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    Way to set yourself up for success! I personally think the RO water should be reserved for your consumption. I use a zerowater filter. It's gravity fed, and takes 400 ppm water to 000 ppm. Filters are about $15 each In my opinion, water quality is far less important in an organic grow. This is based on a lot of years experience using my tap water which runs 205 - 230 ppm. I haven't experienced any issues. I think this is why: I consciously monitor the amount of Ca and Mg in nutritional supplements and aim to keep it low, the CEC of the grow medium is working well, and I follow a "less is more" nutritional philosophy using low NPK products. While the plant uses differing amounts of N, P, & K based on its point in the life cycle, I have found that ensuring all nutrients are readily available in small amounts at all times eliminates the need to have different products for veg and bloom stages. I've used "bloom" ferts from start to finish for years. I also suggest using the Jobe's as well as earth worm castings in the grow medium from start to finish because they contain a bunch of microbial life as well as nutrition. They make a little bit of nutrition go a very long way. Making worm tea will be great for a quickly available N meal. The tea doesn't have to be aerated either, fermented teas are SO easy and effective. I use a Jobe's Organic 2-5-3 formula in the grow medium, feed with a low NPK (3-3-3 or lower) tea once to twice a week, and apply a micro nutrient/trace mineral supplement at half strength every 2-3 weeks. It'll probably cost a bit more, but grocery stores usually have organic blackstrap.
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    Everything is coming up rosy, and I will post images soon, just happen to be in the middle of a kitchen reno, lol. Just curious, who's on Facebook, and can we connect?
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    Update.... T-Rex Cross 3 T-Rex Cross 2 T-Rex Cross 1 BB Kush These all just got watered before I took the pictures so if they look a little funny that is why. They all really liked being laid down, good growth and greening up nicely. I've had to pin the main stem and branches down quite a bit, they will root in soon and then they will start the stretch..... Stay tuned for more updates...
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    The best way to protect yourself against such risks is not to buy phony drugs from spamming assholes like @Harry221.
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    Hi G_W, Thank you, been real busy with life but have been working to keep plants healthy as I wait for the first week of June to get them outside. Took some pics the other day. The first four are of what's going on indoors, while the last two are of a new garden site close by that wee are getting ready by a hundred foot tall Fir tree ( holes are 4'x 4' x 3'deep ). New garden site being developed, 42 holes next to a hundred plus foot Fir tree. Clones and plants vegging. The variety is interesting. More young plants. The tallest of the plants in veg, all are doing well. Last of clones and seedlings coming along. Another look at the new garden site.
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    Over 4,000 now able to grow medical cannabis As of May 1 there were 4,480 Canadians with active registrations for personal or designated cannabis cultivation. 17 new employees hired to help process. By David Brown May 8, 2017 Enrolment in Health Canada’s personal cultivation program has nearly doubled in less than three months, according to new figures from the agency. To handle this, Health Canada’s Office of Medical cannabis recently hired 17 new employees to help with processing and responding to questions. As of May 1, there are now 4,480 Canadians with active registrations for personal or designated cultivation under the agency’s medical cannabis access program. The regulator says the average wait time is now ten weeks, although many patients still report waiting four months or more in some cases. Under the program, Health Canada authorizes registered patients to grow their own cannabis or choose a designated grower. Enrolment is up significantly from figures Health Canada provided to Lift earlier this year, showing 2,554 individuals allowed to grow their own cannabis or designate someone to do so, with average processing time being about seven weeks. In response to a request from Lift, Health Canada has provided an update on their personal and designated cultivation licensing program. Lift has been covering this issue since February, looking at wait times that have, according to several patients and physicians, been several months. Gary Scott Holub, Media Relations Officer for the Government of Canada, says the wait times are dependent on the amount of applications received, as well as if the applications are processed properly by the patient and physician. The agency says they have provided expanded instructions for patients on filling out the associated forms. Examples of commonly encountered issues include: medical documents that do not appear to be original; discrepancies between information in the medical document and the application form; documents that are not signed by the applicant, or are signed incorrectly; or the incorrect person is identified as the designated producer. Holub says Health Canada began accepting applications for personal or designated cultivation in August 2016 and had 15 full time employees working on processing applications for home growing and designated growers during the 2016-2017 fiscal year (ending March 31), out of 74 employees at the Office of Medical Cannabis. They have recently hired 11 new client service representatives to help process applications, and six new client service representatives to respond to questions from Canadians about how to apply, or the status of their application. Health Canada’s 2017–18 Departmental Plan says they intend to address gaps in regulatory programs like the medical cannabis program and “restore legislative and policy capacity.” Spending for Health Canada has been increasing. You can read the Q and A below. It has been edited for clarity. Q1: What are the most current figures for Licenses issued for personal cultivation and for designated production under the ACMPR? A1: As of May 1, 2017, there were 4,480 individuals with active Health Canada registrations under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. This includes 4,148 individuals authorized to produce limited amounts of cannabis for their own medical purposes and 332 individuals who have designated someone to produce it for them. Q2: How many staff are involved in the personal cultivation approval process? A2: The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) in Health Canada