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  2. After years visiting the most popular growing cannabis forums, we were frustrated with how hard it can be to research a cannabis grow and to get real answers to common growing questions. We also felt that there needed to be a more user-friendly way to educate people about We decided it was time to build a website to share how easy it is for anyone on almost any budget to grow their own cannabis indoors. We wanted to provide a resource with no login or account required, and instead just provide easy-to-access growing information for the world.
  3. After years visiting the most popular growing cannabis forums, we were frustrated with how hard it can be to research a cannabis grow and to get real answers to common growing questions. We also felt that there needed to be a more user-friendly way to educate people about We decided it was time to build sa website to share how easy it is for anyone on almost any budget to grow their own cannabis indoor. We wanted to provide a resource with no login or account required, and instead just provide easy-to-access growing information for the world.
  4. My First Mite Experience

    Good to hear but don't drop your guard quite yet. I know you wouldn't.
  5. High Healthseeker and welcome to CC. I never studied botany either but in my 30s I went back to school and after 3 years got a diploma in Environmental Chemistry. Sure helps for a lot of stuff I do with pot from mixing nutes correctly to distilling camp stove fuel to get naphtha and even distilling butane to e able to reuse it to get more done with the same amount of expensive 9x filtered butane. It's possible you overheated it a bit and drove off some of the lower boiling point constituents of the oil which would thicken it up but it might have been the rum. Any alcohol used as a solvent will dissolve more than just the oils as it is a polar solvent and will pick up water and oil soluble parts. Some of the water soluble stuff will thicken the oil too. A pure hydrocarbon like butane, naphtha, hexane etc will only absorb the oils so you get a cleaner product that should be thick but runny like molasses. The coconut oil and butter are both pure hydrocarbons to tho butter generally has a bit of water in it and should be clarified if not using water in the method. Butter will go rancid if it sits around at room temp for a couple weeks or so but coconut oil never does plus it has healthier fats from a plant origin rather than animal fats so even vegans can eat it. For your thick oil I'd use 20 - 40 times the volume of of coconut oil to dilute it. Easier to dose consistently with the larger volume. Put a couple inches of water in a small pot on the stove to bring to a simmer and start with your mixing container warmed up. Small measuring cup or a coffee mug will do. You want something that isn't going to crack with sudden temperature changes. I'd put about a tsp of coconut oil with the RSO and mix it well with the back tip of a spoon, then another tsp to get it mixed well before adding the rest and mixing while it sits in the hot water bath. The differences between sativa and indica are many. Sativas give a more head high and are good for days when there are things to do and even a small puff can boost the mood for depressives like me. Indicas are the "couch lock" with more of a body stone good for relaxation, pain and sleep. Most strains are hybrids of both and can have a wide range of effects that varies a lot between different people. They grow different too with sativas being long and lean with smaller yields and longer flowering time up to almost twice as long with indicas that average 8 - 9 weeks from when the light get flipped to 12/12 from 18/6 they vegetated at. Again the hybridization of the two types has the majority of strains coming in at around the 8 - 9 week mark. For arthritis high CBD pot works better than high THC pot. I went out to BC last summer for about 5 weeks to help my 89 yo mom move out of her big house. While there I found out about a doctor that was cool about signing people up for medical pot so I finally got mine after trying a half dozen doctors up here in northern Alberta over more than a decade. I finally got to smoke some legal pot! I went back to the compassion club where the guy had told me about that doc to buy my first legal pot. I got one gram each of 4 strains to sample. One of those was a high CBD strain called Sweet Skunk CBD that had been lab tested at 12% CBD and 7% THC. Was a nice buzz, mild and a lot like being a bit drunk or medicated with an opiod more than the typical pot high. Before coming back I bought 10g to bring home and make into cocobudder. By far the best meds I've ever used for my arthritis and had a very positive effect on my chronic depression too. I'm currently growing a couple different hi-CBD strains from seeds I got from a member here. Otto#1, a hemp variety which has only 1% or less THC and from 10 - 27% CBD and another one that is a cross of the OTTO and another CBD strain that has a lot of THC too called Cannatonic. He named that cross GoldFish. A third I haven't sprouted yet is the GoldFish crossed with Herijuana. He sent small samples of the bud from the last two as well and they work good on the arthritis too. Taking your pot in edible format is the most efficient use of pot to get more medicine in you where toking only gets you 10 -20% of the medicine available. Cooking up cocobudder like I do it so all the oils and terpenes are preserved and ingested is in my fairly educated opinion every bit as good if not better than RSO. There is no certainty about how all the 60 or so cannabinoids, terpenes etc work together to do what they do so by getting all the plant has to offer in the most efficient way possible seems to me to be the way to go. Not to mention that coconut oil won't blow up in your face like many other solvents can and often do. A while ago I happened on a good place to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Most are in PDF format. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as many are 50+ megs. They got lots. I recommend the ones by Jorge Cervantes and have two of his real books. Enjoy.
  6. My First Mite Experience

