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  2. Thanks frmrgrl. Question for the group, I've been interviewing with a few rec farms in Oregon and Washington who want to go 100% Organic but have a lot of coco coir currently in stock. Does anyone have experience with using coco coir blended into a super soil mix? Most of the articles I've found online are from forums and it seems a 50/50 split between using it and throwing it out (or making biochar out of it) but I'd like to incorporate it into the mix... possibly a split between sphagnum peat moss and coco coir?
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  4. "...didn't think she would make it." They are resilient - Had one from the last batch which didn't do the geotropism thing, the root tip broke cround instead of the seed leaves. I caught it before the tip completely dried out, reburied it the way it should have grown, and in a few days it broke ground with a wierd looking stem followed by twisted leaves. A couple weeks later the stem had split in two and it was pushing past it's sister.
  5. Salutations, Après les pesticides de Noël on a fini par apprendre des mois plus tard que Santé Canada savait et réfléchissait encore (...) à la question! Puis le seul producteur agréé Québécois HydroPothicary (*1* sur maintenant plus d'une quarantaine au Canada!) a fait la manchette à son tour mais lorsqu'on cherche sur internet ça ne sort pratiquement qu'en anglais: Et quand enfin on a l'impression que la grande noirceur va se dissiper dans les médias traditionnels voici ce qui nous retombe dessus, dérisoire comme du café plusieures fois réchauffé: SRC: Comment le cannabis est-il devenu illégal au Canada? (2017-May-26) Pas un mot sur la "Loi de Pharmacie" du Québec de 1885, tandis que cette partie de notre histoire collective prouve sans contestation possible que la loi du pays (un dominion Britanique à l'époque) concédait de facto la compétence sur le "Chanvre Indien" à la province (les pharmaciens de Montréal) et que c'est sans doute un peu beaucoup pour ça aussi que le transfert de compétence de 1923 à Ottawa fut si discret. D'autre part ça démolit l'idée que nous étions à la remorque de la parade prohibitionniste alors que nos livres de loi démontrent au contraire que le Québec lui a servi de prototype. Il y a un certain effort à dépeindre le climat de l'époque mais il reste d'immenses vides, surtout considérant que ça vient d'un journaliste féminin... Je songe en particulier à Émilie F. Murphy qui était fort probablement connue d'une autre activiste tout comme elle: Joséphine Marchand, fille de Premier ministre Québécois qui opéra un magasine mensuel appelé "Le coin du feu" et dont le mari n'était nul autre que Raoul Dandurand qui présida la Ligue des Nation (Nations Unies) en 1925, c'est-à-dire la même année où le chanvre indien fut une fois encore mystérieusement ciblé sans avoir bien cherché à expliquer publiquement pourquoi, i.e. sans l'appui de la science hormis celle du docteur John Warnock dans son asile de fous au Caire, en Égypte (une autre histoire tordue)... Etc., etc. Bref plus ça change plus c'est pareil des générations plus tard. À ce compte-là autant se tenir très loin des médias soit-disant d'information avec un nom de domaine terminant en ".Ca"! Sur ce bye et a.l.p.!
  6. A little update. Coming up for week 3 tomorrow, for the eldest and 18 and 16 days for the other 2. I think they are coming on well they didnt seem stressed by their transplant to bigger pots last week. The youngest is the one that has been in the Sohum soil from the start and it looks like the best of them now almost level in growth with the first which is 4 days older. side view sorry its blurry, must be a bigfoot in there as well lol.. top view youngest at the front. I want to fim or top these, they have started producing their 5th set of fan leaves but as they are only 3.5 inches high not sure if I should wait a bit longer? The next 3 are 2 weeks old today, they all started at the same depth and the 2 at the back have been back filled to support the stem more. The poor little girl at the front was the broken tap root one, but she is a fighter, didnt think she would make it.
  7. welcome to cc..hope you can find what you are looking for are the first person i no that has come to join us from china..again welcome ..
