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    Been a while but things are still going on. Got 5 Critical Mass cuttings from my buddy in the city and a 25 pack of neoprene inserts and built a DWC style cloner to root them in. Laid out all the inserts on the lid and used a 4" nail to poke down the centers to mark the spots to drill holes with a 5/8" wood drill. Then I used my alcohol lamp to slightly melt the edges of the holes so roots won't snag when pulling the clones out. Day 3 now and no roots yet but the cuttings still look fine. Temps got low because I forgot to close the window in the bedroom at light's out but I've rooted fine at 65F and it just takes longer. Water temp is 71F right now with the RH around 55. Only 5 cuts in there so I may have gone overboard with the 21 holes I put in the lid. Have a nice cover off a cake from the store that fits loosely on the little tub and makes a decent humidity dome. A thermometer down the center into the water lets me know it's temp. Got rid of the 30Something girl. Frigging mite magnet and just not worth the effort IMO. Being as how it's genetics are totally unknown I don't want to wast time or space with it. Now just have the OG#18 as a bigger plant and will take cuttings off it for DWC. The Blueberries are the fastest and strongest with both the AK and Original Skunk being slow. Most of my cuttings from the CBD girls are well rooted and waiting for a DWC tub. They're on the right and being fed lightly to keep them healthy until they get new homes. None of the OG or sativa cuts rooted. Still got some mites floating around so as soon as I can get some more bug spray I'll go hard on getting rid of them. No sign of thrips. The CBD GoldFish are looking almost done but the OttO#1 is still putting out lots of white hairs but very tiny buds compared to the GF. 40 days since the flip on DEC. 12. Just want them out of there so I can pup to 6 DWC tubs in there while I build the new room. Got rooted clones so can just do whatever I want once they're gone. Couple more weeks I guess. These are the Otto#1 budz. Just pathetic lol but didn't expect much in the way of yield. Good breeding stock to make my crosses with tho. Some of the GoldFish budz. Bigger but will be lucky to get an oz off each plant I figure. Rough ride for all of them and hope to get better results in DWC. We shall see.
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    Meet the 24-Year-Old Fighting for Canadian Cannabis Patients’ Rights Elianna Lev February 13, 2018 Jonathan Zaid never imagined that his chronic illness would set him on a path to leadership, helping Canadian patients gain access to affordable medicinal cannabis. But since becoming the founder and executive director of Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana (CFAMM), in 2014, Zaid can’t imagine doing anything else. Zaid’s journey to cannabis leadership began in his teens. At 14, Zaid began experiencing constant intense headaches and insomnia, which made focusing in school impossible. After being diagnosed with New Daily Persistent Headache, he visited a slew of doctors in an effort to find some relief. “For five years, I tried more than 40 medications, different types of therapies, went to the leading neurology clinic in North America,” he says. “I found nothing helped.” Through online research, Zaid learned of others with his ailment who had positive breakthroughs from using cannabis. When he tried it, he found immediate relief from pain, and his insomnia subsided. But Zaid would spend another year trying to find a doctor who would support and authorize his use of the drug. RELATED STORY: The Top Medical Cannabis Studies of 2017 When he was finally able to legally take medicinal cannabis for his conditions, Zaid had other hoops to jump through. The federal government was changing their cannabis statute from the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Zaid was on the right path to helping his condition, but that path was riddled with bureaucratic loopholes. “I saw that affordability was crucial for patients, including myself, yet there were no organizations willing to speak about it at the time.” Jonathan Zaid “I finally found a physician but struggled with consistent access as well as lack of insurance coverage,” he says. Zaid looked for non-profits that advocated for medicinal cannabis patients. The only organizations he could find focused on home-growing rights and not on issues like insurance coverage. “I saw that affordability was crucial for patients, including myself, yet there were no organizations willing to speak about it at the time and represent patients on such a vital issue,” he says. In 2014, the same year Zaid gained access to medical cannabis, he took his university’s student health plan to task, after they refused to cover his new treatment. The University of Waterloo’s committee that reviewed which drugs were covered under the student health plan argued that since there was no drug identification number (DIN) for medical cannabis, it couldn’t qualify. RELATED STORY: Are Too Many Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients ‘Faking It’? It didn’t take long for Zaid to poke a hole in that argument. “They previously covered a medication I used from the US, which didn’t have a drug identification number,” he says. “By that, I’d proved that a medication without a DIN could be covered and used that as the basis for why they could cover cannabis.” Zaid worked with the committee to show how much money could be saved in lieu of other insured medicines he wouldn’t be using anymore, along with the positive impacts cannabis had on his condition, and in turn, his studies. “In the end, they agreed with it, approved my case and that allowed other students the precedent to go through that process and prove a medical need for cannabis and provide the documentation and get coverage,” he says. “I (launched CFAMM) out of the lack of support for cannabis patients that were looking to use this as a medicine and not necessarily go down the litigious route.” Jonathan Zaid From there, CFAMM was launched. “I did it out of the lack of