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    hoping for some input on organics . ive only done 1 indoor grow and i used all canna products. coco with 2 part fert,cannazym,rhizotonic, and boost. it turned out ok and the smoke is smooth ,burns to a nice white ash.my question is can i get comparable yields if i do it organically,and will it be any better quality . i bought some organically grown romulan at a dispenciary and the flav was amazing.maybe it was just the strain.i realize that it depends on many factors but overall im looking to grow the healthiest that i can. thanks for any advice.
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    Chuck Schumer Announces Plans To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana Chuck Schumer has just proposed that the United States decriminalize cannabis on a federal level. Could this lead the way? By A.J. Herrington April 20, 2018 In what could be seen as a 420 gift to the cannabis community, Chuck Schumer announces plans to federally decriminalize marijuana. The Democratic senator from New York made his intentions known in an interview with Vice News on April 19. Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, said he is now officially supporting legislation that would decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. The move is a change for Schumer. He has previously supported marijuana for medicinal use and the rights of states to set their own cannabis policy. But now he thinks that all uses of cannabis should no longer carry federal criminal penalties. “Ultimately, it’s the right thing to do. Freedom. If smoking marijuana doesn’t hurt anybody else, why shouldn’t we allow people to do it and not make it criminal?” he said. He also noted that current cannabis laws are too harsh. “I’ve seen too many people’s lives ruined because they had small amounts of marijuana and served time in jail much too long,” he said. De-scheduling And More Schumer expects to introduce his new bill in the Senate sometime next week. The legislation includes several changes to federal cannabis policy, although the senator stopped short of calling the measure “legalization.” First, the law would remove marijuana from the list of substances covered by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). That would effectively end federal prohibition and allow the states to create their own cannabis regulations. The bill will also include funding to research the effects of cannabis as well as its ability to impair driving a motor vehicle. Tax money would also be used to encourage the creation of marijuana businesses owned by women and minorities. Finally, Schumer’s bill maintains “federal authority to regulate marijuana advertising in the same way it does alcohol and tobacco.” The senator said that provision is an effort to prevent cannabis businesses from marketing to children. Schumer Joins Other Democrats, New Yorkers Schumer is now one of several Democrats in the Senate calling for a change in federal marijuana policy. Last year, Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey introduced the Marijuana Justice Act in the Senate. Rep. Barbara Lee of California joined Booker and sponsored the measure in the House of Representatives. That bill would remove cannabis from the CSA, as well. It also contains provisions aimed at repairing some of the damage by the United States’ failed War on Drugs. The measure also includes language that would withhold federal funding from states that continue to criminalize marijuana and prosecute minorities disproportionately. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democrat from Vermont who has long been a proponent of de-scheduling cannabis, just announced his support for Booker’s bill, also on April 19. Schumer is joining other prominent New Yorkers who have already expressed support for a change in cannabis policy. Cynthia Nixon, who is running for governor of New York, recently announced her desire to change cannabis laws in an effort to promote fairness. “The simple truth is, for white people, the use of marijuana has effectively been legal for a long time. Isn’t it time we legalize it for everybody else?” she said in a campaign video. One day later, Democratic incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo jumped on the bandwagon. Because Massachusetts already has legal cannabis and other nearby states like New Jersey are poised to do so, Cuomo said that “for all intents and purposes, it is going to be here anyway.” Final Hit: Chuck Schumer Announces Plans To Federally Decriminalize Marijuana If decriminalization succeeds, perhaps you’ll see Schumer at a future 420 party. Although he hasn’t smoked pot yet, he might be up for giving it a try, he told Vice. “Maybe, I’m a little old, but who knows?” he said. https://hightimes.com/news/chuck-schumer-announces-plans-to-federally-decriminalize-marijuana
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    There are 2 types of people when it comes to Pot PotHeads and Anti-PotHeads. The PotHeads have won this war. No longer having to sit back and listening to the B.S. because someone will rat Them out to the police or the boss. Where do you stand... I'm 100% PotHead The Ant-PotHeads need to be sent to re-education camps and Marijuana Boarded..
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    I was seeing red, and not in a good way, and forgot to add something. And that is if they want to put people with a predisposition for psychosis or schizophrenia should not use cannabis on the labels then I could live with that. It will still be illegal under Canadian and International law but we won't say anything. Anything else is just a "tea" campaign and would require a public relations campaign that will destroy them to counter it. And for those "trained" in psychology that will say paranoia is covered under psychosis and schizophrenia... Please don't quote that horse shit that doesn't even qualify as science and none in the field will defend when pushed to because it makes you sound like you have no clue on how human psychology works. Paranoia is simply caused when concepts linked to fears or uncertainties are triggered within the mind. New cannabis users feel these new concepts, or electrical patterns, and it triggers minor fears or uncertainties because of those new concepts triggered within them. This now triggers the glands that controls our fears and releases the chemicals. Thus paranoia based on these will be created. It will always work the same way because of the way the mind works and is designed. For example when a cannabis user eats something the buzz will subside and so will the concepts linked to the fears and the paranoia will go away and return to their normal. Now because this process is slightly different in each individual, because of the way the concepts and fears are created and linked within the mind, and also because glands can operate differently in different people, that is why the warning label should be there. And has nothing to do with that horse shit that doesn't even qualify as science. And I would like to discuss the psychosis and schizophrenia in more detail but considering the term psychosis has two meaning in the field of psychology, and so does schizophrenia depending on whether you are talking about the symptoms or the cause itself, and when you combine the terms it means something else... I'll just wait for clarification as to what they really mean. I am pretty sure they mean the last one but I would like to make sure first since the last one is a crime. But in basic I'd highly recommend getting rid of "tea" campaigns and replacing it with a warning that people with a predisposition to psychosis and schizophrenia should not use cannabis, or be cautious with it. It is illegal but it is the truth. Also get rid of the junk science that leaves out societal factors to mislead people. I would also remove things that you cannot prove; like the stats on driving. But if they are intent on running this campaign I should warn them that the science behind a "tea" campaign will always show more psychosis, schizophrenia, and other mental conditions, in the group running the campaign then the group they use it against. Science will also show that if you run these campaigns it will cause more mental conditions in the targeted group, such as psychosis and schizophrenia, then whatever the targeted group is doing. In this case smoking cannabis. And science will also show that the ones running the campaigns will want to ignore the crimes and effects of them against the targeted group because it will all cause more mental conditions, like the ones mentioned, then whatever the targeted group is doing. I could go on, but that should be enough.
