the best possible growing conditions and or nutrients are definitely not the best plants nor do these compromised plants produce the highest quality seeds or the highest quality buds containing the highest concentrations of intoxicants or CBDs. But just how much quality does any recreational grower really grow for. Most growers simply hope for enough quality to get you high, that’s sufficient and always considered success. Professional growers that sell their seeds for $30/seed and buds for $7500/kilo make a lot more effort to insure the best plant health possible for good reason…. More money. Canada did not change Federal Laws to be kind to all the heads in Canada. I understand that the Government changed the canna-laws to promote growing, consumption and ***to increase tax revenues… for the Money. They simply short-stroked the international Drug Cartel revenues by changing their drug laws, taxed canna-growers and consumers. The heads as well as the consumers are happy. The net results solidified the political base for the future elections. Many things often compromise plant health in many degrees, IE. Root rot always causes a major plant set back even if “the root rot cure” can stave off root and plant death. Root injury always compromised plant health.
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    Normal light pic wold be better and one of the whole plant too. If it's only on a couple of the bottom leaves it could be too humid there and just a bit of fungus growing but if all over the plant on the same type of leaves, (eg older fan leaves), could be a deficiency of some kind. If from splashed nutrients I'd expect to see larger, all brown spots and mostly in spots where the water can pool up and sit for an extended time and those spots don't fit that criteria. I want to say low Ca but that tends to affect newer growth first as it's an immobile nutrient and once in a leaf it can't be moved by the plant like N,P,K, Mg and Zn can. Everything else shows up in mid and new growth first as it's not available to the plant when it needs it. When pH is out of whack, especially too high, it locks out mainly micro-nutrients and they can quickly slow down veg growth with various symptoms or worse stop bud production at critical stages of flowering. Need more info and a couple of pics to nail it down.
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    Of course, but is it the healthiest plant that gets you the most potent product? Taste, smell, appearance, texture, do not contribute to quality - milligrams of cannabinoids per gram of dried herb - is all that matters.
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    When you want a diagnosis its best to turn the grow light off and take pics in natural light so people can see the correct colors of the leaves and damage. I would say you have nutrient burn from too much food or to low a humidity causing the plants to drink more water and uptake more food causing he burn. But better lighted pics would help.
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    It's mainly because the CBD is higher in the sativa AC/DC plant so I am hoping to get a good balanced strain.. My method of growing is more suited to the sativa dominant crosses than the Indica crosses. I lay the plant down and root in the main stem and branches. So the plant grows horizontally not vertically. But I've had some indica dominant strains do real well with my method.. The stiffer hollow stems of Indica don't like to root in as easy as the sativa dominant strains.
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    ...and this is where it can go crazy, people start pulling out decontextualized "facts" and the race is on. Back in microbiology class we learnt about the Ames Test, we were also told that after checking out all those nasty petro products for carcinogens he started looking at foods - and found them to be full of mutagens as well! So why don't we all have cancer. A bit more investigation revealed that along with the potentially cancer causing mutagens were things like antioxidants. Point is - pulling individual bits and pieces out of a large and complex system will not get you an accurate picture or prove anything, it is a good way to reinforce your own beliefs and biases though. Microwave ovens let you precisely put heat wherever there are polar molecules, and since you are effectively grabbing those specific molecules and shaking them up to speed (instead of waiting for neighboring molecules to bump into it enough) you can get them really hot really fast. If you can figure out how to work with that, have fun. I just use it to reheat leftovers and soften butter.