is responsible for developing and implementing legislation, regulations, policies and operational programs that support access to cannabis for medical purposes. As part of these responsibilities, OMC issues registration certificates to Canadians who are authorized by their health care practitioner to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes or on behalf of another individual. During fiscal year 2016-17, OMC employed 74 individuals, 15 of whom worked full-time on the review of applications and issuance of registration certificates since the new program’s inception on August 24, 2017. Health Canada has recently added 11 new client service representatives to the registration team to increase the team’s capacity to process new and renewal applications from Canadians in a timely manner. Q3: Lift has been consistently hearing reports of patients waiting several months to get their paperwork approved by Health Canada. Are there specific reasons why such approvals could take several months? What does the approval process entail once a patient’s paperwork makes its way to Health Canada? A3: On average, the processing time is 10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the application. In some cases, the application is processed more quickly or, as you have noted, it can take longer. The time to review an application and issue a registration certificate is highly dependent upon the number of applications received, and the quality or the completeness of the applications. It also depends on the response time of applicants or health care practitioners, who may be contacted by our client service representatives to verify information or to request additional clarification. To ensure the requirements specified in the regulations are met, Health Canada must validate the information on the application and the medical document. For example, our client service representatives verify that an original medical document has been provided, that it has been signed by a healthcare practitioner who is authorized by, and in good standing with, a provincial regulatory authority, and that the medical document has not been altered or falsified in any way. For the benefit of your readers, who may also be applicants, examples of commonly encountered issues include: •medical documents that do not appear to be original; •discrepancies between information in the medical document and the application form; •documents that are not signed by the applicant, or are signed incorrectly; or •the incorrect person is identified as the designated producer. To assist patients, the Department has posted a guidance document that provides instructions on how to correctly complete the registration form. In response to patient feedback, Health Canada has also recently updated the sample medical document that individuals can take to their health care practitioner to be completed as an original medical document. Both documents can be found here: www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/topics/production-cannabis-for-your-own-medical-purposes. As indicated above, Health Canada has recently added 11 new client service representatives to the registration team. An additional 6 client service representatives have also joined the call centre to help respond to questions from Canadians about how to apply or the status of their application. Health Canada will continue to work with patients and patient advocates to identify and act on opportunities to improve the processing of applications from individuals authorized to produce cannabis for their own medical purposes. We are committed to taking additional measures as necessary to ensure all applications are processed as expeditiously as possible. Q4: Once a patient has authorization to purchase starting materials from a licensed producer, how often may they purchase their limit in clones or seeds based on their grams-per-day authorization from their doctor? (assuming crop failure, etc.). A4: Only those individuals who have registered with Health Canada to produce a limited quantity of cannabis for their own medical purposes or to designate someone to produce it for them are permitted to purchase starting materials (plants and seeds) from licensed producers. A designated person is not permitted to register with a licensed producer to purchase starting materials. The registration certificate provided by Health Canada will indicate the number of cannabis plants that an individual or their designated person, if any, can produce, and this number will determine how much starting materials the registered individuals can purchase. For example, the total number of plants you order from a licensed producer cannot be more than the number authorized on your registration certificate. If you want to order seeds, you may order 3 marijuana seeds for each authorized plant. For example, if you are authorized to produce 5 plants, you may purchase a maximum of 15 seeds. Also, you can order plants and seeds more than once. If your crop is not successful, you can place another order with the same licensed producer for more plants or seeds, but you cannot have more plants at your site than the number identified on your registration certificate. In addition, the regulations enable individuals, once registered, to obtain an interim supply from a licensed producer while they wait for their plants to produce harvestable product. Individuals registered with Health Canada can become clients of a licensed producer by using a copy of their Health Canada registration certificate to register. Individuals may also continue to access cannabis from a licensed producer while producing their own plants as long as the possession limit of the lesser of 150 grams or 30 times the daily quantity of dried marijuana (or the equivalent in products) is not exceeded. Individuals can only use a Health Canada registration certificate to register with one licensed producer to access interim supply. lift
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    Hi weedmen, Yes, I will be super cropping them real soon in order to keep them short enough and yet filled with colas, this time, I aiming for keeping them below the six feet mark by end of outdoor growing cycle. As for the autos, I know and it's a gamble, but hoping all goes well. The landrace I received as a gift from a local breeder here, got them from a friend who was in the Kashmir region in Pakistan that's called Asad Jammu and also known as Asad Kashmir, it's an Hash plant and from what I hear, will make for great hash as well as oil. Apparently, those hash plants grow even on the sides of roads. Well, I'm outa here, got more transplanting to larger pots to do, and will also be getting a few clones of Royal Freezeland to complete my list of a dozen strains this year as I wanted to create more choice for patients, and myself.