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    PRESS RELEASE "Captain Cannabis No. 1 Teleports Into The 21st Century" For Immediate Release Date: July 24, 2017 Contact: Verne Andru - [email protected] VANCOUVER, BC – Canadian comic book artist Verne Andru kicks off his epic fantasy series with a 40th Anniversary edition of his original 1970’s Captain Cannabis No. 1 comic book. Squarely in the fantasy camp, Captain Cannabis is a rich blend of dark comedy and gritty realism artfully bound with a potent romance thread. The story tracks laze-about Hal Lighter as he gets swallowed up in an extra-dimensional turf war over planet Earth while trying to rescue sweetheart Marion Jones from evil’s clutches. Intragalactic ‘herb’ transforms him into ‘Captain Cannabis,’ Hal’s superhero alter ego that boldly takes him where he never dared go before! ‘Coming up with the Captain Cannabis name and character was the easy part. Crafting a compelling story world with engaging characters that commands attention is really tough,’ Verne continues, ‘I’ve seen too many projects go sideways because story work wasn’t done to let that happen here. I’ve always felt Captain Cannabis deserves the best and doing that takes time.’ For the 40th Anniversary Verne wanted more than a re-issue. Starting with scans of his 1977 ‘Captain Cannabis – Roll Me Another One’ comic book, he digitally cleaned and polished each panel before breathing life into the new edition with airbrush shading. ‘When I revisited the originals after all this time I found they had this great energy, so I kept as true to that spark as possible while bringing them up to pro standards,’ said Verne. For mature audiences, Captain Cannabis No.1 40th Anniversary is now available around the world through a growing list of sellers. ‘With today’s technology it’s almost like I can teleport the book into readers hands virtually anywhere in the world,’ exudes Verne. ‘This was impossible when I created it in the seventies.’ For pricing and availability visit www.CaptainCannabis.com and www.oKee.com. - 30 - "Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary" Details: Book Type: Paperback Publisher: oKee.comX (April 20 2017) (www.okee.com | www.captaincannabis.com) Writer/Illustrator: Verne Andru (www.verneandru.com) Language: English ISBN-10: 0973885157 ISBN-13: 978-0973885156 Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 0.1 x 26 cm Shipping Weight: 64 g Availability: The book is available in the following markets at the indicated MSP: Canada - 8.40 CAD United Kingdom - 8.40 GBP European Union - 8.40 EUR Australia - 12.00 AUD Brazil - 8.40 USD Germany - 8.40 USD Russia - 8.40 USD South Korea - 8.40 USD Poland - 8.40 USD China - 8.40 USD India - 8.40 USD Italy - 8.40 USD About Verne Verne’s career spans more than 40 years in the entertainment and marketing sectors as writer, designer, illustrator and animator/film-maker. A self-taught artist, Verne pushes the next-level with the help of the many great people he’s worked with, particularly animation masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's wise men, during production of Nelvana’s ‘Rock & Rule’ animated feature. Credits include the likes of Captain Canuck, Marvel and Charleton in comics as well as the National Film Board, Ikea, Hanna-Barbera, Universal and Nelvana for the screen. Verne’s marketing and advertising work is equally impressive. For Bedford Software he created the ‘Simply Accounting’ name that he used to launch one of the most successful software brands in its class. For an encore, he branded and launched the highly successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects brand that is still innovating today. Honors graduate in Systems Analysis and Design, Verne has taught computer, art and film related subjects at Humber College in Toronto and the prestigious Vancouver Film School in his West Coast hometown. Verne has remained an innovator always seeking new ways of applying technology in novel ways; desktop publishing replaced traditional typesetting and pre-press, he helped pioneer digital paint for location and character colour styling on animated series work, and his desktop animation system continues producing a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful Kid’s Club spots for Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA. Verne resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC where he enjoys family, music and the great outdoors. For more information, please visit: www.VerneAndru.com www.imdb.com/name/nm3252989/ Where to purchase Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary: The following is a list of some resellers. For the most current listing visit www.CaptainCannabis.com or www.oKee.com. Cannabis Culture's Hastings and Davie Street stores in Vancouver. The Comic Shop, 8th Dimension Comics in Vancouver. Hempyz in Langley BC. Global - Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 Global - Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Canada - Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 United Kingdom - Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 France - Amazon: https://www.amazon.fr/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Australia - Booktopia: http://www.booktopia.com.au/captain-cannabis/prod9780973885156.html Australia - Fishpond: http://www.fishpond.com.au/Books/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 New Zealand - Fishpond: http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/Captain-Cannabis-Andru-Verne/9780973885156 Netherlands - Amazon: http://www.hugendubel.de/de/taschenbuch/andru_verne-captain_cannabis-29136296-produkt-details.html;jsessionid=3C1A1948C1B810D04A2280CA7ED47C2E.www01 Netherlands - Picclick: https://picclick.nl/Verne-Andru-Captain-Cannabis-352064531098.html Denmark - Saxo: https://www.saxo.com/dk/soeg/bog?query=Captain+Cannabis+Anniversary+0973885157 Denmark - Saxo: https://www.saxo.com/dk/captain-cannabis-40th-anniversary_andru-verne_haeftet_9780973885156 Sweden - Adlibris: http://www.adlibris.com/se/bok/captain-cannabis-9780973885156 Finland - Adlibris: http://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/captain-cannabis-9780973885156 Germany - Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Captain-Cannabis-Anniversary-Andru-Verne/dp/0973885157 Germany - fairmondo: https://www.fairmondo.de/articles/andru-verne-captain-cannabis-taschenbuch-ean-9780973885156 Russia - helikon: https://www.helikon.bg/importbooks/10365/--captain-cannabis---40th-anniversary_9780973885156.html
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    No need to make all the Canadians sick with envy. Its like rubbing salt in a wound lol Wow what a difference in your clones for just 12 days, amazing what a bit of sunshine does for them, and your bigger plants are getting a good head start as well. I hope all goes well for you Wizard.