support in the space for cannabis patients that were looking to use this as a medicine and not necessarily go down the litigious route as well,” Zaid says. “I really tried to build it into an evidence-based organization.” It’s now considered to be one of the most credible non-profits to represent medical cannabis patients, working collaboratively with government, the medical community, and the cannabis industry to ensure that patients are represented professionally. Zaid, who is now 24, is the face of the organization, though he works with 30 volunteers across the country. The role has forced him to step away from his studies full time, since it requires a lot of travel. RELATED STORY: How to Register as a Medical Cannabis Patient in Canada Since launching CFAMM, he has come to learn that for every victory, there are many more battles to be fought. In November 2017, the federal proposed an excised tax to both recreational and medicinal cannabis, going against everything CFAMM was working towards. In response to the government’s proposed levy on cannabis, CFAMM launched a campaign called Don’t Tax Medicine. Part of CFAMM’s mandate is to advocate against sales tax, both GST and HST, since no other prescriptions are subject to a levy. They do this in conjunction with the Arthritis society, the AIDS society and a several other non-profits. In response to the government’s proposed levy on cannabis, CFAMM launched a campaign called Don’t Tax Medicine, which calls for the elimination of both sales tax and the new proposed DIN tax. Zaid says that so far over 16,000 Canadians have sent letters to their MPs, and the campaign has garnered support from a dozen non-profits as well as a group of leading physicians. “We’re really happy to see the momentum the campaign is building but at the same time, the government only has one decision to fairly treat medical marijuana and that’s to eliminate tax on it,” he says. “We haven’t received any decisions at this point but we’ll continue to advocate strongly until we hear positive change from the government.” While positive change might come slow from the federal level, Zaid says Canadians’ attitudes are changing, as the country moves towards legalization. Along with the fight to gain insured medicine for patients, CFAMM is also focused on calling the government to fund research on medical marijuana. “I haven’t been doing this that long, so I have seen in that short time a tremendous shift in stigma away from medical cannabis,” he says. “There’s still opposition. But the amount of acceptance that medical cannabis has amongst the general population and decision makers and MPs, you can see the advocacy work done across the country has driven a lot of change.” Along with the fight to gain insured medicine for patients, CFAMM is also focused on calling the government to fund research on medical marijuana. “So far they’ve committed millions to enforcement and other monitoring program around legalization and that’s positive but we really need to see investment in medical marijuana research so we can fully understand how it works,” he says. RELATED STORY: Less Moral Outrage, More Harm Reduction: Revamping Cannabis Education for the Age of Legalization In January, the federal government announced it would spend $1.4 million on cannabis-related research, showing progress in the work CFAMM does. Zaid says the most rewarding part of what he does comes from hearing stories of the positive impact his work has on the lives of Canadians. “We often hear how patients feel alone and stigmatized, so hearing that we’re making a difference in their lives is a great motivation and always will drive the work that we do,” he says. https://www.leafly.com/news/canada/meet-the-24-year-old-leading-the-charge-for-canadian-cannabis-patients-rights
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    Hi Guys, just an update, thanx allot for the help with the sick little seedling, got past that now it's a large plant, and still growing, just over 8wks old, it's taken a gallon (uk) RO water everyday, placed it in flower on the 21st, I hope to thin the leaves a bit in the next couple of weeks, it amazes me how fast they grow. The extractor fan I am using has zero resistance, so I cannot add a carbon filter, and boy does this plant honk when it's a bit older, so I am thinking about buying a Gekko Fan it says (fingers crossed) it is ultra quiet, also I bought a carbon filter and a Phresh Silencer, silence is very important, so I hope it's what it says on the kan. Hi Shadey hope all is well........ Attached are some pic's
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    After much delay I humbly present a few shots of my garden. This is my second attempt at growing outdoors, and I must say I am a convert! Not to poop on anyone's indoor attempts (as I grew under CFLs for years....), there is nothing close to natural sunlight, unlimited room for root development, and quality organic media. Ok, enough preaching, let's see if I can upload these.
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    I miss this strain a lot, got some nice variations from it
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    I read an article recently actually it was a write up for the recommendations for changes to the acmpr. It recommended seeds be legal and sold at places like Richter's seeds. So I hope they change it so seed banks can be legit. They have so far changed it so that patients are allowed to use oil in a motor vehicle if they are a passenger and not driving. I thought big deal who isn't already a passenger high af touring around anyways. What was being asked of the govt was to change the upcoming roadside drug screening rules for medical patients. Because they would have high concentrations of thc in their systems weither they were high at the time or not. Current testing/screening devices have a hard time deciphering residual thc levels and present thc levels. Then again I have heard of some people being tongue swabbed after just smoking within hours and testing negative. So I think the whole thing is a croq of shit. Roadside testing is bull shit.
