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  2. Yeh, give me a shout ahead of time before you come down this way and you know exactly when, and I will PM you my full address, if you want to stop in, and I am here. You can try out some Candida and see what you think as well. I was listening to Harley Smith on you tube, He does lots of vids on how to improve and maximize your yields. I put a link in for you if you haven't seen him. He is very good, I have him on in the background when I am painting, and hope it goes in subliminally lol. He says that fluctuations in RH cause the spores in powdery mildew to spread and multiply and offers info on how to protect your plants naturally from it. I am the same, I grew outside in the early 80s-90s and then only last year started indoors. I seem to be lucky and not have any problems, other than fungus gnats and stupidity lol. You can have some candida clones as well if you want, I have 4 I cant use, and have been trying to find a good home for them, I hate just throwing them out.
  3. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    I am not 100% sure, but i grew these plants last year and they seem to fairly stable. Mine are looking like they need another trim up as they are starting to get bushier again, so I think I will give them a snip tomorrow. I wont know until I push it.
  4. medical grow licence renewal

    yeah id love to do that. ill be going down that way in about 3 weeks or so . ill check out your thread. im still learning this inside grow thing.actually i dont think you ever stop learning growing weed. ive grown outdoor all my life so the inside thing is a learning curve.do you have any problems with powdery mildew. thats the only thing im having a problem with. not really bad as i keep on top of it but its a pain in the ass.ive been using a 20%milk solution and it seems to work for a week or so and then slowly i see the signs of it again .so i sit and smoke another bowl and wonder how the hell do i get rid of this. didnt get an answer but felt much better.lol.anyway have a greay day .
  5. Vert(600+400) from Ukraine with love

    Yes, Bro, I told you, I break off the leaves mercilessly)). And I advise you to do this, if you are sure of genetics!
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  7. Time machine

