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  3. Thank you for the info. If I think of more questions. I'll ask. Thank you again.. Happy growing
  4. I applied 6 weeks ago and as of last Thursday I am still not in the system yet and they cant advise a time until I am in the system. I was told that it was still very early and to call back in 3-4 weeks and I might be in the system Hopefully if they have taken on more people to deal with the backlog it may be sooner than later.
  5. Haha I've never heard of using anything like that for bongs! Just plenty of hot water I guess, but don't switch to cold water too quickly as the glass could crack. Also, Simo man, I need you to change that signature! Hard to concentrate on anything else now.
  6. Quest for Amsterdam's Diamonds Pt17 NYE 2016 Smoke Report Rosin pressing - Chocoloco and Kritial Kush Hashes from De Graal E13/g Rosin smoking
  7. Quest for Amsterdam's Diamonds Pt17 NYE 2016 Smoke Report spcial Shoe Royal & Premier Amnesia Cant work out which one this is Moving on to Rosin...
  8. High Bodin and welcome to CC! From everything I'm hearing and reading elsewhere it's taking at least 8 weeks to get approval for regular med patients so I would expect the same or longer for a DG as they likely do their own criminal record check. Legally you can't sprout a seed until the paperwork comes back so it's up to the DG whether they want to start before. I've never heard of any inspections being done by HC tho legally they can. Supposedly they just put 15 more people to work on the backlog so turnaround times may improve soon. Good luck!
  9. Denver 4/20 in the Trump era: Marijuana celebration or political rally? Annual pro-marijuana rally could spur activism in era of Donald Trump A cloud of smoke covers the crowd at 4:20 PM at the Annual Denver 4/20 Rally in Civic Center Park. Kristen Aaland dons her event glasses as thousands gather at Civic Center Park in Denver for the annual 4/20 Pot Rally Garrett Kramer smokes marijuana during the 4/20 event on Norlin Quad at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo., Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Malia Knapp of Denver, center, is celebrating Denver 4/20 Rally with her friends at Civic Center Park in Denver, Colo., on Friday, April 20, 2012. Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post Colorado University Senior Gabriel Kuettel is arrested trespassing on the Norlin Quad that is closed to crackdown on pro-marijuana protesters at the school in Boulder, Colorado, Friday, April 20, 2012. Colorado University Boulder students and protesters get to the first line of defense at the closed the Norlin Quad on it's campus to crackdown on pro-marijuana protesters at the school in Boulder, Colorado, Friday, April 20, 2012. Colorado University Boulder campus is closed to all but students. The Norlin Quad on the campus is closed to crackdown on pro-marijuana protesters at the school in Boulder, Colorado, Friday, April 20, 2012. A cloud of smoke rises up above the crowd at the annual 4/20 rally in Civic Center in downtown Denver on Friday, April 20, 2012. Hundreds turned out for the annual day celebrating marijuana. Amy McBain of Evergreen, left, and Kim Logsdon of Denver celebrate 4/20 at Civic Center Park in Denver. A crowd of marijuana smokers gathered at the park to mark the counterculture holiday known as 4/20 on the first celebration since Colorado and Washington made pot legal for recreation use. The annual 420 Rally at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver April 20, 2013. Hundreds of people lit up joints, bongs, pipes and marijuana cigarettes at exactly 4:20 pm during the Colorado 420 Rally at Civic Center Park in Denver, Co on April 20, 2014. Thousands of people lit up and smoked marijuana to celebrate the now legal use of marijuana in the state of Colorado. The smoke out at the 4/20 celebration at the Denver 4/20 Rally in Civic Center Park April 20, 2014. By John Ingold and Alicia Wallace The Denver Post PUBLISHED: April 19, 2017 There was a time — before the vendor booths, before the concerts with famous headliners, before the documentary crews and before the cannabis tour groups — when 4/20 in Denver meant a simple protest rally. Eleven years ago, only a couple thousand people gathered in Civic Center park for the annual marijuana smokeout in defiance of state and federal laws. The rally planned for Thursday could hardly look different — 250 vendor booths, tens of thousands expected to attend and the rapper 2 Chainz scheduled to perform. But organizers also hope that this year, especially, will bring a renewed commitment to activism. “The rally is by definition a coming together for the common good,” said Miguel Lopez, who holds the permit for the rally and has been its most vocal advocate for years. “But we can’t be that effective if we’re not engaging a little more.” Even by the standards of marijuana festivals, these are strange days. On one side of the law, Colorado’s marijuana industry is booming, more states and countries are legalizing, and public support has never been stronger. On the other side, the new administration in the White House has signaled a hostility toward legal marijuana and a desire to do something to blunt its rise, meaning that legalization supporters could soon face their greatest challenge yet. And that leaves Lopez and others in the marijuana movement with something of a problem this time around. Should they view the pot-smoker’s holiday as a chance to show strength? Or should they lie relatively low in the hopes of not attracting unwanted