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    True I have heard of that as well. But from what Im hearing if the chem trails and Monsanto dont git ya the Ai robots will. The future looks unfriendly.
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    Well said lab rat! I myself have been on a quest for good health for over a year now. Going as far as drinking Kombucha a natural health drink and drinking milk keefer smoothies those two things have made my acid reflux go away on its own no need for acid reflux medication anymore. Also grow two large veggie gardens every summer over 4000 sq feet and am growing micro greens they are very healthy. Right now I am working on taking a daily CBD regiment of CBD oil for my Bi-polar and feel like I finally have my life back no anxiety anymore and no mood swings or delusions. I want to get off these horrible anti psychotic injections I am on but I am still waiting to hear more studies on CBD as a full replacement for anti psychotics. Current studies are now proving CBD efficacy for treating Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia as well as PTSD. As for THC affecting mental health I simply do not believe that as I smoke it all the time and have seen no adverse effects other than the positive. This article seems like the doctors last ditch effort to save their paychecks. I must read the books you mentioned.
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    so your saying i could use the light it comes with to veg them and buy a seperate light for the flowering period. if so what if i upgraded the light in the package which is an option
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    im going to set up in my basement its cool down there even in the summer so im not sure if ill have to air condition it but i will definitely need to heat it in the winter. yea if you dont mind taking a look to see what ph pen you have that would be awesome that way if i run into problems maybe i can bother you for advice haha do you use soil with the fabric pots if so maybe ill order them now to prevent a lengthy wait when i am ready to get started
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    Marijuana can only go on sale in Canada months after law passed: minister Reporting by David Ljunggren; editing by Grant McCool - Reuters Staff February 6, 2018 OTTAWA (Reuters) - Recreational marijuana in Canada will only go on sale a few months after it is legalized later this year because the new retail system needs time to start working properly, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said on Tuesday. The Liberal government says the new law must be in place by July 1 this year, which would make Canada the first Group of Seven country to adopt such a policy. Some of Canada’s 10 provinces, which are responsible for actually selling marijuana, complain they do not have enough time. “They told us they need eight to 12 weeks following (adoption of the law) for preparatory activities to occur, such as preparatory movement of product from licensed producers to distribution and retail outlets,” Petitpas Taylor told the Senate upper chamber. The Liberals say legalization is needed to keep the drug out of the hands of underage users and reduce related crime. “The current regime has not worked,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told the Senate during a question and answer session on the proposed law. As well as complaining about what they see as an excessively ambitious timetable, the provinces also say they need federal money to meet the extra costs of enforcing the new rules. Ottawa, the provinces and Canada’s three sparsely populated northern territories settled a disagreement last December on how to split the revenues from a proposed federal tax on marijuana sales. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould dismissed concerns that more time was needed. “I would submit that the opposite is true. Provinces and territories have in fact been working expeditiously,” she told the Senate. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-canada-cannabis/marijuana-can-only-go-on-sale-in-canada-months-after-law-passed-minister-idUSKBN1FQ357
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    Patients hoping the new recreational market does not hinder the medical system. Government already proposing a sales tax on medicinal marijuana. Apparently Bill Blair thinks a tax is needed for medical cannabis to help prevent the medical system from being abused. Ya so charge sick people more money for there medicine makes a lot of sense. Charge the sick more then current prices? WTF! Many people are on disabilities support programs do they really need to be charged the same tax as somebody who just smokes recreational once and awhile. Clearly the tax will hurt those in the most need that consume the most cannabis daily. One good thing is the article states that provinces will be able to decide to or not to license medical dispensaries. I hope this will happen as local dispensaries are able to give their expert opinions and recommendations on strain choices for specific ailments. I am hoping this becomes reality in Ontario and other provinces as it has in Vancouver and Victoria BC. But as we are seeing in Toronto on a weekly basis raid after raid after raid on medicinal dispensaries it needs to stop and patients need reliable cost effective reasonable access. With expert Bud Tenders to help, something LPs are incapable of offering with online platforms. Anyways enough of me rambling here is the article https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/there-is-a-difference-between-medical-and-recreational-marijuana-patients-say-1.3798663
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    An RO unit is not a necessity but it will make life a lot easier, and a big difference to you later on, especially if you try managing 15 plants constantly. If I know my water is clean and the PH is good then it eliminates a lot of possible negative factors, and stops the guessing if things start going out of whack. Its the biggest pain for me as I just use a Zero water filter which takes 40 minutes to an hour, to get 9 liters, and has to be filled 3 times to get it. I had to do that twice yesterday carry it down stairs and PH it, the bigger the plants get, the more they need, soon I may need to be doing this every other day . CO2 system I would wait, I use Labrats patented home made CO2 burner Get good basics. Lights, Tents, Extraction Fan and filter, and Humidity and Heat controllers for the Extraction Fan. Some smaller fans for moving the air around in the tents. A good PH pen not a cheapo they last only a couple of months, I got a good one last year cost $100 but well worth it, once the head wears out it can be replaced. I haven't had to re calibrate it since I got it, and use it 2 -3 times a week. I can check what its called if you like? I use fabric 5gal pots, very cheap on ebay from china, just have to wait a month. They are re usable and roots self trim in them. You may need some aircon in summer and heating in winter. My LED lights in winter will produce enough heat to raise ambient temps 12-14 degrees, so I only need to heat the room with the tents at night. Soon as it gets into +temps, I have to open a window so cold air can get in, other wise it just re circulates warm air, and does nothing to cool the inside of the tent down. This summer I will need some air con to cool it all down, but need to exhaust the hot out side which creates another problem of running duct everywhere or just cut a hole in the wall to outside next to the tent or use CO2 and let the heat stay higher. But you will need to have cooling for flowering in the summer, keeping in the low 70's with low RH to stop the possibilities of bud rot and mold and give a better trichome production. Something to think about for you.
