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    The two with the darker leaves on the left and the others on the right are OGs some OG bud at trimming time. Found these pics in my attachments from previous posts.
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    Ok tp done. Put into ocean forest. The roots looked weak, no fur, but they are white. Opened the no pop and it was just moldy. Opened the other one ssdd x halo and nothing. Hard still squeezed it and there was pulp in side. Next time I'll give those a scratch. My sativa in winter project (what was I thinking) is underway!
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    Hi. 1BillionDollars here, aka: SitnSpin I'd like to post up photos of my present and many past grows. I've been growing since 1974, smoking since 72'. Let's see if I can pull this off without embarrassing myself. lol
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    Hey guys, im a new grower, just got some Purple Kush seeds to germ and got them growing in some rapid rooter plugs. I have a few questions about my set up. My seedlings look to be doing okay, growing about a 1/4 inch a day. I’m noticing that the leaves are a little curled (will include pics). I have been keeping the tray of my rooter filled to the bottom of the plug with water and the plugs soak the water up and stay moist. Maybe too moist I’m thinking?? Anyone have any pointer for me or see anything I’m doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Some shots of the last run...
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    Looking like you have some seed hats to remove from those seedlings.
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    Nice looking LabRat! Blam! Mine grew balls too it just stacked up like a mofo in the sun. So the WF, all of them cracked, even the one I didn't count because it looked broken. I have 8 above ground. Glad to have my girl back in rotation. Thank you Major. Here's the new borns...
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    Hey Bill, looks like you are going to have some nice gear coming your way. Pulling up a chair to have a watch of these girls.
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    Yupper, this og18 is a freak too. I was told she did it when he grew it out. I've found 3 seeds, and I also smoked one, and was it horrible. The potency is really strong and a great aroma
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    They legit were not done their paintings. 3 hours usually isnt long enough. So I can show you my boobs whenever I want? How kind of you guys 🤣 As long as I can:
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    Yeh Canada Post is being a pain in the ass atm, I want to order some seeds. You can grow them in a pot with your seedling soil temporarily. they will be another 2-3 weeks before they will be ready for transplant into your hydro. do you have a PH meter for your water? watch the heat mat it can cause problems, with the damping off problem and will dry out those rooters faster. Labrat is the hydro expert he will help you out with any problems you have.
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    Hello Dustinperrier and welcome, I believe the leaves you are referring to are the seed leaves or Cotyledons. They have a short life span, lasting long enough to get the plant started, then they will curl, turn yellow, and die off. I wouldn't worry about these first leaves at all as your plants seem to be progressing well. That sounds right but you are the best judge here. The plugs look soaked and they shouldn't be but it is just a photo. Good luck with your grow... 52.
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    Yup, the real problem with popping on paper towels
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    Grown me some OG#18 too. Got fresh cuttings off a buddy with a side of mites to go. lol Had 3 and all grew a few 'nanners about 3 weeks into flowering. All near the bottom of the plant and just a few. Never got any seeds from it so no sneaky ones blowing their loads behind my back. Really like the buzz and still loving he half oz I got left after June 20014 for fug sake! Just looked at the label I put on my bud jars. Thought maybe 2 years. Haven't grown the others and good luck with the Wizards' children!
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    Juveys are OG18, SLH, Grapefruit Badass, the ones on the towel are Wizards Fire!
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    Okay they are getting ro starting tomorrow. And I’ll cut back on the nutrients when I make this one. Anything else you can think of? I’m going to order some sm-90 aswell. Hopefully my ph meter gets here sooner than later.
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    If you can you should be using RO water. Hard water will cause you grief. Those feeding tubes will start plugging up, you pH will be screwy and minerals in your water can mess things up too. Tap water can often be high in sodium, manganese, iron and many others that can interfere with your nutrient minerals by causing lockouts or excesses if the mineral in question is one your plant already gets from your nutes and the added stuff gives it too much. We buy RO water for drinking etc and that's all I ever use for my plants too. I doubt very much that it's a fungus but ya never know.
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    What program is that? TOR won't update for my XP Pro desktop anymore so looking for substitute. Or was it for a phone?
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    Have enough pebbles to fill the pots so light can't leak into the tub? You usually put some balls in the bottom, set the clone/rooter on top then bury with more balls until the pot is full. Won't drown the roots. That's how all those top-feed systems work. The liquid should be well aerated so the roots get lots of oxygen. They grow down into the tub and don't drown there.
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    I built the fence in my backyard and it all hangs inside my yard not that i wouldn't mind sharing if they asked and were a patient.... Thanks tho i had plants there the year before and one dropped 1seed and she grew on her own and produced more than anything i did the year before and was so much easier to maintain. Lst lollipopping and she took care of her self besides nutes...
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    I'd use it if it all looks normal. The base nutes shouldn't go bad but stuff containing organics which some do might be off tho not likely to hurt anything. I've got some 17 yo Bloom we used on the wife's tomatoes and it worked OK. The ones we gave it to grew lots more and bigger tomatoes. That pisses me off that they don't at least have a date of manufacture on them.
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    Thanks for the reply! Okay that’s good to hear about the curled leaves. The rooter pods are pretty moist at all times and the water in the bottom of the rooter tray is getting a little cloudy. I’m tempted to remove all the water from the bottom and just water them when they get dry. I’m not enjoying the rapid rooter so far. I’ve been looking for information on exactly how to operate the rooter tray but all the package said was to fill the rooter tray with a 1/4 inch of water and let the pods sit in the water? I’m scared I’m going to drown the roots. Thanks again for the reply. Anyone with experience on the rooter tray feel free to chime in!
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