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    Flowers should be mostly dry before going into the jars. If there is too much moisture in the flowers you can easily get mold. Should be a couple times a day until you are sure there is little moisture in the flowers. Then you can go to once a day then once every couple days then once a week then they should be cured...
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    Hi, I am using those root riot cubes, you place seed into cube, it meant to have all the nutes the young seed needs, as for the rock wool, I am growing one seed, and it sits better in the rockwool cube, I only feed RO water, I water once per day carefully,last grow, I damaged one of 2 plants, had to toss it out, this was due to drowning the poor thing. Shadey it's very good to know you have my back just loving this stuff.........
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    From a recent trip to capture a harvest. Enjoy =D
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    @Bester, if its smelling too earthy yhen you might have mold, try burping it for longer maybe, sometimes one hour is not enough for buds with high moisture content. Hard to say exactly without being able to ser and smell it. Just going ofg what you describe.
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    Hi guys I appreciate all the comments I may be back next year as that plant was a bust but all a learning process glad I found this site.. still curing in a jar been about 2 weeks been opening jar for a hour or a two but not very nice and smells abit earthy but if I pick a bud out it smells okay lol I'm so bad at this but going to research for next year thank you guys x
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    You soil is hydrophobic by the looks of it. Next time use hay/straw around the base to hold moisture but make sure you have good drainage. Don't use any fertilizer now as you only have 2 weeks left until harvesting, so you don't want your buds tasting like chemicals. And is that frostbite on the leaves? I'm not sure as I live in a tropical climate and frost is never a issue for me. Best of luck next time. Once you harvest hang your buds up on a line in a dark cupboard with a small fan circulating the air. After about 7 days manicure the buds and stick into a glass jar with the lid on keep in complete darkness for 24hrs. Open the jar and lay your buds out on paper towel for about 10 hours still in complete darkness, this is very important. Place back in air tight jar and keep sealed for 48hrs, open jar lay buds back out onto paper towel for 10 hours, place back in jar, seal for 72hrs, lay back out on paper towel for 4-6hours max, place back into jar for 5 days and lay out on paper towel for 30 minutes max. Repeat this last step once or twice. Never let buds become crumbly dry or even worst don't let them stay too moist and get mold. If you follow these steps as a guide only it will help these buds taste nice and retain as much thc and cbd as possible. Good luck.
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    I'm new to this forum...been prepping a little over a month. Hoping to pick up some good info from you experts!
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    Aww man what a bummer. I’m sorry to hear she is not, how can I say, doing quite right? im hoping she can get the help she needs. Sometimes all it takes is to be able to talk to the right person. In my last house I had a nice furnace room where I built my grow room. Ahhhh the memories lol. My kids were tiny at the time but did walk in on me several times but were too young to know what they were seeing as I have about 50 plants (non cannabis) so I’m sure they all looked alike at that age. yes, boys are a different animal
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    Hey there! How are you doing? Yea 1960 was a great year lol im not sure if I want to start growing again? It can be very difficult where I’m located. I did it for 5 years and had a couple of close calls, and I have teen agers about.
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    Little update with only 14 shopping days until Xmas. Get out there and spend, spend, spend to buy happiness for all your neglected loved ones you faithful consumers! lol I rearranged the spare bedroom a bit to be able to squeeze the 8x4 tent in there and swapped out the fluoros and LEDs for some real power. Hung the 400W MH up and will start getting some decent growth happening soon. About time to up-pot the babies to the 2L cans from 1L. Something going on with the BlueBerries. Not sure what yet but it might be Mg or even a bit of nute burn starting, Going to watch and wait a bit and see what happens after they get into bigger pots before trying to fix what may not be a problem One of the Skunk is showing the same fading in the leaves but the rest are fine. That droopy BB in the back, rt side is standing tall today. Group shot. Tallest are the BB at 7" and 6 nodes. Check out the mess I have to deal with downstairs with my too tall CBD girls. I'm going to install a 3x4' piece of sheep fencing at a 45 degree angle in front and drape them over it to do a weird semi-vertical ScroG type thingy and get them flowering today I hope. Want to get at least 6 cuttings each off all three. Already switched the 400 MH for a 400 HPS but haven't changed the time from 18/6. Otto #1 on the left.
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    Well the ChemDawg bit the dust finally. Was touch and go so she up and got. The unamed sativa from 30 year old seed is looking way better with lots of cuttings available. I'll take 3 or 4 and maybe toss her in the flowering room later. Think I'll name her 30Something. Was a great show. Thought I'd got rid of them but found a couple live mites on 30Something so cleaned her up and gave her the last dose of the Safer's soap left in the bottle. Hit her with the other stuff in 3 days. The babies are all a little starved with all the hospital shit I've been dealing with but I'm getting better fast and so will they after the nice feeding they got today. They live right beside 30Something and not a mite to be found on any of them so maybe the boogie man isn't so scary after all. 3 Original Skunk on the left. 2 BBs and the BB baby in the middle and the 2 AKs on the right. Check out the fat leaves on the baby BB. Heavy indica for sure or got a bit of DuckFoot genetics in it. All for now.
