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    Hi EmilyTaylor . Only consider full spectrum arrays in your lineup, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for. That is, there is something to be said for well respected brands....which usually cost more. Many of the lower quality, and all of the higher quality LED grow arrays have "veg" and "bloom" switches on them. The "Veg" switch activates bluer light which corresponds to what is known as the action spectrum, and when both "Veg" and "Bloom" are on, the output corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum refers to the chlorophyll synthesis curve, with a major peak in the blue-violet region, and a minor peak in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the entire visible spectrum. Seedlings and rooted cuttings that are establishing themselves..."young" plants respond best to the action spectrum, and established plants..."adolescents" or "adults" respond best to the absorption spectrum. In this graph, the light green, green, and tan lines correspond to the action spectrum, and the bold line that changes color according to where it lies in the spectrum corresponds to the absorption spectrum. The McCree curve illustrates that the plant uses the entire visible spectrum, and is in a state of high energy (70-90%) throughout the green-yellow-orange-red spectrum. I personally run my LEDs in the "Veg" mode until seedlings have 5 - 6 developed nodes, then I add the "bloom" spectrum to the mix. They stay in that configuration til harvest. Two Platinum LED P300 arrays, ~ 3ft x 3ft space.
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    Here's the most recent way to fight this... https://interceptum.com/s/en/BCCannabisRegulation
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    I scored some cheap 9W LED bulbs and am making a cheapo light fixture for vegging plants with some vanity fixtures I got cheap at the thrift store years ago. Will join the fixtures with aluminum flat bar I found at the dump many years back where the black lines are and put hooks at the corners where the black dots are. The globes pop off easy enough with some heat gun action to be able to get a flat screw driver in there and with a little twist off they come. Looking forward to seeing this thing veg some plants.
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    Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's next prime minister, Oct. 19, 2017, in Wellington, New Zealand. Ardern hopes to take the country on a more liberal path following nine years of rule by the conservatives. (Nick Perry, Associated Press) Is this the next country to legalize recreational marijuana? Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's new prime minister, said the nation will hold a referendum over the next three years Published: Oct 20, 2017, 7:59 am • Updated: about 3 hours ago By Nick Perry, The Associated Press WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand is poised to slash immigration, rethink trade deals and vote on legalizing marijuana under a new government that takes office next week. After nine years of conservative rule, liberal Jacinda Ardern was confirmed as the nation’s next prime minister on Thursday, following negotiations after a close September election. Ardern’s Labour Party will be joined in a coalition by the small, nationalist New Zealand First party and will also get support from the liberal Green Party. Ardern said Friday the country would hold a referendum on whether to legalize recreational marijuana at some point over the next three years. She didn’t say whether she favored legalization but said the current system wasn’t working well. “I’ve always been very open about the fact that I do not believe that people should be imprisoned for personal use of cannabis,” Ardern said. “On the flip side, I also have concerns around young people accessing a product which can clearly do harm and damage to them.” Ardern said she wanted to hear the view from New Zealanders and figure out the correct wording for the referendum before taking a stance. Labour also wants to set legally binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The party wants the nation to reach zero net emissions by 2050 by planting extra forests to absorb the greenhouse gasses it emits. It also plans to establish an independent climate commission. Nearly half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gasses come from agriculture, which also drives the economy. Any moves that increase costs for farmers could run into strong opposition, although Labour says it will make changes gradually. Labour says it wants to rework an existing emissions trading scheme while New Zealand First says it wants to replace it. Ardern said her government “will be absolutely focused” on the challenge of climate change. http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/10/20/new-zealand-marijuana-legalization-vote/90517
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    Robert Mueller Now Connected to a Covered-Up Bribery Scheme Involving Hillary Clinton http://consjournal.com/robert-mueller-now-connected-to-a-covered-up-bribery-scheme-involving-hillary-clinton/ Well, well, well. It looks as if former FBI director Robert Mueller, who is now special counsel in charge of the Justice Department’s Russia investigation, allegedly hid evidence that was collected as early as 2009 which shows Russian officials were involved in a bribery scheme with Hillary Clinton’s charity in order to expand their atomic energy business within the U.S According to The Hill: Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show. Rather than bring immediate charges for the scheme though, the FBI and Justice Department decided to continue “investigating” the issue for four more years – leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions. The details were revealed in a report earlier this week. Apparently, the evidence was withheld from lawmakers while they were questioning the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom in 2010, which ultimately led to Russian control of 20% of U.S. uranium supply. Then, in 2011, the administration approved Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom, in partnership with the United States Enrichment Corp., to sell commercial uranium to U.S. nuclear power plants. Prior to that, Tenex was only allowed to sell reprocessed uranium recovered from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons under the 1990s “Megatons to Megawatts” peace program U.S. nuclear power plants. An anonymous person who worked on the case informed The Hill, “The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions.” “Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted, told The Hill that he was never told of anything regarding “Russian nuclear corruption,” though many of his fellow lawmakers were concerned about the deal, which was also approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. “Not providing information on a corruption scheme before the Russian uranium deal was approved by U.S. regulators and engage appropriate congressional committees has served to undermine U.S. national security interests by the very people charged with protecting them,” Rogers said. “The Russian efforts to manipulate our American political enterprise is breathtaking.””
