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  2. pistils got burn

    No, dont cut he pistils off, it will hurt the plant more than the burn. You sure they are burned and not just started turning amber?
  3. P.E.I. news

    Yes there are some nice beaches on PEI, the water is warmer as well in the Northumberland straight if you fancy a swim. Much better than the east coast Nova Scotia waters, which can make parts of your body disappear rapidly once over waist height lol.
  4. LED lighting on trial

    I suppose if you go back a page there is a light that is being promoted (not by me), but my posts are about the general growing process, REAL research and smokevera's progress.
  5. Haha you are happy monkeyface! A nice cake is waiting for you
  6. P.E.I. news

    Would be nice to be taking in the ocean on P.E.I. and having a smooth toke along with that fresh ocean breeze.
  7. Light advice

    Thats not too bad, I did buy 4 small 50 w Full spec lights as well from the same ebay seller they have all been working ok the 7 months I have had them at $6 each its not a biggy if they dont last long.
  8. Light advice

    Repair IS easy tho...I was honestly surprised to hear that about the lights. I have a pile of old UFOs and never had one fail at all. I think one had a diode out once. Sent it back. We were good customers buying lots of them and they just sent us another newer model with different spectrum to test. Didn't refund any money but all shipping was covered.
  9. Light advice

    Judging by what Gajajuana said, they employ retailers to repair them. I dont think you will get a new unit, just a badly repaired one from a pissed off retailer getting paid pennies to waist his time trying to repair them for the customer.
  10. Light advice

    It said, I have a year, but the cost of shipping it back would be almost as much as what the unit cost @ $95 can for a 1000w light.
  11. Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Seems like it, I edited out the advertising.
  12. Light advice

    Did you get any kind of warranty? Honestly, I'm not sure if Mars or Vipar have warranties.
  13. Light advice

    Yes, when I was looking at them that's the conclusion I came to, mars, platinum and others all looked to be just the cheap units with a fancy paint job done for a US companies to sell as their own products, as everyone was shy about using the no name brands from ebay due to the quality of the LEDs. The one I have has no name, it was the cheapest I could find on ebay, as they all looked the same, had the same light spectrum info, used the same amount of power, except for the color of the units their was no difference I could see.
  14. Where Do I Get Peyote?

    Has it come to the point that the only people interested in joining the forum and posting are those that have something for sale?
  15. Light advice

    Which light did you get Shadey? I know years ago we looked into the LED lights of that time and they were virtually no different than the knockoffs. They used the same exact LED and chipsets...just in a different body with a fancy name on em.
  16. P.E.I. news

