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    Oh well, enough errors right now, I was adjusting the PH with figures that were for an hydroponic cultivation and this is a soil one. I read that the first month of flowering I should keep the Nitrogen high, but after two weeks the Flora Gro is lowered a lot. As the expected flowering period should be longer to this strain (up to eight or nine weeks), should I keep the first two weeks formula two weeks more? I read las that I should flush the soil and cut the nutrients two weeks before the harvest, how can I know when that moment arrives? Just two weeks of flowering right now, I prefer to learn from your knowledge and experience rather than from my errors 😁, that's why I am always so thankful, cheers ...
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    Hi George, if the air is cooler with less humidity in it that would work. My air-conditioning unit basically does the same thing. It may make the de humidifier need emptying less as well, good thinking man. This is why I love growing so many problems to solve, it makes your brain work. The buds in the tent get 12 hour's of light straight away, so they develop faster than the buds outside, because it takes longer to hit the 12/12 cycle completely. The environment is probably better inside as well even though they will be getting better light outside. It's all swings and roundabouts.
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    High Shadey, already installed the oscillating fan and humidifier, now the humidity rank goes from 60% and 70%, depending on the light. I was looking on some spanish forums and there was a fellow hanging socks filled with rice and salt to avoid this 🤣. I thought that maybe if I put a curved air duct in the extracting fan and put the other extreme into the tent again in the hole that is in the bottom prepared to install a fan that takes air into the tent, as the air is already cooler and with less humidity, it would help lowering it. What do you think? The buds in the tent are more developed than the ones that are in the outside, I am counting the days left for the crop 🤪, hope everything goes fine this time, no rainy days lately, cheers ...
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    My username is mjMikey. I'll keep that even though the Manitoba government is going back to the stone age and has kept cannabis illegal and will keep it illegal even after the rest of Canada goes legal. That's why I won't use my real full name. I just joined CC Forum a couple of days ago. I've been reading Cannabis Culture the hard copy for over 20 years until it disappeared off the magazine shelves in stores. CC taught me how to grow and I've been a grower for 30 years. I saved all my old copies. I've read this a million times but I have to ask this question because in 30 years of growing I've always gone against recommendations to only feed your seedlings water in their first few days until they get their second set of leaves. I've been feeding my seedlings after a week of pure water with a weak nutrient solution and have always had great results. Why do all the Gurus tell you to wait until your seedlings have their second set of leaves? I've never had any 'burnt' babies doing it my way.
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    They're big plants in fairly small pots for their size so may need more food to keep them healthy but I wouldn't give double. Maybe 25% more and be sure to include Bloom and any bloom booster you may have. The demand for magnesium is higher in flowering too so adding Epsom Salts would be a good idea as lack of Mg causes older leaves to yellow in much the same way low N does tho there are subtle differences. You should be able to get Epsom Salts at any drug store and a teaspoon per 4L is enough. Use a real teaspoon measure to dose it right tho and not a regular spoon. Epsom Salts also supply sulfur which is the 'secret' ingredient used in Bloom Boosters to increase resin production. Diagnosing plant deficiencies is about the hardest thing to get right. Especially when dealing with other peoples plants thru pictures and their descriptions of what exactly is going on. They don't look too bad at all and many strains start losing older leaves earlier than others no matter what you do. I should have posted this link for you earlier as it has lots of good info for you. Maybe too much but better to have it than not. I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as some are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
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    Hi Tagatis, welcome to CC. I emigrated here 12 years ago, the majority of qualifications gained in other countries, are usually not recognized here, and you have to re take the Canadian equivalent exams which is expensive. Depending upon the company doing the growing it will probably be different as to what they will require for employment but I think there are a lot of people already applying for these jobs
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    High tagatis and welcome to CC Wish I could help but I haven't looked much into working in the cannabis industry and I'm Canadian born. So far what I have looked at shows me that lower level jobs don't pay very well. With the amount of legal providers coming online there will soon be a glut on the market forcing prices to fall dramatically and many pot growing companies will forced out of business or assimilated by larger companies. The black market already grows more pot than the market needs and they aren't going away any time soon. I would say it may be best to hunt for cannabis companies online and apply directly to them. If they need foreign workers to fill jobs that they can't find Canadians to fill you may be able to to get in on a foreign workers permit but I have no idea how that works. If that route doesn't work you have to think about emigrating to Canada and from what I understand that can take years. Personally I have no desire to work in the industry. I think the whole system is corrupt with most Legal Providers being run by the government hacks who recently were the ones putting users in jail. I could probably find work as I have a diploma in chemistry, 50 years of pot use and an accumulated 30 years of growing pot as a hobbyist and medical user. Just like jobs in the alcohol or tobacco industries only the big shots actually make any decent money. The rest of us get a little paycheck and all the crappy jobs. Your lack of experience isn't going to help but I wish you lots of luck if you pursue your dream.