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    Thats a good optical illusion.
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    Shadey, The pots are about 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" by 3 inch deep, they are sitting on a bucket so they are elevated about 18" or so above the ground making them look bigger than they are, and yes I do have small feet size 7..... Like I said some live some don't ... It looks like I have some new growth starting on some of them so I'm hoping they root in and revege. They spend most of the day in a light cabinet, but I put them out in the morning and back in at night so they get a few hours of semi darkness. Thanks for the observations and comment...
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    Well it looks like this may be the last post for this season... Quite a bit of amber but still quite a few clear trichomes. Some may get harvested this week. The Blueberry Kush was harvested early in the week. So only 4 plants are laid down..... enough chatter on to the pics.. Some nice colors coming now, night time temps are in the 40's so some color changes.... T-Rex Cross 4 And a seed pod... T-Rex Cross 3 and more bean pods... T-Rex Cross 2 and another seed pod... T-Rex 1 The last female standing... And the last seed pod... Next years starts.... Some live Some don't that's how life is...
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    Before we get into that, let me respond to the info LabRat laid on you. Mostly - LEDs are compared to HIDs because HIDs are the gold standard to measure against -, which is absolutely true. He also mentioned that the colas would look better had they been flowered under 400 - 600 watts of HID, and that is personal preference. I used an EYE Hortilux 400W HPS for 15 yrs before switching to LED. Some immediate observations: growth during the veg cycle is more brisk, and foliage is more dense. The flowers produced by the LEDs look smaller and possibly less developed than those produced under a 400W EYE Hortilux, but overall production as measured by weight is higher, and trichome coverage is more dense. The quality of the crop is higher. HIDs are comparatively cheap on the front end. You can buy a primo 1kw ballast/reflector/bulb ~ $300. And the ballast may last a lifetime. My Sun Systems magnetic ballast from 1999 is still in use at a friend's house. Says it has fired lamps flawlessly every day, and it's 18 yrs old. The reflector should last a lifetime. But the bulb needs to be replaced at least every year. And quality horticultural bulbs cost around $70. So in a 7 year period you'll spend ~ $500 on light bulbs. HIDs are hot (the inside of a 400W EYE Hortilux is ~ 650ºF), unless your grow space has an ambient temp in the 50s - 60s, you'll need cooling for the light. An oscillating fan can do it, but a dedicated circuit that blows cool air over the lamp and pushes hot air outside the room is ideal. My "300W" LED array is only warm to touch...but there are UV LEDs, so touching is not advised... LEDs are going to cost you more up front. There's a lot of homework that goes with choosing an LED grow light. The marketing is stoopidly misleading, so you have to be a well informed shopper. Length of warranty - the longer the warranty the higher the quality. If a manufacturer is willing to offer a 3 - 5 year warranty, it means they feel their product is going to outlive the warranty. Actual electricity consumed - this is an extremely important number since efficiency is generally measured in terms of grams per watt...a "600W" LED panel that actually consumes 300W is not going to be as productive as a "600W" panel that actually consumes 360W. If you can't know the actual electricity the panel consumes, move on to the next. Spectrum - if it's "full spectrum", how is that achieved? Are there LEDs of specific wavelengths, or are there a bunch of "white" LEDs, that are way less productive than those of specific wavelengths? Typically, this will be listed as a number of "bands". The more the better. Look for a spectral distribution graph. If the array doesn't have one, move on the the next. High quality LED arrays will cover the spectrum from UV to IR. Mars hydro and KIND LED make decent LED grow lights. Platinum LED Grow Lights, and Black Dog LED make damn good LED grow lights with long warranties. Platinum LED shows a video on their site comparing theirs with other leading brands as measured by PAR output, actual electricity consumed, and actual spectral output. Never seen Black Dog LEDs in a comparison. Their 400W HID "replacement" array is $1,000+, and that's too rich for me. ***I have the wattages for LED arrays in quotes because the marketing is very misleading. A "600W" LED array contains LEDs totaling 600 watts if powered at full power, but no one does that because the life span of the lamp would be too short. Resistors are inline to limit the amount of electricity that drives the lamp(s). This actual consumption number can be as much as 50% of the rated capacity, so it's important to know how much electricity the unit is actually using to get a real idea of what you can expect it to produce in terms of grams per watt.***