  8. Re: ACD's 4/20 Gathering 2017 Post by Lemming » Sat 20th May 2017 07:44 pm Day 3 - Wed 19th April 2017 - Just Chillin' I awake to find the sun shining and the sky blue. Through Hollywood apartment window I'm planning to try to catch up with the gang at Mr. K, where they're supposed to be from 1pm. That gives me enough time to give a quick report on yesterday in the live thread. As I do so, DeLekkersteNUGS16 posts a change of plan. Apparently there's a large gathering going on at 137 right now and they want to continue the session there rather than moving to Mr. K. I send a text to Papi to let him know because he should be arriving about now and is expecting to find us at Mr. K. I decide to take a route to 137 through the Jordaan so that I can pass Mr. K along the way. That will give me the opportunity to get some more coffeeshop pics and round up any stray cats. It also means that I can follow one of my favourite routes, where the view seems to change dramatically every few metres. First I cross the Aluminiumbrug, so named because its deck is indeed made of aluminium, apparently. On the other side of the bridge there is an archway that opens out into one of those quiet little hidden away courtyards. Part of the university I think. A short flight of steps leads to a doorway through a wall. On the other side of this is Grimburgwal, where the southern ends of the two canals that flow through the Red Light District meet. That brings me to my first coffeeshop photographing opportunity. Kadinsky 3 Next it's across the busy Rokin and onto the Spui. Then into the narrow Heisteeg where I can grab some pictures of the new-look Tweede Kamer. Tweede Kamer I see that the postage stamp sign still survives in a form. It's lost its wooden perforations now though. This is what it looked like in 2009 and 2010 respectively: Tweede Kamer sign 2009 and 2010 My walk continues past 420 Coffeeshop, Best Friends II and the remains of Biba until I arrive at Mr K. Mr K & Co As I'm snapping away at Mr. K, I see people inside waving at me. It turns out that Danny211204, Drugsbunny and Smirks have ignored the change of plan and migrated here from 137 regardless. I go inside and join them. I haven't been into this shop since it was called Sanementereng. The first thing I notice is that its name has changed again. It was called simply Mr. K but now has a smart new graphic on the window saying Mr K & Co. Are you up for another nostalgia trip? I hope so because I feel one coming on. The old Sanementereng was unique. Outside it looked like a junk shop. There was an extraordinary collection of bits and pieces piled up in front. Not only that, but there were these huge tree trunks, apparently holding the building up. Sanementereng before it became Mr. K inside Sanementereng Inside it was a proper Aladdin's Cave. Every part of the shop was full of stuff. So much so that there was barely space to roll a joint. For me, though, this was the perfect environment to get stoned in. So much to look at. Jumping back to the present day, there is still some interesting stuff in various corners around the shop. Inside Mr K & Co 2017 I hope someone got a better menu shot. These are details from a larger picture. More Day 3 to follow....
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  10. The best way to protect yourself against such risks is not to buy phony drugs from spamming assholes like @Harry221.
  11. There is definite possibility that customer may not experience those claimed proper effects of the medicine. And there is real potential possibility that he may have harmful reactions to the components in case of the fake version of the remedy. There are many of websites that are trustworthy. And we can find online communities that are maintaining lists of verified and reliable sellers. We should build a long-standing relationship with good vendors.
  12. Is it possible to protect against those risks?
  13. I think that without substantial quality control numerous drugs that come to wide international sites may do not contain claimed genuine ingredients. It is like a riddle how many of purchased pills are pure and authentic.