    Been a week or two and no sight of any mites at all. Every 4 days I have been looking closely at the leaves with my usb microscope...not a single mite! For now I claim VICTORY
  7. My First Mite Experience

    Since I did not have any mite killer like Safer's "end all" I decided to go with the alcohol and water recipe and spray the underside of the leaves. Mixed with water at a rate of 50/50 it did kill most of the adults off. Finally was able to source a decent mite killer called Knock Down Spider Mite Killer and this stuff worked better than I could have imagined. Here they are before I blasted them... Feeding/drinking sites... Here a dead one... looks like little raisins. Wasteland of the dead. Here you can see how they suck the green right out of the leaves
  8. My First Mite Experience

    Hello, In all the years that I have grown Cannabis I have never had mites...that is till about 2 weeks ago. I always try to keep a clean grow space so this did come as a bit of a shock. Got a total of 21 plants with 4 of them getting the worst of it. Here are some photos from when I first noticed the invasive little bastards!! to be continued.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Lab's Lazy Man's CocoBudder method

    Wow. I am so impressed with all of this. My sister at 71, has had cancer 4 times. I'm 61 andhave arthritis;a little rheumatoid, a little osteo. Been smoking weed almost 50 years or I'd probably be worse than I am. I just made RSO for us for the first time today. I'm afraid I over did it, tho.:/ The oil isn't oil, it's glue...Not sure if I really overheated it and ruined it, or if I can just thin it out with some coconut oil. Everclear is illegal here,so I used white 151 rum as my solvent and a high grade hydroponic herb. Maybe the rum did it? I don't know. I'm no chemist.I will be making a road trip for some grain alcohol before I make the next batch, tho.I guess I'llwarm up my cannabis paste and mix it with coconut oil to make it easier to use. I put it in a glass jar rather than a syringe at least. Glad for that. Any suggestions Mr LabRat? Oh yeah...the whole reason I started looking at this forum was to find out about growing my own medical weed and what the difference is between the sativa vs indica strains. Rick Simpson recommends the indica strains. I may be a product of the 70's, but I never studied botany. Educate me please!
  11. Doing a bigger batch this time with a different setup. Full sized crock pot that could handle 2.5 - 3L but I'm doing 1L with 50g of pot and using sunflower lecithin this time. Man that stuff is expensive compared to the soy lecithin. $8 for 450ml of the soy and $30 for 473ml of the sunflower. $22 more dollars for 23 more mls is damned steep! 900g coconut oil, 100g sunflower lecithin and 50g of pot screened thru 1mm mesh. Was all very sugary trim and popcorn. About half and half. I also decided to add the lecithin at the higher temp after it finished decarbing then dialed it back. I'll continue to run the mixer for a couple minutes a few times an hour for the next 3 hours or so as it cools then leave it overnight to steep then a final spin before decanting into a jar. I scooped a bit less than a tsp an hour and a half ago and really getting baked.
  12. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    Looking good so far!
  13. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    The Kush Mass 1st day of grow big
  14. Last week
  15. We no longer have the greenhouse, the local municipality had us remove it due to it taking up too much space in the backyard, something about % of area that can be legally occupied by a permanent structure, we still have the boxes. All I have going indoors are strictly seedlings and plants in veg states, never do flowering indoors so no need to have separate spaces beyond having a tent for 24/7 seedling germination and first couple weeks of growth before going into the 18 hr. veg room until it's time for transplant outdoors. Yes, no wasting with any not completely finished plants, bubble hash, oil and butter are made for sure. Hopefully those crossed seeds of Deep Purple x Girl Scout Cookies end up germinating and producing a couple of females, will be quite curious to see what they give.
  16. Medical Marijuana Update