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    Hi Shadey, sorry to insist but it doesn't look like a healthy plant to me 😓, keeps losing leaves, I will follow your advice to keep the actual doses of nutrients if you think I must do so, but both plants have pale green and yellow leaves, and that worries me, cheers ...
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    I should have known this cause it rang a bell: DWC. It rang a bell because I recently bought a new hydroponic system to play with and experiment with new strains. My system is called “CC” Under Current”! I found it a while back when I was looking for CC—Cannabis Culture mag. It’s really weird cause right before all the fuss about them talking about legalization, my beloved CC mag disappeared off the shelves because “the word” was that the magazine was “too illegal” That’s BS I know, but our stupid government works in mysterious ways. Like God. I don’t like God either. I’m a Gnostic and believe the Christian God is really the Devil and the real God is what Christians think is zee Devil. The real God didn’t create the world but his jealous brother the Devil did. There’s really no Hell just Heaven and when we die we are happy and young again... blaw blaw blaw. That’s why the world is a beautiful place but a horrifying one as well where people and animals kill other animals to survive. The real God was pretty impressed with the creation of his brother but saw that all the living things had no soul, so He gave Life Soul, Baby! Now plants, people and every living and non-living thing has a “soul”. I’m a meat-eater but feel guilty about killing all those nice moose and buffalo for my meat, but go figure! I got about 5000 plants to harvest multiple times during the year cause of my cool greenhouse/mine shaft set up and I still STILL feel BAD about killing all those beautiful plants I raised from babies just to get High and make a living. Zee only way I feel better is logically knowing that all my girls would just die anyway soon after if I didn’t harvest. So this new system I got to play with is called a Current Culture Under Current and uses zee principles of DWC. I’m too busy but a guy could easily build one himself but I bought mine and they’re friggin expensive! But I tried it cause I heard it grows MJ FAST! So its a good system to experiment with new strains. It’s pretty cool, and it DOES grow plants fast. But with all the “plumbing” and air, I still think its a pain in the ass. In my main operation we use dirt and we re-cycle our dirt so growing all those plants is no big deal and pretty straight forward. Way back, before I got to BC and was using hydroponics for the first time the power would go off where I lived and I always freaked out cause I was afraid “dead water” would kill my plants. I didn’t really know what I was doing back then and no power for a few minutes didn’t hurt my plants, I did! By suffocating them by letting my water get too warm and caused root rot. With my new play system that’s never gonna happen cause I got a water chiller. My failed first attempt with DWC 20 years ago made me vow that when I got to BC and found a good place to squat and set up my grow I would power zee whole shebang with Solar & Wind. I studied and studied this while I was still teaching and learning to grow at zee same time. Summer holidays me and my girlfriend would go quading looking for a great location to grow and we found one at the end of an old mining/logging road. Zee really cool thing was that this little valley we found in zee first set of mountains also had an abandoned mine. Being an Ex-gold miner I knew how to drill in solid rock and got an old Jack-Leg drill and drilled my own holes for the mounts for my solar and wind turbines. As we got bigger and richer we could eventually afford to pay a company to install our dual system. These guys were real pros and we met them as “customers”. They loved our weed and we could trust them to never rat us out and we’re still friends. Now adays the price of Solar has really come down, but unless you’re an electrician, I recommend just hiring a solar and wind company to set you up –the real expensive part though is all the batteries you need. You need good batteries to store your power from the panels and turbines when there’s no wind and its too cloudy or rainy. BC is famous for its rain so that’s why we got wind turbines as well cause on zee West Coast there’s most always good wind. We got all our batteries safe and warm in our old mine shaft where we grow winters. So Shadey, if you’re “wishing” to have a system like mine, its just like when we were young and “wished” we could live off growing our own. We’re just rare souls who had the balls to take ACTION from our dreams and wishes and make them a reality! You can do zee same with getting your own wind and solar for your plantation in beautiful Nova Scotia! You’re part of the country is perfect for wind and solar on account of all zee wind and sun you guys get so close to zee Atlantic. You ever heard of Atlantis? In the book, “Finger Prints of the Gods” Graham Hanncock says scientists have found palm tree fosils and massive stone man-made structures under the miles of ice and says Antarctica is the real Atlantis they say “sunk”. It didn’t sink, it just moved like all zee other continents! But hey, that’s a whole different story but if you like to read, that’s a good book to check out.
