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    Loving how this garden is developing, and tomorrow, I'm getting a water pump to pull water from a nearby river so will be helping set that up, plus a 1000 litre reservoir to hold said water for watering needs. Another thing I'm getting tomorrow is a tiller, to help get rid of unwanted weeds between rows of plants and then all that will need be done, is maybe to cover with straw.
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    Well I tried to update my thread, but none of my pictures would upload to the upload site. I got a new phone I took the pics with I don't know if that is part of the issue or not. Update may have to wait until tomorrow... I may have to take the pics with my old camera... don't know what is up. I tried to upload one photo at a time to the site but it wouldn't even upload one pic.... strange happenings..... More than one way to skin a cat... hahaha.... Peace.. Stay tuned...
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    that is a beuatiful site ..i love you garden ..set up perfect.. plenty of space for everyone ..cant wait to see that landrace [asad] when shes finished..looks like you are having a great season ..good luck to you ..still alot of growing season to go ..we have had alot of rain here this yr ..you guys having a wet summer..i no you said you are setting up a water catch for them ..it takes alot of water to keep this many girls hydrated..lol;.. my favorite pics are the ones of the whole field ..really shows the work you have put into your garden ..blood sweat and tears..and a lot of sleepless nights as you near harvest time .. awesome job ...kick ass and take no prisoners ..
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    Before I share the other images I took yesterday at the second garden site, I wanted to show one of the Asad hash plants ( landrace from the Asad municipality in Kashmir on the Pakistani side ). These plants have very big leaves and from what I'm told, get extremely sticky going towards harvest, but what I was amazed to see, was that some of the leaves have up to 12 fingers. Now, I'm fairly certain this likely has a lot to do with the strain itself ( very vigorous ) but I was thinking that the soil in the garden was part of a sheep pasture and it must be enriched by all that sheep poop as well, not to mention the composted soil I added for each plant hole. Grass snakes and toads abound in the garden, so I'm thinking this is a good thing as well.
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    Buds are are starting swell a little bit yes I'm excited thank you all for the helpful tips .
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    Some of the plants in the primary garden area.
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    Hey GW, how have you been ? Love your grow reports, big Props to you for your glorious garden grows I've been away for a bit.... had some demons to take care of, but now things are starting to look up. Been doing a little outdoor work myself last and this year: am not a 100% outdoor doob, no more scary electricity bills and (of course) MUCH larger plants/yields. I'll take a few pics in a day or two - depending on the weather here, to ask for your opinion and get a pointer or three. Cheers bro.
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    Sounds like they are picking up speed now. When you think they are at a size that will be good for your tent/room, you switch the photo period from 18/6 to 12/12 and that kicks them into flower mode remembering that you have to factor in their growth while in flower, which is the hard bit. So they finish under the light and not through the top of the tent lol. So when you decide you want to flower them, just take the cuttings 2 or 3 weeks before. That way if they dont make it, you can take another set and not have to worry about them being in flower. If you are going to top them soon, to bush them out, use those cuttings for clones, usually done anywhere between 4 and 5 leaf nodes down for a clone. There is lots of info out there on Utube, just watch a half dozen vids as they all do it very slightly different, and you will get the idea.
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    Hi L/R, many thanx for the help here, when do you know when to take cuttings, ? and if it's just before flower, when do you know when to flower ??? chk-d on Amazon, is this the stuff you use ............Growing Substrate Plagron ProMix............. ? Also chk-d on my plants, the nute strength was... (large plant) 220ppm, friday past they were 477ppm added 4 ltrs, Hope I'm not kidding. strength now = 674ppm small plant the nute strength was 373ppm, Friday past they were 420ppm added 1.7 ltrs, strength now 633ppm Temps today are grow-room 75f, nutes temps 70f, leaf temp 72f (with internal fan). Very Much appreciated.
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    Alaska’s marijuana shops, mapped Author: Laurel Andrews Updated: August 7, 2017 Alaska Marijuana Shops adn.com
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    Update pic buds hairs are turning orange and sugary week 5 I'm so excited .
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    Update time... well no chicken damage this week, some real hot temps but also some good growth... enough mumbling,,,on with the pics..... T-Rex cross 1 T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 Blueberry Kush And again the last female standing... That's all for this update... all comments are welcome questions are good too... Peace...
