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    Picture of my HOG 1- 2 weeks left to go. Look at the sugar frosting, mmmmm cant wait.
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    A pic of the Hog just before trimming, with a handy note from Justin to tell me how to be responsible LMAO.
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    Got a total of 60 seeds off the small one and only 10 or so from the slightly larger one.. For sure I will get way more off the big plants.. It takes a bit to sort through those buds.. Not quite dry yet.. Lots of sticky stuff. Mmmmm Good. My job now is to make sure anybody that wants seeds, can get from me.. Anybody that wants pot.. Gets from me.. As mayor in waiting I'll make sure they have Pot. Those local suppliers and growers will come out of the woodwork to help me I'm sure.. Boo Govt Grows and Dispensaries.. There are a number of other actions we can take once it is legal.. Like mini green houses with mature male plants on either side of their big grow buildings.. Vote For BC Bud
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    Hi Pun intended...hehe I have converted my cold cellar to a grow room in my home. It is located under my porch. The room in winter gets just as cold as outside and in summer it is a sweat box. I fix that, outside walls have 6 inches of good styrofoam and ceriling has 4 inches of styrofoam. Fixed all water leaks and dampness with cement and watertite paint. Just finishing by covering all walls with plywood. It will go down to 58F in very cold weather and no more than 92F in hot summer. Size of room is 3.5 x 5.5 feet and 6.5 feet tall. Will paint the plywood with flat white primer. Question is how much light do I need. I want to use fluorescent 4 foot HO lights due to height of room. I have 40 amps wiring to room. I can fit/install 24 tubes on ceiling, but is that overkill or is 16 bulbs OK? Each bulb is 54 watts. I want the best light possible. Yes I will use a 200 cfm fan exhaust.
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    Hey guys, so this is from India and am growing this in my farm, so am new to this and can I know what kind of strain this is and when it will be ready to harvest ?
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    Do you have any idea about these strains ? It was in our farm last year !! How does it look for you ? Can u relate to this to any strain you know ?
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    The hole is 6 feet deep, I’ll jump in and cut them out, am skinny by the way 😂😂 actually am afraid when to harvest them !! May be I’ll post a pic here when the buds are big enough ! 😒
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    Thanks a lot !! Actually these 2 of em were in another farm of my friend, we uprooted from there and planted in our farm just a month ago 😀
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    Hi Suriyaprakash and welcome to CC. Your plant is a sativa, other than that, I could not say. That's a very interesting stealth growing technique, I have never seen before, growing in a hole in the ground. Sativas generally take a lot longer to flower, than indicas, but you need to check the trichomes, they are what look like, tiny grains of sugar, with a magnifying glass, at the moment they will be clear, but will change to a milky color, when the majority are milky in color, it is ready to harvest
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    Ya have what you have but I an working on room It will be 20 sq ft. I left a message to Shady as what I am doing read it and get idea of what I am doing. Its a lot of work/money but worth it. Room cannot be better unless I get a different house. Toronto is a huge city just behind Mexico city, LA and NYC. House prices are crazy here. You need 1 million to get a decent house and $500k for a downtown condo. I live at the edge of city. I rarely go downtown.