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    Ok looks good to be moving forward apparently i am not the first with this idea gotta love the net. i can just melt it back into the oil over a double broiler now to see if the fine print is true grabbing the phone now.
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    Canadian Government Plans To Test Sewage For Traces of Cannabis The Canadian government plans to test sewage for traces of cannabis to track marijuana consumption in the country. By Tim Kohut Published on February 14, 2018 With Canada on the cusp of a country-wide legalization of marijuana, the federal government is looking into ways to adequately quantify the amount that is being consumed by its prospective customers. However, with no real system in place, Canada is looking to get creative in order to gauge their market. So creative, in fact, that the Canadian government plans to test sewage for traces of cannabis in order to get a better feel for the upcoming recreational weed market. Canada Gets Creative According to the Financial Post, Statistics Canada is willing to spend up to $60o,000 a year for a private contractor that will regularly test the water throughout the country for traces of THC, the psychoactive component found in all marijuana. While this practice might seem somewhat perplexing, Anthony Peluso, an assistant director at Statistics Canada claims the procedure is common in Europe and has proven to be accurate in past instances. He believes the practice is the best way of deciphering common cannabis usage throughout the country. “We want to have a good indication of actual consumption numbers,” said Peluso. “Sometimes we do get quantities, but we’re not sure.” After cannabis is metabolized in the human body, traces of THC are embedded in waste (hence, urine-based drug tests). The sewage water would then be collected by the contractor throughout the course of one week out of the month. According to the contract proposal, this practice would go on for a whole year. If the methodology yields accurate results, Statistics Canada would be willing to extend the contract to three years. Currently, there are six municipalities willing to give the procedure a shot. DATTA Engineering Inc., an Ottowa- based civil engineering and infrastructure firm, has already expressed interest in working with Statistics Canada, although no formal contract offers have been made. Final Hit: Canadian Government Plans To Test Sewage For Traces of Cannabis According to Peluso, another advantage of testing the sewage could be deciphering the amount of illegal consumption, in addition to legal sales tracking, upon the plant’s recreational inception this July. “It is possible that if we’re able to get the consumption numbers and figure out what legal sales are, we might be able to get some estimate of illegal consumption as well,” he said. While legal sales data can accurately quantify dispensary sales, the data from sewage will indicate usage amongst black market users as well. Ideally, the government could then calculate the difference between legal sales and overall consumption, and get a better gauge on the prevalence of black market cannabis. While several provinces in Canada plan to make their cannabis competitive in price, pundits are doubtful they can frequently squash the black market. Perhaps getting a more accurate measurement of illicit consumption could provide the federal government with a better understanding the impact of legalization on black market sales. Additionally, the procedure could also test for harder drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, for little to no extra cost. “The methodology is there. It handles cannabis and it handles everything else for roughly the same price,” he said. “You’d be a fool to say no from a statistical point of view.” https://hightimes.com/news/canadian-government-plans-test-sewage-traces-cannabis
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    Yeah they can eat shit,lol. A lot of citizens believe (I as well) that all the LP's cannabis will have an exotic chemical marker in all LPs dried product, seeds and clones in orer for law enforcement to distinguish 'legal' weed products, from black market materials. Probably already occurs from Gamma Ray sterilization practices. I'm not to up on halflife and particulate contamination from Gamma rays, but I would imagine some radioactive particle would be easily infused. Especially in provinces which prohibit home/rec cultivation. Is this a stretch or a conspiracy theory? Probably. Is it enough for me to avoid 'legal' cannabis? F***ing right it is, among another hundred reasons why not. I would be extremely pissed at my municipality if they spent my tax money on this intrusive foolishness. The Trueau cartel is already out of control...Bill Blair...OMG mr. turn a blind eye when he was chief in T.O. He was more worried about expanding "the list" than eliminating organized crime.....