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    Hi again, Shadey, as the plant that is in the outside has the same nutrients regime than the other I thought it would be easier to take pictures so you can see the pale green leaves and yellow spots in the leaves. Please have a look and let me know what you think about, thanks ...
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    Well, they look pale green: I know an excess of N would be bad but also lack of it. I have trained the branches away from the light in case it could be also an excess of heat, but as I read somewhere, with a N deficiency: " The lower leaves will become yellow and wither. When a leaf is dying, it begins at the tips and moves towards the inside." I don't know if losing leaves in this early stage of flowering is normal. The rope I walk through is too tight as my knowledge and I'm afraid to fall again, those fallen leaves won't grow again, shall I don't do anything as you suggest? This is very stressing as a hobby 😁, I would love to have less percentage of errors on the trials, you have an important role in mending that situation and I do appreciate that, cheers ...
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    Hey Lab Rat and Shadey, thank you for zee welcome! I wanted to “reply” to both of you separately but there was no reply button at the bottom so I had to start a new topic to talk back. If you guys answer back about my growing questions and political comments, thank you but I won’t keep talking on the “Introduce yourself” thread because that would be “hijacking” right? (I found this space to reply after I wrote this --you can see I don't know much about computers and forums HaHa!) This is to Lab Rat: I started growing in dirt in old coffee cans with old Columbian or Mexican seeds on my mom’s balcony between my grad year in high school and my first year at Western University in London Ontario. I often wonder to this day why people in southern Ontario call themselves “Westerners”! When my first plants got about 4’ high I had to strip them and hide the leaves to dry and smoke later cause my mom invited friends for dinner and the husband was a RCMP! This was in 1978. I did lots of cool jobs to put myself through university from dishwasher, truck driver, laundry Maid...until I got my first real teaching job then quit for a while to go gold mining. I did that for three years and saved up enough money to so I could eventually work (teach) my way across Canada to BC where I planned to settle and grow commercially (illegally!). I love Nova Scotia but decided it would be too cold to grow Guerrilla style and settled on BC after I met Marc Emery. While I was teaching kids in school science English and math, I went home after work and learned how to grow! After I started reading High Times and Cannabis Culture to learn how to grow, I got into hydroponics from all the ads in the magazines. After doing that in secret for a few years in rented houses, I decided hydro was more trouble than it was worth and went back to soil. Now I use Sunshine mix fortified with my secret soil recipe. It’s not really secret but I made it up myself after reading how. That’s why I’ve always started feeding my baby seedlings a weak nute solution after the first week of straight water and have always done good by that so I’m glad you validated my choices. The reason I said Manitoba is gone illegal is because I haven’t bought weed for years and sold my own! I would never buy weed from zee government anyway cause I hate all governments. (With zee exception of zee BC govt cause zee RCMP have never bothered us up here in zee middle of nowhere! --even when they fly over our greenhouses, wind turbines and solar panels and know we’re here!) I’ve always grown in secret and now that I left Manitoba way back and started up in BC in zee mountains I built a great “Clan” of my family and closest friends and we’ve never got a license but have always grown wicked “organic” on our “secret” hideout “plantation”. (We’ve recently learned how to disguise our panels and turbines so when the whole cuntry finally really becomes “legal” we’ll have disappeared off zee face of zee Earth!) Weed should be legal to grow if we’re supposed to be “legal” so that’s why I say F#$% Manitoba. Now I sell to licensed Dispensaries in Vansterdam under the table! I’m not licensed, but they are! Ha Ha. My dispensary customers tell me they’d rather buy from me cause they know I grow quality organic (which their customers love!) and sell to them cheaper then the licensed guys! The government tells the licensed guys to use chemicals for their medical marijuana crops...Go figure! The Canadian and American governments are more corrupt then zee Hells Angels! (And of course I don’t trust those MoFo’s either!) Thanks again for your advice Lab Rat! This is to Shadey: Hey Shadey, I think its cool you’re a grower in Nova Scotia. I loved Nova Scotia when I hung out there on my way to Newfoundland, but decided on settling in the BC mountains close to zee coast where its warmer. I don’t grow in my greenhouses in zee winter and we use a converted abandoned mining drift (horizontal tunnel in rock) for our winter growing. We got Solar and Wind for our main electric and a bio-diesel generator as back up power. There’s even an old pure water spring we get all our water for in the drift! Thanks for your advice in feeding my babies the way I’ve always done. When Cannabis Culture went off the selves I stopped reading it so I lost all my knowledge of the “lingo” you guys use now for growing. What do you mean by, “DWC”?-what does it stand for? Now that I discovered your awesome CC Forum is alive and well, I’m going to learn all the lingo back again! Thanks for your advice Shadey! I'm an old dog now but I can still learn new tricks!