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    Federal government to comb social media for Canadian’s behaviour, attitudes toward marijuana Andy Blatchford The Canadian Press Published September 21, 2018 OTTAWA The federal government is looking to scour social-media platforms to find out what Canadians really think about pot as the country enters its new era of legalized weed. With only a few weeks to go before the end of recreational marijuana prohibition, Ottawa is seeking an outside contractor to help the government learn more about Canadians’ attitudes and behaviours when it comes to legalized cannabis. Federal officials want to go deeper than the data they have gleaned from public opinion surveys. The Liberals vowed to legalize recreational cannabis in their 2015 election platform as a way to take black-market profits away from criminals, including organized crime. But weed’s legalization on Oct. 17 will thrust the country into unknown territory on many levels – from policing, to health, to public awareness. The government is still in an information-gathering mode. A new government tendering notice posted this week describes a project that will collect marijuana-related information on Canadians – from how often and where people light up, to what type of buds users prefer, to criminal activities. For example, the government hopes the effort will help it design communications strategies to address specific public safety risks, such as driving while high. “Overall, this research intends to inform policies surrounding public safety issues that accompany cannabis legalization,” reads the notice, which was posted Wednesday. “Exploring public perceptions of cannabis use and related behaviours is key to developing a better understanding of how best to communicate to the general public about the risk of use and engaging in certain behaviours.” The winning bidder will use algorithms to sift through and extract data from social-media sources, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the process, the government also wants the contractor to capture and explore corresponding individual-level data, including details on the age, sex and location – such as the province or territory – of the social-media users. The document, posted by Public Safety Canada, calls the approach a form of sentiment analysis – or “opinion mining.” “Social media data is arguably more unconstrained and rich in detail than self-report survey data,” the notice said. “When complemented by self-report survey data, social media data can provide policy-makers with a more complete picture of how the public perceives cannabis use and related behaviours in the current pre-legalization context.” It also noted that self-report surveys can generate a wealth of information about citizens’ attitudes and behaviours related to marijuana. However, it pointed out that these surveys are susceptible to a number of biases – such as the closed-ended nature of questions – that can affect the quality of the data. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/cannabis/article-federal-government-to-comb-social-media-for-canadians-behaviour
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    Salutations, Just in case this ain't old news: [ http:// www.littelfuse.com/products/led-protectors/led-protector/pledxux.aspx ] PLEDxUx Series - Unidirectional PLED « If one LED fails as an open circuit, the PLED connected to it turns on and carries the current that would have gone through the failed LED, so the remainder of the string continues to function. » Good day, have fun!! ☮️
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    This is week 6 of Veg for the Lemon Kush grown under the Majestic12 LED. The Lemon Kush clones have reached the trellis that I built for them and are growing fast! As they grow I'm weaving them through the trellis to get an even canopy.
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    love to see the buds starting to swell .they look good,cant wait to see the finish. my season ended early as we had a horrible frost. went out to look and they looked like snow cones. temp was down to -6 c that killed them . some were done like the bigger timewarps. i got 1100 grams off of 4 timewarps and good thing because alot of other ones i wont get much off of. gonna be alot of hash this year.screwy year as it started off with a killer frost and ended with a killer frost. oh well back to inside .hope yours continue to flourish. betting you dont get frost.lol
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    I've been out of the loop and just wondering what dick head blair has done to make it more illegal or more ways you can get fined or more ways for wasted intervention. Im in bc most the time but i have family in ont so i like to spend as time there as well. Italians love there family. i need the advice. Prision is not where i want to go. Let me know what the laws are if u can please.
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    All sorts of new laws out for Prohibition 2.0 just so all the new prisons Harper had built keep the beds full and no employee lay-offs. Any dispensaries open after Oct. 17 will get shut down and everyone arrested. The gov't hates competition and has a huge goon squad to enforce their new laws with the power of our corrupt courts to enforce them. Welcome to our new reality! Suckers!
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    Hello, I am new to this forum and I did try to search to see how to resolve this issue I am having with our plants. We have grown a few plants this year, not the best looking or production as we are learning. So, this is our 3rd attempt and we decided to ditch the super soil we were using and simply add nutrients to the simple soil. Things were going well but then the plants stopped growing and they are not drinking. From looking online, we experiencing nutrient lockout. I am wondering if anyone knows how to do a flush properly. We have tested the PH of the water we are giving and it is fine according to our pen. I am just so frustrated with this, we always seem to start off great and them, bam, another hurdle. I would attach pictures but the lights are out at the moment. I can add it later today if that helps.