    Looks great, you did a good job
  8. Thank you for the help! I think its just because Ive had them REALLY humid for the germination phase. Im working on hardening off now and hoping that will help take care of those little f-ers. BUT bait! That is genius. Going to give that a try! Thank you!
  9. Your only 45-60 minutes down the road from me. Yes, doctors will say that your suffering with a disease, but cancer is a man made symptom of a bad environment, I believe its created by what we eat, drink and our surrounding environment, stress and thought patterns, combined with whatever genetic weaknesses we have inherited. If we have little stress, good food and drink, not processed crap, full of pesticides and herbicides, limited electrical radiation pollution, even with bad genetics you will have a good chance of staying really healthy. Unfortunately big food businesses have not been telling the truth about sugar and the substitutes they use, as well as doctors saying fats are bad for us and causing a heart and brain problem epidemic, with big agriculture lying about the effects of herbicides and pesticides, we really don't stand a chance. Cows milk is bad as well, casein, the protein in it, is the most carcinogenic protein you can ingest. Limiting protein stops cancer cell production as well as sugar. You need to become an organic vegetarian like me I have a friend in the UK who had stomach cancer 2 years ago, he survived the op and was doing well until recently his cancer cell production has spiked on his last test. I have been telling him for years to cut out the diet coke but he would not listen. He stopped using it after he op, as he has the same problems as you with bloating from a reduced stomach. When he said his cancer cells had spiked I asked him what he changed in his diet, and he was back on the diet coke and sugary stuff again. My buddy has just flowered out some GDP he gave me a mother plant, he really likes it for bedtime. He uses tinctures mainly made with vodka and has a puff before bed time like me, to help sleep. Yes no problem, hang around here, dont be a stranger, there is lots of good info to read. If I am heading up your way anytime, I will give you a shout and maybe we can meet up for a coffee at a Tims and try not to poison ourselves with the doughnuts lol. Or if you have to come down this way for a hospital visit or something and want to pop bye you can come and check out my grow and the GDP yourself. I have a thread in the grow file section "A Shadey spot to grow" you can watch my plants growing in that thread, and learn from all the things I am doing wrong lol.
  10. Richard Branson: ‘The case for medical cannabis is overwhelming’ In a blog post, the Virgin founder shouts out Canada for its medical cannabis program By Elianna Lev March 15, 2018 Image from Virgin.com British business titan and Virgin founder Richard Branson is now using his vast platform to call for fundamental reform “to end the failed global war on drugs.” In a blog post titled “Time to end the pain and suffering,” posted on the Virgin website, Branson stresses that dire change is needed when it comes to the debate around medical cannabis. “For millions living with chronic disease and often excruciating pain, having access to cannabis products can mean the difference between daily, debilitating suffering and reclaiming some control over their lives,” he writes. The post appears to have been sparked by the case of Alfie Dingley, a seven-year-old from Warwickshire, who suffers from severe epilepsy. After the boy was given CBD oil, his condition improved dramatically. Since the treatment is illegal in the UK, Alfie’s family has to travel to Holland so he can access it. In an attempt to shift the country’s legislation, the boy and his family have set a meeting with members of parliament for March 20th, to present a petition with 350,000 signatures. Branson, who is a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, writes that no family should have to go through such loopholes for the well-being of their child. “This is a caring family demanding access to a medicine and they shouldn’t have to break the law to get it; drug use – both medicinal and recreational – shouldn’t be a matter of criminal justice, but a matter of public health,” Branson writes. The philanthropist goes on to say he has hope that change is coming, even giving a shout-out to Canada as one of the countries who sees the benefits of medicinal cannabis and reform. Branson cites studies that suggest how American states with medical marijuana laws see slower growth rates in opioid overdoses and fatalities. “Any drug policy should first and foremost seek to reduce harm, and pain, not increase it,” he writes. “As someone interested in evidence-based policy, I feel the case for medical cannabis is overwhelming. Policy makers should act now, so that Alfie and thousands like him can fully enjoy their lives.” Branson encourages readers to visit Global Commission on Drug Policy and ends his post stressing that he is not invested in the cannabis industry. https://news.lift.co/richard-branson-medical-cannabis
  11. Can Doug Ford make cannabis an Ontario election issue? If so, the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP will need to present alternatives to the Liberals plan By Kate Robertson March 15, 2018 Doug Ford surprised absolutely no one when he announced he’d consider amending the Liberal plan to distribute recreational cannabis through a government monopoly to include private shops. The Ontario Progressive Conservative leader – who is alleged to have sold hash when he was in high school – made the cannabis comments this week on CBC Ottawa after narrowly winning the leadership race last weekend. “I have been open to a fair market and letting the markets dictate,” Ford said. “I don't like the government controlling anything no matter what it is... I'm open to a free market and I'm going to consult with our caucus.... I don't believe in the government sticking their hands in our lives all the time. I believe in letting the market dictate.” But the statement felt more like market research than a declaration – could pro-dispensary cannabis consumers who voted for the Ontario Liberals or Ontario NDP in the past be convinced to vote for the PCs? Could they ignore other important issues, such as the hotly debated sex-ed curriculum and precarious employment? When the Ontario Liberals passed their recreational cannabis legislation last fall, the PCs weren’t critical of government intervention in the free market. Rather, they were concerned about a potential increase in impaired driving and youth usage. “We are calling on the Kathleen Wynne government to ensure that law enforcement, public health and local communities are properly consulted and have the tools they need as the Liberals roll-out out this proposal,” Conservative MPP Laurie Scott said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we don’t trust the Wynne Liberals to get this right.” It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the Ontario PCs propose before the June election when it comes to cannabis. But the Ontario NDP have been similarly critical and vague. But leader Andrea Horwath’s home city of Hamilton has a high density of dispensaries and in 2016 her son Julian Leonetti worked at a short-lived Toronto location of the Canada Bliss Herbal Society, a chain of medical cannabis dispensaries based in Vancouver. The shop, which was located in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, was raided and closed by police. “He was not working there at the time the storefront was raided,” said Rebecca Elming, a media relations officer at Ontario’s NDP caucus, told Lift News in an email. But Horwath and the ONDP are concerned about the limited number of brick-and-mortar storefronts. (Current provincial plans will also allow consumers to make purchases from Ontario Cannabis Store online.) “Horwath has long-supported a legal, regulated cannabis industry,” Elming continued. “She has serious concerns about Kathleen Wynne's plan to restrict the initial number of cannabis retail locations to just 40 for the province – which will allow organized crime to thrive, and erode assurances that products are safe." Elming did not comment on whether or not the NDP supports keeping illegal dispensaries open or allowing for privately-owned cannabis stores to address these concerns. The Ontario general election is scheduled for June 7, 2018. https://news.lift.co/doug-ford-ontario-election-cannabis
  12. Saskatchewan reveals cannabis policy but 5 towns opt-out Retailer will have to pass 'good character' tests, minors won't be charged By Elianna Lev March 15, 2018 Saskatchewan announced its post-legalization plans for production and sale of recreational cannabis, which includes setting 19 as the legal of purchase and a private retail model. But not every town wants in. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming (SLGA) is in the process of reviewing retail permit applications. In total, 51 permits will be granted to 32 municipalities and First Nations communities. But CBC reports that of the municipalities eligible to sell cannabis, five have decided to opt-out – Pilot Butte, Biggar, Kindersley, White City and Shellbrook. The SLGA will be administering the permits through a two-part selection process, which will screen for financial standings and inventory capabilities. Retailers will have to pass "good character" tests, similar to the process for private alcohol sales. The application process for the permits will start in April, and is expected to finish by June. Minors caught with smaller quantities will be ticketed and have their cannabis seized while possession of more than five grams will be a criminal offence subject to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. “Depending on the quantity involved there could be a period of incarceration, but most likely it would be a fine, probation and some kind of appropriate youth type measure,” explained Justice Minister Don Morgan in a press conference. He added that there would be criminal penalties for an adult buying pot for a minor. Other key points in the province’s framework include: Zero tolerance for drivers impaired by cannabis Forbidden to consume cannabis in public spaces, including schools and daycares Household will be allowed up to four plants, following the federal standard for home growing Saskatchewan is one of several provinces to introduce a private-model framework. Alberta will sell cannabis through private retail distribution, with online sales made online through a government-run site. Manitoba introduced a hybrid model, which will see the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation secure and track the supply of cannabis sold in the province while the private sector will operate all retail locations. https://news.lift.co/saskatchewan-cannabis-policy
  13. Hunting for rare seeds