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    Havent tried it yet but looks promising. https://cannapedia.me/Citric+Acid+Extraction
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    Regulating cannabis: The right way to do drugs The argument for the legalisation of cannabis has been won. Now for the difficult bit Feb 13th 2016 | From the print edition IT IS like a hash-induced hallucination: row upon row of lush, budding plants, tended by white-coated technicians who are bothered by the authorities only when it is time to pay their taxes. Cannabis once grew in secret, traded by murderous cartels and smoked by consumers who risked jail. Now, countries all over the world have licensed the drug for medical purposes, and a few are going still further (see article). Four American states have so far legalised its recreational use; little Uruguay will soon be joined by big, G7-member Canada in the legal-weed club. Parliaments from Mexico to South Africa are debating reforms of their own. Those (including this newspaper) who have argued that legalisation is better than prohibition will welcome the beginning of the end of the futile war on weed. Cannabis accounts for nearly half the $300 billion illegal narcotics market, and is the drug of choice for most of the world’s 250m illicit-drug users. Legalising it deprives organised crime of its single biggest source of income, while protecting and making honest citizens of consumers. Yet the repeal of prohibition marks the start of complex arguments about how to regulate cannabis. What sound like details for bureaucrats—how to tax it, which varieties to allow, who should sell it and to whom—are questions that force policymakers to decide which of legalisation’s competing aims they value most. Trailblazers like Canada are writing rules that the rest of the world will copy; once laid down, they will be hard to uproot. Getting these decisions right will ultimately determine whether legalisation succeeds or fails. Have your hash cake and eat it Legalisation’s proponents are an odd mix of libertarians, who want to maximise personal and commercial freedom, and conservatives, who grasp that prohibition is less effective than pragmatic legalisation and regulation. The hippies and hardliners created a powerful alliance for legalisation. But when asked to say exactly how the cannabis trade should work—at what rate to set taxes or whether to place limits on consumption, for instance—they can find themselves at odds. Libertarians may ask why cannabis, which has no known lethal dose, should be regulated at all for adults who can make free, informed decisions. There are two reasons for care. First, cannabis appears to induce dependency in a minority of users, meaning the decision whether to light up is not a free one. Second, cannabis’s illegality means that the research on its long-term effects is hazy, so even the most informed decision is based on incomplete information. When decisions are neither always free nor fully informed, the state is justified in steering consumers away, as it does from alcohol and tobacco. Hence the libertarians must cede ground. States can tax users to deter consumption—though not so much as to make consumers turn first to the untaxed black market. The “right” level of tax will depend on a country’s circumstances. In Latin America, where abuse is rare and the black market is bloody and powerful, governments should keep prices low. In the rich world, where problem use is more common and drug-dealers are a nuisance rather than a threat to national security, prices could be higher. One model is the United States after Prohibition: alcohol taxes were set low at first, to drive out the bootleggers; later, with the Mafia gone, they were ramped up. A similar trade-off applies when determining what products to allow. Cannabis no longer means just joints. Legal entrepreneurs have cooked up pot-laced food and drink, reaching customers who might have avoided smoking the stuff. Ultra-strong “concentrates” are on offer to be inhaled or swallowed. Edibles and stronger strains help put the illegal dealers out of business, but they also risk encouraging more people to take the drug, and in stronger forms. The starting-point should be to legalise only what is already available on the black market. That would mean capping or taxing potency, much as spirits are taxed more steeply and are less available than beer. Again, the mix will vary. Europe may be able to ban concentrates. America already has a taste for them. If the product were outlawed there the mob would gladly step in. In one respect, governments should be decidedly illiberal. Advertising is largely absent in the underworld, but in the legal world it could stimulate vast new demand. It should be banned. Likewise, alluring packaging and products, such as cannabis sweets that would appeal to children, should be outlawed, just as many countries outlaw flavoured cigarettes and alcohol-spiked sweets. The state should use the tax system and public education to promote the least harmful ways of getting high. The legal market has already created pot’s answer to the e-cigarette, which reduces the damage done by smoke to lungs. In America the federal ban on cannabis means the task of writing its first regulations has fallen to overstretched civil servants in a few small states. Testing potency, setting safe-driving limits and solving a hundred other puzzles is no easier when the federal agencies that would normally advise them (such as the Food and Drug Administration, the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical regulator) are sitting on their hands. And the absence of federal curbs on pot advertising means that the drug is more widely promoted than tobacco, by companies pleading the First Amendment. The federal government’s wait-and-see policy sounds prudent; in fact it is irresponsible. Be cautious, but be bold Campaigners for and against legalisation need to adjust to the new reality, too. Those who would rather ban the drug should stop flogging the dead horse of prohibition and start campaigning for versions of legalisation that do the least harm (just as the temperance movement these days lobbies for higher taxes on booze, rather than a ban). Legalisers, meanwhile, should open their eyes to the fact that the legal marijuana industry, which until now has only had to prove itself more worthy than organised criminals, now needs as much scrutiny as the other “sin” industries that defend their turf jealously. Rather than one day having to take on Big Cannabis, it would be better to get policy on pot right from the start. the economist