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    When I'm Mayor on 20Oct2018.... The Pot Hall-of-Fame will be HERE in Osoyoos. We'll; as a town have unlimited plant counts... AND Will lease out small plots for the BC Bud growers to experiment and trade various Weed strains... The hall of fame will be a place to tell tales and exchange ... and sample and honor the Heroes And all those that have a criminal record for Pot will get a FREE dispensary license ... The Pot market is set to explode; and We'll be so far out front... Can't beat BC Bud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiWdirPOWc4
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    U.S. Border Officials Can See Every Legal Weed Purchase You’ve Ever Made In These Canadian Provinces If they find out you've purchased pot, you could be barred from the U.S. for life. @Dmitry Tischenko / Giovanni Gagliardi Alissa Heidman September 21, 2018 Does this whole marijuana legalization process have your head spinning as much as it does mine? With the recent news that smoking and investing in weed could land you a lifetime ban from the U.S., Canadians are justifiably shook - and the whole dilemma just got a tad more complicated. Allow me to explain why. READ MORE: Canadians Who Legally Smoke And Buy Marijuana Will Be Barred For Life From The U.S. According to an article by Global News, U.S. authorities don't need a warrant to go snooping into your credit card transactions. With that being said, if one were to purchase marijuana with their credit card and tried to cross the border, patrol officials could potentially see this. So what are you going to do? Admit to marijuana use and be banned for life? Or lie to a border patrol officer and be banned for life? Hmm, decisions, decisions. In certain provinces, it could be nearly impossible to avoid purchasing marijuana with a credit card. That's because very few stores in those provinces will be ready to go by October 17th, leading people to only have the option of purchasing online. @sorepheetembedded via In B.C. for example, come the legalization date, only one store location will be open in the entire province. Ontario will have zero stores until April of next year. Other provinces, however, are trying to develop some sneaky strategies around the issue. Global News reached out to some provincial spokespeople to get word on what type of plans they have. READ MORE: Here Are All The Places You Can Legally Smoke And Buy Weed, Based On Your Province In Nova Scotia and Alberta, cannabis will be sold in their liquor stores. Therefore, credit card statements from N.S. will read, NSLC and Alberta's will read, AGLC. This essentially leaves no indicators someone has purchased pot. @fit.n.geekyembedded via Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland will have retail shops opened up by Canopy Growth in October. The stores will not only sell weed but will also have a gift shop. “(Statements) will say the store that it was purchased from, the location, and the price. In no way does it say what was purchased, and that’s consistent with our online medical sales right now,” said spokesperson Catlin O’Hara to Global News. The company also hopes to expand to Alberta and Ontario soon. New Brunswick, whose marijuana stores will be separate from alcohol, hasn't come up with a solution just yet. However, a spokesperson insured statements won't read anything as obvious as "Cannabis NB." For Quebecers, statements will read something clearly identifiable, since their marijuana will be sold through Société québécoise du cannabis store. They have yet to say if they will be offering a solution. Ontario and B.C. both have yet to release details on how cannabis payments will be identified. An Ontario spokesperson says they will announce information very soon, while B.C. spokesperson said they're doing what they can to mitigate issues at the border. @betterthanopiatesembedded via To avoid this credit card debacle, you'll obviously want to make your purchases in cash where available. Other than that, Interac is also an option where available, since debit card data is stored only in Canada. READ MORE: Here's What You Should Do If You Smoke Pot And Get Asked About It At The U.S. Border If there was an emoji for Katniss Everdeen's three-finger salute of rebellion, I'd put it right here ___. Good luck crossing those borders, Canada! Source: Global News https://www.narcity.com/news/us-border-officials-can-see-every-legal-weed-purchase-youve-ever-made-in-certain-provinces [/b]
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    Hi guys! What do you think about babies? Any suggestions? :D
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    well i spent alot of time going through as many individual buds as possible, checking for mold. you have to pull them apart a little to really find it sometimes. one tiny little bud leaf inside dies and so it begins. i did a major defoliation to help airflow ,but as i picked mold i realized its actually those little leaves that die right in the bud that usually start it. so by going through them every day at this stage i can let them finish with minimal loss. hopefully! weather is changing to a more fall outlook after today, so hopefully drier air. anyway good luck to all on your fall crop!
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    It's basically the same as drinking, only do it in designated areas in public, can't buy if under 18 or 19 depending on province, don't smoke and drive, don't smoke, drink and drive, don't give weed to minors or drunk people. You can carry up to 30grms in public, no selling but you can give it away, you can grow up to 4 plants per household, except in Manitoba or Quebec, if you rent your basically screwed for smoking or growing unless you have a really nice landlord. Can't grow outside if you live in Halifax municipality. Have to keep your weed under lock and key in New Brunswick. Things vary from province to province. If you have weed in a vehicle it has to be in the trunk, possession inside the vehicle is an automatic fine.

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