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    Lab, the diatribe is welcome... You live in the Great White North and Trump scares you....hahahaha..... He is just a different puppet, the marionettes remain the same... As to the religious stuff, I've done my fair share of reading theology from various religions... my take is God they speak of is Consciousness our consciousness is the only thing that transcends this meat suit. Good to hear about the new genetics that purple sound good... Our temps are not that low and even our winter temps are usually in the 30F area so we don't get that cold. It's the rain that messes things up here. Usually we see a few good showers by now, but this year has been good for growing but what I'm hearing is a lot of gardens got burnt or fire retardant sprayed on them... Mine will make it. won't yield a ton but enough to keep me and the little lady going. Started a bunch of beans yesterday, so I'm hoping they pop and I can get a good start on next year. Gettin late, off to bed... Thanks for the comments.. Peace...
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    The trim is what keeps me from scaling up my indoor grows as harvesting a few plants with maybe a 1lb potential can take me a few weeks with this damned arthritis in my hands. I give away about half what I harvest to friends in need and plan to drag a few into helping as I scale up to a few more plants in the same time scale. Had to go to the city today to take a buddy to the hospital and re-connected with the buddy that gave me a half dozen clones last Dec. He didn't have any clones but had 6 plants in his unheated greenhouse that was 30F when we went in there and still struggling to flower. Stuffed them all into big contractor garbage bags and stuffed those into the back of my tiny car and drug them home. 2 Critical Kush and a ChemDog with 3 decent looking bag seed sativas that are about 3 weeks into flowering but may have mites/other bugs. Got them in the spare bedroom while I figure out what's what, de-bug and get cuttings etc. Bought some fem AK47 seeds off him and he gave me some F1 [(Nl x Purple Indica) x BubbleGum] that may be cool but who knows eh. His wife has turned up with breast cancer and is already using RSO to fight it so I'm making more to keep her in a steady supply so she never has to miss a day. Just lucky that I have lots of older sugar trim etc to make plenty to supply her. She's already using a half gram a day and I've promised to make sure she can scale it up as she feels the need to. Her biopsy is to me very ambivalent and not worthy of what her doctors have recommended so far. Lumpectomy with radiation or lose the boob without radiation. Not my call but she is aiming for increased cannabis dosing and I'm up to help with that. I'm being tested for possible prostate problems that has been ongoing for about 10 years now but confident that if it is a cancer it's one of the slow ones that I'll likely die from something else before it will harm me too much. If push came to shove I can easily call on family resources to buy a few pounds of whatever strains I think would work best to make whatever oils/etc I need to treat it as I see fit. No one is ever going to carve out the parts of me that I consider to be the essence of me being the man I am regardless of how petty some may think of that attitude. I would do the same thing if I were diagnosed with lung cancer or any other serious ailment that threatened my life unless it was a proven cure with near zero risk. I have faith in cannabis to do better than almost any Big Pharma cure. Not to say that I wouldn't use a plethora of other natural medicines to supplement cannabis. The difference between God and doctors? God doesn't think he's a doctor.
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    I do. Don't mention I said so to David tho.
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    congrats on a very fine yr ..you diserve a big harvest ..now get back to work ..lol its hard not to get lazy when cleaning up so many plants ..i no i always tend to start leaving leafs on some of the smaller buds and just think i'll make butter or oil out of them ..and ya hate to ask for help with all the sissor work ..but if you have clients you are making meds for , you may want to recruit a few to help out ..you have a ton of work ahead of you and if its just the two of yas , it mite be a away to get it done a little faster ..love the drying rooms ..make sure you are popping some fans in there to move the air around .. great job sass. enjoy the fruits of your labor..