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    https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/surrender-your-guns-police-tell-hawaiian-medical-marijuana-patients http://www.civilbeat.org/2017/11/honolulu-police-tell-medical-marijuana-patients-to-give-up-their-guns/ Honolulu Police Tell Medical Marijuana Patients To Give Up Their Guns The Honolulu Police Department is sending letters to medical marijuana patients asking them to surrender their guns. “If you currently own or have firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit, and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) or otherwise transfer ownership,” says one letter dated Nov. 13 and signed by new Police Chief Susan Ballard. While the city has denied gun permits to medical marijuana patients for years, the state revised the permit application this month to specifically ask about medical marijuana licenses, HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu said in an email. From 2013 to 2016, 67 patients were denied gun permits, and the HPD has sent letters to 30 patients in the last year. Bill Richter, president of Lessons in Firearm Education Hawaii, sees the letters as an escalation of the policy. “Now they have progressed from simply saying, ‘OK you can’t buy a handgun,’ to going, ‘Hey we are going to send these letters and we are going to confiscate all your guns,'” Richter said. Yu did not respond to Civil Beat requests for an interview with Ballard. Yu also did not respond to questions about whether the letters were sent only to gun permit applicants or to people with existing permits or both. Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but dispensaries selling the drug didn’t open until this year. The state is one of the few that requires potential gun owners to apply for permits. Federal law prohibits medical marijuana users from owning guns, but enforcement variesacross the states. “Why be so concerned about complying with this part of federal law, when the whole program violates it?” asked Carl Bergquist, executive director of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii, an organization that supports legalizing marijuana. Yu said that the HPD gained access to the state’s database of medical marijuana patients in September 2016. “Checking the database is now part of the department’s standard background verification for all gun applicants,” Yu wrote. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Health said the HPD has had access to the list of medical marijuana patients since the program started in 2000, because it was originally administered by the state Department of Public Safety. Medical marijuana patients who want to own guns have to wait a year after their cards expire before they can successfully apply for a firearm permit, according to a report by the state attorney general. State Sen. Will Espero said it doesn’t make sense to take guns away from medical marijuana patients. “They should be going after the real hardcore criminals and bad guys versus patients who need some assistance with their health care needs,” Espero said. Harvey Gerwig, head of the Hawaii Rifle Association, partially agreed, saying, “A person who is taking medicine shouldn’t be deprived of their Second Amendment rights.” But Gerwig also said he considers the state’s medical marijuana program “a fraud on many levels.” “You’ve got people who are using it for drug purposes, not for medicine,” he said. “In those cases I don’t think they should have a firearm.” Gerwig credited the police department for giving people 30 days to give up their guns instead of seizing the weapons immediately. But he said it might still be hard for people to sell their firearms within that time frame, noting handguns take at least two weeks to transfer ownership. A U.S. court decision last year affirmed federal law denying firearms to medical marijuana patients. A 2011 memo from the U.S. Department of Justice said there’s no exception for states where medical marijuana is legal. That’s good news to local residents like Willis Moore, a member of the neighborhood board for downtown Honolulu and Chinatown. “I think any limitation or restriction on firearms is commendable,” said Moore, who teaches political science at Chaminade University. Richter said HPD’s push to get patients to surrender their guns is unnecessary. “I don’t see why at this point these particular people are being targeted for what has to be a fairly expensive and resource intensive effort to deny people their Second Amendment rights,” Richter said. “Seems to be a bit extreme that once they start using medical marijuana that somehow they become ineligible to exercise a constitutional right.”
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    If any of the very rich Arab people I did close protection bodyguard work for are to go bye and other Muslim peoples I have known, I would say yes, along with alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy. It may not be officially on the list as an acceptable part of dietary needs, but they considered it so.
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    I guess the answer is ... Yes?
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    Hi Guys, this is my 2nd grow, although I was pretty pleased with my 1st, I still had problems with it, the main one was, the plant didn't look a healthy green, I based this from some of shadeys pics in the forum. Anyhoo Back to my 2nd try, it's from seed, my set-up is a work in progress. But already I am seeing ill-health. I did let it dry out a little, but I thought it had come back, it was only one day. Any help would be much appreciated, and it will save me pestering Shadey See picture.. Thanx in advance
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    What is the ph of the RO water? Also did you soak the starter cubes in oh balanced water beforehand? Those cubes retain a lot of water so once a day is too much IMO. I gave my girls 300 ppm after they were a week old and some said that was even too long to wait
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    I think you are over watering again Magician, probably difficult to tell with it in the middle of the Rockwell cube. Its not gong to be drinking much at this stage, you could let them go 2-3 days without a water, depending on room temps and RH, forces them to push roots down when they dont get much, I would wait up to 24 hours after the top 3/4 inch has dried out, which is a half of the way down the riot cube before watering again. Now I see that its growing in Rockwell which looks wet almost out to the edges of the cube you could probably wait a week before it would need another.
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    Hi Magician. That baby does look sick. Is that compost in rock wool it is growing in? The leaf tips look to be burned by too much nutrients. Seedlings do not need any nutrients for the first 2-3- weeks.
