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    Hi weedmen. I don't use nirvana; I'm not into supplements. If the plant has its basic nutritional needs met, it will synthesize all the amino acids and proteins it needs. Supplementation is only necessary if the nutritional program is incomplete. You say you are all organic, are you ensuring the microbial health of the soil? If not, or you're not completely sure, and you are into buying supplements, I suggest checking out Piranha, voodoo juice, or tarantula. They are microbial inoculants.
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    Way to set yourself up for success! I personally think the RO water should be reserved for your consumption. I use a zerowater filter. It's gravity fed, and takes 400 ppm water to 000 ppm. Filters are about $15 each In my opinion, water quality is far less important in an organic grow. This is based on a lot of years experience using my tap water which runs 205 - 230 ppm. I haven't experienced any issues. I think this is why: I consciously monitor the amount of Ca and Mg in nutritional supplements and aim to keep it low, the CEC of the grow medium is working well, and I follow a "less is more" nutritional philosophy using low NPK products. While the plant uses differing amounts of N, P, & K based on its point in the life cycle, I have found that ensuring all nutrients are readily available in small amounts at all times eliminates the need to have different products for veg and bloom stages. I've used "bloom" ferts from start to finish for years. I also suggest using the Jobe's as well as earth worm castings in the grow medium from start to finish because they contain a bunch of microbial life as well as nutrition. They make a little bit of nutrition go a very long way. Making worm tea will be great for a quickly available N meal. The tea doesn't have to be aerated either, fermented teas are SO easy and effective. I use a Jobe's Organic 2-5-3 formula in the grow medium, feed with a low NPK (3-3-3 or lower) tea once to twice a week, and apply a micro nutrient/trace mineral supplement at half strength every 2-3 weeks. It'll probably cost a bit more, but grocery stores usually have organic blackstrap.
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    I've been asked by more and more members about growing organically. So I'll go over my personal practices of what I do and get what some of my constituents are doing after I've opened them to the world of organics. So be prepared to get dirty and throw out those PH and PPM meters because they're not needed. Medium!!!!!!! this is the biggest and MOST imporant part imo of organics. Start with a good medium and half the work is done. I personally started with Fox Farm Ocean Forest. You can use any good organic soil. Try and start with the better ones because they're . . .well better. FFOF, Roots, anything OMRI listed should do just fine. Home Depot even carries good organic soil, by the name of Kellogg. You can also blend up your own by all means. A mix I've considered using is 2 parts coco, 1-2 parts perlite or pumice(I use pumice), 1 part compost, and 1 part castings (use more if you like.) You can use many things for your medium with organics just ya know keep it natural. Fertilizers! What to use, what to use? Do I use EJ, canna, bio bizz? NO!!! why pay an exorbitant price tag when you can make your own or at the very least buy it in it's natural form and not processed. The hard part many people can't get around with organics is looking at the NPK ratios. It's NOT all about NPK ratios people. It's more about having a healthy growing matrix that is more full of the different minerals and everything else that a plant uses. You can accomplish this with a surprisingly few amount of ingredients. I personally use the following: Guano, worm castings, kelp, and molasses. . .that's it. Of course that's not to say there aren't great other things you can use. You can use chicken poop, rabbit poop, goat poop, cow poop, shrimp/crab meal, alfalfa meal, blood meal, bone meal, green sand. The list is quite extensive. Another additive is compost it contains lots of goodies in it that help with your fertilizer regimen. Boosting your micro life! The micro herd as it's often called are different forms of fungi, and other organisms. They break down the food in your soil which is the different shit you used you can boost these little varmints with myco supplements like myco madness, great white, oregonism, I don't remember the one I'm using. The better way to boost them is with a tea. You'll get a much more diverse population than with a myco supplement. Teas!!! Teas serve a double purpose, They add additional microorganisms and they also add some nutrition to your soil. Mind you the nutritional value of teas is fairly low. They only really contain what is water soluble from what you put in it. Take the guano I use for example. It has 5% water soluble nitrogen and 5% water insoluble nitrogen. 5% of the nitrogen will get leached out into the water, while 5% will remain in the organic matter. (hint: after you've made your tea put the solids on your soil and scratch it into the surface.) what to use in your tea? Well the same crap you used in your soil mixture. Foliars! I almost forgot about these. You can use all kinds of foliars with organics. My personal favorite is liquid sea weed. Another good one to use is a very well strained worm poop soup spray. You can also use hydrogen peroxide (I don't personally) what do these foliars do? They make it so harmful organisms have a harder time colonizing your leaves/stems such as PM. It also gives the plant some nutrition. My personal practices. Some things I do I don't think many of the members do. One of which is recycling my soil. This practice I took up after one of my favorite guys. Museummouse!! I simply toss my soil into a bin with some of my favorite little bugs, WORMS!!! They eat the roots from the previous grow and turn them into my favorite fertilizer, worm castings. I also give them old scraps of fruit and leaves from whatever is currently vegging, coffee filters, ummm I added in some shrimp shells. The little guys munch down on whatever you give them. This method hasn't had any adverse side effects that I've noticed but it might be time to add in some soil to get a less concentration of castings I use about 4-5 parts of my soil, 1 part castings, and 1 part pumice (If I think it needs it) to that I add 1-2 tablespoons guano (high nitrogen or high phosphorous depending on which cycle) I then add 1 tablespoon of kelp meal. That's my soil mix, I try not to over complicate it with a bunch of other things to keep my costs down while maintaining the quality that I get. My tea recipe that I've kind of landed on and have been using for a little bit now. Is (per gallon of H2O) 1/2-1 cup of castings, 1-2 tablespoons of guano (again depending on cycle), and 1 tablespoon of kelp meal. This is my base that is a constant. I also add molasses 1teaspoon – 1 tablespoon (I use wholesome sweeteners organic unsulphured) I also add a teaspoon of high nitro guano for the first two weeks of flower. After that I've noticed I don't need any more nitrogen as the castings contain enough. I also add a myco supplement during veg (every other tea) and the first tea of flower. You can do all sorts of things with your tea, grow wizzard adds old fruit to his. The only limits to your tea is your imagination. Toss your ingredients into a paint strainer bag, load up your water holding contain(I use a 5 gallon bucket or any other plastic water holding container). Put in a couple bubble stones, I use large round ones from petsmart. I let mine bubble for a minimum of 12 hours. If you used the paint strainer take out the paint strainer and use this tea straight. I think the biggest part about organics that I enjoy. Isn't the reduced cost of fertilizer or even what I feel is a superior end result. It's that you kind of start to form a bond with not only your plant but with the medium that it is grown in. I'm reusing soil from the second grow I've ever done, and still have bomb nuggets being grown. The name of the game with organics is bio-diversity. The more that is there the more your medium can do for your plant.