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    Loving the new soothing green theme
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    I got to say right off that frmrgrl has tonnes of my respect as a grower and educated person when it comes to all things pot! She knows way more than me about LEDs for sure. Here comes the rub as they say. IMO, that great looking batch of colas in the last pic would be looking even greater had they done their flowering under a 400 or 600W EYE Hortilux Super HPS bulb like the ones I've been using for the last 16 years. In fact I have a 15 yo 400W EYE conversion bulb that gives me veg light off a flowering ballast. Still vegs plants great ad cost me $125 new. I think I got my money's worth out of that one! 30 yo magnetic ballasts as well. Everything I've read over thousands of hours in forums tells me those older magnetics last a lot longer than do their digital equivalents as do the bulbs. That being said, my grow room is underground and the warmest it gets in the basement in late summer is about 65F. During the winter it can get close to freezing down there but I can never let it freeze as all the plumbing for the water that comes from our dugout and feeds our house is down there too. If I switched to LEDs I would have to have my heater running to keep the temps up to 75F and electric heaters do not grow plants! For me the hotter lights with way more intense light are a bonus. HID lights are a lot warmer but not that much warmer than all the heat given off by enough LEDs to get the same yields than you get off HIDs. Why else are all the comparisons of LED lights rated to HID lights? Because HIDs are still the gold standard that all other indoor lighting systems are rated against. There's a lot of hype out there about LEDs and some of the best LED systems are the newer LED COBs. Right now there is a lot of DIY involved and a few commercial units coming out but they are very pricey so the DIY folks can save tonnes building their own I shouldn't say this as it's verboten to direct members to other sites but I don't cotton to that. There is a lack of good info here about what you need to know to grow better pot. As my mission is to teach whoever asks how to grow better pot then it behooves me to step out of the regular bounds when I can't supply that info. At RollItUp.Org they have lots of threads about LEDs etc as does 420magazine.com. I have been a regular member on both those sites as long as I've been here tho I use a different nym on both. If you do go over to check them out I sure hope you hang out here too and help grow our small but happy band of rebels.
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    I've been growing in the bush for years and I used to follow the general rule about 50/50 white and red hairs in the buds to decide when to harvest. However in the last few years I've taken a progressive approach which I believe (with the strain I have) make for a much bigger yield especially if September is fairly sunny. The basic idea is to harvest the tips of the branches at the beginning of the month and repeat the process as the under buds get an extra week or 2 a chance to further flower. This is assuming you have removed any males as they were identified earlier in the season. Obviously if frost hits then the remaining buds might suffer but its worth the gamble cause you've already got most of the harvest. The point is that since the plant still has a healthy root system, morning dews are usually plentiful at that time of the year so no further watering is needed and the non fertilized female plant will continue to try to get pollinated so if the sun is there the under buds will grow 20-40 % bigger in just a few weeks. I continue the process right into October (barring a frost) and I end up harvesting popcorn buds right up to thanks giving. With legalization around the corner this will be much simpler when the plants will be in my backyard... : )
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    I heard lots of people say that blue is best for veg stage and red is best for flowering. But then nothing compares to sun light and that's why we're in need of full-spectrum. Based on this, then I guess full-spectrum probably is the best overall.