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    I was given a cut of the clone only Mendo Purple which is the mother of most of the purple strains. A friend found a plant from seed that was a very close match to the clone only plant. He gave me a couple seeds from that cross and I back crossed it again with the best match. So that is the stabilized T-Rex strain I have been working with. Two years ago I was given some high CBD seeds and grew the 2 different strains. I had a male from each high CBD strain with what I thought was a male T-Rex. The T-Rex ended up being a female and was heavily seeded. So I grew a bunch of those seeds last year. I found out only one of the strains actually tested high in CBD and that was an AC/DC cross. AC/DC is the sativa phenotype of the Cannatonic plant. One of the plants I grew had a high sativa expression, the others were high indica expression. I was able to get a cutting of that sativa phenotype and I also seeded a branch of that plant. I will grow some of those seeds and find another sativa expression and cross that with the cutting back crossing to the mother. I'm hoping to get a good balanced strain, hoping for 10+% THC and CBD so when I make oil it will be a good balanced oil... I still have to get that plant tested to see where it is...Thanks for the question..... Peace....
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    Shadey, Probably next month some time... We had a very warm February where we had some over night lows in the low 50's a lot of things thought spring was here and then the temps dropped we will be in the low 30's for a few weeks. But spring here is usually short before we hit the low 90's during the day and high 50's at night.
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    The plants can't tell the difference between the nutrients supplied by organic and not-organic fertilizers, in fact, you are more likely to introduce nasty stuff into your grows by going organic... it is kinda funny actually, you want to avoid "crap" by going organic, but isn't crap the mainstay of organic fertilizers.
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    do i need to seperate the plants till all of them show the sign of flowering?
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    @LabRat I don't think they will be able to put a stop to home growing. The Supreme Court has ruled that medical users have a right to grow their own and Cannabis appears to be healthful beyond anecdotes. Some LP are also investing in it - Aurora Cannabis Acquires BC Northern Lights and Urban Cultivator @Jack434 I don't have a problem with making money off Cannabis, but the road that leads to $30 seeds and $20/g for dried flowers is the wrong one to take because it goes against the natural order - the plant naturally grows anywhere and readily makes lots of seed, pricing like it is a rarity can only be supported by bullshit and lies. I wouldn't be so sure about the “no brainer”' stuff either, maybe the key to really good (i.e., potent, flavourful) Cannabis is growing from seed where both parents are struggling. We are growing medicinal and culinary herbs, not veges or flowers, the most potent and flavourful products are unlikely to be coming from the most healthy looking specimens; toss epigenetics in there (seems reasonable, considering how adaptable the plant population is) and some degree of poor/unhealthy in the past may be required for plants to try their hardest to survive - because what we consider potent and flavourful is actually ani-fungal/bacterial/etc., tastes bad, and is often poison in anything but very small doses. Biggest and healthiest should get you the most but it may not get you the best. Make seed and take cuttings, give them away to other gardeners.
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    Pretty helpful my man. Canabisculture.com will be more popular because of you and your kindness and generosity.
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    A FEW THOUGHTS: Although $0.10 per seed would be great, Heads might gladly pay $30 USD per canna-seed IF the Head is really convinced the seed possesses some special genetics that will get you high, high and higher up to a full blown other-world adventure which is the whole point of all this genetic manipulation, eh? Effective marketing of seeds like this is paramount in order to make $30 per seed and nonscientific Bro-Science may be the best advertisement, a friend that has a friend claims yada, yada, yada, yada. Seed production is the end result of the quality of the mother plant that produces the seeds. The healthiest plants will produce the best seeds compared to the less healthy plants every day. The healthiest plants will consistently produce the most product and the most money… that should be a “no brainer” even for the seriously stoned grower. Clearly growing seeds is definitely more profitable than growing smoking dope any day. It is a fact that Canada has definitely a world leader in the Canna-market as the Canucks do not dally like the USA when it comes to making Federal Laws and money in the canna-markets. I see Capitalism thriving in the canna-trade in Canada in real time, right now. The general currency in the Canna-industry is not USD, US banks, Canadian Dollars and Bitcoin. It is truly A Brave New Cannabis World for the Canna-Capitalist when the Drug Cartels are inhibited by new drug laws. Making Money, Money, Money - POLITICS
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    I decided it's time to update this thread.... Some of the original clones didn't make it.... Some live some don't that's how things work..... Most of the clones are still alive but I don't think they are rooted in just yet.... When I took the clones the weather was nice and over night lows were in the low 50's it has since cooled off and over night lows are in the 40's so even in the cabinet in the garage the low temps are still a bit low for cloning... But they are survivors.... Have a look..... The two cups on the left are seeds that popped, the other 4 are the clones I took they don't look much different than when I took the cuttings... The moms of the clones are getting as big as they were when the clones were taken... Another seed that popped and still alive but not doing much... High temps in the closet are in the 80's lows in the 40's so as the low temps come up they should start to take off...