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    Highly anticipated pot plans will be made public on Thursday It could be legal to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana under bill to be tabled Thursday By Catherine Cullen, CBC News Posted: Apr 10, 2017 Legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is expected to be tabled on Thursday, with a goal of legalization on or before July 1, 2018. (Donald Weber/Getty Images) When marijuana becomes a legal recreational drug in Canada, the Liberal government wants Canadians to be able to hold up to 30 grams without fear of running afoul of the law, Radio-Canada and CBC News have learned. That is just one of several details about what will be included in the federal government's marijuana legislation, which is expected to be introduced on Thursday, according to a senior government source. Other elements that will be contained in the upcoming bill include: ■Introducing penalties for selling cannabis to minors and driving while under the influence of marijuana — both of which were contained in the Liberals' election platform. ■Rules that will set limits on how marijuana products are marketed, which are expected to be similar to the limitations on alcohol and tobacco. ■Funding for a public awareness campaign. ■The approval of roadside saliva tests to detect drug use. Drugged driving presents a particular challenge. The cannabis task force noted that roadside tests to determine whether a driver is impaired because of pot use are still in development. Public Safety Canada has been working with police in several cities to run pilot projects on different roadside detection tests. As CBC News has previously reported, the Trudeau government's goal is to make legalization a reality in Canada on or before July 1, 2018. Legalization was a Liberal campaign promise in the 2015 election campaign. Both as Liberal leader and later as prime minister, Justin Trudeau has pitched to Canadians that legalization will make it harder for young people to access pot and will take profits away from organized crime. It's expected the government will follow a lot of the advice provided by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation. According to recent reporting by CBC News, that will include: ■A minimum age of 18 to buy marijuana, though provinces and territories will have the option of setting a higher age limit. ■Allowing Canadians to grow four marijuana plants per household. ■Licensing of producers, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the marijuana supply, will be a federal concern. ■Provinces and territories will set the price for marijuana and decide how it is distributed and sold. Much to discuss Many of those suggestions will be hot topics of debate. The Canadian Medical Association has suggested the legal age to buy marijuana should be 21, arguing that would limit damage to developing brains. Home-growing is not a popular subject for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. That group says it will put added demand on police and make it harder to keep the drug away from children. Medical marijuana companies have seen their stocks surge and sometimes plunge along the path toward legalization in Canada. However, both the chair of the government's task force and the parliamentary budget officer have warned that legalization won't necessarily be a major cash cow for governments, particularly in the first few years. The prime minister has already suggested that any government revenues from marijuana sales won't go toward fattening the federal bank account. Instead, Trudeau has said the money could go toward addiction treatment, mental health support and education programs. cbc.ca
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    There are dozens of different tobacco products in the market today, as well as different legal herbs which can be enjoyed, each providing you with a unique taste of its own. When you talk about smoking legal herbs, or herbal incense,then immediately an association with marijuana is made. I think smoking in any form has the reputation of an unhealthy habit. Legal herbs can be considered a better alternative, as they are more natural.
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    ?1.5 cu. ft. bags (~ 42L)? Promix HP goes for $45 per 3.8 cu. ft. bale here. I switched to FF OF a while back, it goes for $18 per 1.5 cu. ft.bag, although the store owner gives me a $2 per bag break if I buy at least 3. The biggest difference between Promix HP and this Sohum soil is Promix provides an inert root substrate, and Sohum provides and living mixm teeming with microbial life to encourage and support healthy root growth. Using chemical ferts in Sohum soil will work, but it'd be a shame because the end result will be better if you work with your soil instead of against it. I've never used Sohum, but it's made of great stuff. Big shout out for rock dusts and paramagnetic sands. This mix will give you the basis for a really good organic grow, but as LabRat mentioned, you'll need some supplemental nutrition. I use Jobe's Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food granular formula as the base of my nutritional program. It's an organic 2 - 5 - 3 blend of meals, manures, minerals, and 16 species of beneficial microbes. An application lasts about 6-8 weeks, but I also keep a tea (1.5 - 2.2 - 1.5) on the shelf and apply it once a week. If you keep the microherd happy, they'll make your plants grow crazy!