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    Trump Regime Reportedly Attempting to Undermine Legal Pot Reefer Madness-Style Reports indicate that the Trump administration is actively working against marijuana legalization efforts. By A.J. Herrington August 29, 2018 Gage Skidmore/ Flickr The Trump administration has established a committee to combat growing positive perceptions of cannabis by Americans, according to a report from BuzzFeed News. The Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, made up of representatives from agencies throughout the federal government, has been tasked with opposing positive messages about marijuana and analyzing state legalization efforts for flaws, according to the report. A summary of a meeting between the White House and personnel from nine government departments attacked the public’s positive views. “The prevailing marijuana narrative in the U.S. is partial, one-sided, and inaccurate,” the summary reads. The meeting was coordinated by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and included staff from the State, Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services departments. In a memo from the White House the following week, those federal agencies and the departments of Defense, Education, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency were instructed to provide biased information by August 10. The White House asked for two-page fact sheets with bullet points highlighting the public threats of cannabis and information on state marijuana legalization efforts. “Departments should provide … the most significant data demonstrating negative trends, with a statement describing the implications of such trends,” the memo reads. The memo said the White House wanted the federal agencies to “identify marijuana threats; issues created by state marijuana initiatives; and consequences of use, production, and trafficking on national health, safety, and security.” ‘Secret Hate Agenda’ Terrie Best, the San Diego chair of cannabis activist group Americans for Safe Access, told High Times that the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee is the latest tactic of an administration bent on authoritarianism and bias. “Black folks, weed, what’s next in Trumps’s secret hate agenda? Rock and roll?” asked Best. “They formed department-wide prohibitionist cabals in our government and armed them with fake news about cannabis in order to overthrow the will of the voting citizens. It’s shameful and deceitful,” she added. Government Officials Tight-Lipped Although spokespeople for the government agencies tasked with providing negative information on cannabis declined to comment on the committee itself, some staffers did talk about the actions taken by their respective departments. Education Department spokesperson Liz Hill said this week that the agency had submitted the information requested by the Trump administration. “I’m told we did turn it in on time to the White House,” she said. And a spokesperson from the Department of State said that the agency often discusses drug policy with the White House. “The State Department regularly coordinates with ONDCP on a wide range of drug control issues. For specific questions about the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, we refer you to ONDCP,” the spokesperson said. The White House declined to comment on the workings of the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee, but Deputy White House Press Secretary Lindsay Walters told BuzzFeed News that the working group is an effort to align administration policy with the president’s goals. “The Trump Administration’s policy coordination process is an internal, deliberative process to craft the president’s policies on a number of important issues facing the American people, and ensure consistency with the president’s agenda,” said Walters. https://hightimes.com/news/trump-regime-reportedly-attempting-undermine-legal-pot-reefer-madness-style
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    Hi Shadey, wasn't really a good idea, after two hours in night mode the humidity dropped from 63 % to 58 %, but the temperature raised from 74 F to 79 F, so in day mode it should be even worse 😴 . I put now the exhaust of the air duct pointing directly to the open netted window, let's see if the mix of both breaths of air does the trick. I think I will keep my noob condition for several months 😁, thanks for your patience ...