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    Suddenly Government rears it's ugly head! You pay a tax; you get certain rights! The hammer of purity is now in your hands!! How much is pure worth?
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    Hey everyone, first off thanks for allowing me in your group. My name is Jayroy, i am a 43 year old grower and just a straight up addict of the plant from the roots up. I can pretty much do it all and push myself to get better daily. From Monster cropping to designing and fabricating rosin presses for my solvent free Rosin to filing vape cartridges I keep pretty busy. I am looking for an investor, partner or just the right opportunity to take my skill-set to the next level in this industry. Or just meeting damn good people, learning cool shit and passing on knowledge that helps. Keep it Green!!
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    Z-7 is a 2-part or A-B mix that keeps your roots clean and white, also cleans your congtainer's and you can use it every watering, the plants love it...and it's cheap.
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    Hey Shadey, I prefer Coco indoor and good old super soil outdoor, but I have had a great time growing in most current culture systems and most eb flow and a few home-ade systems. I like the control you get over your plants using coco with Z-7. I think you can be productive in all if it fit's your style. Hard to beat 300 gallons of super soil on it's 5th year......CannaTree
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    will hermie infect other plants? i ready about that in early flowering stage,the light stress will cuase hermie,so light-tight is important,otherwise,will be sucks.
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    I get it, I think. It seems an idea more likely in an era of black market marijuana. I live in BC and above ground legal greenhouses are popping up here like mushrooms after a rain. Buried containers have been done, usually semi trailers buried in soil in my experience. Underwater leads to a whole different set of issues. Wouldn't that be an enclosed space to safety organizations? You might suddenly find yourself covered by mining and diving regulations. And cannabis regulations. Shit lump.
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    Its not usually a problem for light leaks in vege as the 18 hours of light period overlaps night time hours outside unless you run your lights on through the night to negate heat problems. Its when they are in flower and the longer dark period of 12 hours overlaps into daytime light from outside. Thats when you are likely to get hermie problems.
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    I am sharing my testimony as this is absolutely amazing and I think it will help others who suffer from shingle outbreaks. I have found relief from my shingles outbreak using rosin that I have pressed on my shop press at home. Rosin is the oil that is extracted from cannabis buds on a high pressure(12 ton)/high temp (400 degrees) shop press. There are no solvents used to extract this oil. From watching Rick Simpson videos and hearing his testimonies about cannabis oil curing cancers I thought well I'm going to try it on a patch of blisters from a shingles outbreak. I applied the rosin onto the sores and placed a couple of bandaids over the outbreak. Within a half hour i had relief from the pain, itching and burning. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced. I relaxed that afternoon on a heated blanket and the next morning I removed the bandaids and the blisters were gone and the skin was no longer raised, painful, burning, or itching. It has been days 3 now and I have almost no sign of this outbreak. I can't believe that the cannabis rosin worked so well; typically because I have diabetes an outbreak will take several weeks to heal. The sores will scab over and stay raised for at least 5 days. If you know anyone that suffers with shingles, please pass on this information; this simple application has truly improved the quality of my life!