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    funny how the yrs catch up to us ..one day we are just young in every way , the next we are just young in mind..stay young in mind .. i think its all we have left ..lol i'll be watching for your updates ..
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    Hi weedmen, I did help dig the holes some, and certainly directed others to dig them, but at 61, I'm just not the physically strong woman I used to be and tend to get pooped out pretty fast. I'm ok as far as gardening goes and always learning more hopefully. As soon as plants start getting over any transplanting shock and grow some, I'll post pics.
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    great job sassy ..looks like a pro came in and did it ..oh wait , you are a pro ..keep up the great work ..as always a pleasure to see your grows ..
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    Nice, looking forward in anticipation to the end of the season to see what they look like.
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    Ok update time... I was able to confirm another female, so she got her place in the garden. This one will be T-Rex Cross3 because I don't know which strain it was crossed with. T-Rex 3 T-Rex 2 T-Rex 1 BB Kush This week it cooled off and we've had rain the last 3 days just scattered clouds and showers.... Sun hot clouds up rains a bit and the clouds move on and sun comes out again... The plants are loving it.. The ground is wet and I haven't had to water the garden at all.. Love a late spring shower.... This usually means we are headed for the 110 temps.... so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.... hahaha... Peace all.. Enjoy the show..
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    Hi all, was hoping to get some different perspectives on my no till super soil recipe. *Shout Out to Clackamas Coot who's recipe this is based on, Mike H, Tim Wilson, Tad Hussey, and Blacksmith Ben for the knowledge* Soil Base: 30% Sphagnum peat moss 30% Pumice (half large pumice, half small pumice) 30% High quality compost or worm castings 10% Biochar Amendments per cubic foot of base: 1/2 cup neem cake meal 1/2 cup alfalfa meal 1/2 cup crustacean meal 1/2 cup kelp meal 1 cup Wollastonite 1 cup Cypsum 1 cup basalt Cooking instructions: Lay out a tarp, use a plastic container, canvas soil bag, or just mix on the concrete Mix all ingredients thoroughly and add water until soil is at field capacity (when you can pick up a handful, squeeze it, and only a drop or two falls) Cover pile with a tarp. Turn the pile the next day and then every other day for the next week or two (when the soil stops cooking) Check soil daily and keep at field capacity. Once soil is cooked add 1 cup Mykos per cubic foot, mix thoroughly, put it in growing containers, and water with compost tea. Soil care: Water soil when needed 1-2 compost tea feedings a week 1 chitin tea every 2 weeks *Tip* I've found that adding a top layer of hay at 2 inches deep helps the soil retain moisture Top dressing recipe per cubic foot of soil *only needed every 6 months - 1 year 2 gallons of high quality compost or worm castings 1/4 cup neem cake meal 1/4 cup alfalfa meal 1/4 cup crustacean meal 1/2 cup Wollastonite 1/2 cup kelp meal 1/2 cup basalt 1/2 cup biochar Thanks for reading and as always, comments, critiques, and questions are welcomed.
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    This is a plan for garden number one ( 70' x 25' ), just to give a general idea of what's going on. If we can get some nice weather, I've got holes to dig pronto and would love to put plants out in it by end of coming weekend.
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    Hi weedmen, Yep, going to certainly be an interesting season, and I do hope the plants will get nice and big. Can only plant outdoors by first week of June t be completely safe in terms of danger from frost. Will keep everyone posted.
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    now thats how you farm christmas tree size mj plants ..you break out the heavy equiptment to do the work .lol..looking great sassy...wont be long they will look like a christmas tree farm ..love checking my mail and seeing you have updates ..someday i hope to have a legal garden and a plot of trees like you are doing .. we are just starting our outdoor season here in wny ..you all must be about a month behind us .. june i am guessing is the soonest you can plant outside ..sure cuts alot of growing season down ..but you always seem to be right on top of things .. hope you have a great season and a bountiful harvest .. stay safe ...
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    I went through the process last year. When I received my license it was dated effective the day the doctor signed my recommendation so yes you lose out on the processing time. I would not hesitate to apply under the ACMPR. You are correct when you say you have grown for X years without issue. Having a license means absolute freedom to carry, posses and use it like tobacco if you wish. It was quite revolutionary to my experience. In effect, life-changing. When I finally received my license for some reason I received a duplicate so one hangs proudly outside my cabinet and one I can use to carry with me. Fuck man, I can fly on commercial planes in Canada with 120 grams, legally. How cool is that? My only restrictions are I can't sell it or give it away. The medical system will allow far more than the 4 plant limit proposed by the government as it stands now IMHO.