attention that could spur a crackdown? “I think both sides are going to get something out of the 4/20 rallies,” said John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and an expert on marijuana policy. For the cannabis movement, Hudak said rallygoers may decide to emphasize the event’s political roots and tap into the broader protests against President Donald Trump. “This resistance movement that has really taken off … is something that’s really going to motivate a lot of people to come out and make this a pretty significantly sized rally,” Hudak said. For anti-marijuana groups, the 4/20 rallies will probably provide an opportunity to criticize the excesses of marijuana legalization. “It’s something that the (U.S.) attorney general can point to and say, ‘Look at this, the state can’t even control public use,'” Hudak said. Both approaches could have their drawbacks. Talk of a crackdown could be confronted by the sheer number of people at the rally, demonstrating just how much money and energy the federal government would have to spend to push back against legalization. Meanwhile, a raucous rally could undermine the mainstream credibility that marijuana supporters have tried to build over the past several years. This is a tightrope that the cannabis industry is particularly familiar with. While individual stores and product companies have embraced the glamour of 4/20, the National Cannabis Industry Association, one of the industry’s lobbying groups, has traditionally shied away from the events, even as it has expressed support for marijuana consumers. Taylor West, the NCIA’s deputy director, spoke of the 4/20 events as similar to the Great American Beer Festival in producing both positive and negative images. “In the larger context of 4/20, it’s always been a little bit of a mix, and I think it will be the same this year,” West said. “There will be some things that come out that maybe aren’t as good for the image of responsible use. But there will also be a tremendous amount of political activism.” West said the NCIA prefers to save its own major activism push until May, when it holds annual lobbying events in Washington, D.C. Lopez, too, said Denver 4/20 rally might not be the best place for marijuana supporters to fight the feds. For those who wish to battle Washington, Lopez had another suggestion: an annual Fourth of July “smoke-in” at the White House that he helps organize. This year’s 4/20 rally in Denver, meanwhile, will mark the launch of a new group he is calling 420 Revolution. The group will be focused on local issues and on trying to strip away social stigma around cannabis use by encouraging one-on-one conversations in the community, Lopez said. “I don’t see us particularly focusing on Trump,” he said. “We would be focusing more on a self-pride issue and on self-preservation as a group.” denverpost
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  11. Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, April 19, 2017 Arkansas and North Dakota lurch toward enacting their voter-approved medical marijuana laws, Oklahoma and Wisconsin see CBD cannabis oil bills signed into law, and more. Arkansas Last Tuesday, state regulators finalized the medical marijuana rules. The state Medical Marijuana Commission gave final approval to rules governing dispensaries and cultivation facilities. The rules must still be approved by the legislature, which has passed some legislation that appears to conflict with them. The legislature only has until May 8 to modify the rules or the state will be out of compliance with the Medical Marijuana Act, which is now part of the state constitution. Iowa On Tuesday, the Senate approved a bill to down-schedule marijuana. The state Senate voted to approve a bill that would reschedule marijuana under state law from Schedule I to Schedule II and allow the manufacture and distribution of medical marijuana products. The bill now heads to the House. North Dakota On Monday, the governor signed a medical marijuana regulation bill. Governor Doug Burgum (R) signed into law Senate Bill 2344, which imposes sweeping legislative modifications on the state's new voter-approved medical marijuana law. With the governor's signature on the bill, the state now expects to have its system up and running within 12 to 18 months. Oklahoma On Monday, the governor signed a CBD cannabis oil bill into law. Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed into law House Bill 1559, which exempts CBD cannabis oil products from the state's definition of marijuana if they are approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration. No such medicines have been approved by the FDA. The move is the latest baby step toward actually approving the use of CBD cannabis oil; last year, Fallin signed a bill that allowed clinical trials by researchers to take place. Wisconsin On Monday, the governor signed a CBD cannabis oil bill into law. Gov. Scott Walker (R) signed into law Senate Bill 10, which would make it easier to acquire CBD cannabis oil. Two years ago, Walker signed a bill to allow the use of CBD in extremely limited cases, but the limits it contains are so restrictive that families and patients haven't been able to actually use CBD. This bill will ease those limits, allowing patients to possess CBD for any medical condition with an annual physician's approval. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit] stopthedrugwar
  12. 1.Does anyone know about how long it takes health Canada to give permission for a DG to start?. 2. Can the DG start rite away or does he/she have to wait?