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    In case you don't know what an MMIC is ( Medical Marijuana Identification Card ) or how it is endangering the procurement of medical cannabis at lower costs, read on below. Previously, medical marijuana card holders were promised to be exempt from sales tax on their medical marijuana purchase. But that's about to change from now. The state of California has made it clear that it requires users to first get a MMIC from their respective counties before they are assigned the tax exempt status on their medical cannabis purchase. Show your love for protecting the mighty herb and medical marijuana users by signing the petition, thus helping existing medical card holders buy medical marijuana at lowered rates. http://petition link https:///sign/no-mandatory-state-id
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    Thanx for the reverb man I got the Otto#1from a member here along with the GoldFish which is Otto x Cannatonic. Just feeling them out for med effects an liking them so far. I got lots of pot that gets me high but that's not what I'm after. Yields suck so far but trying them in DWC to see if I can improve that.
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    Just for information purposes..... Now have to clean off the keyboard..... Was taking a drink of juice when I read this..... Shot juice out of my nose all over the keyboard.... Thanks Lab..... hahahahahahaha But I have to agree with you in the Kill all hermies....... I don't like weak genetics...... But screwing with the light cycle will increase your chances of hermi.... By 10000000% or close....
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    The poor thing has been through hell recently, probably never had a decent meal his whole life, lived in cramped quarters since puberty, routinely pushed into the shadows --- but he did what was expected of him when the time came, did it profusely, and without the slightest hint of turning. Now, maybe sensing the end is near, instead of giving up quietly he sees one more way of staying alive and maybe make a difference, so he's going for it hard... he deserves a medal for service beyond the call of duty, and you guys just wanna cut him off at the knees, for what, being adaptable? <sigh> I have not seen any sign this variety is more likely to spit out the opposite flowers than any other regular seed during normal growth... and even if it did, I would not care about the odd male flower popping out here and there because a few seeds is not going to ruin a plant or crop. With retail prices at $10+ per seed --- maybe lightly seeded pot should fetch a premium!
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    Alfie Dingley: 'Break the law' call on medical cannabis 20 February 2018 Alfie started having seizures when he was just eight months old Hannah Deacon An MP has urged medical cannabis users to "break the law" to use the treatment. It came as the case of Alfie Dingley, six, from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, was discussed in the House of Commons. Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn said it would take a "heart of stone" to refuse the family medicinal cannabis to treat their son's epilepsy. Home Office Minister Nick Hurd pledged to help Alfie, but said cannabis did not have proven "medicinal benefits". The urgent Commons debate had been tabled by Conservative MP for Reigate, Crispin Blunt, after the Home Office denied the family's request for a licence as the drug is illegal in the UK. Mr Blunt said the national approach "flies in the face of the popular view". He said there was evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis-based treatments. Alfie was taken to the Netherlands to take a cannabis-based medication in September. It reduced the number of seizures he had, said his family. Mr Hurd said the government "sympathises" and would try and find a solution "within existing regulations". Alfie's mother Hannah Deacon said his cannabis dose was "very small", just three drops of the oil Maggie Deacon/PA Wire During the debate, Mr Flynn said it would take a "heart of stone" to tell a parent "that your child has to turn blue up to 30 times a day and have a seizure" because of the law. To medicinal cannabis users, he said: "I would urge them to break the law, because the law in this case is an ass." Conservative MP for Kettering, Philip Hollobone called for a free vote on the medicinal use of the drug. A private members' bill on the use of medicinal cannabis, raised by Mr Flynn, will be discussed on Friday. Nick Hurd said the government wants "to try and help find a solution within the existing regulation" UK Parliament http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-43133794
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    No, but it looks interesting, cheers.
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    Thanks all. I spend a moment googling last night and landed on a site called Strainly.io Really cool concept. I connected with a couple guys on there. I'll keep you posted... Had anyone tried this site before?
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    Well I am soon gonna be growing Candida a 20:1 cbd to thc strain and I plan on making CBD oil as well as edibles with it. And 100% agree the doctors don't fix anything they band aid and only further health problems. I know because Im only 32 and with the shit Ive been through with doctors shit man Im telling you they can turn into MAD scientists pretty quick with the amount of pharmaceutical cocktails they wanna put you on. They can get out of hand quick if ya let em. Then next thing ya know your sitting in the corner drooling watching re runs of the price is right day in day out. LOL! Not to mention the bonus doctors get from signing prescriptions all the time. Many doctors make big bucks off your illness sad but true!