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    I'm still on the fence about applying but it looks like the medical regs are going to remain the same regardless what happens with the new recreational laws coming up. The idiots that made the application form filled all the boxes for birth-date etc with YYYY/MM/DD so there isn't room to write in the dates. Are you supposed to use a felt pen to write on top or squeeze it in so they can't read it and reject your application. I've heard that they will back-date your grow permit to the date you got your form signed by a doctor. So do you get a renewal from your doctor 10 or more weeks before applying for renewal to grow? I got my doctor's letter last August just after the latest regs came into effect so if I applied now I'll have only a couple months of grow time left before having to get a new doctor permit and then apply for a new grow permit. That would mean I'll likely have a month or more that I won't be legal while waiting the 10 or more weeks for a fresh permit. Catch-22 if I ever saw one. I think I'll just make sure I get a new doctor's permit and say fuggit to applying for a grow permit. On my 17th year of growing here without problems so might as well just keep going as before. Why is government shit so f'ed up?
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    This looks like a great mix, TDDave! I'm not familiar with wollastonite, but it appears to be similar to an amendment I love - azomite. Happy to see basalt on the list, too; a living medium and paramagnetic rocks/sands go hand-in-hand. And neem in the root zone! Alfalfa meal is such an excellent soil conditioner!! Excellent post
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    As an outsider looking on, I agree with LabRat. We don't have MMJ or recreational use laws in my home state, in fact we have pretty restrictive laws concerning cultivation. A single plant is a state felony with mandatory prison time. However, if I get caught downtown with a QP or less in my back pack, it's a ticket that carries a fine, rehab, and some community service....and loss of the QP, LOL. Given the risk assumed when I planted, I also dreamed of a day when I could be legal. Many years later, I'm fairly convinced that if it comes down to: file for a permit (and expose myself to gov't regulation and inspection), or continue what I've been doing, I'm thinkin why fix what ain't broke?
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    looking great sassy..with them growing fast and with so much time before you can put them outdoors. maybe a good time to top and start the cuttings ..also a bigger yeild at the harvest ..start super croping now and you should be able to have them huge by harvest ..by the time you get them outdoors they will be 5 ft tall at this rate ..lol keep your lights close to slow the stretching . but i would bet you'll still have alot of growing outdoors ..hope none of them start flowering on you before you get them outdoors ..some auto flowers may once they get so tall ..i've had seedlings grown indoors go straight to flowering that were auto's ..they can be touchy... i would be intrested in seeing how that landrace grows ..i was just looking up landrace vids that the cannabis king had on vice ..also known as the strainhunters..they show grows of landrace with 40 to 50 thousand plants in them ..really makes me wounder how many more strains of mj there are out there that folks like us have never heard of before .. i had been looking for some old strains we used to get back in the 70's .columbian gold, panama red ..seeds from those older strains are hard to find that can be sent to the usa..i did finds some outlets in ontario just over the boarder from me in niagra falls ..i may have to make a trip to cananda and mail some to my self .. this time of yr when everyones started their grows and waiting to get them outdoors , can be alot like the old ketchup commercial ..anticipation is keeping us waiting ..lol good luck ..stay safe .. weedmen
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    A little update, some plants are more than a foot tall, with more than two more months before transplanting outdoors. Ace of Spades Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Azad ( landrace hash plant from the Kashmir region ) Deep Purple ( JOTI ) AK 47 Kryptonite x Cheese UBC Chemo Afgooey AK 47, a different phenotype from the one 4 images above.
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    Excellent, looking forward to following your log. I received an email two days ago in response to one I sent off to a seed company in Toronto, Ontario because I had bought 818 Headband feminized seeds from them and when I attempted to germinate, none of them worked ( at $120.+ for 6 seeds ). So, I asked if they could replace those seeds for free, not fully expecting them to, but they are sending me replacement seeds this week so I'm very glad for that as I totally enjoy the effects of 818 Headband. Grape Valley Kush, sounds like something yummy for evenings chilling and relaxing ... yummy.
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    good stuff Sass. I got some grape valley kush clones that I'm gonna do outti this year. bringing them in when they are out of direct sunlight and giving them some built up rain water. I'm gonna do a log with them soon.
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    These are the new batch of seedlings I have going and so glad to see them all coming along so well. Got; Afgooey, AK47, Blue God, Kryptonite x Cheese, Gods Blue Cheese, Azad ( a sativa dom landrace Hash Plant from the Kashmir region ), G13 x Cheese, UBC Chemo, and Deep Purple by JOTI. Big thank you LabRat for the assist.
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    Thanks for posting that notsofast If the vaporizer is kept below 200ºC, I'm pretty sure 100% of carcinogens are left in the solid state. A vaporizer, in and of itself, almost doubles potency? Seriously??
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    It looks like there are all kinds of equipment controllers available, and I expect the "best" is going to depend on the specific setup, so instead of asking which is the best brand or model I'm wondering which features a controller would need to be most useful. What would your Dream Controller be able to do?