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    I find it extremely therapeutic, it certainly stopped me having a mental breakdown last year, dealing with workers compensation and the disability people.
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    100% Agree with you Shadey growing your own is so much more empowering. Therapeutic as well.
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    Hi L/R & Shadey, Have installed Carbon Filter in grow-room, Extractor fan, attached to Speed controller, and finally Silencer attached to Extractor fan, result it's dead quiet, running at around 50% or there a bouts, really no Idea how fast it's running, but my speed controller is perhaps a quarter on. I'm on board with what you are both saying. However, when lights out, and the thermostat tells the fan to stop, won't the plant suffer from lack Co2, as there is no exchange of air? or is this the time the plant produce oxygen ? Also are your fans on a timer My temps at the mo lights out, 63f = nutrients 73f grow room, but I have seen the grow room fall below 70f, not often but it happens. I might add the the temp grow-room dictates the speed of the fan, I have no control over humidity. Have trimmed my Plant it's now 2 wks into flower. pic attached. Hope this finds you all in good health, and again many thanx
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    I have no idea whats happening the black spots started appearing a few days ago i recently moved the plant indoors PLS HELP!
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    Hey Shadey It is in a warm place moved it in because it was getting to cold and extremely windy outside. The yellowing of the leaves started before i moved it inside, its been inside for about 2 weeks now the black spots started about 3 days ago and its on a few leaves only in the mid sections. The plant is about 7 months old and is in transition to the flowering stage. Yes its in a pot and it did go through the wet dry cycle. NPK 16-10-24 PH 6.9 Thanks for the reply
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    Looks more like low P to me but the whole plant looks hungry so a good feeding with a balanced fertilizer would likely fix it up. Have you been getting cool, wet weather? Spots like that could be some sort of fungus that is flaring up now that it has warmer conditions and shouldn't be a problem in drier conditions if that's what it is. That plant is still vegging isn't it?
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    Hi Ultradent and welcome to CC, If you just moved it indoors you must be somewhere warm lol. Is your plant in veg or flower, how old is it, what are you feeding it on and what is your water PH, I take it, its in soil in a pot, as it was outside and does the soil go through a wet dry cycle, is it on leaves all over the plant, or just the top or bottom, how long did it take to get like this. Bye the color of the leaves around the one you are holding it looks as if its finishing flowering and is using up all available nutrients in the leaves and finishing its life cycle, but you need to give us a bit more info please. Black spots could be manganese deficiencies and the brown dying leaf tips could be zinc deficiencies but may be due to nutrient lockout due to the wrong water PH.
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    Sup potheads.
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    Probably not, but that is a random natural act we have no control over, why increase the odds of pain and suffering, possible mass extinction, when the odds of the human species surviving is not good anyway lol. No, I dont think Al is going to make it better either, I think its too late for anyone to make it better. As a species we need to clean up our act big time and still prepare for a lot of big planetary changes that are heading our way, whether man made or not, we are definitely making it worse than it could be
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    On Fuckyoualishima of the reported ongoing problem, I have yet to see a journalist or youtuber use a gieger counter on a beach "littered with irradiated junk". Or even pick up a piece and have it analyzed. If the problem was of the scope that some suggest (ie poisoning of all the critters in the Pacific to near toxic levels), I'm sure China would have absorbed Japan militarily by now . You know protect their countries food supply from this wanton destructors unstable ways, type of shit. While it is deplorable to even use a nuclear enrichening facility for civilian power grids (see Candu et al), is the threat to humans and the environment any worse than a solar flare? I dunno... I do know that it is nonsense that, a part-timer at the Hawaiian emergency response center, caused that already forgotten Kiss your ass goodbye warning......AI is gonna make it all better....right?