  13. I never thought about getting the wife and kid to apply for their four plants but it's just four per household so I wonder how that's going to work when there's a medical patient in the house as well. I'm sure the government in their infinite wisdom has plans for that scenario already worked out. With almost a century of anti-pot propaganda still working with a lot of ignorant people, judging by comments I've read and heard, it'll be another century before pot is as un-notable as any other herb. Now a lot of the protest is coming from people with money in the game like it always has been. Before it was officials and gangsters that fought to keep it prohibited but now it's officials and legal growers fighting against re-legalization to protect their jobs and investments.
  14. Salutations MardKush, Water accessories can effectively help to protect the lungs path from excess heat while offering the heaviest experience i got during this slow/long process, though filtration must be tamed down to a minimum or aroma/taste shall suffer. One way or another be extra-carefull as it's likely to nullify any dosage features (and may even require a seat, to play safe!)... When "Micro-Bursting" it's most desirable to have the option to depend on well-cured, resinous and finely grinded material. That's because of the pulsed nature of my setup, but i still got to wonder if another type of IH application wouldn't be significantly more forgiving relatively to load quality. I'm thinking of soft "street shit" and similar, etc... Also the Hybrid Core stored more power during my bong experiments compared to the final layout. I figure in "Plan-A" IH (or butane-less mode) the following Bi-Energy compatible Hybrid Core is all one needs to start having real genuine vaporist fun: Dimmensions would be tiny. Unfortunately i'm afraid the catch remains to find some suitable 3rd-party electro-magnetic power injector. Hummm... Bolt Buster, NoFlame Plus, Silver Bullet Super Pod Hot Roller Heater, Ego Boost Professional Set, etc.?? ... As for the metal alloy i guessed perhaps SS304 would be adaptable in absence of more appropriate alternatives. Good day, have fun!!
  15. I know exactly what you mean, the act of smoking feels dirty to me now after vaping so long. I'm really glad you posted the vapes that connect to bongs, I had forgotten that was an option! Really need to try that
  16. Salutations NostalgicGirl, Me too, while i still remain confident that my "Lava" fantasy concept is worth a (real) life of its own! M'well, just in case you might need to stand corrected - because i'm not all too sure if your comment means what it appears to suggest... Are you saying that you appreciate what you already saw or is that about having an impression about this dedicated thread promissing more than mere thoughts + observations, that in fact i simply intended for the sharing with other "thinkers" and experimentors, to eventually fuel more exploration hopefully (?), etc... (My appologies for those multiple "you", "you", "you" of mine!...) In any case neither of us will ever see more of "that stuff" simply because it's "finalized" as it is, and i even announced it just above, previously. But thanks, it gave me hope that i'm not alone perceiving beauty in multi-function implemented in basic means, etc. Although there's plenty of real challenge left for the adventurous it doesn't imply i intend to continue, on the contrary: as far as i'm concerned the present project has reached it's conclusion - and quite frankly this is way beyond what was called for initially, when related controversy 1st emerged on FC that quickly resulted in some rotten ever-lasting forum conflict(s) appearing to share the Evoke time-frame (...), by some coïncidence i'm sorry to recall every once and then: ... A "courtesy" rememberance of Loto Labs, euh... So lets clear any residual confusion: that's NOT a same game! My findings got published the best i could, consistently trying to invite replication and then external evaluation, then more