  14. Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, May 24, 2017 The nation's leading veterans organization wants the Trump administration to open up medical marijuana research for vets, Maryland regulators grant first medical marijuana business licenses, the Utah GOP rejects a resolution in support of medical marijuana, and more. National Last Thursday, the American Legion asked Trump to allow medical marijuana research for veterans. In a letter to the White House, the conservative veterans' group asked for a meeting with Trump son-in-law and key advisor Jared Kushner, "as we seek support from the president to clear the way for clinical research in the cutting edge areas of cannabinoid receptor research," the letter said. "We are not asking for it to be legalized," said Louis Celli, the national director of veterans affairs and rehabilitation for the American Legion. "There is overwhelming evidence that it has been beneficial for some vets. The difference is that it is not founded in federal research because it has been illegal." Florida On Tuesday, a judge backed issued two more medical marijuana licenses. Administrative Law Judge John Van Laningham ordered the state to issue two new licenses to medical marijuana operators. That would boost from seven to nine the number of entities licensed by the state to grow, process, and distribute marijuana to patients. Maryland Last Wednesday, regulators granted the first medical marijuana grow licenses. More than four years after the state approved medical marijuana, the state Medical Cannabis Commission voted unanimously to grant final approval to the first firm licensed to grow medical marijuana, ForwardGro in Anne Arundel County. "A new industry in Maryland has been launched," said Patrick Jameson, executive director of the commission. "They can start to grow immediately." Fifteen companies were granted preliminary licenses last year, but none of the others have been granted final approval yet. Missouri On Tuesday, the ACLU sued a library over its refusal to allow activists to meet there. The ACLU filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Rolla Public Library charging that it refused to allow a local man to hold a meeting in one of its rooms because he advocates for legalizing medical marijuana. Randy Johnson of New Approach Missouri had sought the room for a training session for initiative signature gatherers, but was unconstitutionally discriminated against because of his political views, the ACLU said. Rhode Island On Tuesday, a judge ruled a local company discriminated against a medical marijuana user. A Superior Court judge ruled that the Darlington Fabrics Corporation had discriminated against a woman when she was denied an internship because she used medical marijuana to treat her migraine headaches. The company's action violated the state's Hawkins-Slater Medical Marijuana Act, which bars discrimination against registered medical marijuana users. Utah On Sunday, Republicans rejected a resolution supporting medical marijuana. At its annual convention over the weekend, the Utah Republican Party overwhelmingly rejected a resolution in support of medical marijuana, defeating it by a margin of 70% to 29%. The Republican-controlled legislature has refused to enact a full-fledged medical marijuana law, and now the state GOP has made it clear it intends to stick to its guns. Advocates could undertake an initiative campaign next year in the face of legislative indifference or hostility. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit] stopthedrugwar
  15. France to Decriminalise Cannabis Possession within Months, Interior Minister Says Avinash Tharoor 25 May 2017 (Source: Pixabay) France’s newly-appointed interior minister has said that personal cannabis possession may no longer be prosecuted from as soon as September, although this change may be accompanied by unprecedented strict rules on people with convictions for selling drugs. Gérard Collomb, the Minister of the Interior, said that new rules are set to be implemented under which someone found in possession of cannabis will be given a ticket and required to pay a fine, instead of being prosecuted or imprisoned. The plans, which he revealed during an interview with French news channel BFMTV on 24 May, could be in place "within three to four months", he said. Under French law, there are three classifications of offences: serious crimes referred to as "crimes", less serious crimes called "délits", and non-criminal offences referred to as "contraventions". Collomb says cannabis possession will be downgraded in classification to a contravention, which cannot be punished with criminalisation or incarceration. Emmanuel Macron, who was inaugurated as president on 14 May, has previously indicated that a fine for cannabis possession would be up to €100 (£86/$111). Prior to his successful election, Macron said that the “regime of contraventions would be sufficient to sanction [cannabis use]”, described cannabis prohibition as “[posing] a security problem”, and described the legal regulation of the drug as potentially "efficient". Cannabis use is prevalent in France, with around 550,000 people – or 1.5 per cent of the population aged 15-64 – using the drug every day, left-wing French think tank Terra Nova claims. Despite this, France has some of the harshest cannabis laws in the EU, according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). The possession of cannabis for personal use can currently be punished by up to 10 years in prison or with a fine of up to €7.5 million (£6.5m/$8.4m). Both such punishments are rare, and possession convictions often result in far smaller fines or warnings, however - individual officers have the discretion in how to handle cannabis offences, and French police have been accused of discriminatory tactics. While Collomb’s plans appear to mark a significant progressive change in French drug policy, one advocate for drug policy reform in the country has expressed concern. Benjamin Jeanroy - co-founder and head of drug policy at French “action tank” reform organisation ECHO – said that the change would “alleviate the work of the state, but keep the social injustice” that drug prohibition produces; regardless of an end to criminalisation, he suggested, discrimination and marginalisation would likely continue unabated. “The current laws primarily target people from poor areas and immigrant communities, and this would likely continue despite the change. These are also the people who may have [financial] issues in paying the fine,” Jeanroy told TalkingDrugs. “This [change] is not enough; we were hoping for more efficient, economically-sound, and science-based responses under the new government”. While an end to the prosecution of personal cannabis possession offences is being presented as a scale back of the war on drugs, Collomb has also described plans to accompany this change with new repressive restrictions on the freedom of movement of certain people with drug convictions. "The problem today is that someone is arrested for [selling drugs] and nothing happens," Collomb told French news channel, BFMTV. "Two days later, he returns to his neighbourhood and [sells drugs again]". To combat this issue, Collomb has said that people who have been convicted of selling drugs will be temporarily prohibited from returning to their local area. Doing so, he claimed, would reduce drug trafficking, as well as the chance of the convicted individual engaging in retaliatory violence or intimidating behaviour. He also implied that stricter measures on drug trafficking can reduce terrorism. Jeanroy told us that this measure poses inherent risks to civil rights, and “keeps France going in the same direction [that it has] been going for the past 40 years” in terms of drug policy. Again, he noted, this measure would particularly harm poor people in urban communities, as “they usually live where they sell”; thus further marginalising an already criminalised group. If the plans go ahead, France will join several other Western European countries which have already stopped prosecuting people for the personal possession of cannabis, including Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. talkingdrugs
  16. I live amongst Jesus freaks and I don't want to risk some pious asshole ratting me out. Fuck them, I'll soon be "pious asshole" proof.