    i see the trump admin press sec has said for legal states to not get comfy with the laws passed in those states ..we'll see what happens next to these states ..any new info on this eddie are our true link to our way of life ..thank you for all that you do ..
  17. well with any those that dont finish, you can still use for oil or hash not all would be lost .. i love my tent compaired to my old grow room set up ..i dont have to build a wall for diffrent stages of growing veg and seedling area is in my closet and my tent fills the rest of the room more holes in walls or panda poly that tends to fall apart and needs replaced every yr or so .. yeah my buddy loves the gsc.. i am hoping he would seed some out , so i can get a few from him order of them online is like 140 usdollars for 10 beans ..i try and get the most for my money and get a few diffrent strains at that kind of cost .. are you still filling your greenhouse this yr ..i loved that set up you ran last yr ..and those giant grow boxes were perfect for the room you had ..gunna be great summer this yr ...we are already having 70 f days here and in feb thats rercord seting ..
  18. Examining the quality of traditional cannabis tinctures Tinctures, once the most common method of consuming cannabis in the West, have been making a comeback lately. A recent study examines the quality of these traditional preparations. By Ricardo Oliveira February 20, 2017 Featured image via Flickr user Alice Carter Cannabis was introduced into Western medicine in the 19th century by the Irish physician O’Shaughnessy, who became aware of the plant’s medical properties via the Indians. Cannabis, mostly in the form of ethanolic tinctures, was soon included in most pharmacopoeias and sold in the pharmacies of Western nations. This would remain the case until the 30s, when the global movement of criminalization started against the backdrop of increasing recreational use. Wieland Peschel, from London University, notes in his recent experimental article that due to their early end, cannabis tinctures were never subjected to the modern pharmacological techniques of standardization and quality control. This is easy to understand considering that it was not until the 60s that the first cannabinoids started being elucidated. Today, cannabis tinctures are regaining some popularity among non-smoking users, and there’s still a lack of knowledge about their chemical stability. This lack of information—Peschel reminds—is detrimental for a correct assessment of products’ shelf-lives, storage requirements, and analytical procedures needed to meet modern regulatory demands. After considering these issues, the researcher went on to test different cannabinoid tinctures, created with traditional techniques and stored under ‘real world’ conditions. Different parts of cannabis plants were macerated using varied water and ethanol solutions. The liquids were then poured into common amber jars without a vacuum seal, and stored at different temperatures and light exposure conditions. As expected, the higher the ethanolic (EtOH) content in the extracting liquids, the higher the total amount of THC and ratio of other cannabinoids were. For instance, the 40% EtOH and 20% EtOH formulations contained only 1/3 and 1/20 of the cannabinoid contents of the the traditional 80% EtOH tinctures. Regardless of the treatment, THC was always the major cannabinoid, with a usual 10:1 concentration to other cannabinoids. Also not surprisingly, extracts from flowers, leaves, and roots yielded quite different results. Root extracts or cold water macerates were inefficient, whereas hot water allowed only for the extraction of non-cannabinoids. Pure flower extracts contained up to 10 times more THC than pure leaf extracts. More interesting perhaps was the finding that tinctures from finely ground leaves contained considerably higher concentrations of THC and phenolics than comparable extracts from intact leaves. Profiles of tinctures from flowering tops (F), leaves (L = intact, GL = finely grond), or root (R) fresh and after 3 months of ‘fridge’ (4 °C/dark) or ‘shelf’ (15–25 °C/light). CW, cold water macerate; HW, hot water infusion, 40%, 60%, and 90% EtOH. Shown total levels of THC (THCtot), Cannabigerol (CBGtot), other cannabinoids (oCAN) and phenolic content (TPC). After three months, flower tinctures stored at room temperature (20 °C) under moderate light exposure had lost twice as much cannabinoid content as those stored in the fridge (4 °C) in dark. The room temperature tinctures were also at more advanced stages of decarboxylation, with higher percentages of THCA and CBGA being converted to THC and CBG, than those stored in the fridge. In contrast, leaf extracts which had initially low total cannabinoid levels remained stable in both conditions, suggesting a chemical equilibrium or reduced decarboxylation process. Shown absolute values for THCA, THC, CBN, and their sum (THCtot) in 60% tinctures from flowering tops (left) and ground leaves (right) over 15 months (4 °C/dark). Chemical analysis at 15 months further revealed unexpected peaks of minor cannabinoids and flavonoids, which the author notes might pose a challenge to the correct labeling of cannabinoid tinctures. Finally, the author examined the effects of a short heating (80 °C for 20 minutes, as in pasteurization) or a longer heating (70 °C for 2 hours). The procedures led to a moderate decrease—usually lower than 10%—in total cannabinoid and THC levels, especially in the 40% EtOH tinctures, but not to a significant decarboxylation. This suggests that cannabis tinctures are amenable to short heating operations, as is commonly practiced in industrial processes. The study offers new information about the conditions of typical homemade cannabis tinctures, suggesting that protection from light, heat and oxygen is crucial for their stabilization. Total cannabinoid and THC levels, as well as the relative ratios of THCA/THC and CBGA/CBG (which are not usually analyzed), plus information about the extract solutions and the percentage of flower/leaf/root used, are important for determining the contents and quality of these tinctures. Some of these aspects, however, are less likely to matter in industrial preparations, where the extracts should already be fully decarboxylated. [url=]lift[/url]
  19. Medical Marijuana Update