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    Update time..... Last couple days were sunshine and mid 70's, over night lows are are in the high 40's soon to be low 50's F. I figured it's a good day to take some cuttings and lay a few of the taller plants down.... Now on to the pictures... TRC4 She is already laid down she blends in well with the surrounding vegetation. TRC 2 This one will go through the process I use to lay them down.... The plant in it's pot sitting in the bed, the top cover of the area to be planted is removed behind the plant The hole for the root ball, flat across the top, deep enough for the whole root ball (all of the dirt from the pot) and tapering where the base of the plant will sit so the plant lays down at an angle the garden staples will hold the stalk and branches down. The plant in the pot in the hole to give you an idea. A close up for a better idea. The root ball and plant laid down before the dirt is filled in over the top and under the base of the plant. The plant laid down in it's bed with the garden staples holding the plant to the ground... As the plant adjusts to the new digs.... I will identify specific nodes to bury and root in. Notice I replaced the leaves and straw across the base of the plant. As it get set I will fill in with straw to cover any dirt..... Always use some kind of mulch to keep the moisture in the soil and the microbiology active breaking down the mulch. TRC 1 Plant in pot in it's bed... The plant laid down before I put the leaves back over the base where she was laid down... The cuttings I took off the plants Well that's it for now... Stay tuned as the girls get settled into their beds and once they stop revegeing and move back into veg then into flower later in the season..... This is how you get the big flowers and yields... Peace...
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    In the US that crap is in just about everything, dairy(yogurt), baked goods, 99% of soda, fruit juice, V8 juice, virtually anything that uses a sweetener processed foods etc.etc.etc. You need to read labels to make SURE what you want doesn't contain HFCS. Food and Drug Administration should label it as an obesity/artery clogging drug. You don't have to carry a vegan card to eat healthy. My favorite still Antelope, gamey-er, but love it. Oldest son has taken over the venison procurement for us. Does the ice fishing as well. Slaying the crappies lately. Moose few and far between here. Mn has a lottery system for a few tags every year. Never applied. Trunk bucks are easier. You couldn't give me a truckload of "canned" vegetables. Only thing we peel is tomatoes before mashing and freezing. Minute and a half in boiling water, makes them so hot ya can't touch them. Had to rely on farmers market last year to get enuf. Absolutely worst growing season I've seen in 2 decades. We freeze fresh veggies in ziplocks, fill with water to get air out. No freezer burn. Same with fish. I spent 2 seasons on a shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico after the Navy. Heaven for a Minnesota Lad. Never cared that much for the climate tho, to much Eskimo blood maybe. Actually, the older I get the less I like this climate. Good skill to have come next oil crisis. Just a matter of time, imo. Ran across this from a guy in B.C. You might like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_qt2TG6h_Y Peace be with You and Yours T
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    thx Shadey , I will remember the freezer, I wouldn't have thought that
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    Hello all, I harvest my plants at sunrise. Does anyone know if its okay to do my final trim the night before(when its dark)? This way all I have to do at sunrise is cut and hang. Thanks all.
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    I've often thought about distilling it back but smoke too much indica. lol I live in a subdivision. Have to keep the plants small. No Sativa. I really need to do that. I'm processing more of my own theses days besides what my friend brings me. And he'll bring me up to 3 lbs to run. He grows Indica Dom hybrids. I can't sit when I smoke sativa. Time to read up on building my still. lol Love that pic. Yours? How do you get the oil out?
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    Yes all the terpenes are gone if you dry it completely. But if I dry it like the weed smokers do with Mason jars the terpenes will be there. Then I'll extract the oil to smoke. It's the leaf I'm not into. Even as a teenager I hated weed, then someone showed me hash. Then the same person showed me oil, a match made in heaven. LOL Been extracting for quite a while. Time to move my game up. I'm even thinking of trying to make some crumble or shatter. Read lots on it. Enough of buying it. I have run the oil live once. You need to freeze the bud as soon as you cut it!! Must freeze the water in the plant. Let it freeze GOOD!! a few days. You also put you container in the freezer. Ok everything goes in the freezer. Then it all comes out at once..bud in container fast, seal container, butane it. The container needs to be closed at the bottom to hold the butane. You let the bud soak and agitate at times. Bud will stay frozen and so will the water in the plant. The agitation helps with dropping the Trico's. You can keep the container in the freezer and agitate for a few hours if you want. The oil is very light. And tasty. I preferred my old way. Dont let any part of the container get above -1C. Use an insulated glove. Holy crap, I'm high and rambling. LMAO. Oh yeah, vent your container at top.
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    Thanks LabRat. Ive always just let my weed hang in my shed till it was ready to make oil. I don't smoke weed. Good oil but no taste. I've been reading up on the curing and sounds like I am doing that this year. Maybe keep some of the taste this time. I'm growing THC Bomb, Bad Azz Kush and Trans Siberian. Should make for plenty of Roonstone Resin.
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    It's not too bad, I have some light from the back of the house. Not too bright but ok to see. I grow in my backyard. I didn't think it should matter but thought I would ask. Ya never know. Thanks Shadey
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    What's up folks!! been about a decade since I've stopped in here. Thought I'd take a walk down memory lane but doesn't look like my old account exists. any chance posts from over 15 years ago are still kicking around here??
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    Hey! thanks for the warm welcome. id be forever greatful if you could find my old account. I went by dogmatic99 from about 1999-2009 my house in Van got raided and I packed up and moved to Ontario a few months after. cheers
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    Locations of Ontario’s first four recreational cannabis stores announced The Canadian Press Published April 11, 2018 The locations of Ontario’s first four provincially run cannabis stores have been announced. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario and the Ontario Cannabis Store say the shops will be in Guelph, Kingston, Toronto and Thunder Bay. The agencies say the locations comply with local zoning rules, minimize proximity to schools and factor in where illegal dispensaries are currently operating. Story continues below advertisement Forty stores are expected to open this year and another 40 by July of next year. In total, the province plans to set up roughly 150 standalone cannabis stores by 2020. Ontario was the first province to announce a detailed plan to sell and distribute recreational marijuana and will set the legal age to purchase it at 19. The federal government introduced legislation last April with a goal of legalizing and regulating the use of recreational pot by this summer, but left it up to individual provinces to design their own distribution system and usage regulations. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-locations-of-ontarios-first-four-recreational-cannabis-stores
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    Flushing with flawless finish and molasses. For my media I'm running half coco and soil. I haven't tried promix hear really good stuff on it and roots organic. I hope that works good for you m8.