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    L/R at least I have it, if or when I need it, ordered epson salts as well chkd for slime inside pail, nothing so far (fingers crossed) Hi L/R & Shadey I chked and topped up the nutes today, plants don't look that great, and I am a bit worried, however, on chking the nute levels found that the large plant bin needed, 5 ltrs, honestly 5 ltrs, and nutes strength was at 230ppm, this drop was in one week, 5 ltrs I mean wtf. Small plant I added 2 ltrs of water, nutes was down to the low 300ppm. Was very surprised, I must start and chk them mid week as well. Nutes Strength large plant is 477ppm small plant is 420ppm I am running them under CMD as off tuesday past, temp in grow room is 74f, nute temp 71f, my grow-room extraction is pretty high, to hold temp down. Plants are now 6 and a half weeks in total. I can smell them, and when you lightly touch the top of the stem, the smell on your fingers, is very nice in deed. I have pic's, I don't think they look that great, is this because of the nutes strength being low, as was the water level. I have also taken some pics of the roots, but there a bit blurry (sorry) one from the small plant, the other from the large plant. As normal very much appreciated,
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    looking good buddy ..bud sites starting to show nicely..i was just telling a buddy about how you bury the main stalk and get a bunch of main colas to grow ..he was talking about how to bend them over to do the same and i told hin you went a step farther by burying the stalks ...and that you get what looks like a bunch of plants all in a row ..lol.. "last female standing " your not saying those chickens killed off all your girls i hope ..i loved my birds when i had them , but they would be heading to freezer camp if they wiped out my garden ..lol hope the temps come back down for you guys soon ..my ol lady was just telling me , we are suppost to have a very cool aug and even said we should dig out our coats ..what ever happen to all those awesome summers we had as kids that lasted for ever ..lol..its like once the 4th of july is past us , summers about over ..this getting old shits gotta slow way the hell down ..a week used to be 7 days , you blink your red eyes now and a weeks is here and gone ..lol stay safe my friend ..the worlds gone crazy ..
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    Ok hope this works, tried the other site but it wouldn't let me upload images, may have reached the max allowed size... T-Rex 4 T-Rex 3 T-Rex 2 T-Rex 1 Blueberry Kush The last female standing... That's all for now folks sorry for the delayed update....
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    i have the same cloner but has 36 sites in it ..i put mine in my vegg area. its stays the right temps all yr with the lights[4 ft shoplites]running above it ..and my room i have a/c for summer so my temps are always about 75 or cooler ..one of the best things i bought for growing ..i paid 80 bucks for mine tho ..you can get bigger or smaller units to fit your needs..i always make extra cuttings and sell them to other growers for ten bucks each..so i am always running it or cleaning it to set up for a new run ..lol..its paid for its self already many times over ..easyest way to clone in my opinion..
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    OK gotcha, the host they may have sussed out what the pics are of, or where you are posting them too, or their server could just be temporarily be down.. I was in a hotel 3 weeks ago and this site is blocked on their sever firewall because it has drug things on it.
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    The Stones have been in a Safety deposit box for decades. The bank was moving and I had to go get the stones.
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    Hello! I'm from Ukraine, I'm 40 years old. I have been engaged in cultivation in outdoor for 20 years. And only three of them are grown in Indore. 2.5 years ago, it occurred to me to create a high-performance plant for the cultivation of marijuana. Now the project is almost completed. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results of my experiments. The installation of a little more than one meter square, a height of 2.5 meters, is able to give a result with proper use up to 2 kg. Dried flowers. Equipped with two sodium lamps 600 and 400 watts.2016 2017 is not finished yet https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/f...m43OGY5N3RSY2c I'm interested in your opinion. Would be very grateful ..
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    I know what you are saying m8, they need to do pictures of real leaves showing deficiencies not drawings of leaves. Dont stress, they look a million times better than what they did. If the plants have deficiencies, then all it does is slow the growth down a bit. Its all give and take, and very hard to get everything perfect. If its not the temps its the RH if its not the RH its the nutes, lol, if they are growing well which it looks like they are, then they are pretty happy. I destroyed all my 6 clones last week, all damped off, made a couple of mistakes, but I now know how I screwed it up, so its try again. Its how we all learn, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, so don't be too hard on yourself, just keep posting pics and people will tell you if they think something doesn't look right.