    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, February 22, 2017 Medical marijuana is keeping Arkansas legislators and regulators busy, Kentucky and West Virginia see full-fledged medical marijuana bills filed, a CBD cannabis oil bill heads to the governor's desk in Indiana, and more. Arkansas Last Thursday, the House approved a bill banning military members from becoming registered caregivers. The body approved House Bill 1451. Bill sponsor Rep. Douglas House (R-North Little Rock) said federal law prevents military members from acting in that capacity. The measure now goes to the Senate. Also last Thursday, a bill that would ban smoking medical marijuana was introduced. State Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Conway) filed Senate Bill 357, which would make it illegal to consume medical marijuana by smoking it. The bill also removes a provision in the current law that bars landlords from prohibiting the use of non-smoked medical marijuana, leaving renters wondering if landlords will just bar any use of medical marijuana. On Sunday, a new poll found support for smoking medical marijuana and not waiting for the feds. A new Talk Business and Politics/Hendrix College poll had 50% in support of allowing medical marijuana to be consumed by smoking, with only 41.5% opposed. A bill to bar the use of smoked medical marijuana is before the legislature. Similarly, 51.5% opposed waiting for the federal government to legalizes medical marijuana, while 42% were in favor. On Tuesday, a state panel approved new medical marijuana rules. The state Medical Marijuana Commission approved final rules governing how the state's medical marijuana system will be regulated. Next comes a public hearing set for March 31, and then the rules must be approved by the state legislature, which must happen before May 8. After that, the commission will use the rules to determine who gets licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana. Indiana On Tuesday, a CBD cannabis oil bill was headed for the governor's desk. The House passed Senate Bill 15 on a 98-0 vote. The Senate had approved the bill last week, so it now goes to the desk of Gov. Eric Holcomb (R). The bill would allow people with epilepsy to use CBD cannabis oil. Iowa On Monday, a CBD expansion bill was filed. The state currently allows the possession of CBD cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy, but it's illegal to manufacture or distribute it there, rendering the current law unworkable. A bill filed by Public Safety Committee Chair Rep. Clel Baudler (R-Greenfield), House Study Bill 132 seeks to begin to break that impasse by allowing the University of Iowa's Carver School of Medicine to recommend which conditions would qualify for use of CBD cannabis oil. But Baudler said another bill would be necessary to expand access. Kentucky Last Friday, a medical marijuana bill was filed. Freshman Rep. John Sims (D-Fleminsburg) has filed a medical marijuana bill, House Bill 411, which would give doctors the ability to recommend medical marijuana for patients. Sims said he saw the bill as a tool for reducing opioid addiction in his state. North Dakota On Monday, a funding measure for the medical marijuana system won a Senate committee vote. The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a funding measure that allocates a little over $1 million to oversee implementation of the state's new voter-approved medical marijuana law. The Health Department told legislators it does not expect any revenue from the program this year, but it should generate $1.3 million in revenues over the next two years and be self-supporting at that point. South Carolina On Tuesday, a medical marijuana bill advanced. A House panel voted 3-0 Tuesday to advance House Bill 3128, a full-fledged medical marijuana bill that includes provisions for dispensaries. The bill now goes to the full Medical Military and Municipal Affairs Committee. West Virginia On Tuesday, a medical marijuana bill was filed. Sen. Richard Ojeda (D-Logan) and a handful of cosponsors introduced Senate Bill 386. The measure would set up a commission to license medical marijuana growers and regulate distribution of the medicine through dispensaries. It's been sent to the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee. Wyoming Last Tuesday, a medical marijuana initiative signature gathering campaign petered out. Medical marijuana will not be on the ballot next year. Organizers of a signature-gathering campaign failed to hand in signatures to the secretary of state's office by the Valentine's Day deadline. Organizers said they will continue to fight to bring medical marijuana to the Cowboy State. [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit] stopthedrugwar
  20. G.S.C. plant I had last summer is super yummy, just a couple of drags from my pipe and that's enough. I placed 6Deep Purple x GirlScout cookies seeds in jiffy plugs and will see what happens with them. I know, there's a risk that some strains may take a little too long but I need to see which ones will make it, even if I already know much about most of the strains, it's always guess work and I figure one is always best served by one's own experiences. The Ace of Spades should finish o time ( end September ) as will most of the others with maybe one or two finishing closer to mid-October. I'm also looking forward to summer and getting the plants outdoors. For the grow room ( not the tent ), I had a friend build it for me, it's in the basement and measures 10' x 15' x 7' in height, it has a 10' foot table built in to place trays of seedlings with over hanging T5's.
  21. Another Newbie Looking for Advice