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    True I have heard of that as well. But from what Im hearing if the chem trails and Monsanto dont git ya the Ai robots will. The future looks unfriendly.
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    I hope they are covered up. The chem trails we get here, are nearly every week in the summer. Lots of heavy metal pollutants in that shit, drifting down onto growing plants, raising their aluminum content. You cant win, the fuckers are determined to poison us all slowly even if you avoid the monsanto crap.
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    Well said lab rat! I myself have been on a quest for good health for over a year now. Going as far as drinking Kombucha a natural health drink and drinking milk keefer smoothies those two things have made my acid reflux go away on its own no need for acid reflux medication anymore. Also grow two large veggie gardens every summer over 4000 sq feet and am growing micro greens they are very healthy. Right now I am working on taking a daily CBD regiment of CBD oil for my Bi-polar and feel like I finally have my life back no anxiety anymore and no mood swings or delusions. I want to get off these horrible anti psychotic injections I am on but I am still waiting to hear more studies on CBD as a full replacement for anti psychotics. Current studies are now proving CBD efficacy for treating Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia as well as PTSD. As for THC affecting mental health I simply do not believe that as I smoke it all the time and have seen no adverse effects other than the positive. This article seems like the doctors last ditch effort to save their paychecks. I must read the books you mentioned.
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    any suggestion on the kits from any of the sites i listed? would it be worth it to start with a hydro system?
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    An RO unit is not a necessity but it will make life a lot easier, and a big difference to you later on, especially if you try managing 15 plants constantly. If I know my water is clean and the PH is good then it eliminates a lot of possible negative factors, and stops the guessing if things start going out of whack. Its the biggest pain for me as I just use a Zero water filter which takes 40 minutes to an hour, to get 9 liters, and has to be filled 3 times to get it. I had to do that twice yesterday carry it down stairs and PH it, the bigger the plants get, the more they need, soon I may need to be doing this every other day . CO2 system I would wait, I use Labrats patented home made CO2 burner Get good basics. Lights, Tents, Extraction Fan and filter, and Humidity and Heat controllers for the Extraction Fan. Some smaller fans for moving the air around in the tents. A good PH pen not a cheapo they last only a couple of months, I got a good one last year cost $100 but well worth it, once the head wears out it can be replaced. I haven't had to re calibrate it since I got it, and use it 2 -3 times a week. I can check what its called if you like? I use fabric 5gal pots, very cheap on ebay from china, just have to wait a month. They are re usable and roots self trim in them. You may need some aircon in summer and heating in winter. My LED lights in winter will produce enough heat to raise ambient temps 12-14 degrees, so I only need to heat the room with the tents at night. Soon as it gets into +temps, I have to open a window so cold air can get in, other wise it just re circulates warm air, and does nothing to cool the inside of the tent down. This summer I will need some air con to cool it all down, but need to exhaust the hot out side which creates another problem of running duct everywhere or just cut a hole in the wall to outside next to the tent or use CO2 and let the heat stay higher. But you will need to have cooling for flowering in the summer, keeping in the low 70's with low RH to stop the possibilities of bud rot and mold and give a better trichome production. Something to think about for you.
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    Unfortunately for my friends its been prescribed to me by my doctor and i wont be able to share and hey if its legal they can grow their own haha. i do live in canada and have been on the growlights.ca site and thought they were the most reasonable when it comes to price just wasnt sure on the product itself but they do carry some of the better led brands. i will be drying and storing at my house fortunately i just moved to a small town and i naturally keep a low profile and have 2 big dogs and security cameras so i think im safe in that aspect. i decided to apply for my grow license as a way to save money on cannabis and i needed a new hobby lol. im not opposed to using 2 4x4 tents whatever it takes to get the best end result if i need to upgrade/add pieces as i go i will just not sure what the necessities are and what would be considered a luxury when it comes to equipment ie. reverse osmosis systems co2 systems etc