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    Hi L/R, yea ok it's me again I have attached a couple of pics, the growth has been unbeleivable, didn't think a plant could grow as fast. Is it my imagination or do the plants look like they need something ? tried to look at defisioncies, and so far I think they are defisent in almost everything. I chk pictures and I see a bit of my plants in all the pic's, all it's doing is stressing the hell out of me. So if I may take advantage of your kindness once again I chkd the large plants nutes it reads 380ppm temp around the 68f mark, however the grow room temp is 73f, leaf temp 76f. am I right in saying the plant or plants need mag, i.e. Micro ? Found if I increase the extraction a little growroom temp falls, but the nute temp also falls, which takes more priority ? Huge thanx .. plants would ahve died I think, if it wasn't for your help. PS still on T5 lights
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    My biggest bush that I grew. Let me remind you that my wife's height is 174 cm. I have a holiday))) I will sum up the results a bit later. But in general, I'm happy, it turned out even more than I expected, even without weighing it is clear that the whole installation will give about 2500 grams this time ......... Bros, are not the limit. I already know how to improve it the next time ... at the expense of technology, not more !!
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    Now I'll ask a little attention. I want to tell you how I dry the plants. A little destroy, so bored you stereotypes, and I will say that the method of to the cracked branch, is complete rave!! ! How do I. As we all understand, on a plant not all cones are the same, and not all branches with the same cones. After I manicure and hang branches, I, every other day, begin to approach the plant and feel the worst cones (I do not pay attention to branches). If I have a suspicion that the bump is on the way, I do so .. If it burns down more or less smoothly, I cut those bumps, or that branch that is slightly smaller than the others: And so, until I reach the biggest cones, at the very end ... In fact: This plant was illuminated with less than 500 watts, and its weight exceeds a kilogram !! And this is not all-this is what I am sending to the preservation of a long-term refrigerator. I still have an incomplete liter to smoke and Bro share, who went to the seaside, I twisted a couple of small twigs, and wrapped him in the "tormozok", even on the beach, he dries))) And there is another plant, it will be more... . Let us also recall the two auto and one photo, which I have long been smoking with the Bros .... I think 2.5 kilograms from the installation called a bicycle is not the limit !! Ahead is the most interesting!
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    Only a few more days till these ladies get cut down and cured properly.
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    The last tree, it is the largest
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    Looking good Sassy, In the early 80's I had a plant that had 14 fingers on a leaf and was bigger than a dinner plate, wasn't an indica, it was a cross long normal sized fingers about an inch wide and about 14 - 16 inches long at the long. I put one in with some pictures and found it about 4 years ago.. Don't know what I did with it from there tho..... Everything is looking real good and the water will help a lot. We are back over 105, 109 yesterday and today was close to that. I think mine are just starting to transition into flower so the 7th inning stretch should start soon.... yours look close too, could see some short inner nodal lengths going on... As they realize they are loosing light they will stretch and grow... Keep doing what you do...Peace...
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    Hi weedmen, Thank you, it's still a work in progress but getting better all the time. That Asad is a real oil maker, just need to try it out at harvest time to see about strength as it's never been tested as far as I know. We were having a shitty time up until last week, lots of rain and cool temps didn't help but still, I had started them indoors with much TLC and more importantly, plenty of yummy organic nutes. Getting a water pump installed tomorrow, it will be submerged in a small river located less than two hundred feet from the garden, and will be perfect for pulling water to the reservoirs so that I can better water the plants ( yes, they are hungry for water all the time ) .
