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  2. Hey folks! Wanting to give little update. So the 16 ladies have drank about 90 gallons of water over the last 14 days. I added more water to the control res yesterday. We are sitting at 2300ppm and 5.25 ph to 6.1 in the buckets. I am seeing that they have a small P deficiency. There is STILL not enough available P in the H&G Aqua Flakes to keep them 100%. I added another dose of Bio-Fizz yesterday so we should see in improvement on the purpling of the stems and leaf veins. So far, I am noticing more vigor, crystals and stronger, larger stalks on the plants compared to previous grows with same genetics since I have added the Bio-Fizz. Base of stalks are at about 1.5" across and plants are at 69 days from clone. We are at 39 days for the Choc Mint OG and 30 days for the Strawberry Banana Kush. I'll upload a pic of the Choc. Mint. You will see some slight tip burn on the leaves. I am having build up of salts since I have not flushed the system for 120 days. So before refilling nutes and control res yesterday, I let them have plain water for about 12 hours. What I am noticing is that no line of nutrients are tailored for an outdoor hydro grow. I have yet to come across a single or two part nutrient line that can keep up with the vigor of an outdoor hydro plant. The just do not have the balance needed in the nute mix. For outdoor hydro, you need more calcium,mg, P and K in a balanced way so that one concentration of one component does not cause lock up or problems for the whole plant. Every nutrient line I have tried seems to leave the plants needing more P and K. And when I raise the ppms to say 2800, they get the right amount but then the high concentration of other nutes are causing burning. I guess I need to come up with my own nute line now... lol.
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  4. Thank you for the warm welcome! Hawaii does seem to get alot of hype but I can say, there are good and bad to every location for sure.
  5. Nice setup Jahworks and welcome to CC! I'm just getting settled in for the deep freeze here. Again. Good excuse to stay inside and tend my plants and dream of living someplace like Hawaii I guess. Someday . . .
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  7. So Hawaii is an open nudist colony now? it must be nice just wearing t shirts and shorts 24/7 no arthritic pain from the cold and damp winters, an hour shoveling the drive every time it snows wearing about 10 layers and battery heated socks in your -45 proof rubber boots. I am on the next plane to Hawaii lol. I have to nip out now to visit a buddy I will see you about on here hopefully. Cheers.
  8. Dang! I do not miss that part of the snow.... Always froze solid to the bone as a kid. But now, clothes are pretty much a thing of the past... lol
  9. Ok, thought you might have been born and raised there, never experiencing - temps. Its a big shock for some people I emigrated here 11 years ago, my first winter was an eye opener or I should say closer as my eyelids froze shut lol
  10. Of course! Haha. I grew up in the middle of the US so I know cold, ice, snow, tornados, etc. I do miss the snow I have to say.
  11. have you been anywhere cold?
  12. most people worry about mites and mold, I cant imagine losing my crop to lava flow lol, Magma and pummis stone is not a great medium to grow in especially when its glowing lmao.
  13. I live on the Big Island so lava is flowing 24/7 but I am not anywhere near that. I live up in the mountains! Is it pretty hard to grow outdoors there?
  14. I think you have some pretty good scenery there as well, do you get much volcanic activity. I am on the east coast that would be a long flight out. No mountains here sadly.
  15. Yeah, but man... Canada has some of the best scenery! I would love to visit someday... (hint,hint)!
  16. wow, about the same here for a house 12+ years old, lands are a lot more 60-100,000 for an acre depending on location now for a new property now.