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    Everything is coming up rosy, and I will post images soon, just happen to be in the middle of a kitchen reno, lol. Just curious, who's on Facebook, and can we connect?
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    I've grown a lot of DWC and never flush. I just reduce the ppm to about 300 for the last week before starting to crop beginning with the large colas then letting the ones below that ripen up for 10 days or so before chopping the rest. Very slow dry of up to 5 weeks before putting in jars for burping another month. Burns clean, smokes smooth. Dry too fast and it tastes like crap and harshes your throat.
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    Where has everyone gone? I move to Vegas, and this site has died since I have been on break. We got trouble in Washington. Are they gonna march west with the military to stop our new found freedom? Is the War over? Keep this site alive. Come back Tim. We need to keep Legalization alive. Fuck the Man Sharki
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    Social media like facebook, and lack of upkeep. IMO was a big factor. that and the total lack of owner interaction. just sayin'.
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    Heck, It is a shame to let the site die.. I first checked in bout 14 years ago. I guess I can go save The Whales now.. FTM Sharki
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    Hey ladies and gents, I've been looking around the site for a few days, and although it isn't to busy here, I'm all about quality over quantity. It would be weird for me to simply start posting without first introducing myself, so here I am. I am an organic grower, and medical patient, 5-6 years of experience with most methods of growing, from soil, to hydroponics, aeroponics as well. You may have to teach me a thing or two about aquaponics though. I would like to say that marijuana is a large part of my life in all its various forms, and has helped me with through many injuries and stressful times. It is safe to say I am an enthusiast for life (although the name may not imply heh heh), and an advocate for healthy, quality organic cannabis, and I am against the bottled synthetic method of growing cannabis. A problem I see in the city is the lack of organic product in dispensaries, and the lack of actual keeper phenotypes found in seed form. Most people buy a pack or two and find something special from about 10-20 seeds, however I want to see a norm of hunting extra special phenotypes that aren't found until larger seeds counts come in to play. I've read through some of the forum rules, and browsed around and I find it refreshing that trading genetics is not frowned upon as most other forums. Anyone looking for new genetics, I am your (unspecified). You guys will see some posts from me as time goes by, and I'd like to share a few of the techniques I use, and even some that I have developed myself. I understand the forum is slow, but that is how I like it, and I will try to post something weekly/biweekly. Stay tuned.
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    Here's a box I made a few years back. Worked great until the bottom of the box got wet in a sump pump incident. Looking for another big box now.
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    If you are going to smoke anything it better be pure organic cannabis. Smoking shit some one created in a lab will probally do great harm to your body.
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    I have, I believe, everything I need to start my first grow, except my license from health Canada. Thanks to everyone for the advice and all the info you have put into this forum that has so far made life fairly easy for me, learning from others mistakes and successes, I am sure I will be learning plenty more from my own lol. In theory I feel confident after 2 months of reading 2-3 hours a day but I know real life is not the same as it is on a page and practical experience counts for everything. Purchased so far. 4' x 4' x 6.5' Fusion grow tent. 6" fusion extraction fan and a 16" x 8" filter with 6 inch shiny tubing 480 CFM. Adjustable speed switch for extractor fan. 1000 watt LED full spectrum grow light. 2 adjustable pulleys. 10 x 5 Gal cloth buckets. 5 x plastic washing up bowls to sit pots in and collect run off Sohum organic grow medium. PH pen all calibrated and 2 gallons of de ionized water for cleaning pen and watering new plants and seeds. cheapo light and moisture meter. Temperature and humidity meter. Timer switch for the light. 12 inch 3 speed oscillating fan. small pots for clones. Clone root hormone. Scalpel. Humidity dome. measuring jug, cups and spoons. Jobes organics 3-7-4 nutes Apple cider vinegar organic non pasteurized with little bits in lol. 2 x 20 gallon water containers. Fish pump and air stone. Bag seeds, I don't know what make and model they are but for the first grow I am not going to waste good seeds yet until I work out the bugs lol. Once I have done one grow I will get another small tent and lights for vegging and mothers. I will use a scrog, once I have built one. It seems to be the least stressful method of training, that produces higher yields that I can see. Having problems finding organic black strap molasses in the shops may have to go online for it. I have been experimenting this week. Ph tested my water 7.2 coming out of the tap. Aerated for 3 days Put 3 ltrs through my first pot to see what the run off would be. Sohum organic soils say water between PH 6 - 7 is ok Run off is 7.4 PH PH water down with apple cider vinegar to 6.6 close enough for my experiment. 3 days later, soil is damp to touch at the bottom of pot, add 2 litrs PH 6.6 water, same amount of run off as last time, PH 7.2 almost no change in the run off. Not sure I like that. I am going to try germinating 6 seeds and start the ball rolling this afternoon, hopefully in a couple of days I can put some sprouts in the Sohum soil with de ionized water with a natural light lamp, I use when doing my airbrush artwork, and see what appears. If anyone sees anything I am missing or doing wrong or I can improve on, please jump in. Cheers.
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    Very nice setup to start out with. Good luck with your grow. You have lots of experience watching on already. Lab and frmrgrl won't steer you wrong.