    Thanks I will make a note of that.
  14. Yes that would have been good, if you can change the medium without stressing the plant you could try that, but you may just introduce more to the plant if the eggs are in it waiting to hatch with the right environment though. You could pasteurize the new medium to kill any insect eggs or larvae before switching. just put some in the oven not sure how high a heat you would need, there should be info out on the net for it, of nuke it in the microwave, anything with liquid molecules in it will heat up and hopefully die. Other than that just keep a close eye on them. With fungus gnats you can bait the larvae with bits of potato on the soil surface and remove them that way. with cacti though I would have thought the soil would be to dry for fungus gnats they like warm wet soil on the surface to lay eggs in.
  15. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    Yes, unintentionally, and as soon as I found out they were male, they got cut down and composted, you could smoke the leaves but it will be rough on the throat. They produce tiny little flowers that dont do anything, except pollinate female buds. They will respond to your environment the same way as the females, so you have to get better ventilation and or cooling and add a humidifier, or run a sealed room with a humidifier and co2 then the heat doesn't matter so much but 33-35C is still a bit high for an indoor grow. Ideally you want to be around 24-30c with humidity around 50-55%. in vege and 24-27c 35-45% Humidity in flower you can go a higher with the humidity but lower humidity produces higher levels of oil and terpins. Higher levels creates the risk of mold and bud rot if you dont have adequate airflow through and around the plants. Big fluctuations in humidity create the opportunity for powdery mildew to develop and spread. Having a good light is only part of the setup. you need everything else as well for a stable environment. The strain of plant will change those heat and humidity numbers as well , they are just averages, so you have to work with the plant, if it is showing signs of stress.
  16. Time machine

    Salutations, This should be the signal to conclude my 5-yr old DIY Project (started on March 18, 2013 via FC): Good day, have fun!!
  17. medical grow licence renewal

    i started doing that . my diet is pretty hard to manage as they removed most of my stomach and part of my esophagus. i have to eat really small meals or i get dumping syndrome[with no stomach food goes straight to my bowel .if i eat too much at one time i end up in a full body sweat and cant really even move for about 20 min then it goes away and feel normal again. i have read so much on this subject but still seems like no clear answers.i asked my oncologist about food and he said eat whatever you want,but i firmly believe that if you dont feed it sugar it will be helpful in the long run. i plan to ingest weed oil as long as i can.i cant stand meds. i still have some left from my operation and i will not take them[i had the wife bring my vaporizer to the hospital when i got out and had a puff going out of the parking lot]. after 2 weeks on their drugs i was sure glad to have a puff. it was like heaven compared to what they were giving me. im really interested in checking out grandaddy purple. its one of the strains i was looking at buying. can you let me know how it turns out.i guess im not too far from you im just on the other side of truro .anyway thanks for answering back and i hope everything goes well .
  18. Household LEDs vs CFLs