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    TPS conduct large scale raid on Canna Clinic dispensary chain Details still emerging on this police operation that included raids in Vancouver and Toronto By Lift Staff June 22, 2017 Toronto Police Services conducted a large raid against the BC-based Canna Clinic chain of cannabis dispensaries today, including seven Toronto locations and three Vancouver locations. The Vancouver locations are being described as "residences," not retail stores. As of press time, Toronto Police Services (TPS) has yet to release any official update on the raids. Vancouver Police declined comment and deferred to Toronto Police Services. More updates from Lift as information emerges. Similar raids were undertaken by TPS earlier this year in Project Gator, which targeted the Cannabis Culture chain of marijuana stores. Those raids saw RCMP raid Cannabis Culture locations in Vancouver in relation to their investigation. Toronto Municipal Licensing and Services sought an injunction against Canna Clinic earlier this year. In April, the Attorney General’s office announced they were seeking a forfeiture order for nearly $600,000 seized from carry-on luggage of an alleged courier for Canna Clinic who was waiting to board a flight to Vancouver at Pearson Airport in January. Canna Clinic lists seven Toronto locations and five Vancouver locations on their website. Employees from one Toronto location recently unionized after an armed robbery in April made them concerned for their safety. Another Canna Clinic location was robbed in November, 2016. Toronto Police have been conducting raids against various dispensaries since they initiated Project Claudia in May of 2016. In October, the City of Toronto published a press release stating they will be issuing closing orders to property owners of dispensaries selling edibles. Figures from the city from last November show the city had inspected 135 dispensaries, resulting in 85 closures, laying 347 charges. lift
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    ...unless the fans don't kick in and grows slows to a crawl from lack of CO2, but I guess it is not really a fail because it is something the system wouldn't be expected to handle. Low tech solutions can be inexpensive and more reliable than microcontroller based ones, they are not nearly as flexible though. At this point I know I need the same controls you have, but I'm also thinking about: automatic watering and nutrient feed systems, CO2, automatically adjusting canopy to fixture distance, etc. On the controller side I'm looking for "smarter" operation than a simple set point gets you, and some fancy stuff like the ability to change operating modes/profiles without needing to manually reconfigure - one touch controls for switching lighting, nutrients, temp settings from veg to flower mode, or the profile from pot plants to tomatoes. I am also interested in something which I don't think is always easy or inexpensive to do with low tech controllers, resilience - the ability to handle really bad situations and return to normal operation automatically. e.g., If you wanted to implement both an operating temperature and a maximum allowable temp (a kill the lights or kill the plants situation) you could use two thermostats and maybe a relay, unless your HID lighting has a minimum cool down period before re-striking the arc which will may necessitate using or adding a time delay relay (TDR) to ensure a minimum off time. Then there is the potential for the system to cycle on and off repeatably unless a third thermostat is used to ensure it doesn't try to turn on while the ambient temp is too high to handle. It would probably not be realistic to deal with some special requirements automatically though - CMH lamps require an extended cool down period if shut off before burning for 10 hours, you'd need to power each lamp through a TDR and manually adjust the delay twice when you change lamps if you wanted to play it safe. I would set up two thermostats so I don't cook the plants if the fan goes down or ambient gets too high to handle, but I'm way too lazy and cheap to go all the way with TDRs even though CMH lamps are >$100 because the risk is pretty small... toss a microcontroller at it though and the cost of additional set points and getting fancy is reduced to typing at a keyboard and clicking a few times. low enough that it almost becomes silly not to be able to tell the system you are using CMH lamps and have it automatically deal with them, or to try dealing with excess heat in an energy efficient manner, etc. I'm not looking to build an Argus-clone system, but I can't help wondering how much of that functionality can be recreated and stuffed into a standalone system suitable for home use.
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    My Controller is a lot easier to build than those electronic gizmos and just uses regular line voltage. No fancy digital display or controls but has done the job without fail for 15 years. Just a bathroom humidity controller you can get anywhere and a cooling thermostat you might have to pick up at an electrical supply store. The separate speed control is a ceiling fan controller I got at Canadian Tire and wired up all CSA style. Don't use a light dimmer for the speed control!