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    It is good to have more than one way to measure something, stuff breaks, calibrations drift, etc. The downside is that you may be pushed into learning about accuracy and precision if you notice that reading don't always agree, and are not always out in the same direction.
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    As an outsider looking on, I agree with LabRat. We don't have MMJ or recreational use laws in my home state, in fact we have pretty restrictive laws concerning cultivation. A single plant is a state felony with mandatory prison time. However, if I get caught downtown with a QP or less in my back pack, it's a ticket that carries a fine, rehab, and some community service....and loss of the QP, LOL. Given the risk assumed when I planted, I also dreamed of a day when I could be legal. Many years later, I'm fairly convinced that if it comes down to: file for a permit (and expose myself to gov't regulation and inspection), or continue what I've been doing, I'm thinkin why fix what ain't broke?
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    High onewarrior and Welcome to CC! I don't have a smart phone and just use the Choose files... link at the bottom of this box to select the pic off my hard drive and it uploads to go into my post. If it's easier for you to post a pic at a hosting site then use a link to get the pic in then Postimage.org is a good place to do that. Copy the Direct Link and use it through the "Insert other media"/"Insert image from URL" link. Pretty sure how that works. Don't have to register to use their upload service. If it's a bunch of pics you can resize them at postimage or maybe do that on your phone. I have a slow connection and waiting for a page of 8mb pics to load is a real PITA. The ones I upload are pretty high rez and usually no bigger than 750kb and most around 500. Looking forward to some pics.
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    I'm new to this site too dude it was a pain to load a photo I think u can load if they are kb and not mb only man hope this help man
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    I've heard that over watering is the #1 cause of dead plants among new growers... let the top bit of soil dry out before watering to mitigate that, it will also help control fungus gnats since they reproduce in that zone. Good Luck!
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    Thank you for the info. If I think of more questions. I'll ask. Thank you again.. Happy growing
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    I applied 6 weeks ago and as of last Thursday I am still not in the system yet and they cant advise a time until I am in the system. I was told that it was still very early and to call back in 3-4 weeks and I might be in the system Hopefully if they have taken on more people to deal with the backlog it may be sooner than later.
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    An older vid, but good for any noob looking into vaporizing.......
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    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, April 12, 2017 West Virginia is poised to become the next medical marijuana state, New Mexico's GOP governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana for opioid addiction, Ohio takes another step toward getting its system up and running, and more. Arizona Last Thursday, the Court of Appeals struck down the criminal ban on possession of medical marijuana on college campuses. The state Court of Appeals ruled that even though colleges and universities can bar the possession of medical marijuana through administrative means, the state cannot make on-campus possession a criminal offense. The state's medical marijuana law barred its possession in prisons, schools, and on school buses, but the legislature in 2012 added college campuses to the list. Now, the appellate court has ruled the state couldn't do that. The case is Arizona v. Maestes. Indiana Last Friday, the legislature approved CBD cannabis oil bills. Both houses of the legislature have approved measures allowing for expanded access to CBD cannabis oil But Senate Bill 15 and House companion legislation now have differences in the percentages of chemicals allowed, so the bills must go to conference committee to hammer out the differences. Montana On Monday, the medical marijuana regulatory bill was dramatically amended, and advocates were unhappy. A bill aimed at setting up a new regulatory framework for medical marijuana in the state was radically overhauled in a House committee -- and supporters of the original measure are not pleased. The measure, Senate Bill 333, saw 20 amendments attached by the House Taxation Committee, including amendments that changed the taxing structure, before that committee sent it to the House floor. The bill has already passed the Senate, and if the bill passes the House, a conference committee will be necessary to try to reconcile the differences. New Hampshire On Tuesday, medical marijuana bills got a hearing. Measures that would add new qualifying medical conditions and allow patients to grow their plants got a hearing in the Senate Tuesday. The bills have already passed the House. No votes were taken, though. New Mexico Last Friday, the governor vetoed a bill that would have allowed opioid addicts to use medical marijuana. Gov. Susana Martinez (R) vetoed a measure that would have improved the state's medical marijuana last Friday. House Bill 527 would have allowed people diagnosed with an opioid use disorder to use medical marijuana. In her veto message, Martinez wrote that allowing people addicted to opioids to seek medical marijuana "will likely cause a rapid increase in program enrollment, which the program is currently unable to sustain." But critics called that reasoning bogus, noting that the state Health Department sets the number of licensed producers and the amount they can grow. North Carolina Last Tuesday, a full-fledged medical marijuana bill was filed. State Sens. Teresa Van Duyn (D) and Valerie Jean Fousher (D) filed Senate Bill 648. Under the bill, patients could possess up to 24 ounces of marijuana and grow up to 250 square feet of their own medicine. The bill would also establish a system of licensed cultivation centers and dispensaries. It has been referred to the Committee on Rules and Operations. Ohio Last Friday, the state announced it would start accepting grower applications in June. The state Department of Commerce will begin accepting applications for 24 medical marijuana grow licenses beginning in June, the department announced. Once licenses are awarded, holders will have nine months to meet all requirements. Application forms and instructions should be released in the next two to three weeks, the department said. West Virginia Last Thursday, the medical marijuana bill passed the legislature. The Mountaineer State is poised to become the 29th medical marijuana state after the legislature gave final approval to Senate Bill 386, sending the measure to the desk of Gov. Jim Justice (D). The bill would set up a dispensary system, but does not authorize patients to smoke marijuana or grow their own. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] stopthedrugwar
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    I beleive they are going to recommend a 100cm limit on plants. Just over 3 feet... That means you're gonnna have to grow em on their side.