    P.E.I. government announces retail model and rules for recreational cannabis The Canadian Press Published January 16, 2018 CHARLOTTETOWN — The government of Prince Edward Island says it will operate four government-owned retail locations for recreational cannabis and allow online orders for home delivery. Finance Minister Heath MacDonald made the announcement as part of a list of measures being taken by the Island's Liberal government in advance of the legalization of recreational cannabis later this year. The retail locations will be in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague and West Prince. The government will sign deals with three suppliers — Canada's Island Garden of Charlottetown, Organigram of Moncton, N.B., and Canopy Growth Corp. of Smith Falls, Ont. The minimum age will be 19, and adults will be allowed to publicly possess up to 30 grams of lawful dried cannabis. MacDonald says the province will strengthen roadside suspensions and will increase the amount of public education on cannabis. The Canadian Press http://thechronicleherald.ca/canada/1537188-p.e.i.-government-announces-retail-model-and-rules-for-recreational-cannabis
  17. End of an era: BC Ferries smoking ban takes effect this month A retrospective on ferry doobies and hotboxed hatchbacks By Scott Johnstone January 17, 2018 Featured image by KenWalker, [email protected]/Wikipedia Commons A long-standing tradition for BC’s cannabis-inclined coastal commuters is about to be stamped out. As of January 22, there is a complete ban on smoking at terminals and on all ships. The ban was announced in August, along with a ban on travellers remaining in their vehicles when parked on enclosed lower vehicle decks, which went into effect last October. The motivation for both policy adjustments is safety – those on the lower vehicle decks could be trapped below in the unlikely event that a ship should sink. And fire in any form is generally antithetical to safety, especially when the fire escape is the open ocean. Under the new smoke-free policy, battery-lit pocket vape pens are expressly prohibited too, as are all other means of vaping and smoking, medicinally or otherwise. But as is often the case, the move towards improved safety standards brings with it a move away from fun and casual recreation for many. Although the practice has technically always been prohibited (even for those with federally approved medical exemption), many local cannabis enthusiasts will confirm that in years past, one of the best parts of taking the ferries was firing up a thick joint and enjoying a long, deep draw as the wind whipped across their face. Sidecar motorcycles notwithstanding, it was the closest the average passenger will ever get to the sensation dogs feel when leaning out the passenger window of a car, tongue flapping as it speeds down the highway. Granted, the turbulent oncoming wind almost always made joints burn unevenly, and would often result in doobies burning down twice as fast, regardless of whether anyone was smoking them or just holding them in the wind. But it was a tradition. In times of foul weather, renegade cannabists would seek refuge on the vehicle deck for an old-fashioned hotboxing in their cars. While this may still be possible on the higher vehicle decks (no pun intended), doing so contravenes a rule that prohibits smoking of any kind on vehicle decks, a policy that has already been in place for more than a decade. Nevertheless, scores of intrepid cannabophiles have turned to the privacy of their vehicles for respite from crowds and ferry staff – in many cases to their own detriment, as those who are caught can face legal consequences beyond simple possession. For example, using a torch-lit dab rig in one’s vehicle could constitute public endangerment. While the natural reaction for many might be to plan on establishing a new tradition of land-based, pre-ferry hotboxing in the vehicle lineups, that too has already been prohibited for years. However this reporter has fond memories of leaving his car in the lineup for a brief walk, to enjoy the tranquility of the beach and shoreline adjacent to the terminal. While not quite the same as sailing with the wind in one’s face, the soft crashing of the shoal and the fresh sea breeze make for a rather nice tradition indeed. https://news.lift.co/end-of-an-era-bc-ferries-smoking-ban-takes-effect-this-month
  18. P.E.I. news