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    2 week's left, so are you still feeding it or are you going to let it use up what's left in the soil and leaves? My GDP clones are getting a bit of tip burn I think my soil is a bit hot for them. I am going to have a little experiment with some other soil types from promix which are a lot cheaper so hopefuly that will work better and save me $30 a bag.
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    Looking better all the time, I was thinking that the other week that she could do with a good trim up. They have some monster big leaves. How long before it's finished, the leaves still look very green.
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    I had to spread gdps butt cheeks apart cause the buds weren't getting any light with all her dam leafs lol plus tons of leafs I cut off too she is going to be fun to trim lol.
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    Conservative senators travel to Washington to talk marijuana with Jeff Sessions Three Conservative-appointed senators were in Washington D.C. this week for meetings with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other federal officials to discuss Canada's plan to legalize recreational cannabis use. 'Canadians have reasons to be worried!' Tories say after meeting with U.S. officials Madeleine Blais-Morin, Peter Zimonjic · CBC News · Updated: April 5,2 018 Canadian Conservative Sen. Denise Batters poses with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Washington Wednesday. Batters and fellow Conservative senators Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and Claude Carignan went to Washington D.C. this week to meet with U.S. officials over Canada's plan to legalize pot (submitted photo) Three Conservative senators were in Washington D.C. this week for meetings with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other federal officials to discuss Canada's plan to legalize recreational cannabis use — and they say officials there have unanswered questions of their own about the pot bill. Senators Claude Carignan, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and Denise Batters said they went to Washington after getting what they called unsatisfactory answers from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale last week at a Senate committee about the the impact legalization will have on the Canada-U.S. relationship. "We went to Washington to find clear answers to the questions asked by Canadian workers and tourists, including families, who cross the border," Sen. Boisvenu said in a statement. "Faced with the Liberals' empty answers and broken record, we had to seek concrete and real facts right at the source." The three senators, who arrived in Washington Tuesday, are all outspoken critics of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to legalize the recreational consumption of cannabis in Canada. They said they went to the U.S. to ask about the policy's impacts on border security and cross-border trade. They also had questions about issues linked to trucking and "public transportation safety," and the risks faced by Canadians travelling into the U.S. with small quantities of cannabis. In a joint statement after the meeting with Sessions, the senators said they were told that anyone who admits to having consumed marijuana may be subjected to additional inspection or even denied entry to the U.S. "Canadians have reasons to be worried!" the senators said in the statement. "An increase in standby time is expected for crossing the U.S. border, for both regular and Nexus travelers as well as truckers (Passexpress). Travelers can expect an increase of secondary inspections as trained dogs will still detect residue and smell marijuana odours even if the consumption dates back a few days." Batters told CBC News the senators wanted to speak directly to U.S. officials to be "in full understanding of what these particular bills can mean for Canadians — and there could be significant consequences for Canadians." The senators met with Sessions — and other members of the Trump administration — for 45 minutes Wednesday. High level meetings Conservative senators have complained that the Liberal government is not giving them the information they need to properly study the marijuana legalization bill, C-45. The senators said they wanted to know if U.S. Customs intends to change the questions its officers ask of travellers at the border — and whether a Canadian who admits to having used marijuana will still be allowed to enter the United States. They also said they spoke with people they described as "high-level advisers" to the Trump administration, including officials at the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Strategy, Policy and Plans, the U.S. Customs and Border Protections Office of Field Operations and other agencies. "When we ask questions of the Canadian government, we receive unclear and vague responses which do not satisfy us. Our role as legislators is to measure all the impacts of Bill C-45, and that is what we are doing today by meeting with senior officials of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security," said Sen. Carignan. The senators said Homeland Security officials expressed "great concerns" about marijuana smuggling. 'In Colorado, organized crime has created new cartels operating under the appearance of a legitimate industry. U.S. authorities are worried about new contraband activities developing in Canada and crossing the border. In states that have legalized marijuana, law enforcement is struggling to deal with these new cartels," the senators said in their statement. The Tories said U.S. officials were "taken aback" when they learned there are no random testing measures in place in Canada for public transport operations (planes, trains, buses, etc.). Such measures have existed in the U.S. for more than 10 years. In March, Sessions said federal officials, facing a shortfall in resources, would focus on criminal gangs and not on minor cases of possession. Several states, including Colorado, Washington State and California, allow the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. When C-45 was last before the Senate, the Conservatives voted against it at second reading, but the legislative process continued with the support of an overwhelming majority of independent senators in the upper chamber. A final vote is scheduled in the Upper House on June 7. With files from the CBC's Catherine Cullen and John Paul Tasker http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/batters-pot-sessions-carignan-boisvenu-1.4605443
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    Greenred Productions has done alot of work in this space Earth's Vibrational Frequency - 7.83 Hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt66eVh5Hrc There is also 432 Hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg1_DXazvKI No idea what the difference is between the 2 frequencies, not that heavy into that but I am SOLID electronica. Deep House to some Trance. The older, good trance. I have run across a few albums, by those that I follow, that have recorded in 432 Hz. If you'd like, I will send you some links. I'm sure I will run across them again. My music library is fast approaching 50 GB. I agree, plants probably do have a consciousness. Music may be just another overlooked "fertilizer". Peace be with You and Yours T.
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    So they went to see a confirmed, paid for, by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry, anti cannabis legislator. Nothing like getting an unbiased opinion and information. If people wish to travel to the states for pleasure or work, then they will have to forgo the pleasure of using Cannabis, its not compulsory to use it. It does not offer an excuse not to legalize it. It also now applies to medical users at this very moment, so I don't see what the problem is. There are always long queues at the border so an extra sniffer dog here or there will not make much difference. people will have to do what they probably do already, not smoke in their vehicle, which is illegal anyway, for a week or two if they plan on traveling to the US. Get over it Tories and stop pushing your political agendas, and vote for what the majority of the county wants, legalized cannabis.