    wow ..nice job ..and a hats off to you lab should have been a science teacher in another life good to see everything coming together for you gets easyer and more additive as you grow more'll be a grower and a shower from now on ...dont worry about not being able to tellwhat the trichs colors are . theres a pic or chart floating around here somewere that shows ya exactly what your looking for..i cant seem to find it but i am sure someone will post it for you .. what an awesome read this was ..great job you two..
  22. gotta love progress..nice seed set up ..i am forced to run everything at floor level and boy with 3 disc out of my back and being a fat slob. its not easy getting down there or back up been some real nice warm days here in wny the last week . i hate to wish my days away but i cant wait for summer glad to hear you have a secret garden this yr ..and the friends who let ya grow there are in a short season place i thought i watch which strains you put outdoors ..hate to see ya put all that work into some and not see them finish .. that girlscout cross sounds intresting ..i see the seeds for them at msnl and they are pretty exspensive beans ..they are always some of the top strains they sell..i have a buddy who grew some awhile back ..he says they are a nice looking plant and the smokes real good too.. .. good luck and stay safe ..
  23. Any of the old folks still around?

    I'm still kickin' around
  24. Update on progress of seedlings. G13 x Cheese, Afggoey, Deep Purple, AK47, UBC Chemo, Azad are all doing well and growing. I have other strains in the works and will post news of them when and if they pop.
  25. Well, just put more seeds in jiffy plugs; Ace of Spades as well as a cross of Deep Purple ( JOTI ) x Girl Scout Cookies. The cross was accidental, the Deep Purples from JOTI I planted outdoors last summer ended up being males and pollinated all my crop, including a Girl Scout Cookie I had going, so I have no idea what this cross will produce but curious all the same.
  26. My 1st Jack the Ripper grow

    Jack 1 looks good jack 2 is still twisted as fuck and the kush mass is looking good a bit of a curl to one leaf
  27. Sassy, things are looking good, and glad Labby got your pics loaded. Pics make the experience much better. I understand not wanting to have to post pics to a site then post the link to the pic on here, it can be a hassle. Ganjajuana, looking good too... Lots of baby pics wish I had a ton to post.. just two little ones that look long and scraggly... Well I guess it's time to pop some fresh beans instead of those many year old ones...
  28. When To Harvest

    The top two pics look all cloudy now so should be flushing those tho I consider that to be ready to crop if almost all of the hairs have gone red. The others look all clear so need some more time. I never seem to get amber other than a few here and there so don't wait for much amber. The trichs age and go amber after harvest too so tying up the grow room waiting for them doesn't make sense to me. When I do DWC I cut the nutes back to about 300ppm when It's getting near the end as I generally crop the big tops first then give the lower down stuff a week or more to ripen up better. Often the ones not exposed to the light are still all clear compared to the tops. Some of my favorite smoke right now has been sitting in a jar at room temp for 6 years and was harvested at about 50/50 clear/cloudy so I tend to crop once I'm sure the colas aren't going to get any fatter and the THC is at it's peak. Amber means the THC is breaking down to CBN and CBN isn't as much fun.
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