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  2. Seedlings advice

    yeh well you should get a lot of choice from all of them, just wont be a lot of each. At least they all flower fairly close together. I have 2 candida in scrog and one is Indica dominant, the other Sativa which takes 3 weeks longer to flower out I learned for next time, grow the same phenos at the same time.
  3. Seedlings advice

    Yeah I wanted to try a few different strains to see which I like most. They are all either full indica or 70-80% indica dominant with very close flowering times. I'm going for more of a SOG but I learn best from trial and error so we will see what happens lol
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  5. Seedlings advice

    Sounds like you are all set. Are all those plants the same pheno types or are they a mix of sativa and indica crosses? I just looked, you going to have 6 plants in a 3x3 ft tent in DWC with a scrog. I think you may regret that lol. You probably would only need one plant when they get going in DWC.
  6. Seedlings advice

    Going to get the new and hopefully better carbon scrubber set up today along with my 400w MH and get them transferred into their final dwc setup so they can really start. I got some rhino skin, calmag, and big bud like labrat recommended. So far early on the Tangerine dream, cookies kush, and pineapple chunk seem to be very vigorous plants and are outperforming the others.
  7. the "old skool" rollcall....

    I worked in a machine shop for 4 years with an old German guy. Me and him. Actually he was younger by 9 years than I am now but I was only 29 then. He taught me tons. Took a welding course but never wrote my exams. Everything but. Went back to school in my mid 30s for chemistry but wish I'd become a millwright like my bro-in-law. He works half the year and makes over 100G now and he took his courses at the same school a couple years after I graduated. Oh well. I really liked working in the shop too. Learned to operate all the machines and actually helped install them. Was a small shop that was just an old garage with a workshop area. Had a 6' lathe, old WWII milling machine, metal shaper and a huge hydraulic drill press. We built rebar bending machines that he had designed back in the 60s when he had a big shop in Vancouver with 60 employees. A lot of the work was refurbishing the older machines. Satisfying work. I've never heard of Rick and Morty but miss out on a lot of shows. If I can't get it on my basic satellite TV service I don't see it. Our connection here is too slow to stream shows off the web and I'm not paying for other services like Netflix etc. Hope it goes good for ya!
  8. Mountain Re-Up: Ski Towns With Dispensaries (and Those Without) Thomas Mitchell | November 17, 2017 Towns near ski resorts have embraced the cannabis industry on a level matched by few regions of Colorado. Even such affluent communities as Aspen, Breckenridge and Telluride have a handful of dispensaries, but that doesn't mean that every ski town is down with the cause. Some resort towns have taken hardened stances against pot sales; Winter Park even sued Grand County commissioners to block a dispensary opening just outside of town limits in unincorporated Grand County. Still, most of these tourist-heavy destinations have been smart enough to get in on the tax dollars that pot shops bring. In case you're headed to the hills and forgot to stock up in dispensary-friendly Denver, here's a list of the mountain towns that currently have dispensaries – medical and recreational – and those that don't. Mountain Towns Allowing Recreational Sales: Alma, Aspen, Basalt, Breckenridge, Carbondale, Crested Butte, Dillon, Dumont, Durango, Eagle, Edwards, Fairplay, Fraser, Frisco, Georgetown, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison, Leadville, Mancos, Ridgway, Silver Plume, Silverthorne, Silverton, Steamboat Springs, Tabernash and Telluride. The Green Solution's Silver Plume dispensary is a cannabis outlet store. Courtesy of The Green Solution Mountain Towns Banning Recreational Sales: Avon*, Craig, Mountain Village, Snowmass Village, Vail* and Winter Park. Mountain Towns Allowing Medical but Not Recreational Sales: Buena Vista and Craig. *Although retail and medical sales are banned in Avon and Vail, dispensaries located just outside those cities in unincorporated Eagle County list themselves as Avon and Vail dispensaries. Which means you won't have to go far to get your stash...of powder or pot. http://www.westword.com/marijuana/colorado-ski-towns-with-dispensaries-9690224
  9. Quebec unveils zero-tolerance marijuana plan: No home-grown cannabis allowed Lucie Charlebois, the Public Health Minister leading the file, said her legislation is ready but she could still use an extra year to sort out details in an orderly fashion. Les Perreaux November 16, 2017 Quebec will have zero tolerance for driving while high and grow-your-own marijuana under a plan for the use and sale of cannabis that highlights the provincial government's discomfort with legalization. Under draft legislation introduced on Thursday, the province's Liberal government would authorize police to test saliva samples from drivers and allow police to immediately suspend the licence of anyone driving with a trace of cannabis or illicit drugs for 90 days. The measure goes a step further than Ontario's plan, which has proposed stiffer penalties for commercial drivers and those under 21 years of age who drive while under the influence of cannabis. Quebec calls on Ottawa to push marijuana legalization to 2019 Polls show Quebeckers are more uneasy than most Canadians with legalized marijuana. On Wednesday, the Quebec government asked Ottawa to extend the July 1, 2018, deadline for legalization. The unveiling of Bill 172 on Thursday provided more evidence that the Quebec government would have preferred to avoid having to legalize cannabis. Quebec marijuana law to have zero-tolerance rule for impaired drivers (The Canadian Press) "There are people who consume cannabis. We can't avoid it. We can't pretend it doesn't exist," said Quebec Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois, the Liberal in charge of the legalization file. "The proposed measures aim to limit risk and mischief linked to abuse of this substance and to fight the trivialization of this product. We will be prudent and restrictive from the start." While Ottawa's federal draft legislation legalizing marijuana would allow people to grow small amounts, Quebec will continue to outlaw growing pot at home. Enforcing allowable sizes and limits would be a nightmare, the minister said. A government agency, the Société québécoise du cannabis, will have exclusive legal control of recreational use, selling the product through a limited number of storefronts and online. The province will have 15 stores ready by July 1 and up to 150 in two years. Quebec hasn't had a proliferation of pot dispensaries like British Columbia and Ontario, where scores of storefronts have popped up in recent years, making conflict with small-business owners less likely. Head shops will still be allowed to sell accessories, but not pot. The Opposition criticized the Quebec government for going slowly to introduce its plan and then attempting to rush it through the National Assembly by Christmas. The plan does not specify price or permissible levels of THC – the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. "I can tell you the Hells Angels aren't worried, faced with a government so ill-prepared and unable to give us elementary numbers," said Nicolas Marceau, the Parti Québécois finance critic, referring to the outlaw gang's role in black-market drug sales. The conservative third party Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), which recently pushed past the Liberals in the polls, said the amounts are too large and the entire framework is too lax. The Quebec law would set the legal age at 18 and allow individuals to transport up to 30 grams at a time and hold 150 grams at home. The CAQ wants the legal age to be 21 and for the amounts to be lower. The party would like cannabis banned from parks. "This plan is too permissive and too timid," said Simon Jolin-Barrette, the CAQ justice critic. "We would like the government to be more restrictive and will propose amendments accordingly." Finance Minister Carlos Leitao said discussions haven't even begun with Ottawa over how it will share excise tax on cannabis. The government also said permissible levels of THC will come in regulations. The minister also said it's too early to say how prices will be set. Quebec's draft law will restrict smoking marijuana to places where smoking cigarettes is legal, mainly in private dwellings and in designated outdoor areas. It additionally bans marijuana consumption on school and university campuses. The Quebec plan for testing drivers involves a saliva test that still hasn't been approved by Ottawa. Transport Minister André Fortin says the province is counting on Ottawa having a testing regime in place soon. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/quebec-unveils-zero-tolerance-plan-for-legalized-marijuana/article37000942
  10. Medical Marijuana Update