    That's bad. you grown male plants before?
  19. Hunting for rare seeds

    One pack from BOG Seeds and did trades with indie growers and got clones from a nursery. Gotta pay attention to user reviews but usually they're quite positive.
  20. Its not organic medium but I havnt used any exta fertilizers or anything. I prefer not to use anything toxic if possible. Im not too sure what they are. Very small tiny clear worms. Gross ones! They have hardly any roots at all. I know fungus gnats usually go after the roots. 🤔 Theyre in shallow plastic dishes of soil inside a clear plastic container. Theyre still in the humid stage. Im thinking it might be a good idea to start letting them harden off now. 😣 Idk what to do! I dont want them to die. I Should have taken a picture of them before I mashed em.
  21. Hunting for rare seeds

    Thats good to know. which seller did you buy from?
  22. How to Grow Hydroponic Weed

    I will start by defining WHAT HYDROPONICS IS ALL ABOUT? Hydroponics refer to the process of growing marijuana plants without the use of soil. Instead, it uses water soluble fertilizer as the primary source of nutrients. Even though the system may seem complicated, as long as you know the basics, you can become an effective grower in no time. Ebb and Flow: This hydroponic weed system is simple, yet effective and efficient at the same time. It works by utilizing a nutrient reservoir which periodically floods the containers where the plants are. The draining process usually lasts for 30 minutes, delivering in fresh oxygen supply for the roots of the plants. Top Feed/Drip Feed: This grow system use several different emitting tubes in order to drip nutrient solution constantly into the medium where your plants are planted. The excess of the solution runs through the grow medium, going to the reservoir, now ready for pumping back into the system. Deep Water Culture: In this type of hydroponics weed system, the plants are being suspended inside net pots just above the reservoir. At the same time, an air pump is used in order to agitate the nutrient solution to go up to the roots of the plants. The solution which is not absorbed will just go back to the reservoir. With this system, air is used in agitating the solution, which means that it needs to be well oxygenated, helping the plants to easily absorb the nutrients. The same pump also feeds the oxygenated nutrient solution constantly, making this a low maintenance system. One downside to this system, however, is that the roots of the plants under this system are exposed in the open, which means that there is no buffer. If there is an issue, such as incorrect levels of nutrients, as well as power failure, the roots are very vulnerable to problems. Nutrient Film Technique: This technique in hydroponics setup is considered as highly efficient when it comes to growing several plants. The plants will be lined up in a single row, with water passing down the tray going through the roots of every plant. Afterwards, the water will be collected, and then returned back to the reservoir, and pumped again around the system. This process keeps the plants well aerated thus enabling them to optimize the nutrients, allowing you to grow bigger buds. One thing that should be given attention with this setup is the angling of the tray. If the angle is not right, your crops may be in danger.
  23. Hunting for rare seeds

    Just wanted to let y’all know that I completed trades and ordered a couple clones on that site I mention in the above post, and everything went super smooth. kidna dope concept when you think about it. surprising it didn't exist before... or maybe it did and i'm just ignorant lol Thanks for all your advices
  24. If you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, you must never overuse or overindulge. Smoking or using too much weed can lead to severe effects. Too much is always not good. Here are ways on how to come down from a high when you have smoked too much marijuana. Recovering from low blood sugar: One of the most common effects of smoking too much weed is low blood sugar. THC in marijuana causes a plunge in blood sugar levels and this could lead to dizziness, cold and clammy skin and even loss of consciousness. If you had too much weed and you feel close to passing out then take a breath of fresh air. Get out of the room and just relax. Drink something sugary to increase sugar levels. After feeling better, you can eat a light meal. Usually, a person who passes out will recover in a short while. Provide a safe environment. As soon as the person recovers, give him a sugary drink and a light meal as soon as he can eat. Removing red and dry eyes: One of the most common side effects of marijuana is having red and dry eyes. Red eyes are due to the effects of THC. This compound causes increase blood flow to the entire body even in the small blood vessels of the eyes causing red eyes. The eye area could also feel warm due to the increase in blood flow and this causes dryness of the area. You can relieve red eyes and dry eyes by using eye drops. You can also splash cold water on your face to reduce redness and discomfort. Sometimes, taking a nap or sleep can help. You can wear sunglasses if you want to hide your red eyes.
  25. Aero: Facts and Myths

    Really helpful
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