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    Fan Speed Control As I was looking at the available prototype building blocks I noticed that there doesn't appear to be any microcontroller ready AC motor speed control modules. It is not really surprising since controlling the mains power means getting into meeting standards (UL Listed, CSA Approved, etc.), and that is kinda expensive to do for such a small market (I can't imagine anyone other than prototypers and hobbyists needing such a device). My first instinct was to use a typical TRIAC based phase control circuit (e.g.; Universal motor speed control and light dimmer...), but after a little more digging I came across an AC chopper based alternative I hadn't considered (Single Phase AC Induction Motor Control Reference Design). It is more complicated, but should offer a wider range of control, be quieter (both electrically and acoustically), is very efficient (Power Factor close to 1 = almost 100% of the power being transferred to the motor, IIRC a TRIAC based controller only transfers ~65% of the power), and it will work well with any single phase AC motor (reliable starting at low speeds). There are a few options for hooking the power control to the Dream Controller. A module containing only the AC mains connected components and the optoisolators could be constructed. It would be suitable for very short distances (controlled AC outlet in the same enclosure as the Dream Controller) and manual control would need to be handled by the Dream Controller. The above module could have a tiny microcontroller included, just like in the Single Phase AC design reference linked to above. Toss a slightly more capable microprocessor than what is used in the reference design at it and you can easily include an I2C port (Inter-Integrated Circuit communications, gets you ~2m from the Dream Controller) in addition to a manual control. This would be an upgrade to a basic standalone speed control, with the option of hooking it up to any microcontroller that can handle I2C (probably all but the very tiny ones). Do a sensor/speed control combo unit. Step up to a small microcontroller, hang a temp/humidity sensor off it, do somewhere between a bit and a bunch of programming and it could be a unit that operates as a fancy standalone device or a smart subsystem of the Dream Controller. The sensor units are all I2C devices (hook up two wires then do everything in software), so the main difference between this option and the one above is mostly in the programming. The bits not covered by "mostly" are: indication of temp and humidity; indication of fan speed; input of temp and humidity set points. I'm thinking of using individual RGB LEDs (can be set to any color) for the three indicators and standard rotary potentiometers (or maybe a pot and a button) for the inputs.
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    I've heard that in Alberta your best bet is to start in Feb and put into the ground in April. AFAICT, the theory is that you gain an advantage by having the plant mature (alternate phyllotaxy) before the photoperiod triggers flowering. It seems plausible because I've noticed that I get little to no "stretch" when turning indoor plants to flowering if they are solidly putting out alternate pattern growth, that would get you an additional week or two of flowering. If I was dong it I'd start indoors in Feb., transplant into a raised bed, and be prepared to both manipulate the photoperiod and extend the season with a really big row cover.
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    Just wondering if anyone can diagnose my plant for me. I'm a first time grower in the UK and have done well so far but worried about a few things but unsure to harvest early or leave few more weeks can anyone help??!! Had abit of bud rot got rid of that but really need some advice from a fellow grower.
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    I shall do that tomorrow and get what I can off it what I cut off. I'll have to hope for a spot of sun shine and hope it gets enough light to flower properly I'll let you know how it goes. It smells lovely so hopefully goes okay with weather but I'll leave it the same pot as the colds coming in now on a night so won't have long left. It's madness all that's gone in the US it's awful that the human race has gone to shit and will be get even worse due to that asshole. 5mins to 10hours that's shocking lol I think cannabis is exposed to much for it to backfire it's got to many benefits and too many people are becoming aware of this and tbh they'll only care about the money won't they that's why everything has to be government branded but ultimately it's your choose what you do. I'm massively on the wrong side of the law so I can't judge lol but thank you for all your advice I'll let you know how I get on 😊😊
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    Hi Bester, welcome to CC, your doing well for outside growing in the UK. When I lived there and grew down south back in the early 80s I would always harvest mid September and I never waited for them to bud just smoked the leaves due to the weather and lack of knowledge. Lab said spray the rotten stem with baking soda mixed in water to kill off the rot. If you have some clear polythene to make a cover to keep the rain and frost off you could probably get another couple of weeks before the October winds start. Just keep an eye on the trichs, when they go from clear to milky at about 50%+ your good to harvest.
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    Hiya labrat (love the name) thanks for the reply 😊 We've been getting alot of rain & strong winds the past week or so, that's why I think its changed so much but needed advice from someone whose grown before. Do I chop that rotten stem off or do I need to spray that infected stem with something what you've stated above. I'm not sure lol I've just got the one unfortunately names Bianca lol it's in a pot so can be moved (attached pic) as I'm locking it away for the 12hrs darkness on a night 8-8 but never coverd it when it's rained was never told that that's why I think I have problems in soil it's not absorbing water as sick as it used to so I've not watered if for a week or two as had abit of rain aswell. It's getting abit cold now and living up north in the UK not much sun these days so needed some advice of what to do before winter kicks in. Thank you for replying. Much appreciated 😊
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    I've been very busy and didn't even notice the appeal in this case was won more than a month ago. https://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2017/08/15/police-need-search-warrant-to-get-hydro-records-in-grow-op-cases-appeal-court-rules.html I'm absolutely thrilled for Edwin, Paul Lewin and everyone else whose life was negatively affected by this violation of rights. Too bad the other charges had to stick but the case is won nonetheless. I hope the crown has no plans to appeal. This is a huge victory for all Canadians who have the surveillance device called a smart meter installed on their homes. Having my smart meter data recklessly and illegally shared with police by Toronto Hydro caused a really dark period in my life, one which I am still paying for. I hope the info I provided to Lewin helped this case be won. If it wasn't for my father who helped me through this things could have turned out a lot differently. I really wanted him to see that I was right and this case would be won. He was old and didn't really understand the data and how it was used. Too bad he passed away in June. Now we don't have to worry when we grow "4" plants legally next year LOL! Just remember to exercise caution out there fellow growers. The device is still on your house. It hasn't been removed.