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    I expect the reveg and transplant shock to be a couple weeks. My thinking is it's better to start a bit early and get a couple more weeks of veg even with the reveg and transplant shock. Than to put them out at the end of may when they won't revege but will have much less veg time... Plus that will help get rid of some of the issues dealing with growing in a cabinet. Once they get rooted in and adjusted they usually take off. Already feeling good about this season...Peace...
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    Another update..... I was able to maintain the temps in the closet over winter by using incandescent lights and the real cold nights I had 2 incandescent lights going mainly for the heat not the light. I also have a couple spiral fluorescent in the closet too. I was able to get some decent growth for the last month or so. Going to take some more clones and get ready to lay the plants down later this month. I know it's too early and they will start to flower if you lay them down too early.... That is the transition and they will do fine... By mid May they will be back into veg and explode from there... enough gabbing you want the pics...... This is T-Rex cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 T-Rex Cross 4 I was gifted 3 clones, these will be laid down too.. Clone 1 Katatonic.... Second clone Blue Dream Clone 3 is an unknown kush... Now onto the previous cuttings, they are still alive and green for the most part.. looks like they are just now rooting in as they are just starting to green up a bit from what they were doing. TRC 4-1 TRC 4-2 TRC 2 TRC 1 T-Rex 4 seed plant T-Rex seed plants Some fresh cups with seeds planted about 5 days ago... Well that is where things are right now spring has sprung and we have some descent weather so it won't be long now before the official planting for the 2018 season... Peace,,
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    "Regular use of cannabis can increase the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia." Considering you can literally say anything can increase the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia, like a barking dog, or car horn, and worse when younger, how did they determine cannabis does? If you are telling people that cannabis users have this risk I'd like to know the science behind it. For instance if I took a group of psychologists and began talking about cannabis prohibition will you see more or less psychosis then seen with a group of cannabis smokers? If they are telling people that they have this risk so they will repeat it I'd like to see that science behind it first because it sounds like the old campaigns against "Tea" and could lead to people repeating it. "Up to half the people whom use cannabis daily have work, social or health problems from using cannabis." How did they determine this effect was because of the cannabis use and not the effects of prohibition? Should I list some of the lies doctors, police, and the government told? Unions cut cannabis users out of jobs. Wouldn't this have an effect too? I think they may be forgetting the social factors that will not be fixed anytime soon which would go into any determination of this. And just curious... After they tell the population half of cannabis users have all these problems, or in basic that is what they will hear, and then the population avoids hiring them, or just avoids dating them, or starts blaming all the problems they have with cannabis smokers on smoking cannabis as directed too by the field as an easy out, will you then say, "We told you so...", and call it science? The good thing is if they use this then we can all watch a high priced public relations team figure out why pointing out cannabis users may not be doing well as non-cannabis users is a stupid idea. Personally I think these regulations are complete junk and need to be completely redone. For instance with driving instead of a nice little warning about driving high and it not being worth the risk or something they started adding things I doubt they can prove when pushed to. That just gives people a way to attack them, or ignore them, instead of just having a single thought that would lead them to thinking about the risks or harms. It's just bad public relations. I also do not see a paranoia label. Most bad experiences I've seen with newbies are because of paranoia. No label on that? And why drag tobacco into this? Are they trying to link cannabis to the tobacco campaigns they have been running through linking one group to another to make the first seem worse through the connection? What for? Why not talk about just the product?
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    "It is often necessary to measure the pH of plant tissue to determine plant health. ..." - https://www.westlab.com/blog/2018/01/09/measurement-of-ph-in-plant-tissue
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    Here's an industry example of what HEMP is up against. These environmental destructive monsters will eventually be wiped out by a simple plant. It is a renewable resource and boreal forests don't have to be clear cut for corporate greed: https://www.bnn.ca/fisheries-groups-oppose-nova-scotia-mill-s-proposed-effluent-treatment-plant-1.1041037
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    World of Seeds - Kilimanjaro PRELIMINARY 1 seed sample size, could be a mutation not quite finished flowering ODDITIES partially seeded (x Sugar Haze), not heavily enough to completely shut down flower production compost wasn't quite finished and required a significant dose of N to keep the young plants green container 8" x 8" dia medium 2:1:1, Sunshine Mix #4 : cheap compost : perlite height 42" spread ~18" stems slender very stiff, self supporting and then some! branching upright 30 of them below the main stem cola 1st and 2nd node branches were going to be tucked under the rest so they were removed the 3rd and 4th node branches are the longest at 21" and 24" respectively buds slim sparkly dense with trichomes low odour, citrus when disturbed thoughts, so far... The buds are slim but there are so many of them and the little ones that have been shaded in the center of the plant are just as sparkly as the more exposed buds that it should be a decent yield. It doesn't look like there will be a lot of trim, and not much of the trim will be worth doing anything with, which should make for an easy harvest. Here are some shots of the main plant: - working on sucking nutrients out of the fan leaves - main stem cola and upper branches - the tip of the top branch (likely would have been the base of the cola if flowering hadn't been interrupted by pollination), ~12" of cola are above it, keep an eye on the orange spot between the two leaf tips in the center of the image... - the orange calyx seems to be a sure sign that there is a ripe seed under those trichomes Here are a few shots of a rooted 1st node branch, recently moved from T5HO @ ~18 hr days to CMH @ ~13 hr nights: - 24" tall, 8" container - the growing tip, with mom in the background - a couple young flowers These next ones are of 2nd node branches which were removed ~3 weeks after turning to flowering. The cuttings were placed in a jar of water on a shelf (covered with a Ziploc Produce bag, the one with all the little holes) for ~2-3 weeks before being given some rooting gel and stuck into 3" containers of starter mix. Ten days to two weeks later they were strong enough to move into 8" azalea pots and get back under the CMH. That was a few weeks ago... ...the necrosis on the fan leaf in the center of the image is from where the cuttings were starting to suffer before getting around to rooting them, and these... ...were barely visible bits of green when the cuttings were taken - seems to be a fairly resilient/tough plant.