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    I for one am guilty of not posting much. Pretty discouraged with the lack of support from the owners of this forum the last 8 years or so. The webmaster has to get approval for everything she does here and obviously can't get money to spruce it up a bit. I'm going to see if I can get access so I can replace the missing graphics and actually fix things up around here. With Budder gone I'm about the only one mopping up spammers and dealing with the other crap around here. Not a lot to do but spammers would take over in a week if they weren't banned and had their posts removed. 57 from one guy in 20 min one night a week ago. Was going to see if he would make 100 before noticing his posts were disappearing behind him. Whine over. Looks like you're off to a good start Wiz! Now if the weather, bugs and rippers all cooperate you should pull a decent harvest. Wife has to fence her veggie gardens to keep the damn chickens from ripping everything up too until everything gets big enough. The she lets them in to take care of a lot of bugs and little weeds. 40 of them can clean up a lot of crap and aerate the soil too so they earn their keep. Sells enough eggs to pay for their feed tho they got to lay a lot more to pay off the new coop and run. Just cropping my room full of plants and so sick of trimming I want to toss it all in a big pot with a couple gallons of oil and cook it all up. Benn spending a lot of time researching how that is done and it looks like a great way to save time and my arthritic fingers this harvest. 6 down and 22 to go.
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    Study finds cannabis oil vape fluids contain cancer-causing particles As much formaldehyde in one inhalation of PEG-400 as in one full cigarette, vegetable glycerin much safer By Scott Johnstone June 14, 2017 Featured image via Vaping360. Among the myriad modes of consumption available to the modern human, an increasingly popular method is the use of pre-filled vapourizer attachments that contain THC and/or CBD oils suspended in a thinning agent that keeps them in liquid form for easy consumption. A recent study tested four common thinning agents when vapourized, and found notable amounts of cancer-causing particles in two of the four. In 2016, headlines warning e-juice users of ‘popcorn lung’ spread across Canada, causing hysteria around a common e-juice ingredient, diacetyl. That hysteria turned out to be mostly hype (research indicates diacetyl isn’t a risk factor for popcorn lung), but it also inspired a new study at the Medical Marijuana Research Institute in Tempe, AZ, in which researchers examined the chemicals produced when vapourizing propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG-400), vegetable glycerin (VG), and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). All four thinning agents were heated to 230°C, an average temperature for consumer vapourizer models. Researchers then monitored the resultant amounts of three common carcinogens (acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde) produced by each during vaporization. The study reached some interesting findings, not the least of which is that PEG-400 produced almost 4 times the amount of formaldehyde produced by PG, and 226 times that of either MCT or VG, both of which produced too small an amount to even reach quantitation thresholds. From the study: “The production of formaldehyde by PEG 400, in particular, may represent a significant health risk, as one inhalation of vaporized PEG 400 isolate may expose an individual to as much as 1.12% of the daily exposure limit, nearly the same exposure as smoking one cigarette.” PEG-400 also produced the most acetaldehyde—two and a half times the amount produced by PG, with MCT producing less than a tenth as much as PG, and with VG producing less than one hundredth as much as PG. When testing for acrolein, all four thinners produced amounts too small to reach quantitation thresholds. To test the levels of the three carbonyl compounds screened for, each thinning agent was vaporized in 3 blocks of 25 ‘puffs’, for a total of 75 puffs per agent. Puffs were vapourized every 30 seconds, each for a duration of 4 seconds and a volume of 55 mL. The vapour was then analyzed using high-performance liquid chromatography to individually measure amounts of acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde. The summary conclusion of the results is that while PG, PEG-400, and MCT all produce increased levels of one or more of the carcinogens tested for, vegetable glycerin “does not produce elevated levels of any carbonyls”. The authors of the study include a call for more research to be conducted on the potential health concerns of vapourized products, and also suggest long-term studies be conducted on the actual health effects of consumption. *Editor’s note: the fluids profiled in this study are also used in nicotine e-juice. lift
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    i hear ya ..remember the days when you would have 3 pages of comments or post of folks coming by ..every day there was new folks showing up and starting their own grows , asking questions and dreaming of a huge harvest ..lol..sorry a little melancholy these days ..haha... looking forward to see your updates ..
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    Once again, Sassy gets it done... Looking mighty awesome there.... Those girls are already looking good, once the transplant shock goes away and they adjust to their new digs they will take off like a weed..... Oh yea, it is a weed.... hahahaha... Great Job... I can relate to not being able to work like we did at 40 or 50... I'm 61 also, I feel it too get winded easy... Use to be able to work days straight.... Now if I work days I can't stand straight...hahaha..... but love being in the garden helping things grow... Great job again and will be watching for the updated pics... Keep doin what ya do....
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    Weedmen, yea the west side has warmed up.... and you are correct in dec-feb we are wishing it was warm...now we wish it was cool.... But I like the heat... The girls do too as long as I keep them watered.... Flooded the beds good on Thursday had to go out of town, the wife watered and fed on Saturday... I flooded the beds again tonight so they will be reaching for the sun..... It was 109 on Saturday, 111 on Sunday, 110 today. Indoor guys say they stop growing over 95, I guess that is because it's a contained environment and they lack the spectrum and lumens of the sun..... These real hot days is where I see most of the big growth... Before the stretch anyway... Thanks for always giving me a shout, it is much appreciated..... I see lots of views on the page and only you and a couple others commenting.... Just found 2 more females so I will have 2 more to lay down... one is still real small, don't expect too much from her... But the other is about as big as the others I already laid down when they were laid down so she should take off nicely... Will update the pics next week... Thanks again buddy keep your eyes red.... and your rolling fingers limber.......hahaha or grab a pipe...... Stay safe brother...