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    welcome rob ..it seems like you may have stumbled on this cluster of old farts here on cc just in time ..i live in ny ..a little better for med users but still not what we want as far as laws go...alot of us still stay in the shadows as not to try the laws yet ..i guess we would call it a gray area..lol like frmgirl said , just ask if you have any questions..theres someone here most of the time to get back to you.. theres a ton of great reading on here .. good luck
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    They have a place in Burbank and are super chill. I just stop by whenever I run out. Hit them up www.quantacannabis.com
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    Hi weedmen, Yes, I will be super cropping them real soon in order to keep them short enough and yet filled with colas, this time, I aiming for keeping them below the six feet mark by end of outdoor growing cycle. As for the autos, I know and it's a gamble, but hoping all goes well. The landrace I received as a gift from a local breeder here, got them from a friend who was in the Kashmir region in Pakistan that's called Asad Jammu and also known as Asad Kashmir, it's an Hash plant and from what I hear, will make for great hash as well as oil. Apparently, those hash plants grow even on the sides of roads. Well, I'm outa here, got more transplanting to larger pots to do, and will also be getting a few clones of Royal Freezeland to complete my list of a dozen strains this year as I wanted to create more choice for patients, and myself.
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    no mold, thank goodness.
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    yeah that might be an issue i bet with it being so high ..the range is in general about 35 to 50 %..any higher and it can cause trouble . mj likes a wet dry cycle and with the humidity that high . its like the plants siting in moisture ...any issues with mold .?
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    I think there are now more pro-cannabis sites than before, including discuss anything in the world sites. Also, I think many stoners are comparing what different states/countries are offering to what their own state or country is offering. Either we change the laws or move!
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    Ya, I took it down before the new light started burning - a bit over 90g manicured and off the stick from <3' tall in a 12" container filled with soil. I'm happy considering the poor thing was baked in the sun in a small container and left out on the patio until the beginning of October (single digit C temps and high winds). It didn't see decent conditions until I spent a little under $1000 for a tent, lights, and fan so it could flower properly.. The yield wasn't high, but the quality is better than pretty much everything I've had from the LPs, at $10/g. So, with one, kinda small plant, I've pretty much broken even. When the two autoflowers finish in the next 1-2 weeks I'll have saved enough over buying from the LPs to pay for all the other stuff (more light, supplies, seeds) and the power it took to run it.
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    United Kingdom Allows the Use of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Lisa Rough The United Kingdom just took a tremendous step forward in the cannabis movement. For the first time in the U.K., the coveted Charlotte’s Web strain will be offered in oil form by a London and Kent-based company called UK CBD. Charlotte’s Web products are low in THC and high in CBD, made from varieties of hemp that are legal in the United Kingdom. UK CBD owner and CEO Nicholas P. Ellis released a statement on the products and the benefits to UK consumers: “As leaders in the UK CBD market, we are extremely proud to partner with CW Botanicals and to legally add their exclusive Charlotte’s Web products to our already impressive range…We believe that introducing these products to the UK market will help many people suffering from ECS (endocannabinoid system) deficiencies or for those who just wish to add these nutritious cannabinoids to their daily dietary supplementation. Hemp is also rich in vitamins, minerals and omegas 3 & 6.” Charlotte’s Web, as many are aware, is a high-CBD strain known for its anti-epileptic properties that reduced the number of seizures for little Charlotte Figi, the strain’s namesake. Before beginning treatment, Charlotte, affectionately known as Charlie, was suffering from up to 300 violent seizures a week. She suffered from a severe form of epilepsy, Dravet’s Syndrome, which is resistant to standard epilepsy medication. After discovering the strain and starting a standard dose of high-CBD cannabis oil, her seizures reduced down to two or three a week. The United Kingdom has been making headway, with a recent petition calling for the legalization of cannabis in the UK that has attracted nearly 200,000 signatures. Any petitions with more than 100,000 signatures must be considered by Parliament, and this legalization petition is currently awaiting a debate date. leafly
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    With the new administration its a good guess that activist still need to keep interacting. Don't think we are safe yet. FTM Sharki
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    Mass exodus of Cannabis Activists to legal states and morphed to pot entrepreneurs.
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    nice to see you sharki ..been awhile ..i think the place went to hell around here when they stopped the up keep of the site..most moved on to other sites .and well some just stopped coming around ..i still pop in every once in awhile ..theres afew of our brothers and sisters kicking around tho ..its almost seems like a few states got legal and everyone figured the war was over ..not a good time to be thinking that tho ..it can get real bad real fast ..a new goverment means new folks to fuck with us ..they could even start to go after the places that did legalise ..only time will tell tho .. hope lifes treating you well ..i no life has whipped my ass a few times , but i am still upright ...thumbs are still green even if they are bent all up from arthritas ...as you can see i still cant spell worth a shit ..lol.. well always a pleasure to see the old gang coming back around ..