    Prince Edward Island unveils cannabis legislation plans PEI will have four government-run cannabis stores supplied by Canopy, OrganiGram and Canada’s Island Garden By Kate Robertson January 16, 2018 Image via Nicolas Raymond/Flickr Adults will be able to possess up to 30 g of dried cannabis or the equivalent in Prince Edward Island when it becomes legal for recreational purposes, PEI legislators announced today. Teens under 19 are prohibited from possessing any cannabis, and there will be four government-run stores on the island. So far, the province has signed deals with three suppliers: Charlottetown’s Canada’s Island Garden, Moncton’s OrganiGram and Canopy Growth Corp. out of Smiths Falls, Ont. “In setting direction on cannabis, our focus remains on getting rid of the illegal market, ensuring Islanders are making an informed choice, and protecting the public health and safety of Islanders,” said finance minister Heath MacDonald. “This is a major project that involves or impacts almost every department of government, and we continue to work with our key partners and Islanders to ensure that the decisions we make are in the best interests of the entire province.” The legislators also announced plans for preventing cannabis-impaired driving, regulating cannabis transport and providing health and safety education: Driving: create a summary offense in cases of impaired driving with a minor, with potential for increasing penalties, and strengthening impaired driving suspensions. Transporting: cannabis must be in unopened packages, secure and inaccessible to anyone in a vehicle. Education: public health and safety campaigns are underway. To find out more, visit www.princeedwardisland.ca/cannabis. https://news.lift.co/prince-edward-island-unveils-cannabis-legislation-plans
  19. BNN actually has a section named "marijuana" https://www.bnn.ca/canopy-growth-one-of-3-companies-to-supply-cannabis-to-p-e-i-1.969807
  20. Drug arrests at Canadian border checkpoints challenged in court By Michael Casey, The Associated Press Published: Jan 15, 2018 PLYMOUTH, N.H. — The American Civil Liberties Union called last week for a court in New Hampshire to suppress evidence against 18 people charged with drug possession after being stopped by Customs and Border Protection agents last summer. The group was arrested on Interstate 93 in Woodstock at two checkpoints after searches uncovered mostly small amounts of marijuana and other narcotics as part of what authorities said was a search for people living in the country illegally. The drugs were handed over to local police because the amounts confiscated didn’t meet the federal threshold for prosecution. The suspects, 16 of whom were in court Thursday, didn’t address the judge nor did they speak to reporters. The agents stopped dozens of cars about 90 miles from the Canadian border, which they were allowed to do since authorities can set up checkpoints within 100 miles of any U.S. “external boundary.” The ACLU told Plymouth District Court Judge Thomas Rappa that New Hampshire’s Constitution is more protective of privacy than the U.S. Constitution, and that evidence from federal searches can’t be used in state prosecutions if it was gathered in a way that violates the state constitution. “What this case is about, what this motion to suppress is about at the end of the day is the integrity of the New Hampshire Constitution and the principle that the New Hampshire Constitution provides greater search and seizure rights to defendants than the Fourth Amendment,” Gilles Bissonnette, the ACLU’s legal director, told the court. “If the state chooses to prosecute a person in state court under our state’s laws based on evidence seized in New Hampshire, that seizure must comply with the New Hampshire Constitution.” Gabriel Nizetic, who is representing the state, insisted the seizures didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures, which he argued, applied in this case. He noted that the federal authorities were in charge of the stops and that everything that occurred including using dogs to identify the suspected vehicles complied with the Fourth Amendment. “What is at stake here is not the integrity of the New Hampshire Constitution. What is at stake here is the integrity of the United States Constitution,” Nizetic told the court. “It is the United States Constitution that controls these particular cases. These are federal agents working for a federal agency performing a federal function in the federation of states.” The courts have addressed this issue in other border states, mostly notably in New Mexico, Washington and Arizona. In New Mexico, the state’s highest court ruled in 2015 that the state’s protections against search and seizure do not apply at international border checkpoints. The five-member panel made the distinction in overturning a previous ruling made by an appeals court in a 2012 drug smuggling case. In the opinion, Justice Edward L. Chavez wrote the state law does not mean greater protections against searches at an international border checkpoint. The hearing Thursday mostly centered on the role of the border agents at these stops. The ACLU repeatedly questioned several agents who worked the checkpoints over the intention of the stops, with much of their focus on the dogs that were used to identify suspicious cars. The agents insisted they were there to find people in the country illegally and were concealed in the cars, but admitted they had found only drugs. The ACLU also highlighted the fact that these were warrantless searches done without the consent of the suspects, and that agents were doing searches that Woodstock police officers standing nearby weren’t allowed to do. Rappa said he would take the case under advisement, though at one point he appeared sympathetic to the ACLU position. He asked Nizetic why the agents didn’t limit their searches to concealed individuals if that was the reason for the checkpoints. And when “nobody jumps out of the trunk or from under the hood, that’s it. That’s the extent of it.” Nizetic said they could have done that but chose to go further — in many cases when they smelled marijuana in the vehicles. http://www.thecannabist.co/2018/01/15/marijuana-arrests-canadian-border-checkpoints/96658
  21. Light advice

    I dont have money to throw a light away every year, These lights seem no better than the no name cheap Chinese lights on ebay, that cost half the price of the ones on sale in Canada and the US which is why I bought those instead.
  22. LED lighting on trial

    emmm, maybe you are right bro. Im just a poor grower... Enjoy bro:)
  23. LED lighting on trial

    This thread is 10 years old! The only thing happening in this thread seems a lot like advertising for this light...
  24. LED lighting on trial

    You guys all working together to sell this light or what?
  25. LED lighting on trial

    Yes, I keep the light 32", Thank you so much buddy! How's your plants? Have you post pics on here?
  26. pistils got burn

    my grow auto,4weeks in flowering, i use the light 10" away from the buds,i noticed the top pistils got burnt,should i cut it off?
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