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    Now that plants are in the ground, fencing is up, we have started placing rain water reservoirs, 4 of them will hopefully be sufficient. It's mostly for the month of July since most times, it rains at least once a week up this way.
  37. 2 points
    Looking good and healthy. Keep the pics coming.
  38. 2 points
    almost july already ..looks like another wonderful season on grow-wizzard farm..always keeping true to the craft of growing ..way to go bro ..the girls are all looking great ..
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    B.C. Kills Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana Producers David Schmader June 15, 2017 Aerial View of Kelowna, British Columbia In a triumph for sanity and compassion, British Columbia has declared mandatory minimum prison sentences for cannabis producers to be unconstitutional. The unwitting engine of this development: Keith Steven Elliott, a man in the southern B.C. city of Kelowna, who spent two years working a $20-an-hour job trimming homegrown cannabis destined for resale on the black market. When the grow-op was busted in 2013, Elliott found himself charged under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which mandates a six-month minimum prison sentence for anyone caught producing between six and 200 plants for the purpose of trafficking. (The grow-op employing Elliott held 195 plants.) Elliott’s path to mandatory imprisonment took a turn at his sentencing, where the sentencing judge took aim at the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act’s fundamental propriety. As InfoNews reports, “The sentencing judge found [the mandatory minimum] provision unconstitutional based on a complex legal test that examines whether or not the mandatory minimum would be grossly disproportionate for hypothetical offenders.” As the sentencing judge declared in court, “I note that a six-month sentence is typical for a first-time trafficker involved in a relatively sophisticated commercial dial-a-dope operation. Imposing that sentence on a 19-year-old student or a migraine sufferer who is growing six plants intending to share them with friends would, in my view, be abhorrent to most Canadians.” To avoid such abhorrence, the judge declined to send Elliott to jail, letting him go with a suspended sentence with two years of probation. Soon after, the Crown appealed the ruling, and the case proceeded to the B.C. Court of Appeal, which on June 9 upheld the sentencing judge’s decision. “The mandatory minimum has been struck down as unconstitutional,” lawyer John Conroy told InfoNews, noting the decision is binding on all B.C. courts and could be used as precedent to fight mandatory minimums in other provinces. Potential twist: The Crown still has time to appeal the case, in which case it would proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Stay tuned. leafly
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    From CC mag in 2000.......Control Your Cannabis
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    all eyes buddy ..liking the fence added this yr ..i seen you mention you had trouble witrh some animals getting after them ..ground scrog .. lol.. stay happy and high my old friend .. always a pleasure watching you do your thing in the great outdoors..
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    I always figured they are called "weed" because they grow like one: marginal soil, variable conditions, neglect... it's gotta get really bad before you kill them once the stem starts toughening up. Overwatering is apparently the number one killer of plants, I expect babying them too much is up there as well because it leads to things like over-watering|fetilizing, etc. Overwatering also leads to fungus gnats - try watering from the bottom for awhile, but don't saturate the containers!, let the top dry out and the fungus gnats should disappear on their own. It is the larvae of the gnats which can damage roots if they reach a high enough level, and since the gnats reproduce in the top layer of moist soil you only need to control that zone to control the gnats. They will also colonize drainage holes, which is why I alternate between top and bottom watering about every week. If you let any surface they want to colonize dry out more frequently than their reproductive period (1-2 weeks, iirc) you should be able to pretty much eliminate them.
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    You shouldn't have to feed them anything for quite a while Bodin as there will be plenty of nutrients in the soil mix you are using. That 28-4-8 should actually be 28%N. That's what those numbers mean is the percentage of each nutrient in it. 4%P and 8%K. It's not the best ratio to use for your plants but people use all sorts of stuff and get plants to grow. Something more geared to growing pot would work a lot better but would cost more. 3 - 1L bottles of Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom should be about $60 or less and would work a lot better. As it uses pH Perfect technology you wouldn't have to worry about the pH and go buy a meter that would cost more than $60 once you get the calibration and storage solutions you should have to use one properly. 30C isn't too bad. I like to keep mine around 23 tho. If it gets to 33 -35 then it's getting way too warm and may cause the plants to stop growing without lots of light and CO2 added. You should really just reply in your own Learning to Grow thread so all the info about what you are doing is in the same place and people can read what happened before to give them more info to help answer any questions you may have. Maybe just reply in this thread and have a clean start.
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    "...didn't think she would make it." They are resilient - Had one from the last batch which didn't do the geotropism thing, the root tip broke cround instead of the seed leaves. I caught it before the tip completely dried out, reburied it the way it should have grown, and in a few days it broke ground with a wierd looking stem followed by twisted leaves. A couple weeks later the stem had split in two and it was pushing past it's sister.