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    Here is the Hubsan H501S Drone(GPS) that I ordered for Xmas! Very excited to take this thing to the limit. I plan to do the range/altitude mod to the transmitter that will allow me to fly the drone up to 2300 meters away....that's 1.42 miles!!!!! :)Check the video out below, the drone actually gets attacked by a swarm of wasps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc3WW2d0n3c
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    Hey there Gargoyl52, looks like we are in the same boat. I'm an young experienced grower and there are a few good people here that can help you get started. I would suggest going organic, starting with a 50/50 mix or pro-mix and worm castings. Start off in a good sized pot, about a gallon per foot of growth is the rule of thumb. This will keep things very simple for a new grower, and is pretty much fool proof. Make sure to bubble your water and learn about compost teas for later in flower. Molasses is also a great tool and cheap organic nutrient fertilizer. A good simple tea recipe goes as follows: 10 gallons of water, 1 cup of worm castings (any brand), 1/3 cup of molasses. Feed every second week, stopping at about week 6-7. Water in between, and after that. END. Always good to pull off the best chronic of your life on your first try! Hope it helps. - Love_Life
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    Inhaling vapor is certainly less harmful than inhaling smoke. They could be touted as a healthier alternative to smoking, but not healthy. Why not just vape raw tobacco the way so many vape raw cannabis? You could grow your own tobacco, and never buy one of those "juice" packs again.
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    Follow Marc's blog here. Marc's blog at Cannabis Culture. Learn more about Marc and what you can do here: Free Marc Emery
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    Johnny5, when you grow this year watch your RH, a buddy of mine laid one down on the east coast and had severe mold issues. The RH, rain, and being that close to the ground can cause problems. I'm lucky that we usually have real low RH so I am able to get away with laying them down. I also strip the plant up about a foot and a half above the ground and have straw in my beds to keep things like mold under control. If you can get away with it try a plant or two. Gbudz thanks for starting this some good points... need more comments..
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    Hey Wizard sounds great! I have run, and still have a ultimate afghani....think we got them from the same person I have some pics of her if your intrested.. pretty fast flower. Big tubular stiff branching. I myself want to get some things happening for outdoors...now that i am in a medical state!! except i think i will have to hold off this season as i don't have the funds to put up a green house and all the other stuff i will need. pretty up tight where i am! But i do have a big pond on my property. I might put a coupe autos around there I normally do something similar to wizzard in that i veg them out in 2 or 3 gallons untlii 2-3' tall then they go out around first week of june. Never laided them down like you GW..going to have to give that a try. I use mostly use dry nutes like alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, powdered molasses, and guano's.
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    Thanks for starting this Gbuds, some great questions. I usually start my beans in December or January. I had some cuttings from last year in the garage under a florescent light just to keep alive until I got serious to veg them properly. Well someone came into the back of the garage and stole all but 2 of my clones. I still have a Juan X super silver haze, and an Island Madness. Also I started some beans in December and they popped and were starting to get their first set of real leaves when they just died off, later we found some kind of white mold on the houseplants. We think the Christmas tree from the woods brought in something and the house plants got it and it attacked the little plants. So round 2 I started 5 each of T-Rex cross, Ultimate Afghani, Sour Diesel X OG kush, Blueberry X OG kush, and straight up indica blueberry. These will get veged inside until they are about 3 feet tall and then laid down in the yard. Well the best female from each will. other females will get put in pots in the back yard. I will probably do some pollen collecting from some of the males to make more beans... As for nutes I use an aerated compost tea. I do need to start pulling the wire in my beds and amend the soil... Ready for another season... Who else is doing what????