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    House passes pot legalization bill — but Senate could be a ‘wild card’ By Kyle Duggan. Published on Nov 27, 2017 A man lights a marijuana joint as he participates in the 4/20 protest on Parliament Hill, Monday, April 20, 2015 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld The House of Commons has passed legislation that would legalize recreational use of cannabis in Canada, after the Liberals shut down a last-ditch effort by the Conservatives to delay implementation of the bill. MPs voted in favour 200 to 82, sending the Liberal government’s marijuana bill off to the unpredictable Senate – which has the ability to delay or altogether stop the government’s pot plans, if a large number of senators decide to rally against it. The NDP voted with the government to pass the Liberals’ cannabis act, along with Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and one Conservative — MP Scott Reid, who held a referendum in his riding over whether he should support Bill C-45. The opposition Conservatives otherwise opposed the bill, along with Bloc Québécois MPs. The Liberals also rejected a Conservative amendment Monday night that would have had the bill come into force later than the bill’s target date of July 1, 2018. Provinces, police organizations and opposition politicians have called for a delay in the Liberals’ July 2018 legalization deadline, saying they need more time to get ready. Conservative MP Dave Van Kesteren’s amendment would have sent the bill back to committee so MPs could “establish a coming into force date that complies with the wishes of those provinces, territories, municipalities, law enforcement officials and first nation groups who require more time to prepare for the legalization of cannabis.” But the Liberals insist they’re not rushing legalization. Bill Blair, parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, told reporters Monday that the government has been working on a roadmap for legalization for more than a year and a half. “We’re moving forward expeditiously,” he said, adding he doesn’t think there has “been any rush.” Last week, the Liberals brought in time allocation at third reading stage to speed the bill’s process through the Commons, frustrating opposition MPs. Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen said at the time that the Liberal government is “shutting down debate and ramming this legislation through because it has an arbitrary timeline.” Conservative MP Jacques Gourde issued a call to Senators to block the bill’s passage to prevent an “entire generation” from being “left in shambles by this Liberal recklessness.” The bill now heads to the Senate, which University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman says is very much still a “wild card” given its current makeup. The biggest voting block in the Upper Chamber is the group of newly appointed independent senators who may not fall along partisan lines on the bill. Wiseman said the prospect of the Senate obstructing bills – by delaying votes, voting the bill down, letting it die or amending it – has always been there, but the current landscape makes it less predictable. “It’s a wild card because you’ve got all these independents and you don’t know what they’re going to say, how engaged they are with the issue. Some might fight it tooth and nail, some might try delay tactics as individual members,” he said. The Independent Senators Group controls 39 votes in the Red Chamber, followed by the Conservatives with 34 and the Senate Liberals with 15. Despite the uncertain waters ahead, Wiseman said he suspects the bill will pass on time. “The deadline is July. There’s a lot of time between now and then.” https://ipolitics.ca/2017/11/27/house-passes-pot-legalization-bill-senate-wild-card
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    Winnipeg Free Press rolls out marijuana news site The Leaf The site generated about 1,300 page views in its first 12 hours, despite not being widely promoted, the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press says. The editor of the Winnipeg Free Press Paul Samyn says he believes The Leaf is the first cannabis news-specific site operated by a newspaper in Canada although there are similar sites in the United States. (Jim Mone / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) By Dan HealingThe Canadian Press Thu., Nov. 23, 2017 A specialized cannabis news website called The Leaf is generating quite a “buzz” since launching earlier this week, according to the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press. Paul Samyn said the newspaper thinks there is growing reader appetite locally and nationally for news about marijuana as Canada moves toward legalization of recreational pot use next summer. “What we thought would be a smart thing in this digital age is to try and create a destination that would serve anyone looking for information, not just those who would normally be seen as in the readership footprint for a regional newspaper,” he said. To serve that need, it has hired a full-time cannabis reporter to generate articles such as the site’s first locally written piece, “So, you want to grow your own (legal) weed.” It’s also looking for advertisers to help offset its costs. The site’s logo includes a cannabis leaf combined with a red maple leaf and it invites readers to ask for advice from a columnist named Dear Herb. Samyn said the newspaper has let its readership know over the past few months that the website is coming. He said he’s had no complaints from readers that the resources should be spent on other priorities. Other major Canadian newspaper editors said they likely won’t be following the Free Press’s example. Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke and Calgary Herald and Sun editor Lorne Motley both said their newspapers’ coverage of marijuana news is shared by several reporters and there is no plan to hire a specialist reporter or set up a stand-alone website. The Leaf site generated about 1,300 page views in its first 12 hours, despite not being widely promoted, Samyn said. About 20 per cent of the views were from Toronto, he said, with most of the rest from inside the province. Samyn said he believes The Leaf is the first cannabis news-specific site operated by a newspaper in Canada although there are similar sites in the United States such as The Denver Post’s site called The Cannabist. The Free Press uses a pay wall to limit online access for nonsubscribers but The Leaf is free to access. https://www.thestar.com/business/2017/11/23/winnipeg-free-press-rolls-out-marijuana-news-site-the-leaf.html
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    At the time when Dana was crossing Canada doing his free seed giveaway I wrote to Dana requesting free seeds for my medical disabilities. He was kind and gracious enough to send me 100 free seeds that are very high CBD. I now intend to grow them out. My Federal License allows me to do this under the guidelines I was given by the Federal Government. I've been unable to get seeds or clones through Aurora Cannabis ( who I'm also registered with) which is strange because the Federal Government says they are supposed to be doing this for me.The Government has all these strange Laws in place with the Police, the Post Office, Distributors etc. but they don't care about me? Many of the major distributors have ignored this and the politicians are hypocrites wasting taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to put someone in jail who is not selling the seeds but giving them away. I openly challenge The Calgary City Police and The RCMP to come and knock on my door and request the return of the CBD seeds. The Calgary CBD Seed Police, what a reputation to have. These law enforcement personnel are paid anywhere from 80 to 100 thousand a year to do this with my tax dollars? What a waste of time and money. Neo/Con Socialists at their worst behaviour. Oh ya, To Serve and Protect? So, a big shout out to Dana for standing up against Police brutality and tyranny. https://twitter.com/DanaLarsen?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
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    I've been doing mainly sativas for the last 20 years but am leaning to hi-CBD plants now. Sativa based is fine but liking the heavier indica CBD strains for evening doses. Made into cocobudder is the best of all worlds for me and the buzz is more like being a bit drunk than the space cadet feeling I get from strong sativas now. Paranoia, heart palpitations and anxiety if I take one toke too many since a small stroke about 5 years ago. Growing out 3 Original Skunks from Crop King atm so haven't given up on sativas yet. Plan to cross it with my one Otto#1 female to make a Skunk x CBD strain yet to be named. Got BB from CK going plus a couple of AK47 fems so there's lots of opportunities for some serious pollen chucking! My one fave cross is older KaliMist x NL#5 both from Marc Emery's seed bank circa 2000. Kicks ass with the right pheno but takes around 12 weeks to finish indoors. Worth the wait tho. A buddies Blue Heaven, L.S.D. x Blueberry, both from Barney's Farms about 10 years back is pretty nice too. The Mazar in the LSD really shines in the right pheno of that.