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    While it's true that vitamin A can help rejuvenate lung tissue, let's not forget that the info is coming to us via the seller of a vitamin A supplement, and that it is well known that quality control in the nutritional supplement industry is nonexistent. As you noted, the info states that the study participants were receiving pharmaceutical grade trans retinoic acid, not an OTC vitamin pill. Most folks will gloss right over that to the "buy now" button. I would caution people to be tested for vitamin A level before they start taking supplements that are almost 10X the RDA because it's a fat soluble vitamin, and toxicity (which usually occurs from taking huge doses daily) doesn't paint a pretty picture: Vitamin A may cause bleeding in the lungs, blurry vision, bone pain, breathing difficulty, changes in immune function, chronic inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), cough, cracked fingernails, cracked lips, death, decreased thyroid function, depression, diarrhea, feeling of fullness, fever, fluid around heart, hair loss, high cholesterol, increased pressure in the brain, increased risk of HIV transmission (through breastfeeding), increased risk of lung cancer, increased risk of heart disease, increased white blood cells, indigestion, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), injection site pain, irritability, joint pain, mouth ulcers, muscle pain, psoriasis flare-ups, pain, perisinusoidal fibrosis (in the liver), redness (from skin use), respiratory infection, seizure, skin irritation, sore eyes, steatosis (fatty change), stomach and intestine adverse effects, and suicidal thoughts.
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    UBC study finds dispensaries have better weed, higher prices The study compares experiences of home growers, buyers from dispensaries, Health Canada’s licensed producer, and black market suppliers By Scott Johnstone July 11, 2017 As of March 31, 2017, Health Canada has reported a total 167,754 clients registered with licensed producers, yet scientists estimate more than half a million Canadians use cannabis for therapeutic purposes (CTP). Researchers at the University of British Columbia are taking steps to find out why roughly two thirds of CTP users seek medicine from sources the federal government calls ‘illegal’. Canada’s earliest dispensaries predate the country’s earliest legal medical cannabis framework by half a decade—when the MMAR regulations came into effect in 2001, a small few dispensaries in BC and Ontario already had memberships in the thousands, and had already celebrated their five year anniversaries. Today there are dozens of dispensaries across Canada serving hundreds of thousands of CTP users. This new study explores what some Canadians prefer about shopping at dispensaries, and what others prefer about non-dispensary sources. (Specifically, growing one’s own, having a third-party grower, or buying from a street dealer, a producer licensed by Health Canada, or a friend.) A public survey was conducted asking respondents to rate their sources for quality and availability of product, safety and efficiency of access, cost, and feeling respected while accessing. Of the 445 respondents, 215 accessed their cannabis through dispensaries, and 230 accessed other sources. Lift News breaks down the results: Quality Of all respondents, 96% rated the quality of products received from dispensaries as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, with home-grown following close behind (92% for cannabis grown by a friend, 89% for self-grown). In stark contrast, the Health Canada producers received the lowest quality rating at just 20%, edged out by street dealers at 21% approval. Safety The safest form of access reported by those surveyed was having a friend or third-party grower, with 94% having expressed approval. Dispensaries were hot on the heels of growers at 91%, and with buying from a friend, growing for oneself, and buying from a licensed producer all scoring in the range of 60-70%. Predictably, street dealers scored the lowest perception of safety, with less than 5% approval. Availability Another near tie between dispensaries and third-party growers, dispensaries topped the board at 94%, while growers came in at 89%. Buying from a friend, growing for oneself, and buying from Health Canada also landed in a similar cluster, this time ranging from 50% to 62%. Once again street dealers scored the lowest, with roughly 13% approval among respondents. Efficiency At 90%, dispensaries had the highest rate of approval in this category too. Reaching a tie for second place, both self-production and third-party growers received 83%. There was also nearly a third place tie between buying from a friend and buying from a licensed producer, at 46% and 45%, respectively. Cost In the one category where dispensaries suffered low approval, cost satisfaction was dominated by growers. Third-party growers received 75% approval, while growing for oneself received 71%. Health Canada’s producers had the next best pricing, with 55% approval. Buying from a friend also received higher ratings, at 42% compared to the 38% dispensaries received. Feeling Respected Yet another category topped by a narrow margin between dispensaries and third-party growers, 91% were left with a feeling of having been respected after visiting a dispensary, and 88% when dealing with a third-party grower. Growing for oneself and buying from a friend were not too far behind at 71% and 74%, respectively, while Health Canada’s producers came in at 55%, and street dealers at just 12% approval. In all categories except cost, dispensaries and third-party growers consistently received the highest approval ratings, and in all categories except quality, street