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    welcome to cc..hope you can find what you are looking for ..you are the first person i no that has come to join us from china..again welcome ..
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    As usual everything looks happy and healthy.. keep doing what you do... You wanted to know who's on FB I am but do Minds.com more than FB. I'm Grow_Wizzard on Minds.com it's worth checking out similar to FB without the tracking and messed up rules... When those girls hit the ground they will explode... can't wait.. Had a scare the other day, the only female that I laid down was gone when I went to water it. The chickens had buried it and almost uprooted it... It's caged now so the chickens can't get at it...... still waiting for the others to sex so I can lay them down...
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    Nice grow LabRat and thanks for the info! DWC growing is nice and some of the root balls I've seen come out of a 5gallon bucked are lubriciously large. I have many friends that swear by it and the results are always top shelf. Paranoia is understandable but it will soon be legal in the great white north and I look forward to seeing more of your grow. I think you'll be happy with the 1000w HPS but I found I have to change the bulb every 6-10 months as the light intensity drops significantly. 27% CBD is very well done indeed. Thanks again
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    I use AN nutes to feed them. I don't get a lot of supplements tho. Base nutes with Rhino Skin, (silica), Big Bud, (for bigger buds). That's all the AN I use but I give them a few more things like CalMag, (very little), epsom salts and some molasses for the myco. I give them some of my vitamins too. B-Complex, zinc, selenium, iron and vit C. Grind it all up and add a tsp to a 5gal jug of RO water once or twice per cycle. I always just used the ProMix HP which has no nutes but a few grows ago started mixing that with their Vegetable & Herb mix which has added organic nutes and vegs plants well on it's own. Now I'm using their potting soil blend that has nutes too and uses real dirt. Either of those works well with the HP and all 3 are rated organic. So my using hydro nutes is the non-organic additions. I feed them a lot less using the enhanced mixes with the HP and burned a few plants figuring that out. I was doing a lot of DWC over the years too. Started experimenting with it back in 2001 when I just had an idea out of a grow mag and have done 40+ DWC grows since then. Love my RubberMaid tubs. I hate buying anything grow related online. I'm too paranoid to leave paper trails digital or otherwise. I have got to know the guy in the grow store down in Edmonton and if I need anything I'll phone him and order it up. Phoned there last fall and ordered $800 worth of goodies. A couple buddies that needed to go down there picked it up for me. Got a slightly used TrimPro Unplugged trimmer off him for half price, retail $600, and it sure saves time and my arthritic hands a lot of cramping. Was in BC just before that and blew over a grand on nutes and other stuff too. Finally got a Light Rail and am using it now on my current grow with a 1000W HPS. The Hortilux conversion bulb alone was $170 so I hope it lasts like the 400W one I have been using for 15 years to veg plants. Well past it's due date but the plants grow under it just fine. Here's my flower garden yesterday. There are 3 larger OG#18 plants on the left with two on the right side. The first one on the far right is a Purple Kush sitting on a stool because it's so short in comparison. They are all from some clones a buddy gave me last Dec. and are in 16L pots. Down the middle are a bunch of plants I grew from seed. Planted 56 of one strain and 20 of the other and ended up with about 22 all told now growing in smaller, 10L, pots. They're sitting on 6" styrofoam blocks so would be a lot smaller looking. I bred some of each strain with pollen from 2 OTTO#1 males to get CBD crosses going. Otto is only about 1% THC and 10 - 27% CBD. I have a female Otto that is needing to go into flowering too and I'll be pollinating a lot of buds on her to keep that strain going. These are all Day 35 of 12/12.
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    Hi :), A few progress images, still have close to two more months before I can safely get them out in the garden, so I've started topping and also making clones, I've found a few males and got rid of them with an eye out for any more. 818 Headband Gods Blue Cheese ( JOTI ) Ace of Spades A few plants that had gotten too large for the table, had the 600w HPS too close for a bit and the result was terrible for the leaves and I have since remedied by placing the light further away, plants are bouncing back. Plants on table, under T5's and T8's Yesterday's clones
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    Okay, look at the avatar photo i've been using, see it to the left there? That's Jodie & Marc and this ugly mug in the middle. Portrait taken at the kakabeka falls legion when he went thru here on his farewell tour before surrendering to US GULAG. Well anyways the pic had to be taken a couple times because i had them crackin' up: just as Granny says 'okay, ready?" I chime in and said "okay, say SHIT" well they both nearly shit themselves laughing. I had to go thru a few shots to get one suitable. It might not be funny to readers and as a matter of fact might not be memorable for Marc & Jodi either, because as much as I can recall the clouds of blue smoke wafting from the legion property caused Environment Canada to issue an URGENT AIR QUALITY ALERT.