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    Was going to wait a week but they are looking so much better now so thought 6 days was enough. (Scroll up a few posts to see the last pic of them). My new little BB in the small black pot that came up in less than 3 days with no soaking. Just shook it around in my sandpaper jar and stuck in in straight ProMix HP watered with very light AN 3-part nutes. The 3 Original Skunk on the left, The two BBs on the right and the AKs in the middle next to the new BB on their left. I'm going to toss in another 4 bulb fixture with the LED globes on just for extra light in there. Picked one up at the local thrift store for $5 tonight. Thinking of switching to a 400 MH pretty soon so they get a lot more energy to grow faster with or the 11 bulb LED fixture I just made. They could do better I think. 24 days since the bigger ones came up but they had a lousy start for the first couple weeks. I added a dollop of Superthrive to their watering yesterday so maybe that will help tho once this big their growth should accelerate rapidly and they will be getting a bigger dose of nutes in few days when they next need water.
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    One of the items in the legislative proposals is making room for what's called "Microgrowers" I can see this being very lucrative to small growers who will supply a connoisseur's market. A couple of guys that are top notch growers with a bit of money and the proper grow space could specialize in hard to grow breeds or special crosses that aren't big producers. Personally from the research that I'm doing there are numerous other elements of the Cannabis plant being discovered. Sure everyone knows about two very small items such as THC and CBD but that's a very small part of it. I'm seeing the future as a small microgrower perhaps working in an area specializing in a certain strain for a bigger operator in order to also take part in research. The future you see is in applying certain light frequencies along with different types of soils enriched with various combinations of beneficial bacteria and fungi in order to produce or bring out more of a certain element they are looking for in order to produce a more specialized product. L.E.D.'s are where the future lies in being able to finely adjust the light frequencies. I've already taken the "bugs" to extreme levels, not just with NPK Nutrients line. Combined with Spectrum King L.E.D.'s the trichome production is literally off the scale and the electricity cost is low. Believe me, BubbleMan's hash screens are being used a lot. Trichomes are where it's at. One example of what I do to get my bugs is taking a piece of cheesecloth or a woman's nylon, stuffing it with a plain rice and bug formula along with my compost mixture. I set it in the top of the compost bin for a couple of days inside a garbage bag to heat it up a little. I take my folding shovel to an old growth forest near the Bow River where the most easterly breeds of Douglas Fir still survive. Being careful not to hurt the old growth tree, I dig a hole close by it, place my sock in it and wet with rain water. Replacing the soil, I come back in about three or four weeks. The colours are amazing, sometimes even blue and yellow. The stink is incredible. I've acquired the bugs from the old growth tree who inoculated my mixture. Being retired I've got lots of time but I just might be interested in this Microgrower category if I could find the right Company to work with eventually. An outdoor GreenHouse with Solar panels and some small wind turbines could be a good way to go as well. The right partners who are strictly organic Cannabis farmers is the key.