    Medical Marijuana Update by psmith, November 16, 2017 A leading Kentucky politican creates a panel to draft a medical marijuana bill, New York approves medical marijuana for PTSD, Montana released new proposed rules for the industry, and more. Arizona On Monday, the state was sued over patient fees. A Phoenix attorney has asked the state Court of Appeals to force health officials to cut the $150 fee patients need to get a state-issued permit to use medical marijuana. Attorney Sean Berberian said the fee is illegally high, is far more than needed to finance the administration of the medical marijuana law, and is designed to divert patients away from applying to use medical marijuana. Kentucky On Wednesday, the secretary of state formed a panel to write a medical marijuana bill. Secretary of State Alison Grimes (D) said that she is putting together a panel to write a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. The panel will include doctors, nurses, military veterans, medical marijuana advocates, and law enforcement. The aim is to have a bill ready for the 2018 legislative session. Montana On Thursday, the state released new proposed rules for the medical marijuana industry. The state Health Department Thursday released a pack of of proposed rules for the medical marijuana industry, which will be the subject of a public hearing later this month. The rules cover regulation of areas such as employment, product testing and tracking, security, and fees. New York Last Saturday, the state approved medical marijuana for PTSD. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed into law Saturday a bill that adds PTSD to the state's list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. "Our veterans risked their lives in order to defend the ideals and principles that this nation was founded upon," Cuomo said in a signing statement, "and it is our duty to do everything we can to support them when they return home. PTSD is a serious problem facing our state, and now we have one more tool available to alleviate suffering." [For extensive information about the medical marijuana debate, presented in a neutral format, visit MedicalMarijuana.ProCon.org.] https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2017/nov/16/medical_marijuana_update
  11. Lab's latest efforts