discussion(s), etc., etc... Too bad those efforts were met with faint echo if not pure indifference/rejection, etc. Lucky me, somehow the bright side is that i'm the only guy on earth having genuinely pleasant time with this customized/exclusive pipe/ritual, so far: uncontested master in a kingdom of 1!... A bit too lonesome for my personal taste i shall confess. It was fun and beneficial, now it's functional. I regret the manufacturer won't look at it if they can help it. Sorry, no ready-made mercantile product of any sort to rent nor sell ("Plan-B" would violate VG's patent), but i can provide the phone number (in private) of that local Montreal specialized commerce where i found my "UFO" items, if necessary (i think i must have a Prohibition business card carefully stored for that specific occasion, picking up dust)... But yes, i agree there's something obviously nice & clever when it comes to "Bi-Energy" concepts, evidently: this is a fresh-new "niche" still free for the taking and yet i openly published my very first Induction Heat comment(s) in 2010 (...), surrounded by angry gurus and whatnot (in retrospective). One of the most desirable aspects of IH mode is the possibility to take the power source away from a consumer's face/nose, to provide improved confidence over security, for example. Another is that Inlet Self-Moisturization (using distilled water) is no big deal (contrary to doing that in dry-baking ovenizers!) and it shall take care of purists by removing carbonic gas and "comet dust" from our cannabic path! Etc. ... Last but not least, using IH technology combined to the Curie effect there's just no need for complex/delayed control loops anymore, hence bringing down cost significantly while competing big players, not to mention that the Micro-Bursting consumption method combined to "Packetized" power injection (and associated ritual) turns their hardware solutions into excess weight scenarios (lots more trouble than what's really called for). Briefly put, yes there's some greatness in these multi-purpose juxtapositions indeed (e.g. "more with less" design), etc. Hence i'd be most pleased to be allowed to continue to think/hope we both saw a same beautiful thing. And thanks for passing by anyway! Good day, have fun!! Oups! Almost forgot, lets include the following image for additional clarity: This is simplified "Plan-B" (and/or half a "LavaCapsule" - using NO electric contacts, for starters!)...
  17. I was thinking about the 4 plants per household for my wife as she cant smoke my medicinal marijuana and I would like some recreational to go with my medicinal lol. The problem the government have is that they have been trying to convince everyone for years how bad this stuff is for you, and now they have to try and justify that when allowing people to use it without making themselves look even more stupid and hypocritical than we know them to be. As for some of these regulations its obvious they haven't a clue how its grown.
  18. If you get your medical grow permit you don't need to worry about the four plant thing. The fact that you have to register to grow the four plants and buy your seeds or clones from a "legitimate" source, ie: Legal Producers and no more than a meter in height is total BS. How the hell do they think they are going to be able to enforce any of that. Buy a kid a beer and get a max of 1 year but most likely a small fine. Give the same kid a joint and go down for up to 14 years and a fine. WTF!? Child molesters get less than that so how is this protecting kids None of this is law yet and there's a long bumpy route to the finish line so many things can change from what they are just starting down the path with. I'd bet money it isn't done on time and will be very much changed when it finally gets done.
  19. I am wondering what the costs will be for a license to grow the four plants. Applying for one will take forever, I have been waiting 6 weeks so far, for my Medical Marijuana grow license, and I am not even in the system yet when I called yesterday.