  17. Hey Everyone, I am JuneWu from China,I am feeling very great to be a part of this community.I want to buy a new voopoo Alpha One,if every one know it? I hope you all will help me in this and provide me with the required information. thanks
  18. Congratulations!
  19. It's a female yay 👍🏻😎
  20. Glad you saved your plant from the chickens. I'm on a couple of forums, and Facebook, and as soon as I plant them outside, in about a week's time, I think I'm going to be quite the busy Gal as one garden measures 100' x 75' and the other, 70' x 25' ... and this is besides veggies,herbs and flowers, lol, I'm going off my rocker. Will go take a look on
  21. As usual everything looks happy and healthy.. keep doing what you do... You wanted to know who's on FB I am but do more than FB. I'm Grow_Wizzard on it's worth checking out similar to FB without the tracking and messed up rules... When those girls hit the ground they will explode... can't wait.. Had a scare the other day, the only female that I laid down was gone when I went to water it. The chickens had buried it and almost uprooted it... It's caged now so the chickens can't get at it...... still waiting for the others to sex so I can lay them down...
  22. Grow my meds Sent from my LGMS550 using Cannabis Culture
  23. welcome to cc ..the wife and i just got our passports ..not sure i could get her on a plane ride that long ..but the fields of green look wounderful..i always dreams of a field full of weed ..and i always love the smell and taste of hash ..but then who doesnt
  24. Welcome to cc, Weed Advisor What advice do you have for someone contemplating a morning vape session?
  25. Falling prey to a scam is a horrible feeling of betrayal. As long as you're a bit more cynical of people hanging at a corner proposing to help you, you've grown from it. If I were you, instead of voicing a complaint about him online, I'd contact the po-po. Fraud deserves more than cyber-venting. We all need help from time to time, and (I think) it was self reliance that brought you here. You'll find tons of help freely available and offered with no motive other than paying it forward. I love that philosophy...some notes... Unless they are feminized seeds, always plant more than you need because some will be male and you won't be able to sex them for several weeks. I plant 5 beans, and select the best female from the group to flower. Planting 3 or less beans increases the chances of an all male population. As weedmen says, the plants need to be weaned on to full sunlight slowly, especially when the transition is from fluoro to sunlight. Do you have a fan blowing on them? A breeze that causes them to sway creates micro tears in the stem which strengthens it. A breeze also maximizes transpiration which relates to a faster growth rate. Lots of growers [gently] flick them with their finger to create micro tears and strengthen the stems. You can also use sticks, toothpicks, etc, to stake the seedlings til they get stronger. Keep the CFLs within 3 - 4 inches of the plants to encourage compact growth. Check out this link to Greg Green's The Cannabis Grow Bible. You can start a 30 day free trial, plenty of time to read this excellent grow guide. It lays out the basics as well as some advanced growing techniques. Keep 'em green!
  26. Thanks for the info. I went from starting them out by a window and moved them to CFLs and there doing much better. Lost 2 but I'm learning and got a bunch of seeds . so no real loss .. The stems r a bit long but now uder the light the nodes r really tite..yaya
  27. High there, I need new smokers for a research study. If you are from Vancouver BC please message me here or send me an e-mail on [email protected]
  28. Thanks, feels good to be here
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