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    Thanks for the reply, yes, it is a quite entertaining hobby with challenges 😁, do you think once installed the air duct I should close the netted window or would have problems with air quality and oxygen if done? I'm scared of the outside plant, at the end of October the weather here will be very rainy and humid, the next ones will be all DWC indoor for sure. I am not going to be an expert like you (with professional skills and equipment), but as long that I will be able to vape my own weed I'll be the happiest man on earth, cheers and thanks again...
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    Well our spinning orb has cycled 7 times since the last update.... I guess that means it's time for another update.... Now that things are in transition they are starting to really show some structure. I'm real interested to see how the shorter plants are going to end up.... I have a pretty good idea how the bigger plants will finish.... But you never know what they are going to do... Lets take a look... Unknown Kush T-Rex-1 T-Rex-2 T-Rex-4 Blue Dream Katatonic HP X OSB I'm running with this due to the sativa expression of this plant... Mama Wizzard's Pure T-Rex she wanted to open her up a bit... Well that's a wrap for this week, temps still in the high 90's to 100's night time in the low 60's still have days smoked in and still some ash fall out but it is easing up a bit. 230,000 acres and 95% containment on the Carr fire... It will be real interesting to see how the smoke and ash effect the plants if at all... As always questions and comments are always welcome... From now through November are the fun times to watch the flowers develop and grow... Stay tuned.... The fun is just starting.... And the smells are starting too...Peace...
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    Alaska Could Be The First State To Legalize And License Marijuana Lounges By Chris Roberts August 23, 2018 Alaska might become the first place in the U.S. to officially permit recreational marijuana consumers the right to use cannabis in specially state-licensed establishments. The state’s Marijuana Control Board on Wednesday published proposed changes to regulations allowing cannabis dispensaries to seek approval for onsite consumption. An earlier proposal for consumption lounges was rejected in February 2017. If approved, Alaska marijuana retail stores would be able to apply for an on-site consumption “endorsement.” Applications would cost $1,000, with annual renewals running $2,000. According to the proposal, dispensaries could sell “marijuana bud or flower in quantities not to exceed one gram to any one person per day” and “edible marijuana products in quantities not to exceed 10 mg of THC to any one person per day” to customers to consume on the premises. Patrons would be able to sample purchases made at the dispensary at either a “fenced-off outdoor area” or a separate indoor ventilated area,” the Fairbanks News Miner previously reported. Cannabis concentrates and tobacco products would not be allowed in the consumption areas, and the rules don’t allow for people to BYOB (bring your own bud). Dispensary workers couldn’t consume marijuana at work, and there would have to be “a smoke-free area for employees to monitor the marijuana consumption area.” Permits could be protested by local governments, but unless a local government explicitly bans on-site consumption, the state marijuana board would have the final say whether to grant the license. If the changes are approved, Alaska would be the first state to allow such dispensary/lounge hybrids (or “sampling rooms”) at the state level. Currently, a limited number of businesses in Denver that are not dispensaries can seek cannabis consumption lounges, following approval of a local ballot initiative. The first, a coffee shop and cafe called The Coffee Joint, opened up in the spring. Several San Francisco dispensaries operating under permits from the medical cannabis era have consumption lounges. But these are exceptions. Advocates have argued that “consumption lounges” or other legal, permitted businesses where adults can consume marijuana without fear of penalty—for themselves or for the business—is one of the pieces missing from marijuana legalization, even as more states end prohibition or move in that direction. In the states where marijuana is legal for adults 21 and over to consume, consumption in public is specifically forbidden and is punishable by a citation and fine. Landlords also have the right to ban smoking in rental housing. This presents a conundrum. Such residents, including residents of subsidized units housing veterans or seniors, risk eviction if they consume marijuana inside. Outside, they risk a citation (or just public opprobrium). And tourists visiting legal marijuana states often have no place to consume their cannabis. Alaska voters approved marijuana legalization in 2014. Arguments against allowing consumption lounges similar to what consumers of alcohol take for granted—“bars”—include fears of stoned drivers causing havoc on roadways. Regulators will accept written public comments on the proposed new rules until November 1, and will hold a public hearing on December 19 at which people can deliver oral feedback. “After the public comment period ends, the Marijuana Control Board will either adopt the proposed regulation changes or other provisions dealing with the same subject, without further notice, or decide to take no action,” regulators’ notice says. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/alaska-could-be-the-first-state-to-legalize-and-license-marijuana-lounges