  20. Crowds (and clouds) roll in for annual 4/20 smoke-in at Denver’s Civic Center Celebrants traveled from as far as Texas, Missouri, Minnesota and Philadelphia for the rally By Danika Worthington, The Denver Post Published: Apr 20, 2017 DENVER, CO - APRIL 20: Jose Alcala, of Denver supports his marijuana tie-dye shirt during the 4/20 event at Civic Center Park on April 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) Adam Solto, of La Veta, takes a hit as he relaxes in the sun during the 4/20 event at Civic Center Park on April 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) Marijuana themed clothing is popular during the 4/20 event at Civic Center Park on April 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) DENVER, CO - APRIL 20: Dustin Creasy, of Denver, takes a hit during the 4/20 event at Civic Center Park on April 20, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post) Hours before 4:20 p.m. — the moment at which a cloud of smoke would rise above Civic Center Thursday afternoon — lines persisted down West Colfax Avenue as hundreds of people waited to enter the annual 4/20 event that has evolved from a quick and simple protest rally into a full-fledged festival. Rain sent some of the rally goers scattering in the early afternoon but the pot-enthusiasts returned to the booths and concert area once it subsided. People in the security lines stood sheltered by big umbrellas and rain ponchos. With Bob Marley and Wiz Khalifa booming and the smell of weed wafting, people who had passed through security checkpoints meandered through vendors, which ranged from the corporates, such as Uber, to the bong sellers. Some participants were from Denver while others traveled from Texas, Missouri, Minnesota and Philadelphia for the rally. “It’s a peaceful day to get your mind off all the nonsense that’s going on in the world,” Paulette Cordova said, a 59-year-old breast cancer survivor wearing marijuana-themed socks and a Cheech and Chong “Up in Smoke” T-shirt. The Denver native had tent and chair on the lawn. Though she said she’s used marijuana since she was 13 — as an alternative to liquor and harder drugs — last year was the first time she attended the event. [youtube][/youtube] Some people weary of waiting in the slow-moving lines to get to the festival grounds pushed down fencing on the east side of Civic Center, allowing about 100 people to rush into the park. Others scaled the 6-foot chain-link barrier, although police sent at least one man back out of the park the way he entered it. A police spokeswoman said she didn’t have information on arrests as of 1 p.m. As of 2 p.m., the Department of Excise and Licenses had cited two people for handing out flyers for Euflora and Kinds Meds, which violates marijuana advertising laws, spokesman Dan Rowland said. At least 10 booths and food trucks have been closed for reasons ranging from health hazards to lacking an operating license. This year’s rally has the potential to be both a celebration and a political rally. There has been plenty to light up to as Colorado’s marijuana industry is booming, pot legalization is spreading across the U.S. and Canada, and public support is at an all-time high. But at the same time, the White House has brought back hostility to legal marijuana. Denver’s annual 4/20 rally has grown over the years. In 2006, about 2,000 people — mostly teenagers and 20-somethings — gathered in Civic Center Park to light up at the stroke of 4:20 p.m. This year, tens of thousands of people are expected to roll into the park. Additionally, there are 250 vendor booths and rapper 2 Chainz is scheduled for a free concert from 2-6 p.m. [youtube][/youtube] 360 video from Civic Center: Although the rally has been largely positive throughout the years, it did have a dark spot in 2013, when three people were shot after an argument unfolded between rival gang members. The origins of “420” have been clouded, some claiming the term references a police code for marijuana possession. But recent consensus attributes it to a group of high school students who regularly met after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke a joint. thecannabist This story was first published on
  21. Hey Thanks for sharing this information with us, its really good to know that its legal to carry 30 grams of marijuana. Yupiee.
  22. This is great going love to see the finalized stuff
  23. Herbs or Marijuana i love them all
  24. Excellent leads frmrgrl. Thank you very much! I remember you from days apparently past. Always concise, informative information. Botanist if I remember correctly?
  25. I've had repetitive good luck with Hemp Depot in CA and Gypsy Nirvana's Seed Boutique in the Netherlands. Check out Seedbay, there are breeders/vendors within our borders. I have no experience with them, but they have pretty steady ads in the auctions...for whatever that's worth. Seed Boutique has Soma's goodies. Hemp Depot has DJ Short and Bros. Grimm gear.
  26. DWC

    I agree with the others on probable nute burn, however I thought it worth mentioning, I have had issues before in dwc where the leaves appeared bubbly (to plump if that makes any since) and it turned out my res level was to high. Contrary to logic, the root system needs air to, and the easiest way to provide it is keeping your res level in the sweet spot. To get it there I would always run the res with bubblers and mark the spot on the side where my water level was. Come back later and see where the moisture stops on the side of the res and then I would know how far above the water level was getting wet. The bubbles from the bubblers pop at the top of the res and send a nice airy shower farther than you would expect and that's plenty of moisture as far as the plants are concerned, and it helps avoid the oversaturation issues. Just a little jewel of info I wish someone would have given me when I first started dwc.
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