    Thats what happens when you give her carpentry tools so you dont have to build the chicken coop lol.
  12. Sing the petition please http://donttaxmedicine.ca/NoTax/letter/
  13. @PsychedelicSam I followed your recipe for cold tincture in detail. Even got a 'martini shaker machine' so i didn't have to shake it for 15". I couldn't get Everclear because it's become illegal in CA, so used Vodka. After all the filtering, I tried the result, and no presto, no whamo, no high at all. I wonder wonder why.
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  15. What Happened to American Cannabis Activists?

    there is still a lot of activism here in oregon. people like madeline martinez and paul stanford are still working hard to make cannabis legal at the federal level.
  16. Vancouver continues dispensary licensing ahead of legalization The City of Vancouver says they intend to keep moving forward with their dispensary licensing program while the province sorts out rules for retail recreational cannabis stores By David Brown November 17, 2017 Featured image via Wikimedia Commons. The City of Vancouver says they intend to keep moving forward with their dispensary licensing program while the province sorts out rules for retail recreational cannabis stores. A representative for the city says Vancouver has no intentions of pausing their Medical Marijuana Related Use (MMRU) licensing program, saying they are still waiting to hear from the province on what cannabis distribution will look like in BC. “Until the provincial government teams are in a position to reach out to the City and work on developing a distribution framework, our current regulatory framework is in place,” says Jag Sandhu, a communications coordinator for the city. Sandhu says Vancouver hopes to work with the province on their plans for legal cannabis distribution and sales, but in the meantime will keep utilizing their licensing program to manage dispensaries and keep them away from kids and ‘vulnerable populations.’ “The City of Vancouver looks forward to working with the provincial government on the legal and regulatory framework for marijuana in BC and we’ve provided information on our existing model,” says Sandhu. “Until the federal and provincial frameworks are in place, the City will continue to operate the MMRU program, which uses both land use and licensing tools to set rules around dispensary distancing, concentration, and limited proximity to youth and vulnerable populations.” British Columbia’s public consultation process around how to handle legalization came to a close on Nov. 1, with nearly 50,000 submissions and hundreds of submissions from stakeholders like municipalities, cannabis advocates, police associations, schools, doctors and many more. Vancouver’s submission says the city supports municipalities having control on the location and size of any cannabis stores through various land use bylaws and a mix of public and private retail systems similar to how alcohol is regulated in BC. The city also said that it does not support selling cannabis alongside alcohol, a possibility the province says they are still open to. Vancouver City Council passed regulations in June 2015 to begin licensing medical cannabis dispensaries and has issued 12 business licenses since then, out of an original 176 applicants. Dozens more are working their way through the licensing regime, and another 60 or so are listed as operating outside the city’s rules and are subject to enforcement. The future of the MMRU system—which was essentially created as a stopgap to manage the rapid proliferation of over 200 illegal dispensaries by late 2014—is still unknown. The city does not allow non medical cannabis retail under their licensing regime, although a few non-medical stores openly operate in the city. Whether or not those licensed as businesses under the medical dispensaries regulations will be allowed to sell legal cannabis under a fully legal non medical system is unknown, but Sandhu says he expects these land use bylaws will fit into whatever the province’s rules end up being. “Land use and licensing are municipal tools that we expect will continue to support or complement the federal and provincial frameworks,” says Sandhu. “We also expect that our local enforcement tools will be bolstered by provincial and federal codes and enforcement efforts.” The city’s enforcement tools against the more than 60 dispensaries operating outside the regulations have been ticketing and court injunctions. Ticketing has been relatively ineffective, with over $1 million dollars in fines issued but less than $200,000 collected as of last August. Many business owners say they see the fines as a cost of doing business. As for injunctions, the city has filed over 50 to date but will be waiting until at least some time late next year for them to resolve. It’s unclear what additional enforcement efforts from the province and federal government could do to aid the city. Sindhu says the city will continue to enforce their rules while they wait to hear from the province. “We are continuing our enforcement efforts against those MMRU operators who are choosing to not comply with the regulatory framework.” https://news.lift.co/vancouver-continues-dispensary-licensing-head-legalization
  17. Alberta may allow private retail, province-run online sales of cannabis The province's proposed regulations will allow for private retailers, a province-run online store and allow for up to 4 plants per home By David Brown November 16, 2017 Alberta announced their plans for managing legal cannabis today, with an age limit of 18, private retail stores and a government-run online retail option that will be in place as soon as cannabis is legal. The proposed legislation, to be today in the legislature, An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis, will see to add amendments to the Gaming and Liquor Act, which would be renamed the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act. Under the proposed legislation, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will provide oversight of the distribution of cannabis and cannabis products, and the AGLC will licence private retailers. Albertans will be able to purchase cannabis immediately following legalization from an online government store managed by the province. The province says they are not yet sure how the AGLC will manage distribution and product tracking and are looking at all options, including managing it digitally. Cannabis producers will sell directly to the AGLC who will then sell at a markup to private retailers, as well as selling through the online system. The province had originally said they were unsure they could properly manage age verification of online sales but now feel they can safely address this issue. Online sales will provide immediate access for all Albertans while private retail stores get established. Specifics of what the online sales system will be is not yet public. Retailers will not be allowed to sell alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals and will have to follow standardized rules across the province. Retailers are subject to criminal record checks. The province will place no limit on how many stores can open, but say they will manage the pace of applications. Kim Capstick, Executive Director of Engagement and Outreach of the Alberta Cannabis Secretariat, emphasized at today's press conference that cannabis will only be sold in pre-packaged containers, unlike a traditional 'dispensary' setting where customers can pick from bulk product. "One of the things that's important to note is that people see pictures of a retail environment, particularly in the US, or some of the illegal dispensaries that exist across the country, see those sort of bulk bins for the dried product. That's not what were talking about. What we're talking about is sealed products that would be moved from a production processing facility." Cannabis producers, retail stores, others lobbying Alberta government Albertans will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants per household and anyone under 18 caught with under five grams of cannabis will face penalties similar to those for possession of alcohol or tobacco. The federal Cannabis Act makes it a felony for anyone under 18 to possess more than five grams. Adults will be allowed to consume or vape cannabis anywhere tobacco can be smoked. Smoking and vaping will be banned at hospitals, schools, child care facilities, near parks and other areas frequented by youth, and also in vehicles. The federal government's 30 gram public possession limit will apply, with no limit on possession in your own home. The province has also introduced An Act to Reduce Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving, which seeks to help the province address drug-impaired driving and establish zero tolerance for those on graduated licences. The specifics of both of these Acts will be debated in the province’s legislature. More than 60,000 Albertans participated in online surveys and more than 100 stakeholders provided their input. The input is available here. Quebec also released their draft regulations today, and Saskatchewan provided an update on their approach. https://news.lift.co/alberta-to-allow-private-retail-province-run-online-sales-of-cannabis
  18. Senate Proceeding Erupts as Orrin Hatch and Sherrod Brown Throw Down Over Tax Bill
  19. Sen Claire McCaskill UNLEASHES on Republican lies regarding new tax plan.
  20. That would be funny stoned racing drivers all going round the track at 20 miles and hour thinking they were doing a 160 lol.
  21. Seedlings advice