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    Stole this list off the weeb somewhere.... enjoy Alfalfa Pellets (3-1-2) avg release 40g/sq ft Corn Gluten (6-0-0) avg release 15g/sq ft Compost (1-1-1) slow release 125g/sq ft Bird guano (10-3-1 variable) fast release 25g/sq ft Cow manure (2-0-0 variable) avg release 60g/sq ft Horse manure (5-2.5-6 variable) avg release 20g/sq ft Soybean meal (6-1.5-2) avg release 20g/sq ft Worm castings (1-0-0) slow release 150g/sq ft Kelp (1-0.2-2) fast release 15g/sq ft Insect manure (4-3-2) fast release 35g/sq ft Fish emulsion (5-2-2 liquid) fast release 1ml/sq ft Cottonseed meal (6-2-2) avg release 20g/sq ft Bone meal (2-11-0) slow release 25g/sq ft Blood meal (12-0-0) fast release 10g/sq ft Alfalfa Hay: 2.45/05/2.1 Apple Fruit: 0.05/0.02/0.1 Apple Leaves: 1.0/0.15/0.4 Apple Pomace: 0.2/0.02/0.15 Apple skins(ash) : 0/3.0/11/74 Banana Residues (ash): 1.75/0.75/0.5 Barley (grain): 0/0/0.5 Barley (straw): 0/0/1.0 Basalt Rock: 0/0/1.5 Bat Guano: 5.0-8.0/4.0-5.0/1.0 Beans, garden(seed and hull): 0.25/0.08/03 Beet Wastes: 0.4/0.4/0.7-4.1 Blood meal: 15.0/0/0 Bone Black: 1.5/0/0 Bonemeal (raw): 3.3-4.1/21.0/0.2 Bonemeal (steamed): 1.6-2.5/21.0/0.2 Brewery Wastes (wet): 1.0/0.5/0.05 Buckwheat straw: 0/0/2.0 Cantaloupe Rinds (ash): 0/9.77/12.0 Castor pomace: 4.0-6.6/1.0-2.0/1.0-2.0 Cattail reeds and water lily stems: 2.0/0.8/3.4 Cattail Seed: 0.98/0.25/0.1 Cattle Manure (fresh): 0.29/0.25/0.1 Cherry Leaves: 0.6/0/0.7 Chicken Manure (fresh): 1.6/1.0-1.5/0.6-1.0 Clover: 2/0/0/0 (also contains calcium) Cocoa Shell Dust: 1.0/1.5/1.7 Coffee Grounds: 2.0/0.36/0.67 Corn (grain): 1.65/0.65/0.4 Corn (green forage): 0.4/0.13/0.33 Corn cobs: 0/0/2.0 Corn Silage: 0.42/0/0 Cornstalks: 0.75/0/0.8 Cottonseed hulls (ash): 0/8.7/23.9 Cottonseed Meal: 7.0/2.0-3.0/1.8 Cotton Wastes (factory): 1.32/0.45/0.36 Cowpea Hay: 3.0/0/2.3 Cowpeas (green forage): 0.45/0.12/0.45 Cowpeas (seed): 3.1/1.0/1.2 Crabgrass (green): 0.66/0.19/0.71 Crabs (dried, ground): 10.0/0/0 Crabs (fresh): 5.0/3.6/0.2 Cucumber Skins (ash): 0/11.28/27.2 Dried Blood: 10.0-14.0/1.0-5.0/0 Duck Manure (fresh): 1.12/1.44/0.6 Eggs: 2.25/0.4/0.15 Eggshells: 1.19/0.38/0.14 Feathers: 15.3/0/0 Felt Wastes: 14.0/0/1.0 Field Beans (seed): 4.0/1.2/1.3 Feild Beans (shells): 1.7/0.3/1.3 Fish (dried, ground): 8.0/7.0/0 Fish Scraps (fresh): 6.5/3.75/0 Gluten Meal: 6.4/0/0 Granite Dust: 0/0/3.0-5.5 Grapefruit Skins (ash): 0/3.6/30.6 Grape Leaves: 0.45/0.1/0.4 Grape Pomace: 1.0/0.07/0.3 Grass (imature): 1.0/0/1.2 Greensand: 0/1.5/7.0 Hair: 14/0/0/0 Hoof and Horn Meal: 12.5/2.0/0 Horse Manure (fresh): 0.44/0.35/0.3 Incinerator Ash: 0.24/5.15/2.33 Kentucky Bluegrass (green): 0.66/0.19/0.71 Kentucky Bluegrass (hay): 1.2/0.4/2.0 Leather Dust: 11.0/0/0 Lemon Culls: 0.15/0.06/0.26 Lemon Skins (ash): 06.33/1.0 Lobster Refuse: 4.5/3.5/0 Milk: 0.5/0.3/0.18 Millet Hay: 1.2/0/3.2 Molasses Residue (From alcohol manufacture): 0.7/0/5.32 Molasses Waste (From Sugar refining): 0/0/3.0-4.0 Mud (fresh water): 1.37/0.26/0.22 Mud (harbour): 0.99/0.77/0.05 Mud (salt): 0.4.0/0 Mussels: 1.0/0.12/0.13 Nutshells: 2.5/0/0 Oak Leaves: 0.8/0.35/0.2 Oats (grain): 2.0/0.8/0.6 Oats (green fodder): 0.49/0/0 Oat straw: 0/0/1.5 Olive Pomace: 1.15/0.78/1.3 Orange Culls: 0.2/0.13/0.21 Orange Skins: 0/3.0/27.0 Oyster Shells: 0.36/0/0 Peach Leaves: 0.9/0.15/0.6 Pea forage: 1.5-2.5/0/1.4 Peanuts (seed/kernals): 3.6/0.7/0.45 Peanut Shells: 3.6/0.15/0.5 Pea Pods (ash): 0/3.0/9.0 Pea (vines): 0.25/0/0.7 Pear Leaves: 0.7/0/0.4 Pigeon manure (fresh): 4.19/2.24/1.0 Pigweed (rough): 0.6/0.1/0 Pine Needles: 0.5/0.12/0.03 Potato Skins (ash): 0/5.18/27.5 Potaote Tubers: 0.35/0.15/2.5 Potatoe Vines (dried): 0.6/0.16/1.6 Prune Refuse: 0.18/0.07/0.31 Pumpkins (fresh): 0.16/0.07/0.26 Rabbitbrush (ash): 0/0/13.04 Rabbit Manure: 2.4/1.4/0.6 Ragweed: 0.76/0.26/0 Rapeseed meal: 0/1.0=2.0/1.0=3.0 Raspberry leaves: 1.45/0/0.6 Red clover hay: 2.1/0.6/2.1 Redrop Hay: 1.2/0.35/1.0 Rock and Mussel Deposits From Ocean: 0.22/0.09/1.78 Roses (flowers): 0.3/0.1/0.4 Rye Straw: 0/0/1.0 Salt March Hay: 1.1/0.25/0.75 Sardine Scrap: 8.0/7.1/0 Seaweed (dried): 1.1-1.5/0.75/4.9 (Seaweed is loaded with micronutrients including: Boron, Iodine, Magnesium and so on.) Seaweed (fresh): 0.2-0.4/0/0 Sheep and Goat Manure (fresh): 0.55/0.6/0.3 Shoddy and Felt: 8.0/0/0 Shrimp Heads (dried): 7.8/4.2/0 Shrimp Wastes: 2.9/10.0/0 Siftings From Oyster Shell Mounds: 0.36/10.38/0.09 Silk Mill Wastes: 8.0/1.14/1.0 Silkworm Cocoons:10.0/1.82/1.08 Sludge: 2.0/1.9/0.3 Sludge (activated): 5.0/2.5-4.0/0.6 Smokehouse/Firepit Ash:0/0/4.96 Sorghum Straw:0/0/1.0 Soybean Hay: 1.5-3.0/0/1.2-2.3 Starfish: 1.8/0.2/0.25 String Beans (strings and stems, ash): 0/4.99/18.0 Sugar Wastes (raw): 2.0/8.0/0 Sweet Potatoes: 0.25/0.1/0.5 Swine Manure (fresh): 0.6/0.45/0.5 Tanbark Ash: 0/0.34/3.8 Tanbark Ash (spent): 0/1.75/2.0 Tankage: 3.0-11.0/2.0-5.0/0 Tea Grounds: 4.15/0.62/0.4 Timothy Hay: 1.2/0.55/1.4 Tobacco Leaves: 4.0/0.5/6.0 Tobacco Stems: 2.5-3.7/0.6-0.9/4.5-7.0 Tomatoe Fruit: 0.2/0.07/0.35..Hot compost kill seed. Tomatoe Leaves: 0.35/0.1/0.4 Tomatoe Stalks: 0.35/0.1/0.5 Tung Oil Pumace: 6.1/0/0 Vetch Hay: 2.8/0/2.3 Waste Silt: 9.5/0/0 Wheat Bran: 2.4/2.9/1.6 Wheat (grain): 2.0/0.85/0.5 Wheat Straw: 0.5/0.15/0.8 White Clover (Green): 0.5/0.2/0.3 Winter Rye Hay: 0/0/1.0 Wood Ash: 0/1.0-2.0/6.0-10.0 (A note on Wood ash: Wood Ash can contain chemicals that could harm plants and also carcinogens so, they should be composted in moderation) Wool Wastes: 3.5-6.0/2.0-4.0/1.0-3.5