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    This one works if you have some sense for users: walk up to them and ask for the nearest bar, after they tell you follow up with ”btw is it easy to score weed here?” If they say yes then ask if they can help, if not, repeat everything with the next person you suspect might be a smoker. Otherwise, people who is working night shifts or are young and working in hotels usually knows. Heck they might have it in their car behind the building. (As a fun story, I was in a hotel and I walked by a lady that just finished up cleaning a room and she asked me “would you like to have this?” And held up a little container. I said what is it and she said I don’t know I just found it in the room. I opened it and it was a good 1.5g wax in it!! I was so happy that I couldn’t wait and had to brake one of the lightbulbs in the room haha)
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    "Booze can" is apparently Canadian slang, "tea pad" is obsolete US. @LabRat Bud House, `see you at buds', ... I like it, but I like buds. It'll be something more modern consumer orientated... Dab Hole.
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    Lounge type establishments seems to be the 2nd most natural form of social use (the 1st being impromptu gatherings whenever someone sparks one up), I expect that illegal lounges will pop up in jurisdictions that don't allow them within the legal framework. What are we calling the Cannabis version of a Booze Can? I recall reading somewhere, long ago, that "Tea Pad" was used.
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    I have probably never grown "organic" (like my 44:0:0, 0:44:0, and 0:0:44 too much, just because it is quick'n'easy when required), but compost, soil, sand, and other organic bits in the potting mix seems to always result in better flavour than plain peat and perlite based soilless mixes. Others will need to chime in on how effective the specialty organic Cannabis growing potions are at faking real soil, but I suspect that you will get pretty similar results from making your own compost teas. Yield is mostly a function of root ball size; as long as the plants are getting everything they need to grow, the one with the larger root ball will yield the most. Unless a brand is missing something critical to growth they should all perform about the same wrt yield.
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    It is just a meter they sell which is more convenient to use like this because of the small sensor bulb, afaict. I'd try to find a thimble just a little larger than the probe's tip, then try to squeeze out enough juice to fill the space... if simply dripping juice on the tip wasn't working. Try all three: drips, thimble, and dilution with distilled water, then let us know the results.
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    So they passed the bill that gives legal pot to their corporate buddies eh. So many parts of that bill are designed to make it hard for small producers to get in the game. They have to source their seeds or clones from legal producers so they will end up growing the same strains and have no competitive edge over the chemical laden crap coming out of the LPs. Could you imagine how the the micro-breweries would fare if they were limited to only brewing Budweiser, Coors, Kokanee etc and wanting extra money just because they are a micro-brew? Unfair to say the least. Total government supported corporate rip-off to say the truth! If you voted for Justin on his promise to re-legalize pot you should bend over and let some big guy with steel-toed boots kick you in the ass! Just reading an article that says Bill Blair recommends that other strains be allowed to diversify the genetics so maybe not as bad as I had heard. Still not in the current bill tho so may never happen until final reading and vote on or before June 7. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawa-will-allow-black-market-cannabis-strains-to-enter-licensed/
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    Proposed new legislation. 7.2 Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes It is proposed that the way in which individuals access cannabis for medical purposes would remain largely unchanged. In order to purchase or cultivate cannabis for medical purposes, individuals would need to have the support of an authorized health care practitioner, who would provide the patient with a medical document supporting access. As is currently the case under the ACMPR, authorized health care practitioners would include physicians in all provinces and territories, as well as nurse practitioners in provinces and territories where supporting access to cannabis for medical purposes is included under their scope of practice or in legislation. The medical document would continue to signify the health care practitioner's support for access to cannabis for medical purposes. As is currently the case, the medical document would indicate, among other things, the daily quantity of cannabis supported by the health care practitioner (in grams of dried cannabis). This medical document would continue to be required for an individual to register with a federally-licensed seller of cannabis for medical purposes or with Health Canada. The period of use - up to one year - would need to be indicated by the authorized health care practitioner.
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    Cannabis Companies Push Back On Packaging Restrictions: 'They've Gone Too Far' Consumers will be confused and the black market will thrive, warn licensed producers By Kate Robertson March 21, 2018 The federal government's strict new cannabis packaging rules are unrolling the industry's plans to rebrand for recreational weed. "Our greatest fears were realized when Health Canada took that approach in their recommendations," says Terry Lake, vice-president of corporate responsibility at Quebec licensed cannabis producer Hydropothecary and a former British Columbia health minister. "I'm a strong proponent of public health," Lake tells Lift news. "But they've gone too far." Health Canada's proposed standardized cannabis symbol should be at least 1.27 cm by 1.27 cm on cannabis packaging. The Liberals are proposing cannabis packaging and labelling guidelines that are more restrictive than for tobacco. Recreational cannabis containers can only be one colour and one branding component, such as a logo, plus a brand name, a large yellow health warning and a bright red universal warning indicating the product contains THC. The recommendations, which also include new micro-cultivation and micro-processing licences for smaller businesses, came as a result of Health Canada's consultation process. Since November, they received 450 written submissions and 3,218 online survey responses, says the report. Most people identified themselves as individuals, but 192 identified as organizations and another 343 identified as stakeholders. A Double Standard Last fall, 17 licensed producers formed the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Branding and issued their own guidelines largely reflecting alcohol marketing restrictions. One of their main guiding principles was around branding: "Marketing by LPs will only promote brand preference, and will not attempt to influence adult non-consumers of psychoactive cannabis products to become consumers." But brands will have a difficult time distinguishing themselves or their products with the new restrictions, says Lake. For him, that means black market brands will have an advantage – hardly a move that will advance the government's declared goal of eliminating illegal cannabis companies – worries consumers, particularly those new to cannabis, will be confused by packages that all look similar. Lake adds that the proposed warnings about addiction, impairment and use during pregnancy or breastfeeding aren't accurate. "It just doesn't reflect the risks," Lake says. "Cannabis doesn't come close when compared to risks associated with alcohol and tobacco." A health warning will not appear on medical cannabis products, but all other packaging restrictions will also apply to medical cannabis. However, producers will have a six-month grace period once the Cannabis Act is passed before altering any current packaging that doesn't adhere to the new guidelines. Consumer confusion "The fundamental issue we see is that adult consumers are not just buying cannabis, they’re buying one of 2,000 strains – each of which has its own properties," says Dr. Luc Duchesne, WeedMD's chief scientific officer and responsible person in charge. WeedMD partnered with stylish head shop Van der Pop on branding medical cannabis strains aimed at female consumers last year. There are 93 licensed cannabis producers in Canada so far, each with multiple types of dried flower, cannabis oils and topicals already on offer to the medical market. When recreational cannabis is legalized, Duchesne fears the packaging restrictions will make it more difficult for consumers to differentiate between strains: beyond sativa, indica and hybrid categories of cannabis, some products are irradiated, some are grown in greenhouses as opposed to indoor facilities, and all have different terpene profiles. "Genetics and cultivating conditions – as controlled by each producer – are major factors in producing desirable cannabis strains," says Duchesne. "We feel the legislation does not properly recognize the importance that many producers put on cannabis biology. Cannabis consumers are savvy and in a recreational market, they’ll need to be able to pick not just the strain, but the producer as well." Instead, the burden will fall to retailers across the country to educate consumers on how to differentiate products. Terry Lake says Hydropothecary plans to send its feedback back to Health Canada, but isn't confident they'll be heard. "It's becoming increasingly clear to me that this is the government's plan," he said. See the full consultation report here. https://news.lift.co/cannabis-packaging-restrictions
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    Hey folks, I'm doing an indoor basement grow and i'm looking for some opinions on possibly using this recovery unit to use for my exhaust. I realize it wouldnt make sense to hook my intake (if possible) as it gets cold where I live. Is it possible and how so?? Thank you in advance.