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    So I got home from work today and one of my seedlings was completely laying down. I just put it into the new DWC tub and the roots arent out of the starter plug yet and only that one had dried completely out. So I am hoping it fell over due to lack of water and not damping off. Stem looked healthy... So I guess I don't really have a question just waiting and praying this one bounces back. Right now I have it propped up with a stick and has only been 2 hours since I gave it water
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    For the first time ever, Ireland is allowing medical marijuana to treat pain Miroslav Tomoski 22 November, 2017 Health News (Photo by Brian Lawless - PA Images /Getty Images) In a decision that was expected to be sandbagged by stubborn politics, the Department of Health announced that it would issue its first license for the use of cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain. The license, while only granted for three months, is a major step forward for an effort to legalize that seemed to be in jeopardy last summer. The Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill 2016 has been crawling through the Irish legislature and was recently referred to the Health Committee after a shift in support from members of parliament. In July, the Health Committee recommended that the bill be scrapped, but they were forced to consider moving forward with the legislation of after political winds shifted in favor of cannabis’ medicinal value. Two hours before debate was set to take place, Sinn Féin, the second largest opposition party, sent the bill straight to committee with their 25 votes. Photo via Flickr/Sinn Féin This is only the second time a license for medical cannabis has been granted in the country. The first was granted last year to a three-year-old boy named Tristan Forde. The boy, who suffers from epilepsy, had previously sought out treatment in Colorado before he returned to Ireland where the Ministry of Health accepted his application. It’s estimated that 20 percent of Irish citizens suffer from chronic pain, something which cannabis has been known to treat, yet also a condition which has been left off of the approved list for treatment with cannabis until now. Those who want to make use of cannabis for treatment of any condition in Ireland currently have to apply for it directly to the Minister of Health. If approved the options available to patients are either vaping or consuming their medicine as a tea. However, according to the Irish Examiner, no government-approved guidelines exist for an application to treat severe pain. Instead, it was left to William McLoughlin, the National Secretary of Chronic Pain Ireland, to devise one on his own. Despite the opposition to cannabis in the government, a poll from Amárach research group found that more than three-quarters of Ireland supports the legalization of cannabis as medicine, while 48 percent are in favor of legalization for recreational use. Source: Chartgo.com What seems to be forgotten among Irish lawmakers is that the country has a long and influential history with the use of cannabis as medicine. It was an Irishman who first introduced cannabis as a medical treatment to the western world. In the late 19th century, William O’Shaughnessy had been studying Indica cannabis in Calcutta, India. He would later advocate for its use as a treatment for epilepsy in children as well as chronic pain and rheumatism, the exact thing it is banned for in Ireland today. In 1845, a eulogy was written to O’Shaughnessy in the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science which praised his introduction of Indica as a significant contribution to western medicine. “If the history of the Materia Medica were to be divided into Epochs,” the Eulogy read, “each determined by the discovery of some remedy of transcendent power, the period of the introduction of Indian hemp into medicine would be entitled to the distinction of a new era… The [Irish] public and the profession owe a deep debt of gratitude to professor O’Shaughnessy.” https://herb.co/2017/11/22/ireland-medical-cannabis-pain-relief
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    Brief panic but she is back standing up on her own. Whew
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    Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis includes 'micro' grows Highlights from today’s Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis By Ryan Fink November 21, 2017 Today’s announcement by Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor of the Liberal government’s Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis contains a mix of what has long been expected by the majority of industry insiders, with a number of points that may come as a bit of a surprise to hardened ACMPR veterans and cannabis advocates. While the rules for medical cannabis remain largely unchanged, a number of provisions have been made on the recreational side of things in an attempt to: “allow a range of different activities with cannabis (for example, cultivation, processing, research); enable a diverse, competitive legal industry comprised of both large and small players in regions across the country; [...] and provide for legal cannabis products [of all sorts] that meet high quality standards.” In the immediate wake of this announcement, here are a few key points that might catch a few people off guard. License categories The biggest news here by far is that all four of the different types of production licenses outlined in the proposed regulations will allow for the outdoor cultivation of cannabis. The implications of this announcement are staggering, especially as the market for extracts and edibles (which would also be provided for under the proposed regulations) continues to grow, and new export opportunities become available (imagine ‘Alberta Weed Pool’ weed silos lining the train tracks in small farming communities, waiting to carry their crop off to repurposed cannabis oil refineries). Alongside familiar categories such as standard cultivation, processing, and sale licenses, the new proposal includes micro cultivation, micro processing, and nursery licenses, as well as notably upgraded hemp cultivation and research licenses. While the new micro-license definitions have yet to be worked out, their inclusion in this proposal, alongside the inclusion of outdoor cultivation, heralds a legalization framework that will indeed include small “craft” companies and farmers. Security clearances The ability of cannabis companies to include people with previous criminal records in their swelling ranks has been an ongoing concern for many in the industry, and the new proposal addresses this. Under the new set of rules, the Minister of Health is explicitly authorized to grant security clearance to any individual on a case-by-case basis. This ability extends even to people who have had documented associations with organized crime, so long as the Minister judges that the individual is no longer a security risk. This means that many people who might not otherwise be able to participate in this emerging marketplace—either because of some past indiscretion, or more notably because of past involvement with the underground cannabis economy—will now be included in the talent pool available to cannabis employers, and likely also be able to start their own enterprises, should they be in a position to do so. Cannabis products Along with the current staples of the ACMPR, the new proposal includes several new product categories, including edibles/drinkables and concentrates (hash, shatter, and wax are mentioned by name). While it doesn’t seem that these products will be included in the medical cannabis category, it does seem that they will be available to medical users