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    World's biggest licensed cannabis facility gets green light to grow Aurora Sky, located on the Edmonton International Airport land, just got its Health Canada cultivation licence Supplied A rendering of the Aurora Sky facility at the Edmonton International Airport. By: Kevin Maimann Metro Published on Tue Jan 30 2018 04:24:00 The world’s largest licensed cannabis facility just got the green light to start growing right outside of Edmonton. Aurora Sky, the 800,000-square-foot greenhouse located on the Edmonton International Airport land, received its Health Canada cultivation licence Monday. “We are excited as can be,” said Cam Battley, Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis. The greenhouse is still under construction but has several grow rooms prepared to get rolling as early as this week. “We are ready to start growing right away,” Battley said. “We’re anticipating our first harvest in the second calendar quarter of this year, and completing the entire 800,000 square feet by this summer.” At full capacity, Aurora Sky will produce more than 100,000 kg of cannabis per year. By comparison, Aurora’s three other licensed Canadian facilities – including two in Quebec and one in Cremona, Alta. near Calgary – produce between 4,000 kg and 4,800 kg. Aurora Sky is also the world's only cannabis facility to be built on the property of an international airport, which offers advantages like strong security, access to transportation and international customs, and less expensive power, water and gas. Battley said it will also be the world’s most technologically advanced cannabis facility, using horticultural technologies never used together before in a single agricultural facility of any kind. “This facility will be qualitatively different from anything that’s ever been built or operated before in the cannabis sector,” he said. “The level of technology is unprecedented. This will be hands-down the most high-technology automated cannabis production facility in the world.” Battley has said Aurora Sky will help meet growing demand for medical marijuana and position itself to supply recreational pot once legalization takes effect later this year. Airport officials have said the facility will earn them money, help attract more businesses and bolster the region’s economy. http://www.metronews.ca/news/edmonton/2018/01/30/world-s-biggest-licensed-cannabis-facility-gets-green-light-to-grow.html
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    I know, we have a large section of our property that we allow to go wild and I put down wild flower seeds as well as let the weeds run riot. when we first moved here 10 years ago there were butterflies everywhere, when I would walk the dog I would see maybe 20-30 swallow tails and milkweeds a day, this year I saw 3 swallow tails and 1 milkweed and it was the same ones every day. Nestle Cheerios, infuriate me with their advertising, for every packet bought we will donate money to help save the bees. Well if they stopped using products that are soaked in roundup not only would they help save the bees but many humans and other species as well. No body that I know, knows anything about them, unless they grow something to ingest, or take an interest about our environment. They are more worried about Muslim extremists, than the real threat of major corps slowly poisoning them, with their food and pharmaceuticals. Our generation grew up trusting the governments and Monarchy believing they would not allow companies to do these things in the name of profit, sadly most still do. The younger generation are much better informed, which is why the governments are changing laws so rapidly, to make it harder for them to implement changes that will not benefit large corporations, when they start to get involved in politics. Well, you probably know a lot about ridding your system of toxic crap, but in case you haven't heard of silica being able to rid the body, and especially the brain, of heavy metal pollutants. Chuck a little food grade Diatomaceous earth in your fluids it doesn't take much on a regular basis. My biggest fear atm is the nuclear waste being pumped into the ocean from, going to, fuckyouallshima, I cant understand why this has not become a planetary concern for all governments. Europe is still suffering the consequences of Chernobyl which was nothing compared to this.
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    Well now, I beware all huge corporations with large market share of anything, I am not against the principal of GMO, Monsanto didn't create that scientific discipline,BUT I am against non-ethical applied research. My biggest bug-a-boo about the conglomerate is their bullying, and downright purposeful pollution of farmland and the environment. I have found, in central Ontario, that certified organic garden supplements are getting harder to come by in retail stores. The green and yellow packages absolutely dominate the gardening aisles, and they are using the organic word willy-nilly without certification of anything (as if they couldn't afford that) to accomplish further 'watering down' of the meaning of organic. Well it also seems honey bees are coming back (Definitely NOT in my pollenator safe garden) so nobody fucking cares that they have not curtailed the use of neocontids in any way. I see those green packages and all the people using these products as lazy end result aimed fools. Chemical dependance is the end result of these products, and we only have ourselves to blame for the complex organic mutagen chemicals in our offsprings cells. Once again proves that money isn't everything, it is the ONLY thing, that matters to modern humans. We wanted Monsanto, now our great grandchildren will be allergic to the earth and destined for a cancerous end. As a gen x'er at 50 something, my generation has been exposed to the worst of the post-war synthetic chemical free for all, fuck if they banned smoking Cancer rates will still continue to climb. I feel shame as I try to answer questions my 20 somethings ask about corporate and government 'mistakes' in my lifetime. Thanks Shadey needed to get some of that out of my system, wish it was that easy for mercury, ddt, dioxin, etc. etc.. etc.
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    LOL hes probably snacking.
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    Hand down, without doubt, hypoaspis miles are the best defense for fungus gnats. Nobody wants to purchase them for some reason, but if you have healthy soil you will also likely have them. They naturally ramp up and also die off with the up and down of fungus gnats. The best thing that you can do, aside from getting those little beneficial bugs, is to be sure your plants are drying properly between watering. Fungus gnat larvae live in the top inch or two of the soil. Let that part dry between watering and you take away the living space needed for them. You can also let your next soil on hand dry out, which, unfortunately, kills other things in the soil but assures that there are no larvae or eggs in it when you need it for use.
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    Em1 smells like molasses and apple juice
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    crop king is total trash trust me I tried 3 strains all of them hermed
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    50 something Canadian family man here. I have been a consumer of cannabis since I was underage, and with a usage pattern that ,I'm sure, has caused thc to be spliced to my ancient DNA. There are any personal reasons surrounding my cannabis use, but I am cautiously optimistic about upcoming legalization. I have strong opinions, little formal education, but a varied awareness of global and local issues. I'm no stranger to forums, and I hope that I can contribute positively to this site. If I don't have anything to share, I will continue to read and learn from the content here. Thanks for allowing me to join the ranks.