  17. HAHA! Actually not too bad at all. You can get 1 acre for about 10,000. Buy a 3 bed/2 bath home for about 250,000...
  18. I am getting very envious. Is property exspensive in Hawaii where you are
  19. Our temps generally stay between 58f in evening to about 80f during the day all year long. Humidity is a littler higher in the winter here from the rain... but all in all, it is the best environment I have ever grown in. The UV is high at my elevation of about 3500ft so the terpenes and trichs are just insane! I am veery blessed to be able to grow here!. so thankful
  20. Wow your lucky, makes it nice and easy and cheaper too. Do you get much fluctuation in temps and RH through the year
  21. Thanks! We get up to 13hrs in summer but yes, we stay at about 12/12 all year round. So nice! haha
  22. Nice set up, so your normal daylight is around 12/12 through the year?
  23. just about to start month 8 of waiting for mine It will be expired before I even get it I think. I may as well re apply now
  24. Hey there! Thanks for the welcome! No, I take down the lights when I flower. I use 2 illumitex DS Led's to keep them awake at night. I usually give them 30 days veg from first sign of roots. I harvest every 30 days.
  25. Hi Jahworks, welcome to CC, your grow looks very lush and healthy, I dont see any lights do you just have one grow/harvest a year?
  26. Canadian dispensary update The latest big news in Canadian dispensaries as of Sept. 23, 2017 By Jamie Shaw September 23, 2017 Featured image by Get Budding. West Kelowna West Kelowna has been fairly tolerant of dispensaries, allowing them to operate with implied approval, despite not introducing regulations to license them. With six dispensaries now in West Kelowna, the city is looking at revamping their by-law fines for operating without a license, and future regulations under legalization that would restrict cannabis retail activities to industrial areas. Grand Forks Grand Forks is no stranger to Cannabis controversy, starting in 1999 when then mayor Bryan Taylor declared his intention of making the town the ‘medical marijuana capital of the world’. Flash forward to 2017, and Mr Taylor’s daughter Theresa was still fighting a years-long battle to have her dispensary, Herbivore, regulated by the city, or at the very least, be given the same consideration as the city’s only other dispensary in town, which seemed to be operating with city approval. In July, council decided to rehear Herbivore’s license application, but after an hour long debate, narrowly decided that they would not follow in the footsteps of municipalities using bylaw rather than criminal enforcement. Nova Scotia With the remarkable explosion in the number of dispensaries in Nova Scotia, it probably isn’t surprising this was followed by multiple raids. It also isn’t surprising this was followed by re-openings. While the community of Bible Hill alone saw three dispensary raids, they “ were open right after they left,” according to Ashley Brown of Maritime Medicinal. Still, the raids continue, with two more in Pictou County executed on September 8th. Toronto Lawyer Jack Lloyd estimates there is still at least one dispensary raid a week happening in Toronto. In spite of this, with pretty much just google maps and photo ID, cannabis can be accessed through a dispensary in Toronto within minutes. It remains to be seen what will come of Ontario’s announcement that it is getting into the dispensary game, but expect unions and business associations to push back. Private enterprise is not only an issue that both licensed producers and Dispensaries agree on, unions and even the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have expressed support. Ottawa Three dispensary raids were carried out in the last week of August. While it was initially reported that a haul of heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, and codeine were associated with one of the dispensaries, the story was later edited to note that this was not so, stating the information provided by police was incorrect. Five staff members are facing charges as a result of the raids. Hamilton, ON A city injunction intended to close both a vape lounge and a dispensary was half granted at the end of August, with the city only granting permission to shutter the vape lounge. The ruling by Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sided with comments in the Allard ruling, and ordered that the dispensary can remain open, as long as it only serves patients with a medical prescription. https://news.lift.co/canadian-dispensary-update
  27. Hey family! I am new to the forum but have been a member of other communities online since Over Grow back in 2002 and a Hydro grower since 2000. Just wanted to share my current grow I am doing. I have some Chocolate Mint OG and Strawberry Banana Kush going. Simple set up really...just a gravity auto top MDWC. They are about 4 weeks flowering right now. Steady root zone temps of about 69 F and they are sitting in 1800-2000ppm at .5 and go through about 1/3 of their water daily. I am doing a test grow with a new Phosphorous solubilizing microbial product and it seems to be working great. Also using H&G Aqua Flakes. Anyways, I'll upload some photos. Happy growing!
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