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    Canadian Law Firm Heavily Criticizes 2018 Recreational Cannabis Bill Lukas W 27 September, 2017 Canadian members of parliament tasked with the assessment of the recreational cannabis legislation are now listening to the reasoning as to why inclusivity is preferred over exclusivity with regards to the sale of cannabis. Those with cannabis-related charges were long thought to be written off from the world of federally regulated cannabis, but a law firm’s analysis claims this would only add fuel to the black market fire. Canada’s black market could get worse? If passed into law next year, Bill C-45 would allow the refusal of a cannabis license or permit should an applicant have contravened the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in the past 10 years. Many of these individuals would embrace the opportunity to operate legally and they would comply with regulations. If we fail to create an inclusive cannabis industry the black market will thrive and if it thrives cannabis will continue to be easily accessible to minors. The public health and safety objective of restricting access to unregulated cannabis products will be compromised and we will continue to place an unnecessary burden on the criminal justice system. The stated objectives of the bill include the reduction of the illicit market, and it attempts to do so by imposing criminal sanctions on those operating outside the legal framework, but this in and of itself will not work. We know this because it hasn’t worked. Those who are excluded will continue to operate outside of the law – Trina Fraser, Brazeau Seller LLP The week of hearings has concluded After listening to a wide range of concerned citizens and professionals, the House of Commons has heard plenty of feedback on the cannabis bill set for next year. Police chiefs, healthcare officials, and cannabis industry insiders were among those voicing their professional opinions. You have also heard calls that we are not ready for legalization. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time as Canadians are already consuming cannabis at record levels. – Ian Culbert, director of the Canadian Public Health Association Even with all the concerns about how the bill needs to be altered, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is confident that legal cannabis will be available by July 1st next year. http://herb.co/2017/09/27/cannabis-bill
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    Another late update, got busy doing the honey do list and didn't get the pictures uploaded. Cooler nights in the low 60's supposed to get into the high 50's later in the week. Low 90's during the day so they are loving the weather, some purple starting to show, I checked the trichomes the other day and the most mature is about 15% amber so they still have a few weeks to go yet. Enough of my BS..... Time for the pics.... T-Rex Cross 4 T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex cross 1 Blueberry Kush The last female standing Next years starts... That's all for now....
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    Dang! I do not miss that part of the snow.... Always froze solid to the bone as a kid. But now, clothes are pretty much a thing of the past... lol
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    Ok, thought you might have been born and raised there, never experiencing - temps. Its a big shock for some people I emigrated here 11 years ago, my first winter was an eye opener or I should say closer as my eyelids froze shut lol
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    Of course! Haha. I grew up in the middle of the US so I know cold, ice, snow, tornados, etc. I do miss the snow I have to say.
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    most people worry about mites and mold, I cant imagine losing my crop to lava flow lol, Magma and pummis stone is not a great medium to grow in especially when its glowing lmao.
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    I live on the Big Island so lava is flowing 24/7 but I am not anywhere near that. I live up in the mountains! Is it pretty hard to grow outdoors there?
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    I think you have some pretty good scenery there as well, do you get much volcanic activity. I am on the east coast that would be a long flight out. No mountains here sadly.
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    wow, about the same here for a house 12+ years old, lands are a lot more 60-100,000 for an acre depending on location now for a new property now.
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    HAHA! Actually not too bad at all. You can get 1 acre for about 10,000. Buy a 3 bed/2 bath home for about 250,000...
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    Thanks! We get up to 13hrs in summer but yes, we stay at about 12/12 all year round. So nice! haha
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    Hey there! Thanks for the welcome! No, I take down the lights when I flower. I use 2 illumitex DS Led's to keep them awake at night. I usually give them 30 days veg from first sign of roots. I harvest every 30 days.