through the recreational market. In addition, the proposal would make allowance for “a new pathway to market for non-prescription health products with cannabis” where new products have “lower levels of THC and CBD than found in currently-approved prescription health products.” Given the vast number of molecules present in cannabis that could have medical benefits, this allowance has the potential to create entirely new categories of cannabis-based natural health products as research on various cannabinoids and terpenes continues to come down the pipeline. Packaging The rules around packaging are, for the most part, what has been anticipated, with strict rules around the type of information that is to be included in labelling, as well as limited colour options, a standardized font, health and safety labeling, and tamper/childproof packaging. They also call for a standardized cannabis symbol to be adopted and placed on labelling for all edible products to mitigate the risk of accidental ingestion. The regulations do, however, make some minor allowances for branding, so long as that branding doesn’t appeal to children in any way (no smiley face logos, etc.). Hopefully this will leave enough room for truly creative companies to build brand-awareness, and for consumers to be able to differentiate a premium product from third-rate bag bottoms. While a great deal of the proposal comes as no surprise given the previously stated mandate of the Liberal government to strictly regulate and control legal cannabis, one overarching theme here seems to contradict their oft-stated position that legalization is not a ‘cash grab.’ The new regulations seem to open the playing field, so to speak, to all kinds of players: small businesses, some former black market players, and even prospective farmers all have a place in these new regulations. New product categories are being opened up. There are endless new research opportunities at every turn. And while we are by no means through the process of drafting and implementing this new legislation—this proposal is but one more step on the long road to legalization—there does seem to be an emerging trend of greater inclusion and a sense of greater opportunity as we near the end of our journey. https://news.lift.co/proposed-approach-regulation-cannabis-includes-micro-grows
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    The conservative party continue to toss around "facts" they seemingly pull out of thin air. Where do they get these so called "facts" ? Why do they refuse to name the sources? Just today, conservative MP "Rachel Harder" claimed her research pointed to facts such as even allowing Canandians to grow one plant would provide them with enough medicine for years to come because her "facts" say 1 plant can provide over 800 grams. Mrs Harder and Mrs Gladu are well known to claim their statements are "facts" but we know these "facts" are pure BS. As a medical patient and health canada approved home grower, my average plant provides 2-3 ounces which is well below the 28 ounces Harder claims we get per plant. Mrs Gladu repeatedly claims she's worried about fire hazards due to the powerful lighting she ignorantly claims is required. Perhaps someone should clue her into the fact you can use T5 bulbs which are barely warm to the touch and use less Watts, or even that LED lighting is a thing and that plants do quite well with it. Someone with lots of time ought to list all their dodgy facts and provide the truths to each.
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    Any rules applied to growing pot indoors should also be applied to the thousands of people growing vegetables and herbs indoor as well. They use exactly the same equipment, nutrients and chemicals that are used to grow pot so why do they never mention that? What's good for the goose is good for the gander too. They invite input from those in the know but then disregard everything but what they want to hear and fits their anal-retentive views. Seems it's mainly Conservatives still fighting against common sense even tho a lot of their ex-members are the ones now running the larger LPs raking in tons of cash doing something they not so long ago fought against. Talk about hypocritical!
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    First post. I was recently registered with Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Retired and living in Calgary. I had numerous minor accidents in the oil service industry and thankfully I've found pain relief with Cannabis and no longer take Percocet or any other drugs that will rot my guts out. I'm allowed to grow 10 right now at home which isn't bad. It sounds like an extra four plants at each residence at this point for 2018 maybe a July timeframe? I went through John Berfelo's You tube Videos in order to learn how to grow and a big shout out to all the work that BubbleMan and Remo are doing. It's kind of funny how things in life rhyme. My grandma was an avid gardener when I was a boy and I used to help her with her beautiful garden in Scotland, Ontario. She taught me so much back then about the importance of composting and being an organic gardener and respecting the earth. I'll wind it up by saying that I learned how to scrog and with Spectrum King Led's the yield of trichomes is incredible. Northern Lights and GodBud are what I grow. In Veg I use a weak mixture of organic neem oil powder, a tinch of cinnamon and my organic mint and garlic to do my spray a couple of times. Don't use it strong but if you have to, do your research on a safe type of sulfur because of the extended half life. Never any pests. No synthetics for me. I use the cinnamon around the base as well and a little organic neem powder in my organic soil mixture too. I know Marc and his wife are interested in politics and want to change things for Canadians for the betterment of society. I am too, so I thought I'd provide these links concerning Prime Minister Trudeau's partner in government and close advisor. It shows an attitude which I don't like. As a true Head, I don't drink any longer and I've become aware of how our press in Canada is used for propaganda purposes for serving corruption in government. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/03/02/nazi-skeleton-in-family-closet.html http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-19/top-nsa-whistleblower-claims-russiagate-fake-increase-war-spending
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    What do you expect when the government gets into bed with big daddy corporation? The rules are made up by those with the money and the influence. Here in Canada we think we're ahead of the game because of the boy wonder in Ottawa, but he's just a puppet being pulled from many influential masters that are set to take over the industry. Rules and regulations are implemented for a reason and it's not to keep the public safe, it's to keep the public controlled and the corporations that benefit rewarded. Once July 2018 rolls around don't expect it to be a heady day filled with dancing hippies tossing smoke into the air, there may just be a few more regulations thrown in while we're all too high to bother to notice. I read a book called Zentiva and it made a lot of sense at the time and now it seems to be ringing true. I don't trust the mania surrounding legalization, the black market won't ever go away and perhaps that's a good thing. Arrests and shutting down illegal grows will still be the norm even in an age were it's deemed by the bureaucracy as legal.
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    not sure if i am eligible to call myself "old school" just wanted to say hello to you all here on the forums. i'm still around..... life just gets busy. i hope to post more in the near future. this was once a busy forum. i hope to see it come back again.