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    Thank you Gbuds, of course I did lol. Just wouldn't be right you know, meeting new friends without herb is just...not proper.
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    Check out “the complete system” on buildasoil.com and it will give you the rundown on a basic system. I would suggest Teaming with Microbes, Teaming with Fungi, and Teaming with Nutrients from Jeff Lowenfels also
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    In my life time, the money was pennies and pounds, it changed to decimal, 240 pennys was a pound, now it's 100, I was a joiner, it was inches and feet, simple, now it's mm and cm, and I still convert back, I have better visual sense in the old ways. I ran the fan in the kitchen with the filter stuck on, and I had to hold the silencer in place, but it was very quiet, even at full whack. many thanx for your help,
  39. 2 points
    Hi L/R, so can I assume, the extractor I bought will be ok ? Shadey thanx for the heads up, on Amazon UK "Inkbird ITC-306UK" about £30, do I still have to add a speed controller ? The extractor is 8" at the mo I use "DROK® AC 220V 4000W High Power SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Governor Dimmer Thermostat Speed Controller " Amazon bought this early summer last year, it runs the old squirrel fan I am using, but unsure if it will run the new one? the old squirrel fan was built in 1974, for a colliery where I worked for a while (down pit) ... was in the skip because the case was dented, I took it, and kept it all those years, finally I found a use for it ... wont throw it out, it has sentimental value. Huge thanx to you both
  40. 2 points
    Unless it specifically states on the fan info that it can be used with a speed controller I doubt that it can. Those squirrel-cage fans normally aren't wired to be able to be slowed down. I took a look around the web and it turns out they can be speed controlled but they should have a specific type of controller. I grabbed this off a site with good details about those fans. " We recommend the using these duct fans in conjunction with coil-type fan speed controllers rather than purely digital versions which can generate acoustic resonance, leading to humming and buzzing noises. SMSCom hybrid controllers provide the quietness of coil-type controllers with the intelligent room control of digital units, and are available separately. " Those hybrid controllers are a lot more money tho. Curious as to why you just didn't get a typical inline fan for a lot cheaper and just put an insulated box around it to dampen any noise? I'm sure you could have got just as quiet a result and put the extra money toward the light bill. I'm looking to get a new fan myself and think I'm going to go with a good Vortex fan that's a bit larger than I need for around $250Can. I've been using a DIY speed controller made with a ceiling fan controller but may look into the other types and maybe get a better one. The cheap no-name one I have been using is starting to make noises like it's bearings are packing it in and cost around $100 but the Vortex comes with a 10 year warranty and has built in features to make it quieter. Looks pretty cool too. Noise isn't an issue for me tho.
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    For the size of your closet its a bit overkill lOl, but should last you a long time. If that is 1000cfm on the side of the fan you will probably struggle to open the door with it on lmao. Its always better to get more than you need, as I said it puts less strain on the system. If you put that in your closet you wont have room for the plant lol. You can put just the filter in the closet and run duct to the fan intake and then duct from the outlet to the silencer. Make sure you connect it up for the right airflow direction. When I moved my tent I did it the wrong way, nearly blew all the seams out on the tent LOL. If it is 1000cfm you will definitely get good use from a speed controller and run it at minimum speed. My fan is rated 430cfm and I only run that at 1/2 speed in the summer and atm it runs every 20-30 minutes for about 1 minute on minimum as I can control the heat better in winter.
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    Shadey I never thought about the attic and condensation, will keep an eye on this, although I have a very small grow closet, interesting info re: THC degrading, I'm ok with that, although I began to like a bit of head stone just before bed. I have just taken delivery of the extractor fan and the carbon filter, as well as 10mtrs of insulated trunking. Shadey chk out the picture the size is not what I expected, it probably could run 5 times what I have and remember there is a huge silencer to be attached.
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    LabRat no they will not flag you, you would be fine as in the old mmar licensed persons were legal to import seeds from legal sources it was right in the regs. I have it archived on my computer. So I'm guessing they figure seeds have been shared amoungst the community. And were purchased legally in the old mmar program. I ticked no to needing start up material and it does not affect your ability to get your grow permit.
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    Apparently like can't be disabled. However, the rest can. I disabled the upvote and added Thanks.
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    I grew some Juan x SSH that produced stellar smoke and won a cola contest on another forum.