dealers received the lowest. The survey also asked respondents to provide information about their social demographics, physical health, and typical cannabis use. Results showed that respondents who buy at dispensaries were older, were more likely to have discussed medical cannabis with their health care provider, and were more likely to have received CTP authorization from Health Canada under federal regulations. Respondents who shop at dispensaries were found to be more likely to use cannabis to treat symptoms of HIV/AIDS and arthritis, to use larger amounts of cannabis for their treatments, and to place greater importance on access to specific strains of cannabis that are better tailored to their conditions. The study also found that those using dispensaries were less likely to use cannabis to treat mental health conditions. Another interesting detail that emerged through the study is that dispensary users identified access to a variety of strains as being an important factor. Among the conclusions drawn by this study is the suggestion that with the high level of endorsement by patients, future regulations should consider including storefront dispensaries as an authorized source of CTP, and that self-production and third-party growers are important for maintaining affordable access. The study’s lead author, PhD candidate Rielle Capler, formerly acted as spokesperson for the BC Compassion Club Society, with whom she worked for eight years in the early aughts. She is also a co-founder of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. “Under the old regulations,” said Capler, “patients are saying they could grow it for $2 a gram, and get the amount that they need and the quality that they need in a timely fashion. The cost under the new regulations is prohibitive for many patients, and the availability of product from suppliers has been limited.” The study calls for further research to estimate the extent to which the addition of the licensed producers in current regulations have altered the role and perceived value of dispensaries within the Canadian medical cannabis system. Another study is currently collecting data from dispensary users in Vancouver, the Vancouver Dispensary Users Study. “We really need this empirical data,” Capler told Lift, “to help inform policy makers as they deliberate on distribution systems under legalization.” lift
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    If there are no questions, drive on Now pay attention to the top of the installation: If someone doubts me, I'm swimming here too http://www.rollitup.org/t/vert-600-400-5-plant-from-ukraine-with-love.938560/ To be continued..........
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    Horrraayyy getting nice and bushy.
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    She budding lil popcorn farts lol 😈👍🏻😄
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    an inch shy of 6'... ... it has been neglected a little (dry and hungry too often), and the top doesn't catch any sun.
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    Hi DB, To be honest I haven't tried either one as of yet, last season, I tried growing some Deep Purple but one was a male that I just totally missed among the small " forest " of plants and it ended up pollinating all of the others, so never really got to taste it. To date, all my plants are 100% females and doing fine though I would say that there's about a 2-3 week's worth of tardiness in growth this season due to way too much rain and cooler temps. As things stand, I expect a good crop overall, but no monsters. I will certainly have plenty of medication and will be testing the Deep Purple, the Kryptonite x Cheese, and others that I've yet to experiment with. Good on you for the outdoor growing :). Here are a couple of images from a couple of days ago.
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    Hey, guys, it may sound strange, but yes I'm planning on using my old tonneau cover as my plant bed. The reason for this is because I bought a new one from 4WheelOnline and the old one has to go so instead of throwing it in to the trash can, I was thinking of converting it. would you think it's possible?
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    New to the Game, advancing rapidly. Was wondering if anyone had any more tips on faster rooting. A lot of what I'm seeing is posts and posts on the standard steps, healthy mom, good cut,groom cut from excess foliage 45 degree cut,dip in clone rooter (whatever your preference), stick in prepped medium of preference, dome, and open dome progressively, water appropriately, and 2 weeks later you will have sufficient rooting for up pot. Well it looks like we all fallow those standard steps with little variation limited to what products we prefer to use. I'm taking more than 2 weeks on average and was wondering if anyone had some knowledge they can kick on how I can speed this up?
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    Shadey, I expect the branches to be around 3-6 feet tall by November with big fat buds on them...
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    Apparently lots (maybe all) Europeans thought the world was flat at one point - so lots of YouTube videos shouldn't carry much weight as an argument. Getting more light to the buds will make a difference (that's an easy experiment to do); but removing fan leaves that are not shading anything is reducing the plants ability to gather light, and anything I've seen or read about defoliating amounted to speculation with some pseudo-scientific-sounding hand waving. @Steveo2690, given the title of this thread... I suggest growing the nicest looking, healthiest, plant you can. Then do it a couple more times before checking out any special techniques.