    you got it cracked, just keep it like that until you want to flower, they will grow fast if you can.
  22. the "old skool" rollcall....

    life is good. started taking some machine shop classes at the local community college for personal enrichment. working full time, school part time. i'm half way through the first year's course work. (it took me 2 years to get here) :-) man it's been fun. i don't ever remember having this much fun in a class. the shop work is my favorite. the smell of the oil, the powder soap in the huge sink reminds me of grade school shop class. i'm entertaining the idea of some part time work in a machine shop during the summer. my guidance councilor thinks i will have no trouble getting a spot somewhere. it would be nice to get some real hands on experience. the work would bring the stuff i'm reading about to life. we'll see. i will have to quit smoking for a while before summer time. some shops still require a pre-employment drug screen. even here in Oregon there are some shops still drug testing. it won't be a big deal, i don't smoke very often anyway. i just recently binge watched Rick and Morty. holy cow that show is good. i was looking for a new show to watch since i finished all the futurama episodes on netflix. in a nutshell that's what's happening here. hope things are well with you labrat. take care man.
  23. Seedlings advice

    I misspoke, the 95 ppm was spring water. I got some purified distilled water at 0ppm and added 1ml/L of micro grow bloom. Tested at 200 ppm. One still has the shell on it and I tried everything to get it off but it is just barely cracked open. Time will tell I guess what happens with that. Temps are steady at 72° and rh at 45-50%
  24. Lab's latest efforts

    The seedlings are for breeding and maybe finding decent moms. I got my DWC cloner running now and will take cuttings from the 3 CBD girls and the OG#18. Four each maybe and those cuttings will go into DWC if they root OK with one each of the first 3 kept for moms. Hoping in 3 weeks I can have 2 - 4 tubs going. Still way behind schedule and got to get shit happening. Turns out the wife has used my lumber for other projects so now have to come up with $100 or so to build my new room. Might just throw up that 8x4 tent and get it going. Can hang the light rail in there easy.
  25. Lab's latest efforts

    Plant on the left is getting bushier, one on the right is doing ok, considering how you vandalized it lol. Another week and you should be able to take some cuttings off. I thought the seedlings were going in a DWC.
  26. the "old skool" rollcall....

    You're more old skool than me. Long time no see! How goes the battle? If more would come back we could get this place hoppin' again. Drop by the short bus and gab a bit.
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