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    Hello Community, We are conducting focus groups both in Calgary and Vancouver in a few weeks and we are hoping for this community's support with respect to our study. Our study is to focus on both the new and experienced users for medicinal and recreational uses. Here is the ad we have been posting online and how to contact us for the study: We are conducting several surveys in the Calgary & Vancouver areas on the topic of cannabis. There will be no consumption at this event, this is strictly a study being hosted and the qualifying participants will be paid $50ea for their time. Below is the information to contact us by. Please contact us at: [email protected] Are you a can abis consumer - Medical or Recreational? Perhaps you are an avid connoisseur of cannabis or you are new to cannabis who is just starting their cannabis journey? Or perhaps you are using cannabis for a medical condition? If any of the above applies to you, we want to hear from you! We are conducting a round table discussion on cann abis use and cann abis perceptions in the Calgary & Vancouver area and we are offering $50 for your time to participate. If you fit any of the following criteria listed below, please contact us with the best contact information to reach you with and which of the groups below that you fall into and we will contact you to provide you with more information. 1) Medical Consumers of cann abis - New - (has been consuming cann abis for medical reasons for LESS than 1 year) - ages 30yrs to 50yrs. Medically consuming cann abis specifically for: - Chronic pain - MS (multiple sclerosis) - appetite improvement/enhancement - sleep aid/assistance - cancer treatment 2) Medical Consumers of cann abis - Experienced - (has been consuming cann abis for medical cann abis for MORE than 1 year) - ages 30yrs to 50yrs. Medically consuming cann abis specifically for: - Chronic pain - MS (multiple sclerosis) - appetite improvement/enhancement - sleep aid/assistance - cancer treatment 3) Recreational Consumser / Adult Use Consumer - Less Frequent Consumer (consumes cann abis recreationally LESS than 2 times a month for NON medical reasons) - 20yrs to 40yrs old - 4) Recreational Consumer / Adult Use Consumer - Regular Consumer (consumes cann abis recreationally MORE than 2 times a month for NON medical reasons) - 20yrs to 40yrs old When in Calgary: Medical Consumers DATE: Saturday, February 10th, 2018 TIMES: - Medical Consumers - New - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - Medical Consumers - Experienced - 3:30 - 5:30pm Recreational / Adult Use Consumers DATE - Sunday, Feb 11th, 2018 TIMES: - Recreational / Adult Use Consumers - Less Frequent Consumer - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - Recreational / Adult Use Consumers - Experienced Consumers - 3:30pm - 5:30pm 12pm to 2pm; 3pm to 5pm Where: SE Calgary - Exact location will be communicated to you upon your confirmation When in Vancouver: Medical Consumers DATE:Friday February 2nd, 2018 TIMES: - Medical Consumers - New - 4:30pm - 6:30pm - Medical Consumers - Experienced - 7pm - 9pm Recreational / Adult Use Consumers DATE - Saturday, Feb 3rd, 2018 TIMES: - Recreational / Adult Use Consumers - Less Frequent Consumer - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - Recreational / Adult Use Consumers - Experienced Consumers - 3pm - 5pm Where: Downtown Vancouver - Exact location and address will be communicated to you upon your confirmation of participation. Other Details - light refreshments will be available at each session - Length of each session: Approximately 2hrs. - information gathered will not be made public and will be kept completely confidential Compensation: $50.00 Cash payment immediately following the session. Please contact us at: [email protected]
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    I have to say that I am with frmrgirl on this one. I actually used Nirvana when it first came out. Had great results with it. At some point tho I began making my own potting soil from scratch. With each run and more and more research my soil mix produced better results. I think what frmrgirl was getting at is the mycorrhizae in the soil. Adding a myco supplement is about the best thing you can add to your soil in my opinion. Now, one can run to the hydro shop and get some in a shiny container with a fancy label and steep price tag. Personally I like to use the Jobes organic line of amendments. These come with bone, blood, feather meal, chicken litter, greensand, etc. But they also have some myco supplement. The Fox Farm bags are very similar. Happy Frog. Not the soil mix tho. It's a bag similar to the Jobes. I used the meals and other amendments in my soil all along. It was when I added the mycorrhizae that things really took off though. There is also growing and cultivating your own mycorrhizae, but that's another post
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    I haven't even seen anyone mention the brand name of "this light". How is that advertising?
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    This is the old lid I made a dozen years ago but the cuts just fell over and barely 50% rooted so I've always done my cuts in finely screened promix in those 9-hole seed starter pots and get almost 100% rooted. I've also used tiny cuttings but once they root they grow just as well as larger ones. It's the genetics that count. I sliced slots between groups of holes so I can get the rooted cuts out without ripping off the roots. Hoping the new top will work a lot better but as it's the first try who knows. My buddy uses the same system with just tap water to supply clones to commercial growers. Keeps a few big mothers in an 8x4 grow tent and has two tubs for rooting the cuts. Gets $15 each for the clones but has a bug problem going on. House is full of all sorts of plants and he's working hard on cleaning up his act. The 5 ones I just got seem to be clean but I still have some mites in the older plants so could get infected yet. Gotta get myself bug free ASAP. I just won't spray anything on flowering plants so got to clean up the vegging ones now.
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    I find that full spectrum always outperforms limited spectrum.