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    Finally got around to transplanting my sickly sprouts into 1L pots last night, The seed starter pot was filled with screened ProMix HP 50/50 with ProMix potting soil a few months back and stored moist in a big ziplock freezer bag a few months ago. Smelled OK when I got around to using it for these seeds but I can't think of anything else that could account for how poorly they are doing. 14 days since they came up. All tucked into their new homes with straight ProMix HP and watered with 1.5ml/L of all 3 base nutes, 2ml/4L Rhino Skin and 2ml/4L CalMag. Forgot to add a dash of SuperThrive but will do that when they next need water. 2 - AK47 fem on the left, 2 - BlueBerry in the middle and the 3 - Original Skunk on the right. I dug out the unsprouted BB seed, scuffed it up and replanted it in the little black pot with the same stuff the rest are in to see if it will come up yet. All I found of the un-sprouted AK seed was half a seed shell. No idea what happened to the rest of it but it must have sprouted. Out of the 7 plants I got gifted a while back all covered in mites I culled them back to 3 plants and hacked the 3 back to nubs and set them to reveg as I sprayed for bugs. One of the 3 a larger Critical Kush plant didn't make it so tossed it out. They all had small buds so I took those off and paper-bagged them in separate bags for testing later. So far I've only tried the buds off the bushier plant which is an unknown sativa from 30 year old seeds buddy sprouted. Excellent buzz so glad I saved her. I haven't sampled the other one yet which is Chem Dawg on the right but will do that tonight. Both are revegging now so as soon as I can get cuttings off them they go down in the basement to get flowered with the CBD plants after I get cuttings off them too.
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    Thanks for the advice, I have put a bucket of water inside the tent to try and increase the humidity although something is telling me that won't help. Regarding the PH levels, I have not been able to check at present however I was sold a water filter unit that apparently will remove all the nasty's from the water and help the nute's get to the plant easier. But to be honest I have my reservations about these filters. The seeds are Fem seeds from Sensi so I am confident they are cool. The leaves did look a bit droopy in the pic but I think that was due to light not being on very long after the photo was taken. I now have just an intake fan running now and I have also stuck a Co2 bag inside to try and assist in the air quality. I think this may have improved things, only time will tell. What would be the best way to increase humdity? As I ain't to sure about the bucket of water I have in there.
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    It's a 20wat or so t5 6400k. One of the small 2 foot tubular ones. I think when I get home today I'm going to give them a all dose of nutes and lower the light 2 inches because they seem to be stretching a little bit plus the plugs are pushed deeper in the tray and i measured to the top of the tray so the light is probably in actuality 5-6 inches away
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    I'm doing a DWC setup so soiless. Once they have developed enough roots in the peat plugs they will be going into their net pots with hydroton. Thinking I need to add a small dose of nutes to the water soon. Guess that's a question for the hydro section
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    Hey I noticed the plugs were drying out quickly myself even though the tray has water and what it was is i didn't have the plug pushed all of the way down. So I'm hoping I solved that problem. I went ahead and carefully removed the shell on the one so they all look good except one that hasn't got rid of it's shell it's above ground but not opening up yet. I try to stay organized and I have a notebook where I have been keeping track of important dates and noting what i do and when/why. How early do you start giving your seedlings nutes?
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    With all the different phenotypes existing for a single strain, you'll have a lot of dificulties to find valid criterias to rely on, as well as no chances at all... Because it also depends of the grower itself, but also the climate parameters that can change the face of a plant. The only way to make sure about what you smoke is to experience it enough to be able to dissociate taste/effect components in a strain to determine which one it is. But this is almost impossible because more than 15000 species exist ... From my experience, after more than 10 years smoking, I can diferenciate maybe 3 or 4 strains without doubt, where I might have tried more than 80!
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    Not sure she will be back this year 2High, I think I upset her deleting all her multiple posts. She had problems with drainage but it was more over watering. She posted a pic straight after watering it which confused everyone, that time of year in the UK it gets very wet and humid, which was causing the bud and stem rot. When your root system is over crowded that can cause problems with drainage as well and no perlite in the soil doesn't help, that was a fairly big plant 6-7ft in a small container. I put an inch of perlite in the bottom of my pots before adding soil.
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    Holy crap Bester she is drowning literally, the plant needs to breath oxygen through her roots, so she is slowly suffocating. You need to drill holes all around that pot to get the water out fast. I would even say take it out of that sloppy mud and re pot in some dry stuff, and hope she lives. You obviously didnt cover her over like Lab suggested in your other post. With what time you have left before the buds are fully ready it may be better to just harvest her now and put her out of her misery lol. You cant add any thing else wet to it food wise, until it drys out fully m8 she doesnt need bud booster she needs flippers, mask and a snorkel. If you get her dried out and decide to try and keep her longer, wrap some plastic around the top of the pot to stop the rain filling it up again and control the amount of water that can go in it. I hope she lives CPR will probably be needed.
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    Thanks weedmen. I love that lemon skunk. My buddy had a bag of it finished up so nice and dank, like frosted lemon doughnuts. Have a good one!
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    welcome to cc..i have a few sativas running now ..for some reason the last batch of beans i bought had some long winded thin leaf strains i wasnt exspecting ..lol..i do love the buzz from a good grown sativa ..nice heady high ..not my favorite to grow indoors . they tend to take a very long time to flower out .. and my outdoor season is to short to grow them ...i got some hash bombs and some lemon skunk that i just threw into flower today ..i already have a few in flowering of the lemon . which when i bought them i was told were like a 60 %indica and 40 % sativa..but they are mostly sative.. fast growing and very stretchy ..i think it was a weak cross or unstable strain ..anyhow i am forcing myself to finish them ..the buds are very stringy and thin ..next order may have to go for the heavy indicas .. but i do love a good grown sativa and the high is just better for a start to the day ..lol again , welcome to cc ..