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    Yes, you're right, we guys also use something like that in out. But they do it to nail the plant to the ground. To ensure that it is less noticeable to the police or to the vandals scouring in search of prey. And I decided to try an alternative method of plant training (Horizontal cultivation), to which we are accustomed. Just do not just draw branches to the ground, like here: But also to drop them in order to get a double benefit from this.
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    I find something like a vitamin A deficiency being the cause of a serious lung disease like COPD hard to fathom. I have COPD at a low level now and I'll bet it's from smoking a pack of cigs a day for almost 50 years. I take quite a few supplements to help maintain my health and good old cod liver oil that's rich in vit D and A is one of them. I think most people are deficient in all sorts of vitamins and minerals and that it is the cause behind numerous maladies common to many of us. Especially if they eat the S.A.D., (Standard American Diet). I wonder if they tested those same people for other deficiencies like magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium to name a few minerals most are lacking. Or Vitamins D3 B-complex, C etc. I wouldn't mind reading that article if you have a link.
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    There's good medicine everywhere from small time growers to large producers. Clean low cost medicine should be the goal for all
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    Some happy and sassy looking plants you have going there... love the variety.... Keep doing what you do and you will knock it out of the park.... Peace...
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    They are looking happy and sassy... keep doing what you do... peace...
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    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, June 21, 2017 Congress sees a pair of medical marijuana bills filed, the New York legislature has voted to approve medical marijuana for PTSD, Kentucky residents sue the state over the medical marijuana ban, and more. National Last Thursday, the CARERS Act was reintroduced in the Senate. US Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY), Corey Booker (D-NJ), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) reintroduced a bill that would end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana. Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) also signed on to the legislation as original cosponsors. The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (or CARERS) Act of 2017 would allow individuals and entities to possess, produce, and distribute medical marijuana if they are in compliance with state medical marijuana laws. It would also open up avenues to medical marijuana research and allow physicians employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where it is legal. The bill also proposes excluding cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, from the federal government's definition of "marijuana." Last Thursday, Corey Booker and Steve Cohen filed identical medical marijuana protection bills. Tennessee Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen has filed House Resolution 2920, "to extend the principle of federalism to drug policy, provide access to medical marijuana, and enable research into the medicinal properties of marijuana." New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker has filed a companion bill, Senate Bill 1374, in the upper chamber. Arkansas Last Friday, medical marijuana regulations took another key step. The Legislative Council, which serves as the legislature's governing body between sessions, approved draft rules from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the Department of Health, and the Medical Marijuana Commission aimed at regulating the state's nascent medical marijuana system. The state will begin accepting applications for licenses to operate marijuana cultivation centers and dispensaries June 30. Kentucky Last Wednesday, a lawsuit challenging the state's medical marijuana ban was filed. Three Kentuckians who say they have used marijuana to ease health problems have filed a lawsuit in state court charging that banning medical marijuana violates their constitutional privacy rights. The suit names as defendants Gov. Matt Bevin (R) and Attorney General Steve Beshear (D). Michigan Last Thursday, lawmakers filed bills to ban medical marijuana billboard ads. State Sen. Rick Jones (R) and Rep. Andy Schor (D) have filed identical bills that would effectively ban billboard for medical marijuana businesses. The bills are Senate Bill 463 and House Bill 4767. They are not yet available on the state legislative web site. New Mexico Last Friday, the state nixed medical marijuana for opioid addiction and Alzheimer's. Rejecting the recommendation of the state Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, Secretary of Health Lynn Gallagher declined to add opioid use disorder and Alzheimer's as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. New York On Tuesday, the Senate approved medical marijuana for PTSD. The state Senate voted to approve Senate Bill 6092, which allows medical marijuana to be used to treat PTSD. The Assembly passed an identical measure earlier this year, so the bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). Pennsylvania Last Thursday, the governor warned Attorney General Sessions not to interfere with medical marijuana. In a sharply worded letter, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) warned Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to interfere with medical marijuana in the state. "For a lot of patients, this is the only medicine that works. So for him to go after medical cannabis is kind of flying in the face of science and the facts," said a spokesman for the governor. On Tuesday, the state issued the first medical marijuana permits. The Department of Health on Tuesday announced 12 medical marijuana grower permits, with the permits going to two companies in each of the six permitting regions the department established as part of the implementation of the state's medical marijuana law. The department will announce the allocation of 27 dispensary permits before the month ends, it said. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] stopthedrugwar