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    Nova Scotia Selects 15 Cannabis Suppliers August 24, 2018 Published by NCV Newswire Halifax, August 24, 2018 – The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) placed its first purchase orders this week for recreational cannabis in preparation for legalization October 17, 2018. The NSLC has placed orders with 14 Canadian cannabis vendors, including two from the Atlantic region, and one Cannabis Accessory vendor. We have done our homework and believe the 78 strains we have ordered will provide customers with a varied product assortment. We have carefully selected the strains and will adjust our inventory based on customer preference. Bret Mitchell, NSLC President & CEO The first purchase orders are intended to secure 3.75 million grams. The NSLC anticipates it will order in the range of 15 million grams in the first year. The strains and amounts have been selected based on a number of criteria including relevant sales data from the recreational and medical cannabis markets in Canada and the United States, product availability and the suppliers’ ability to provide us with a continuous supply. With these first purchase orders, the NSLC will carry 282 cannabis products and 21 accessories. Recreational cannabis for recreational use will come in five formats: flower, seeds, pre-rolls, oil and gel caps. “I’m extremely proud of our employees for their diligence in bringing this new product category to market in a responsible way. Our focus has always been, and will remain, on the responsible retailing of this new product category,” Mitchell said. The NSLC has leveraged its corporate social responsibility experience and used industry best practices to ensure the product is sold responsibly and according to federal and provincial legislation. It has launched a customer education program called What to Expect to prepare and inform customers on the cannabis shopping experience. The program explains age restrictions in the cannabis stores including that nobody under the age of 19 is permitted into the section. It also prepares customers for the fact it takes more time to make cannabis purchases than beverage alcohol purchases and that lineups may occur. The NSLC has also developed a corporate social responsibility program called Need to Know which focuses on the responsible consumption and safe storage of recreational cannabis. It informs customers they must be 19 or older to purchase recreational cannabis, that cannabis affects everyone differently so start with low THC percentages and slowly learn how you react, to consume alcohol and cannabis separately and to keep cannabis locked and out of reach and sight of minors. Finally, the program reminds Nova Scotians to never drive after consumption of beverage alcohol or cannabis and to plan ahead to get home safely. Because the corporation did not sign Memorandums of Understanding with vendors, it has flexibility to adjust the products it carries based on customer preference. Nova Scotia products will be added as soon as local producers have licenses from Health Canada to both produce and sell recreational cannabis. About the NSLC For over eighty years, the NSLC has been managing the safe and responsible sale of beverage alcohol in Nova Scotia, returning 100% of its profits to government to help fund key public services. As a true partner in our communities, the NSLC conducts its business with integrity and respect for the environment, while supporting the sale of more than $200 million in Nova Scotia-produced products every year. For more information about the NSLC, please visit our website at myNSLC.com. https://www.newcannabisventures.com/nova-scotia-selects-15-cannabis-suppliers
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    Thanks Shadey for the reply, the tent has already an extracting fan in the top. When I bought the kit, there was another fan as an extra, this one to force air into the tent, I didn't think it was necessary but with my recent experience with the mildew 😪 I wanted to avoid it for good and was thinking that maybe that second fan would help. The tent has the same humidity than the room, 78% right now, that happens with the lights off and lower temperature, as you say, I don't know if moving the air faster with that fan would drop the humidity, I have two netted windows opened below. I have already removed some big leaves, that was a good tip 😁. Hopefully, the dehumidifier will arrive soon and those buds are just starting to grow, let see if that also helps, I will let you know the progress, cheers ...