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    Hi Jahworks, welcome to CC, your grow looks very lush and healthy, I dont see any lights do you just have one grow/harvest a year?
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    Canadian dispensary update The latest big news in Canadian dispensaries as of Sept. 23, 2017 By Jamie Shaw September 23, 2017 Featured image by Get Budding. West Kelowna West Kelowna has been fairly tolerant of dispensaries, allowing them to operate with implied approval, despite not introducing regulations to license them. With six dispensaries now in West Kelowna, the city is looking at revamping their by-law fines for operating without a license, and future regulations under legalization that would restrict cannabis retail activities to industrial areas. Grand Forks Grand Forks is no stranger to Cannabis controversy, starting in 1999 when then mayor Bryan Taylor declared his intention of making the town the ‘medical marijuana capital of the world’. Flash forward to 2017, and Mr Taylor’s daughter Theresa was still fighting a years-long battle to have her dispensary, Herbivore, regulated by the city, or at the very least, be given the same consideration as the city’s only other dispensary in town, which seemed to be operating with city approval. In July, council decided to rehear Herbivore’s license application, but after an hour long debate, narrowly decided that they would not follow in the footsteps of municipalities using bylaw rather than criminal enforcement. Nova Scotia With the remarkable explosion in the number of dispensaries in Nova Scotia, it probably isn’t surprising this was followed by multiple raids. It also isn’t surprising this was followed by re-openings. While the community of Bible Hill alone saw three dispensary raids, they “ were open right after they left,” according to Ashley Brown of Maritime Medicinal. Still, the raids continue, with two more in Pictou County executed on September 8th. Toronto Lawyer Jack Lloyd estimates there is still at least one dispensary raid a week happening in Toronto. In spite of this, with pretty much just google maps and photo ID, cannabis can be accessed through a dispensary in Toronto within minutes. It remains to be seen what will come of Ontario’s announcement that it is getting into the dispensary game, but expect unions and business associations to push back. Private enterprise is not only an issue that both licensed producers and Dispensaries agree on, unions and even the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have expressed support. Ottawa Three dispensary raids were carried out in the last week of August. While it was initially reported that a haul of heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, and codeine were associated with one of the dispensaries, the story was later edited to note that this was not so, stating the information provided by police was incorrect. Five staff members are facing charges as a result of the raids. Hamilton, ON A city injunction intended to close both a vape lounge and a dispensary was half granted at the end of August, with the city only granting permission to shutter the vape lounge. The ruling by Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sided with comments in the Allard ruling, and ordered that the dispensary can remain open, as long as it only serves patients with a medical prescription. https://news.lift.co/canadian-dispensary-update
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    tic, tic , tic ..every second feels like an hour at this time of yr ..lol..great season slwly coming to an end ..congrats on such an awesome season sassy..now we exspect a weight report on all that beautiful bud..and a smoke report to follow..lol..so glad you are having such a great season ..after being ripped i no we all were cheering for you ..
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    How the heck do you get away with all this farming Sassy? Boggles my mind somewhat. Tho it's not that hard to Boggle what mind I've got left! Makes my best indoor grown plant look like a branch off one of yours fer crying out loud. lol Hoping you get a long summer and lots of time to crop each as they mature!
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    This Graph Shows You The Average Cost Of Marijuana Across Canada Can you guess who is paying the most? News Angry Canadians Shut Down An American Reddit Thread On PoutinesDon't you dare disrespect poutine. Study Finds That Singing 'Happy Birthday' Makes Food Taste BetterMinor rituals can enhance the eating experience.Ontario And Manitoba To Possibly Be Hit With Severe Thunderstorms This WeekForecasts show strong weather patterns in the central provinces.Toys 'R' Us Is Going Bankrupt And Our Childhoods Might Be Lost ForeverSo sad.Hurricane Maria Has Progressed To A Dangerous Category 5 And Here's Everything You Need To KnowThe hurricane blasted Dominica with widespread devastation. Brittany Rogers September 21, 2017 With all the controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana across Canada and the uncertainty of just how much it'll cost 4/20 friendly Canadians, weed is definitely on the brain. Just yesterday the Ontario government gave an estimate on just how much they might be selling legal marijuana for and many were not happy. There defense for the price suggested was that it met the black market average. However, what exactly is the average cost of marijuana across Canada really? How much is each province paying? Well one reddit user posted a graph (shown below) of the average marijuana prices of 1 gram in each Canadian province and the territories as a whole. The averages are according to the calculations taken by the Parliamentary Budget Office of Canada from 2015-2016. Via Reddit The graph shows that our northern territories pay the most with Quebecers paying the least. The national average for one gram of weed in Canada is priced at $8.32. We are also shown that marijuana is used the most in Ontario and the least in the northern territories. Which could be because of the higher costs per gram up north. Overall, it seems like Ontario's move to set the cost per gram across the province to $10 - just above the provincial average, is not competitive at all with the lower black market price. But we'll just have to wait and see how the rest of Canada chooses to price their pot. https://www.narcity.com/news/this-graph-shows-you-the-average-cost-of-marijuana-across-canada
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    HI G_W, You're totally correct and I started defoliating the plants yesterday, a little late in the game of course but wasn't quite sure if I should or not, until a dear breeder friend of mine said pretty much what you just mentioned. Here are a couple of images of a Lowryder I defoliated. Will see if I can do something about the wire idea. Thank you for your caring and excellent suggestions.