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    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, May 31, 2017 Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Grassley file a CBD research bill, Detroit has been moving against unpermitted dispensaries, and more. National Last Thursday, a pair of prohibitoinist senators filed a CBD research bill. Two of the Senate's most ardent prohibitionists, International Narcotics Control caucus leaders Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) filed a bill to expand research into the medical benefits of cannabidiol and marijuana. The bill has not yet been assigned a number, nor is the text available on the congressional website, but the text can be viewed here. Feinstein authored a similar bill last session that went nowhere. Arkansas On Tuesday, state regulators delayed voting on final rules for another week. The state Medical Marijuana Commission needs another week to finalize some rules, commission Chairwoman Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman said. If it indeed finalizes rules next week, applications for medical marijuana businesses will open up on June 30. Michigan As of Monday, Detroit has closed 167 unpermitted dispensaries, with more to come. The city's crackdown on illegally operating dispensaries has seen 167 of them shuttered since the campaign began last year, and another 51 are in line to be closed in coming weeks, according to Detroit corporation counsel Melvin Butch Hollowell. The city had identified 283 illegally operating dispensaries and has a goal of reducing the number of dispensaries in the city to 50. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, 'visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] stopthedrugwar
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    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, May 17, 2017 Iowa sees an expansion of its CBD cannabis oil law, a Delaware medical marijuana expansion bill stalls, Florida remains without medical marijuana regulations after the legislature couldn't get its act together, and more. Delaware On Tuesday, the medical marijuana expansion bill stalled for lack of support. A bill that would have expanded the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana stalled in the Senate Tuesday as lawmakers complained that a promised amendment to address concerns of the medical profession was never added. But sponsor Sen. Margaret Rose Henry (D-Wilmington) said Senate Bill 24 would be reintroduced at a later date. The bill would have added debilitating anxiety to the list of qualifying conditions and removed a requirement that a psychiatrist sign recommendations for people seeking medical marijuana for PTSD. Florida Last Thursday, calls grew for a special session to deal with medical marijuana. House Speaker Richard Corcoran has joined a growing number of people calling for a special legislative session to come up with rules for the state's voter-approved medical marijuana amendment. Senate President Joe Negron has also said the legislature should be responsible for crafting the rules. The session ended earlier last week without the legislature reaching agreement on how to regulate medical marijuana. If the legislature doesn't come back into session to deal with the issue, it will be left up to the state Health Department. Iowa Last Friday, the governor signed a CBD cannabis oil expansion bill. Gov. Terry Branstad (R) signed into law House File 524, which expands an existing law that allows people with certain conditions to use CBD cannabis oil, but did not allow for production or sale of the oil. The new law lets the state authorize up to two facilities to grow marijuana and produce cannabis oil to be sold in five state-approved dispensaries. It also expands the list of qualifying illnesses to include 15 chronic conditions. Michigan Last Thursday, a bill was filed to allow patients to transport their medicine. Rep. Peter Lucido (D-Macomb County) filed House Bill 4606, which would repeal a 2012 law making it illegal to transport marijuana unless it's in a container in the trunk of a vehicle. It's "ridiculous" that medical marijuana patients can't carry pot like any other prescription medication," Lucido said."It makes no sense to give out medical marijuana cards and force patients to put it in the trunk," he continued. "My God, it's not a gun -- being a lawyer, my law firm has taken on at least a dozen of these cases." New Jersey Last Friday, a review panel recommended adding chronic pain as a qualifying condition. The state Medical Marijuana Program Review Panel recommended that the Health Commissioner approve chronic pain related to a number of ailments as a qualifying condition for the use of medical marijuana. There will now be a 60-day comment period and a public hearing before the recommendations is finalized and sent to the commissioner. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] stopthedrugwar
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    this is funny when the administrators are saying there is no contest
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    i've been pretty ill but i still plan on being with family having a cold root beer and listening to music.