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    The humidity will rise as the heat reduces, and vice versa, that's why it's called relative humidity. An extraction fan will reduce the humidity and temperature to the ambient temp and humidity outside the tent. My night time humidity in my flower room climbs to 75% I don't worry about it. So long as I have good air movement in the room. You could remove some of the big fan leaves on the plant to help with airflow and lower the chance's of mold and mildew. The only time I really need low humidity, is the last few weeks of flowering, helps with the terpenes and trichs. I have my extraction fan set to come on when the humidity hits %60 in my veg tent. A dehumidifier would be useful though, for times when the ambient humidity is very high.
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    High Shadey, I managed to make a wrenching torque with a pencil and a string and little by little the light is now not so close to the plant. It is flowering faster than the one that is out but has now the problem of humidity. I have installed a thermometer-hygrometer transmitter that was before in the outside wall so now I can check that without having to go upstairs. As you can see (the upper figures correspond to the tent), even when the light is off the humidity and temperature rises, sometimes up to 74% I'm going to receive soon one dehumidifier I have bought Do you think it will be enough? Should I buy an intake air fan to put below? Would that help with my humidity and temperature problem? Thanks for your always useful help ... 😎
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    Oh well, the picture is tricky 🤪, this is the northern coast of Spain and last July we saw the sun twice. Normally it is cloudy and with showers, maybe the plants are so tall because of looking for the missing sun. As they say, you must never put all your eggs in the same basket so guess I will keep it this way, I will be able to see the difference between both at the end. The pot is small because I didn't want them to grow further, should move them under a roof when raining and just reached the top. My next batch will be a DWC, nowadays all I want is to have something to vape, and with your help, I am on the right track to accomplish that. I will crack it and let you know the results, cheers ...
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    Yeh that's good it looked like it was coming in on the bottom left of the picture. Yeh, just bend it over gently, the stem will crack a little. Wrap a bit of tap around it to stop any infection starting, I never have, when doing this but it's better safe than sorry. I don't think the LED light is going to be power full enough, for that plant and the light from it will still burn the plant if 2 close, just not as much as the other light which is hot as well. I am almost in the same position with my flowering plants ATM I vegged them too long bye a couple of weeks now I only have about 14 inches of light adjustment left, and they are still stretching out. Nice looking plant in the pic, a good size considering the small pot. The weather looks good in your pic, maybe it would be better to leave them both outside to finish flowering, and start your next batch in the tent.
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    Hi man, If its not an auto, then yes you will need to switch to 12/12. you don't want to re veg it. Its very tall, good job you didn't put the big one in lol, that's where you would want it to finish flowering, at that height. Its going to stretch more through the flowering process. To be honest, I am not sure what to suggest you do with that plant for the best, being so tall. Its very close to the light now. I would crack the main stem a third of the way down the plant, and lean it over at a 45 degree angle, and support it with a length of cord tied to the tent strut somewhere, so it doesn't drop and break of completely, as It needs to be further away from the light, then watch it go crazy with the branch growth. Its either that or physically chop off the top third but that would lose you all the major bud sites that have developed. if you do nothing the light may burn them up. yes it will make the temps higher slightly, during flower it would be better to have it on permanently, to reduce the chance of mildew or mold if the humidity is still high with you. it looks like you have the fan ducting taking air from the bottom of the tent it would be better taking it from the top where the light is. A small 16 - 22 cm clip on fan in there to move the air about would be good as well. there is always something extra you need See if anyone else has any suggestions for you in dealing with the height issue before you do anything.

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