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    It was a good vid smokum, thanks.
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    Together Perlite Step 2: Amendments. Mix in ewc at ratio of 10:1 (mix:ewc). If you can afford it you could go as high as 4:1. I have not and would not go any higher for flowering plants. If the mix is for veg, I would not go any higher than 3:1, (soil mix:castings). I like to keep this as simple as possilbe. So it is one teaspoon each of Bat Guano, Kelp Meal, Bone Meal, Jobes Organic, Espoma Organic Garden-tone, and Terra Cycle per gallon of soil mix. There are a few varieties of the Jobe's, Espoma, and TerraCycle. The ones I choose are by no means set in stone. I prefer to use the Jobe's Vegetable & Tomato for a flower mix and the All Purpose for a veg mix. I use the Espoma Organic Garden-tone because it contains some things that the Jobe's does not. The Jobe's contains myco while the Espoma contains some different amendments and bacteria. As far as the TerraCycle goes, I have used just about all of these with success. I prefer to use either the All Purpose or the Garden formulas. For bat guano I use high N for veg mix and high P for flowering. I also add 1 teaspoon of lime per gallon of soil at this time. Add 1 tablespoon each of dried molasses and alfalfa meal per gallon of soil. Both of these items can be found at the feed mill. Both sell for about $12/50 lb. bag and that will go a loooong way. The alfalfa meal can be bought in cubes or pellets. I get the cubes and break them up before measuring. I have tried putting them into a blender but could not get them much more chopped than what they broke up into by hand. Mix this all very well. It is a good idea to already have your dust mask on. I do not recommend mixing this up without one. I like to let this cook two weeks if possible, stirring every 3-4 days. Some might say that one teaspoon of guano is not that much, and the Jobes and Erspoma call for more also. Using all of these together, I tend to lean toward the lighter application. I also am using a light application of alfalfa meal. Overusage of this can burn the roots while decomposing. Amendments This is the best picture I could get of these. And this is what it looks like all mixed up. Step 3: Adjust ph. At this point I check and adjust ph. Generally, I will have to raise ph if anything. Usually, one more teaspoon of lime will do it.If you used the pre-limed peat, you will most likely need no further adjustment at this point. Repeat testing and mixing until desired ph is reached. Lime will take about 2 weeks to fully adjust. When adding lime keep this in mind. If you do not cook again, and test right away, you will notice little or no change. At this point, if you have a soil test kit, you can also test the NPK. If you feel something is low, you can adjust. If something is too high, the only way to adjust is to add more base mix. Be sure to lime your base mix. I have used this mix and only added water for up to 4 months without problems. Does this mean you cannot use teas or top dressings? Absolutely not. I prefer to keep things as easy as possible, and this is why I use this mix. If you do decide to use teas, top dressings, etc., use with care. It is can be easy to overdo it with some strains, especially when plants are first transplanted into this soil. The main way I use this soil is to incorporate it into soil that I have leftover from previous grows. I mix it with the old soil at a rate of 2:1 old soil to new. Be sure to measure your old soil and amend with the same amendments that you used for the new soil. I like to mix both soils together for the entire "cooking" process.
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    Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug, behind alcohol and tobacco, and marijuana been used by an estimated 100 million Americans, over 25 million in the past year alone,Get a unpaid advertisement wristband for your buds. "Down for the cause!" h
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    Littering aannnnddd.....littering annndd ......litering annndddd