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    They sure are looking happy Sassy, some nice colors and good trichome production. While they may not be as big as you like, those are a lot of work like they are. Do you remove the leaves at all or just let them fall off? The reason for the question is it takes the plant more energy to have the leaves yellow and fall off than if you pick them before they yellow. That allows more energy to get to the flowers so you get bigger flowers. Also it helps the airflow through the plant and keeps mold from setting in. I would also suggest hog wire cages about 4-6 feet in diameter you can train the branches to grow out and away from the plant before they head straight up that allows more light into the middle of the plant for less popcorn bud and more usable flowers. They sure are happy plants... won't be long now... I love the purples you are getting....
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    Images from garden site #2. I posted images of some of the plants accompanied by their close up's with the exception of three ( Kosher Kush, Moby Dick x Grape Kush, White Russian ). Images with their close ups are; 818 Headband, Ace of Spades, AK47, Asad, Bubba Kush x White Russian, Deep Purple x AK47, Kryptonite x Durban Poison.
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    Latest update on garden #1. All plants seem healthy and well on their way, I posted images of each plant accompanied by a close up of bud sites. Got two Afgooeys, three Asad ) hash plants from Kashmir region ), three Deep Purples, two G-13 x Cheese, one Gods Blue Cheese, two Kryptonite x Durban Poison, two Lowryders, and one Pineapple Chunk. Lowryders should be ready to harvest real soon.
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    Update of garden #2, in image form. Afgooey Ace of Spades trichomes 818 Headband 818 Headband trichomes Ace of Spades Afgooey trichomes AK 47 AK 47 trichomes Asad ( hash plant ) Asad trichomes Bubba Kush x White Russian Bubba Kush x White Russian trichomes Deep Purple x AK 47 Deep Purple x AK 47 trichomes Kosher Kush Kryptonite x Durban Poison Kryptonite x Durban Poison trichomes Moby Dick x Grape Kush Moby Dick x Grape Kush trichomes White Russian Ladybug on White Russian plant
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    I'm a pediatric nurse, an appreciation for puns and cheesy jokes is sort of an occupational necessity. How do you make a hankie dance? Put a little boogie in it. Why do mermaids wear sea shells as bras? Because B shells are too small.
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    Hi Nuggrocket. Think about 2 concepts - the action spectrum and the absorption spectrum. The action spectrum is the typical graph you've seen with peaks in chlorophyll synthesis and chloroplast production in the blue region and then again in the red region. The absorption spectrum is the other graph you've seen that represents photosynthetic response and has a minor peak in the blue region, a valley in the green wavelengths, then a steadily rising trend throughout the yellow-orange region, followed by a major peak in the red wavelengths. Seedlings and young plants respond best to the action spectrum. Once established, the absorption spectrum begins to really kick in. So, blue + red for seedlings/young plants/cut rooting, and blue + red + white for fully vegging plants thru harvest. For whatever it's worth, I stay with the action spectrum until the plants have 5 - 6 fully developed nodes, then I switch to absorption spectrum. I have 9 band LED arrays that provide light from uv through ir wavelengths. A little pricey, and worth it. The graph below illustrates the action spectrum with the light green, green, and tan lines, and the absorption spectrum as the bold line that changes color according to the wavelengths represented.