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    More so to connect to the outtake to be rid of hot stale air as I have no real means of removing from basement.
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    You can flower out a male under a couple of 23W CFLs in a closet somewhere then collect the pollen to use on any girls you want to make crosses with or some girls of the same strain just to keep the strain going and get fresh seeds. I will cut a branch or two off a male and stick them in a glass of water so they are drooped over a sheet of tinfoil for the pollen to fall on to and toss the rest of the plant. *HID lights include MH, HPS and CMH. MH for veg, HPS for flower and CMH can be used for both.
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    No problem glad to help where I can. You can use any but to get he best seeds you would treat it the same as growing females either LED full spectrum or HID for veg and HPS for the 12/12 flowering. Between the LED and Ballast lighting I could not say from lack of knowledge.
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    Thanks a million bro. Pretty pretty pretty helpful Excellent !!!! Sorry, I mean grow male plants for making seeds. Just for testing and wondering how it does. One more question if you do not mind, my friend. What kinds of lights would better for supporting male plants for making seeds? HPS or LED or HID? Do not mean to make a debate LED VS HIP/HID.
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    Yes, unintentionally, and as soon as I found out they were male, they got cut down and composted, you could smoke the leaves but it will be rough on the throat. They produce tiny little flowers that dont do anything, except pollinate female buds. They will respond to your environment the same way as the females, so you have to get better ventilation and or cooling and add a humidifier, or run a sealed room with a humidifier and co2 then the heat doesn't matter so much but 33-35C is still a bit high for an indoor grow. Ideally you want to be around 24-30c with humidity around 50-55%. in vege and 24-27c 35-45% Humidity in flower you can go a higher with the humidity but lower humidity produces higher levels of oil and terpins. Higher levels creates the risk of mold and bud rot if you dont have adequate airflow through and around the plants. Big fluctuations in humidity create the opportunity for powdery mildew to develop and spread. Having a good light is only part of the setup. you need everything else as well for a stable environment. The strain of plant will change those heat and humidity numbers as well , they are just averages, so you have to work with the plant, if it is showing signs of stress.
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    They are your water problems as well Weedmen, they were pumping millions of gallons a day out of reservoirs in California and refused to stop even during the drought and with an expired permit, they have not paid for it in several years. I feel sorry for you guys America is definitely no longer the land of the free.
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    Canada To Measure Marijuana Use By Testing Sewage Menaka Wilhelm April 13, 2018 University of Puget Sound chemist Dan Burgard keeps a freezer full of archived samples from two wastewater treatment plants in western Washington in case he needs to rerun the samples or analyze a specific drug he didn't test for the first time. Dan Burgard As a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana works its way through the Canadian Parliament, the government is gearing up to track cannabis consumption more closely than it has before. Statistics Canada has begun to do city-scale drug screening by monitoring what Canadians flush down the toilet. Six cities have agreed to contribute samples from the place where all drains congregate — their wastewater treatment plants. Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Alberta; Vancouver and Surrey in British Columbia; and Halifax, Nova Scotia, will participate. All told, the network would capture data on drug use from about a quarter of Canada's total 36 million inhabitants. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had aimed to legalize marijuana by July, but the draft legislation still has a ways to go. After the Canadian Senate passed it on March 22, five committees are now considering changes. Regardless of what happens with marijuana legislation in Ottawa, Statistics Canada has already begun testing sewage for signs of drugs. Canada joins several countries in Europe that sample wastewater for drugs annually. New Zealand has been collecting data from sewage since last year, and Australia tests nearly half of its population's wastewater for substance use. Statistics Canada's main goal is to get an unbiased read of how legalization affects cannabis use. "There are things like surveys and whatnot where people report frequency of use, but the consumption numbers weren't quite as reliable as we would like them to be," says Anthony Peluso, an assistant director of Statistics Canada. Eventually the testing may be expanded to 25 cities, he says. Ideally, Statistics Canada would like to estimate how much cannabis Canadians consume, in total, through the sewage measurements. It might be possible then to subtract legal sales and arrive at the amount of cannabis sold illegally, Peluso says. But the route from a wastewater treatment plant to that kind of calculation gets really murky really fast. For starters, Peluso says, Statistics Canada has to consider some basic questions that get quite complex on a national scale: "The suburban users, are they peeing in the city but consuming in the suburbs?" Researchers say it's relatively straightforward to detect marijuana traces, such as tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Tests pick it up even in dilute wastewater. But there's something more difficult: using the THC concentration in sewage to extrapolate back to the amount of pot consumed. Budding wastewater testing According to Italian researchers who tested sewage for cocaine in 2004, to was the first time anyone had used wastewater to estimate illicit drug use. Toxicologist Ettore Zuccato, at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, led the experiments; the results were published in the journal Environmental Health in 2005. Zuccato had studied pharmaceuticals in wastewater previously, so recreational compounds were a logical next step."Cocaine was just a starting point, because cocaine was widely used by the population," Zuccato says. Cocaine users only expel a tiny fraction of the drug in its original form, so Zuccato and his team also tested for chemicals produced when the body processes cocaine, or metabolites. That way, the experiments also separated cocaine that was snorted from cocaine dumped down the drain for disposal. From the cocaine metabolites floating down the river Po, Zuccato's initial study estimated that Italians in the area were using a total