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    Ok tp done. Put into ocean forest. The roots looked weak, no fur, but they are white. Opened the no pop and it was just moldy. Opened the other one ssdd x halo and nothing. Hard still squeezed it and there was pulp in side. Next time I'll give those a scratch. My sativa in winter project (what was I thinking) is underway!
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    They legit were not done their paintings. 3 hours usually isnt long enough. So I can show you my boobs whenever I want? How kind of you guys 🤣 As long as I can:
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    Hey guys, im a new grower, just got some Purple Kush seeds to germ and got them growing in some rapid rooter plugs. I have a few questions about my set up. My seedlings look to be doing okay, growing about a 1/4 inch a day. I’m noticing that the leaves are a little curled (will include pics). I have been keeping the tray of my rooter filled to the bottom of the plug with water and the plugs soak the water up and stay moist. Maybe too moist I’m thinking?? Anyone have any pointer for me or see anything I’m doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yeh Canada Post is being a pain in the ass atm, I want to order some seeds. You can grow them in a pot with your seedling soil temporarily. they will be another 2-3 weeks before they will be ready for transplant into your hydro. do you have a PH meter for your water? watch the heat mat it can cause problems, with the damping off problem and will dry out those rooters faster. Labrat is the hydro expert he will help you out with any problems you have.
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    Hello Dustinperrier and welcome, I believe the leaves you are referring to are the seed leaves or Cotyledons. They have a short life span, lasting long enough to get the plant started, then they will curl, turn yellow, and die off. I wouldn't worry about these first leaves at all as your plants seem to be progressing well. That sounds right but you are the best judge here. The plugs look soaked and they shouldn't be but it is just a photo. Good luck with your grow... 52.
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    One thing ill give this place over gc is its nice to be able to hang out with my clothes off 🤣
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    I have heard say that some do LOL I am lucky if I get a few grams
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    And thus begins the Winter Grow...With a few 'extras' to play around with , not sure what I'm gonna do with those yet, but the Siamese Twins are still kickin'...
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    My little Winter garden getting underway... Got me one Siamese Twin, doing well so far...
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    Hope any vets (if we have any) had a good Remeberance/Veterans day
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    No but a buddy of mine from So. Florida was telling me all about them And how they are over run with them due to them being an invasive species But They fall from the trees Dead when temps drop to where their bodies can no longer tolerate anymore.
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    Oh I dug up some really Good Info on my old buddy won't be long now, as they say any day woohoo It will be a total surprise for him Im sure of it, have not seen him in yrs He is such a good guy he deserves all he gets . Not sure just how to repay him for everything he has done for me.
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    No I use bandaids and q tips for my masks. Always worked for me, but failed for somebody else. =

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