of about four kilograms of cocaine per day. Assuming that 15-34 year olds were responsible for the use, the researchers estimated around 30 doses (a dose being four "lines," or 25 milligrams) per day for every 1,000 young adults. That figure was higher than national surveys had previously reported. For Zuccato, the cocaine experiments were a gateway project. The next year, he and his colleagues published a study in Analytical Chemistry that detailed concentrations of opioid metabolites, amphetamines, and cannabinoids from marijuana. A sample of wastewater collected over 24 hours from a Washington city's wastewater after defrosting and just before chemical analysis. Solids in the sample can be seen settled at the bottom of the container. Dan Burgard A Cannabinoid Comparison Soon, scientists around the world were reporting results from testing a few water treatment plants at a time. Use of MDMA, or Ecstasy, peaked on weekends, people in larger cities excreted more evidence of cocaine and smaller cities' sewage often reflected more opioid use. But the sampling protocols were a bit of a patchwork, so it was difficult to compare drug use in Milan with that of Antwerp, Belgium. In 2010, Sewage Analysis Core Group Europe, or SCORE for short, started to standardize this testing. Pretty quickly, SCORE agreed on how to measure evidence of cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine and amphetamine. They also settled on standard estimates of total drug use from the wastewater concentration of these drugs and their metabolites. By comparing results, scientists could see, for instance, that major cities in the Netherlands consistently top the list for MDMA use. Other drugs gave researchers more trouble. Metabolites of heroin and marijuana would sometimes degrade in wastewater before tests could pick them up. So SCORE hasn't always included data on opioids and cannabinoids in its yearly reports — mainly because there's been some disagreement about how to analyze these compounds, Zuccato says. Mysterious marijuana mathematics Dan Burgard, a chemist at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., has thought a lot about how to wring marijuana data out of sewage. When Washington state voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, the National Institutes of Health funded Burgard to monitor cannabis use by analyzing wastewater from two treatment plants in a western Washington city (he hasn't officially released results, or the name of the city yet). Like Statistics Canada, Burgard wanted to measure marijuana use, and also compare legal cannabis sales with illicit use to get an idea of underground sales. Sampling and testing cannabis metabolites went smoothly, thanks to sensitive lab equipment and consistent habits in Washington. "It turns out, in the Pacific Northwest, we don't need to concentrate the wastewater for cannabis metabolites, we have enough of them in there," Burgard says. In Viviane Yargeau's lab at McGill University in Montreal, wastewater samples pass through cartridges that retain drug traces for chemical analysis. Based on her previous work measuring drug use from sewage, Statistics Canada has tapped Yargeau's group to run the country's pilot testing. Viviane Yargeau But estimating total marijuana use was harder. He struggled with a number he calls the excretion factor: the relationship between how much cannabis someone consumes and how much THC they excrete. Researchers have studied this consumption-excretion relationship for marijuana, Burgard says, but, it's not always clear how closely laboratory test results would correspond to real-life use. In some experiments, participants receive intravenous injections of THC, and that's quite different from the smoking, eating or vaping that most people partake in. "I'm not sure the last time you hung out with stoners, but nobody seems to be injecting pot these days," he says. Forensic toxicologist Eugene Schwilke, who has studied cannabinoid excretion, agrees that pinning down this kind of relationship to one number is tough. With all drugs, there are lots of variables that affect the consumption-excretion ratio — tolerance to the drug and how a substance is administered, for instance. "There's also biological and metabolic differences between individuals within the population and so you can't assume any one thing," he says. Marijuana is particularly tricky, he says, because the compound measured to detect cannabis use — THC-COOH— sticks around in fat, not water, and it leaves the body slowly, over days rather than hours. And while cocaine and MDMA have a couple of well-established modes of administration, there's a bit more variance in how people use marijuana. Also, given that wastewater testing primarily samples liquids, not solids, it only provides a small window into all the cannabinoids that exit when you use cannabis. The majority of the chemical evidence of marijuana consumption appears in poop, Schwilke says, especially if partaking involves edible, rather than inhaled, forms of cannabis. But even if wastewater tests did include more solids, current protocols test specifically for the compounds that show up in pee, not the separate chemical that you'd find in poo. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/04/13/599747395/canada-to-measure-marijuana-use-by-testing-sewage
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    I have low blood sugar. Get kinda goofy and shaky sometimes. Take a teaspoon of organic honey and goes away. Even carry some packets in the truck. Honey better than refined sugar by far. With an average annual temperature of 34.5 °F (1.4 °C), Embarrass is the coldest place in Minnesota. In January 2005, Embarrass had a near-record low temperature of −54 °F (−48 °C). The unofficial low temperature is −64 °F (−53 °C), which was reached in February 1996. Plaintiff rests. Never liked being defendant. You’ll absorb more vitamin A from bell peppers lightly sauteed in olive oil, therefore, than you would from the raw vegetable. Eating bell peppers a few times each week -- sometimes raw and sometimes lightly sauteed -- is probably the best way to maximize the vegetable’s key nutrients. https://www.livestrong.com/article/520566-does-cooking-bell-peppers- affect-the-nutrition/ Well I can forget the yeast. No bubbler either. Yeast uses the sugars and oxygen in dough to produce more yeast cells and carbon dioxide gas. This is called multiplication. The carbon dioxide makes the dough rise which gives the bread a light and spongy texture. ... The yeast needs lots of oxygen in order to complete this type of fermentation. But I ain't giving up my bread. Get to Work young man. you will need some wigglers http://www.cathyscomposters.com/ How are your plants liking their new 532Hz genre? I wanna see a time lapsed video shot with the ventilation off. Interested in how cannabis dances. Slow I bet :-) Peace be with you and yours T
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    Let us know when they arrive if they are any good.... Glad to help buddy.